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    • Wow ok it's been a time

      17 hours ago


      I've been MIA from Rooster Teeth content for nearly a year at this point- only popping in for some live streams and such (I refuse to miss out on Extra Life). Tuning into the live RT Podcast became more of a struggle and less of a priority when it moved to a time before I got home from work and I kinda fell off the wagon. And while I still can't watch live anymore, I'm finally watching the older podcasts again. And I'm no longer too sad or anxious to enjoy it. I graduated and am now in a job that kinda uses my degree. Still fond of lights.

      But I guess the biggest life update is that my band finally released our debut EP two months ago… General McMurphy’s Last Stand is an EP we worked really hard on and is a big part of why my time here was basically non-existent this past couple of years (aside from my thesis film). But it’s one of my greatest accomplishments so far- a real EP basically available anywhere music streams and stuff. I'm happy with what I've done and was even happier to see some folks I met through the RT community in the crowd at its release. Anyway, I missed this. Until next time.  crescent_moon

    • I Guess This Is A Way To Make Friends?

      1 year ago


      Well, @caleb did a thing, so here we go.


      Username: mellimusic

      From: Brooklyn, NY

      FIRST member: Yes

      Date Joined: January 21st, 2014 

      Last Signed in: I don't sign out

      Rooster Teeth Content:  

      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Achievement Hunter building a rocketship in Minecraft

      Last Podcast you watched: Podcast 398 Post-Show

      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Don't make me do this.

      Did you watch a RT video today: Yes

      If yes Which one: Michael & Gavin playing Outlast and a snippet of Ryan smashing a pumpkin and destroying everything on Off Topic

      Favorite RT Series: RIP How To. Long live all of the podcasts.

      Favorite RT video: Probably the "Switch" short.

      RT Site:  

      Current Number Of Notifications:

      Name of first Journal: I have a ton of untitled ones. The first one I added a title to is titled "RIP Monty Oum"

      Name of you latest Journal: "Extremely Important Life Update" spoiler alert: not important at all.

      Last Photo you uploaded: Current profile pic

      Last Thread you commented on: RT Podcast Post Show #398  

      First group in your group list: The Rooster Teeth Community

      Last Private message sent to: Can't say I've sent any on here.

      Achievement Hunter:  

      Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: GS: Haven't played xbox in forever, but I have 249 trophies because I couldn't care less about the trophy system. (But I'm 66% done with level 6, so there's that)

      Team Lads or Team Gents: Lads 

      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Gavin* (*rotates by video, but I somehow understand the nonsense that comes out of his mouth on the podcast)

      Minecraft Skin: Basic white bitch. 

      Favorite AH show: Off Topic is a great addition to the AH shows.

      The Community   

      Favorite Group: RTNY 

      Have you gone to a community event: Two, so far! 

      Favorite Fellow Community member: I've only met a few. Andrey and I chat on twitter a ton

    • Extremely Important Life Update

      1 year ago


      Some days I bring pudding cups to band practice, some days I eat Kit Kats in bed. Today is the latter type of day. I can't believe how much of a roller coaster ride my life is.

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    • Post-Con Falling Apart

      2 years ago


      In not-so-happy news, had a bout of sciatica today accompanied by massive shoulder pain (because I used my upper back to compensate for my lower back) & a headache (because of my tenser-than-usual shoulders).

      ...followed by an 8:30 call time tomorrow morning all the way on the other side of Brooklyn.

      Shoot me.

    • RTNY Comic Con Meet Up

      2 years ago


      So this weekend has been absolutely exhausting and amazing.

      It all started off with the return of the Banana of Pimps,


      which is starting to run out of space.


      But then Saturday night was pretty fun. I went to the RTNY meet up at TACT and had a panic attack in the world's smallest elevator on my way up to the ninth floor, but then eventually got comfortable again when the Guests of Honor walked in and immediately started playing Smash. I didn't really know anybody there, but it was not a bad experience at all. We were all there for the same reason and, therefore, all had at least one interest in common, so conversations weren't that difficult. In the end, I got the best photo with @Lindsay @Kerry @Gray @Barbara, and @Miles than I could ever ask for.


      Then today, I ended up waiting for my friend to get photos with them and hearing compliments on my cosplays/hair from Barb and Lindsay was really inspiring! #Slay


      And how could I possibly not mention the goods?!

      From Day 1/2 (Thursday): A Rooster Teeth shirt, some pins for my camera bag, and a Bioshock shirt.


      From Day 2/2 (Sunday): A Sting necklace that I will be wearing every single day for the rest of my life.



      Jammie Dodgers (or, rather, TARDIS Self-Destruct Buttons) have become part of a tradition whenever I wear my Eleventh Doctor Cosplay, so I have about 30 left over after my friends and I snacked on them all day. Score.


      Anyway, I'm already looking forward to NYCC next year. Thank you to everyone who made this con amazing, especially the RT Staff and their good vibes and the NYRT and Sidequest crews that put together a great meet up. Hell, maybe I'll even move up to a different fruit next year if I need some more space...

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      Hey there, Happy FU day. :D

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      Hello!  caboose

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      Happy FU day!

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