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    • [Community Showcase] ScrewAttack: The Movie -Concept Trailer-

      6 years ago


       If you don't know (wat, u been livin' under a rock? Or a house?) the g1s of ScrewAttack are currently banding together to make a documentary about the history of SA and the community's exoeriences with it. It's being produced by Terra Corrupt and SuperChunLi, and is going to be directed by HybridRain.

      To spread the word and build excitment, I put together a brief trailer using footage from ScrewAttack vids/events, since no filming hasn't taken place yet.


      Hope you enjoy it, and remember, everyone is invited to get involved in the movie!

      (P.S. I am planning on returning to the blogging scene of SA soon after a pretty long unofficial hiatus. *cough* I WOULD BE MUCH MORE ENCOURAGED IF YOU BROUGHT BACK SUBSCRIPTIONS SCREWATTACK *cough*

    • Metaking's Top 5 Things I Want in the Next Just Cause

      6 years ago


       Hey everyone, I'm back to the blogging scene, hopefully for good this time (It'll be for good now that subscriptions  are back YAAAY) so it's time to kick things off with one of my favorite  things, Top 5s, because Top 10s are fun but take too long to make!

      Now let's get to the subject at hand, Just Cause. Just Cause 2 probably has taken up more playtime than any game I own, because it's just so goddamn fun. One minute your driving off a mountain, the next your in a gun fight, the next your surfing a jet into an enemy base before parachuting off at the last second, the next your hijacking a helicopter to wreck havoc in. It was just a blast to play. 

      So as E3 comes around, you know what time it is....RUMOR TIME! And like last year, a big one is the possibility of a JC3 announcement. Or, a Just Cause 4 announcement?


      .....Yah, I don't know what that's all about. So I'm gonna list off the Top 5 things I'D like to see in the next Just Cause.





      #5. Everything That Made Just Cause 2 Awesome


      Yes, that is an Ice Cream truck grappled to a fighter jet.

      Yah, this one is kind of cheating, but with free-roam games like Saints Row The Third missing alot of the features that made the last game awesome, it needs to be said. The parachute/grappling hook, the massiveness of the world, all the crazy easter eggs, the focus on destruction, the awesome locations you could find, all things that need to stay in the next game. 

      It's so important that Avalanche doesn't forget all of the different things in Just Cause 2 such a blast to play, because even if you add all the things I mention throughout the list, if you take away things that made the series fun, it may not make a difference. So improve on the game, but try not to take any of the great things away. Again, that may seem to go without saying, BUT IT'S MAH LIST I DO WAT I WANT.

      #4. More Fun Weapons

      For a game that's so crazy and so over-the-top, Just Cause 2 had a painfully basic weapon selection. An assault rifle, shotgun, machine gun, grenade launcher, and rocket launcher. That's about it. The lack of awesomeness in that selection disturbs me.

      It never really ruins the game, it just always annoys me that a game so epic and over-the-top has such a basic and boring weapon selection. They don't have to go the Saints Row 3 route, and add weapons that boggle the mind in their weirdness, but some more fun weapons would be a really big plus. It does look like there are some cooler weapons available through DLC, but that's not good enough. Either have them in the game, or as free DLC, or it doesn't count.

      #3. More Diverse Locations


        I still can't believe the draw distance in this game.

      Don't get me wrong, the diversity in environments in Just Cause 2 was ridiculous. There were forests, deserts, beaches, snowy mountains, cities, and mysterious islands. But the thing is, Just Cause 2's Panau was MASSIVE. Look at this PERFECT picture I found.

      If you can't tell, that one in the back is JC2. You could fit over 20 GTA San Andreas into that map. Now as awesome as that is, that brings up a problem. A lot of empty space, and a lot of, "this town/base/area" looks a lot like those other 10 I saw earlier". This problem wasn't too bad thanks to the environment diversity, and scattered cool locations (casino, mega-skscraper, emp tower, Three Kings Hotel) but it still could have been better. Hopefully next time they'll try to add more uniqeness to every area you visit.

      #2. More Interesting Cut-Scenes

      If you've played Just Cause 2, tell me if this sounds familiar. *ahem* Faction leader drives up in small car, "This is your mission blah blah blah blah blah" throws equipment on the ground, drives away, and Rico looks at the equipment before it fades out to the mission. It probably sounds ver familiar BECAUSE THAT WAS THE CUTSCENE FOR ALMOST EVERY FRIGGIN MISSION.

      Aside from a few exceptions, every mission started the same way, and for a game so heavily inspired by corny action movies, that is criminal. We don't want the cut-scences to take away from the game, but at least make them more diverse, maybe have Rico actually talk with the faction leader about the mission, or add in some bad ass parts that couldn't be accomplished through gameplay. It'd really help the game from feeling repetative.




      And now, #1, which most JC2 players have probably seen coming.....




      #1. Online Co-Op 

      Not all games NEED online, but by f*cking God, the next Just Cause NEEDS to have online coop. It just plain needs it. The game just feels perfect for it, from the gameplay, to the environment, to the missions, it all just feels like it'd be so much better  with a buddy.

      Just imagine the possibilities! You drive the car in a chase, while your friend stands on top and shoots the pursuers. You try to kill all the enemies in the base, while your friend helps rack up "chaos" points. Your friend pissing you off? Grapple him to a jet and fling him around for a little bit. Plus, exploring the world would just be so much entertaining if you had someone to do it with. Just Cause 2 was a blast to play, but if the next one has Co-Op, it may very well be the most fun thing ever. Do it Avalanche. DO IT NOW.





      Well, that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading, and remember (I CAN FINALLY SAY THIS AGAIN)

      Comment, Subscribe, and I'll Leave You With This!


      Now Just imagine THIS with Co-Op! AWESOME!

    • Assassin's Creed 3 -Fan Trailer- Some Nights

      6 years ago


      I love making trailers, dunno why. I'm sure you all remember my "Widely Popular" (IT WAS KINDA POPULAR) fan trailer for Transformers: FOC, and now here is my latest creation.

      A new Fan Trailer I made for the upcoming "Assassin's Creed 3" featuring the song "Some Nights" by FUN.

      Thanks for watching! 

    • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron -Fan Trailer- Unstoppable

      6 years ago


       I've made a fan trailer for the first time in a while, and this one is for the upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron that I am very excited about, using the song "Unstoppable" by ES Pothsumus.


    • Metaking's Top 5 Tips For the Batman Movie Reboot

      6 years ago


       So with The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters, Nolan’s Batman Trilogy has come to an end. What did I think of TDKR you ask? IMO, it was a bit flawed, but an epic well crafted film nonetheless that wrapped up the trilogy perfectly. And yes, it really is over. Nolan has on multiple occasions confirmed, that this is the last of The Dark Knight Trilogy, and TDKR was the end.

      Which means, now it’s time for DC to reboot Batman, taking a different approach to lead up to the Justice League movie, and creating cross-film continuity after the success of Marvel’s strategy. And as a Batman fan that terrifies me. Someone new taking up the Batman name after such a successful trilogy by Nolan, fills my head with tons of worries about how it could turn out.

      So I’ve made a list of the Top 5 Tips for the Next Batman Film. The Top 5 things I think DC and WB should keep in their heads while setting up the next Batman.






      #5. Lessons From Marvel

      Marvel made one of the riskiest moves in film history, by attempting to make a cross-film continuity, with internally made multiple genre’d films all sharing similar styles and plot points, all leading up to a massive team-up movie that brought it all together, all in a style similar to how it has been done in the world of comics. People said it’d fail, it wouldn’t work. And they pulled it off, neigh, they pulled it off with flying colors. All the movies leading up to the Avengers ranged in quality from very good to great, and the Avengers itself was a fantastic action film that delivered on all it’s hype and promise. Plot points were carried from film to film without confusion, they all kept a distinct style, and they all made Marvel so much money they’re making Scrooge McDuck jealous.

      And now, DC aims to repeat that success, and one thing they have to remember with both Man of Steel, and the Batman reboot, is to learn from what Marvel got so right. The cross-film plot points, all the movie’s common distinct style, a sense of fun and adventure, along with heart and emotion, and that the RIGHT director for a film isn’t always the one you think (more on that later). In addition, Marvel amassed an insane amount of hype for the Avengers, along with a sense of connection between films, thanks to little tidbits and cameos in every movie. Iron Man had S.H.E.I.L.D and the Nick Fury cameo, Captain America had Tony Stark’s young father, etc. How about a cameo by Superman at the end of the film? Or maybe mention the events of Man of Steel going on. Stuff like that really helps give that feeling of continuity, along with hyping the Justice League movie. Which is something DC really needs right now.

      #4. Don't Be Araid of Unrealism

      Now this is something that does kiiinda fall into the #1 place, but I think it needs a spot all it’s own. One of the things that made the Nolan Batman films so unique and interesting, was their extreme focus on realism. Villains and plots were grounded in reality, magic and super powers were inexistent, Gotham City was just looked like any other major American city (in TDK and TDKR at least), and every thing was dark, gritty, and real.

      But the new Batman movies DON’T have to be held back by that. Don’t think that because Nolan brought up the possibility of a ultra-realistic superhero movie, doesn’t mean yours HAS to be an ultra-realistic superhero movie, have some fun with that fact. Portray Gotham the way it was meant to be portrayed, giant gargoyle covered buildings and all. Have some of the villains that would have been deemed too silly or unrealistic for the Nolan films. Get rid of the Tumbler and Body Armor Bat-Suit (both I have nothing against) for a good ‘ol bat-suit and sleek Batmobile. Take advantage of the fact that the chains of realism that sometimes held Nolan back, have been released.

      #3. Less Touched Villain

      A big question when a new superhero film is in the works is “Who will the villain(s) be?” As they say, a superhero is only as good a his villains and that’s why Batman is often considered the best. From Joker to Scarecrow, Batman has one of the most diverse line ups of psychopathic baddies in history. You see that last line DC? Remember that.

      I’m sure they’re in their thinking chairs right now going, “How about we do another Joker?” Or “Oh, oh, let’s do another Ra’s Al Ghul!” and to that I say NO. Pick one of the villains that hasn’t really gotten the chance to have the spotlight in a while, or hasn’t really been properly portrayed in film for years, if ever. The Riddler, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Mr. Freeze (I’d like to see a movie with his tragic motivations handled correctly), The Penguin, Black Mask, the Mad Hatter even. Batman has so many villains just aching for proper big-screen interpretation, that it’d be criminal (SEE WAT I DID THER) for them to re-use one of the villains from the Nolan trilogy. With the exception of Scarecrow (As cool as he was in the NolanTrilogy, he was very underused and I’d like to see him as a main villain) and the Joker, but ONLY for the third movie. 1st or 2nd would be too soon for the "Clown Prince of Crime."

      #2. The Right Director 

      Now this is something DC REEAAALLY needs to get nailed into their head, judging by the fact they picked Zach friggin Snyder to direct the new Superman movie (hopefully Nolan will keep him in line as producer), and that the right director, isn’t always the easy director.

      Just look at Marvel, at first sight, a Marvel executive may look at Thor as they’re producing it, and immediately think of a high profile fantasy director is right for the job, because “THor Iz FANtasy amirite?”. But no, Marvel really looked in between the lines, and picked Kenneth Branagh. Now at first sight you think, “WATWATWAT, a director of serious Shakespearean movies, WELL DAT CAN’T BE RIGHT” but again, they read between the lines and discovered what better man to make this silly fantasy-shakespearean-style quarrel between brothers tale, seem believable, than someone who has throughout their entire career. Same with the Avengers, picking Whedon, because of his extensive experience with great characterization and character interaction. In both these cases, with worked out great. So find not the director who has big-slow motion-y comic book movies under his belt, but the one who is TRULY right to make the movie it’s best.

      #1. Don't Be Nolan

      The number 1 is so important that it cannot be stressed enough. Do NOT be Nolan. Now at first, that may seem like an insult to Nolan and his trilogy, but it is not. Nolan is my favorite director of all time, and The Dark Knight Trilogy is one of my favorite trilogies of all time. But it is vitally important, that they don’t just try to repeat everything Nolan did. That would make a shallow movie, obviously trying to live up to something it probably never could.

      Now this may seem difficult for a movie executive, “Don’t take any inspiration from Nolan, how? The only other Batman movies are Burton’s which didn’t make us enough money, and Schumacher’s....we don’t wanna go to that dark place again”, but you have to remember, there are so many great places to get your inspiration other than other Batman movies.

      Batman: The Animated Series, the Batman: Arkham video game series, and most of the best Batman comics. All great Batman stories and atmospheres, unique from Nolan’s and great in their own right. Look to THEM for inspiration when creating the look, plot, feel, and tone of this new Batman reboot, not the older Batman movies, and not the Nolan films. Do that and you’ll be a much better, and more unique result.





      So that's all for today folks. Please keep all the victims of the Aurora shooting in your prayers, and until next time, comment, subscribe, and I'll leave you with this.


      Usually I post something funny, but this was just too epic to ignore.

    • MineAttack: Pixels, Pirates, and (blowing up) Ponies

      6 years ago


      Hello everybody, once again it's time I make a blog.

      So, chances are, judging by the game's sales, you've played, or have heard of Minecraft. And judging by the fact you're on this site, chances are you've played on, or heard of Mineattack, ScrewAttack's awesome g1 run Minecraft server. 

      Mineattack recently launched 5.0, it's 5th world, so I'm going to show some of the highlights of the world so far.

      Behold, Spawn! (I still can't believe how massive that stucture is)

      Naioni's Castle, from which he rules over Mineattack with an iron fist

      A collection of cute little houses surrounding spawn, still waiting for Nai to let people claim them.

      Now onto a trademark of Mineattack, Pixel Art Desert!

      Moving onto a few misc. things.

      Gay Island, near Pixel Art Desert

      My cute little treehouse :3

      Soon enough, users like Dragamon, Tri Forks, (and even me) banded together to form an adventure guild, to go on quests, and bring back valubles. Originally our HQ was an underground fortress, but it's maze-like structure and seclusion from the rest of the world made it annoying, so a new HQ was created.

      And after a name change for the guild, it became the Outer Heaven Pirate's HQ Ship.

      Oh, and also...

      It can fly.

      Soon enough though, it was decided the ship needed some kind of defense. And because dispensers don't make very good cannons, Revulsive (I think Rev came up with the design) came up with a design for a TNT firing cannon.

      What's that to the right you ask?

      Target practice.

      Soon enough we discovered that the cannon could shoot things other than TNT...


      Eventually I even decided to try it

      Bad idea

      AAAHHHHHHHH *looks down*

      AHHHHHHHH *splash*

      But eventually, even shooting people out of cannons gets old, plus there was  little left of Rainbow Dash to blow up....

      And you know what that means...... PARTY AT WOODYMAN'S!!!!

      *Party Rock Anthem plays*

      But what he didn't know, was that Mineattack parties...

      Always end with a bang.

      Now that's what I call a party.

      Note1: Woody's house was restored right after it's destruction (that's no fun)

      Note2: Multiple ponies were harmed in the making of this blog

      Note3: Revulsive is a professional troll with years of experience, don't try this at home.

      Well, thanks for reading, and if you haven't joined Mineattack yet (HOW DARE YOU) get on that!

      And until next time, comment, subscibe, and I'll leave you with this!

      The remains of another pony target practice.....HAHAHAHAAAAA

    • Fighterpedia says Smash Bros. IS a fighting game

      6 years ago


      Fighterpedia, a hilarious and awesome show about fighting games on YouTube from the creators of Two Best Friends Play, have an opinion on whether Smash Bros. is in fact a fighting game.


      So what do you guys think? Did Woolie and Matt convince you, or do you stand by it being something else?

      I for one say  EFF YEAH THEY AGREE WITH ME!

    • MK's: The Problem With NeoToonami

      6 years ago


       Hey everyone, here is my second video blog. Once again, I'm new to this, so any feedback is appreciated. 


      Sorry it took me so long to put this on Screwattack, and thanks for watching!

    • Metaking's Resident Evil: Revelations VIDEO Review

      6 years ago


      For a year or two now, I've been planning on making vlogs, and I have finally acomplished my dream with this review for RE: Revelations. Feedback is appreciated, and I PUT IN THAT CHRIS PUNCHING ROCKS JOKE BEFORE JARED USED IT IN HARD NEWS. 


    • Metaking's Fan Art 2: So I Heard Yo Like Portal 2

      6 years ago


       So yah, a second fan art blog. appearently I have some competition these days, with Stickman producing Space Penguins, and Robbie Nate making art 10x better than anything I could make (lol), but still, here I am.

      Also, I'm also going to be showing some of my attempts at sigs, that I later use in the forums, and g1s that don't, check out the forums. It's a pretty cool place. And ChaoticMeltdown can make you a masterpeice of a sig. Just sayin'.


      Part 1: Sigs

      Sorry about the white background....

      Made this for Blazerxz on the forums.

      I'm REALLY proud of this one.


      Okay, that's enough sigs for now, onto art.


      Part 2: Art


      I <3 Atlus and P-Body ^_^


      I like this one.


      This may seem weird, but I got the idea of a political cartoon based off Activision, and, wah lah.




      It's a combination of Enderman, and Slenderman. 


      Chell encountering Glados.


      Sketch of Tahu (Bionicle...anyone else remember Bionicles?)


      Sketch of Hellboy.


      Zero Suit Samus.


      Little Skyrim cartoon :)





      Well, that's all for today, thanks for reading and tell me what you think! 

      Also, here's a little something I made.


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