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    • MissEsme's Top Ten Favorite Video Games

      4 years ago


      10. Tekken Tag Tournement 2



      LET'S START THIS OFF WITH A FIGHTING GAME! Okay, I'm not a huge fan of fighting games. I've only just been getting into games like Soul Calibur and Street Fighter. After wanting to get into the fighting genre, a friend of mine recommended that I start with Tekken. The first game I could find was Tekken Tag Tournement 2. The controls are great, the graphics (Like most modern fighting games) are great, with fluid action, and they have a wide selection of characters to choose from, as well as a variety of stages. I mean, THEY HAVE A SNOOP DOG STAGE. I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. My favorite combination is Xiaoyu and Marduk. Fight me.

      9. Left 4 Dead 2.

      I will be the first one to admit that the Left 4 Dead franchise is given too much praise. Zombies in general are overrated. But, you know what? This game is pretty fun. As one of four survivors in a zombie apocalypse, you blaze your way through hoards of the undead, with a huge variety of guns, not to mention weapons like Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, chainsaws and even a katana. Also, there are special zombies such as The Witch, who if startled can kill you in a blink of an eye, The Tank, who could wipe out your entire team if there isn't a group effort to kill it, and The Jockey, who will hump you into you become incapacitated. Lovely cast we have here, right? Of all the zombie games I've ever played, I actually felt a challenge in Left 4 Dead 2, not to mention that you need all four of your members in your party to put in a group effort in order to survive. Overrated, yes. A good game, of course. 
      8. Batman: Arkham Asylum.
      As a fan of superheroes, you could expect that I've played a lot of superhero-based games. And although I believe that Marvel wins movie-wise, DC has conquered the gaming world with it's Batman series. I mean, it's Batman. Out of all the Batman games, I think I appreciate Arkham Asylum the most. Not only does one of my favorite DC characters, Harley Quinn, get a back story (Which is oddly fitting, by the way), but the aspect of action is well done. Once again, I love The Joker in this, being an odd mix of Heath Ledger's threatening side and Jack Nicholson's comedic side. I'm also glad to see The Scarecrow and Bane in this version as well (Though it does bother me that Bane can be defeated so easily). Want more reason on why I love this game? IT'S BATMAN!
      7. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

      Ah, Bethesda. You never fail to disappoint me. Out of all the games in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim takes the golden crown. You could see that this is a step up from Oblivion, and the previous Elder Scrolls games. The graphics are stunning. The main story is great. I never get bored of the endless amount of side quests and characters. The weapons are badass. The RPG aspect of creating your own character is amazing (The amount of detail that you can put into your character are astounding. Not one character can look alike). The action is fluid and well-fitting, and the addition of stamina was defiantly an improvement from Oblivion. The game, I can admit, was a bit glitchy the first time around, but it never bothered me that much. I would put an 'arrow to the knee' joke here, but I have too much respect for this game. I hope Elder Scrolls Online can live up to the glory of Skyrim. 
      6. Minecraft.
      Another popular game. Though, this time it's understandable. Sometimes, you don't need a coherent plot or well-developed characters to make a good game. Sometimes, a simple game about someone attempting to survive in a harsh, yet beautiful world is all you need. And this, is Minecraft. Out of all the games on this list, I find myself coming back to Minecraft the most. Why? There is so much to do. In Creative Mode, you can build enormous homes and structures with no limits. In Survival Mode, you're on a quest to survive, trying to maintain a home, food, and weapon supply, without being killed by creatures such as spiders, zombies, skeletons, and exploding green creatures called Creepers. And if you play in multiplayer mode, you can kill your friends, steal their belongings and burn down their houses! Fun! 
      5. Penumbra.

      For this one, I'm going with both Penumbra: Overture and Penumbra: Black Plague. I ranked Penumbra as number two on my Top Ten Survival Horror Games list (Which you should totally go read even though it was written two years ago and my opinion has greatly changed, with the exception of Penumbra), so I won't go into detail as I did on that list. Although most people praise Frictional Games' "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" as the scariest game ever made, I think it's previous game series, Penumbra, took more risks in it's terrifying creatures and atmosphere, and it worked. Penumbra created likable characters, and even an interesting story to follow along your horrifying adventure. Sorry, Amnesia. Penumbra is the superior game, in my case.
      4. The Walking Dead/The Last of Us.

      Okay, this one is a tie. And honestly, these two are very similar. Both revolve around people attempting a survival a zombie apocalypse, with the main character being a man who has to watch over and protect a young girl. And both games are absolutely wonderful. For once in a zombie apocalypse game, the story mostly revolves around the character's dilemmas, with the zombies as an afterthought. And it's very refreshing to see that. In both games, the main characters, as well as the side characters, are very relatable and seem like actual people, instead of stereotypes. The Walking Dead's graphics seem more stylized than The Last of Us', whose graphics leans more to the realistic side, and both are great. These are two zombie games that will always have a little spot in my rotting heart. 
      3. Pokemon FireRed
      Gotta' catch 'em all, right? Pokemon was one of the first games I've ever played, with FireRed being the first. This was the game that sparked my interest in gaming. With the unpopular Bulbasaur as my starter (Who I named Cabbage. Original, amiright?), I went on countless battles, collected all eight gym badges, defeated Team Rocket and the league champion, and thrusted my middle finger in the face of my rival, who I named Asshat. Yup, I was a mature one. 
      2. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

      Oh boy...I know people are going to complain that I chose this over Ocarina of TIme. Honestly, I enjoyed this one more than I did with Ocarina of Time. Playing as our favorite little guy from Hyrule, Link, you fall into a parallel world known as Termina, where you must retrieve a valuable mask that has been stolen in three days. With the power to reset time, you must unravel the mysteries of The Skull Kid demon and a threatening moon who seems to be inching ever so closer to the land. Not only did I find myself being terrified of this game (I was seven when I first played it.), I found myself captivated by the atmosphere and the colorful characters that you come across on your journey. The graphics have an interesting style to it, that most seem to dislike, though I find myself enjoying it. Ocarina of Time, you're nothing short of a great game, but in my opinion, I like Majora's Mask more.
      1. Portal. 
      This includes both Portal 1 and 2, for the two wouldn't have the same effect if you didn't play both. Playing as a test subject named Chell, you are forced to go through countless tasks by a psychotic AI known as GlAdOs. The tests revolve around a portal gun attached to your arm, which gives you an ability to teleport yourself to different areas of the map. Through the game, you are given a companion cube to resolve your loneliness, and in the second game, you must play alongside a talkative, dimwitted morality core known as Wheatly. For the first game, I adore the atmosphere. You are alone, for the most part, except for GlAdOs occasionally telling you that you are a worthless piece of human trash. The gameplay in Portal 1 is more challenging than Portal 2 as well. As for Portal 2, it is more story-driven than Portal 1, giving some more back story to the fall of Aperture Science, as well as some more character out of the main antagonist, GlAdOs. Valve has always been one of my favorite companies game-wise because of it's ability of giving so much character to the person that you play as, without having the player speak. Their character is portrayed through their actions, as well as from the dialouge of other characters (Mostly GlAdOs and Wheatly). The ending themes and soundtrack are amazing, the graphics are stunning, the characters are amazing, the gameplay is top notch. And this is why the Portal franchise is my favorite. 
    • Esme Explains: Male Vs Female Gamers.

      4 years ago


      I've got a bone to pick with male and female gamers. Let's get this straight; Gaming's main audience has always been dominated by males. But lately there's been an increase in female gamers. Not a massive increase where there's an equal amount of females to males, but an increase nonetheless. It bothers me that many males believe that finding a female in the gaming community is a rare event. It isn't. When I join a Call of Duty lobby, I don't want to hear twenty pre-teen boys scream on the top of their pre-pubescent lungs that there is a GIRL there. Stop. I've met plenty of women playing video games. We aren't a rare species. And, as expected, when a male does find a female (I've only experienced this with young boys on Xbox Live, so I am not saying that all male games act this way. Just the ones I've came across), they are usually sought after, harassed sexually, or excluded all together. I just wanted to play a little Minecraft or Call of Duty or whatever. But then again, this is just what I've witnessed/experienced from teenage boys on Xbox, and not the whole gaming community. And sadly, teenage boys make up a big demographic.

      However, female gamers aren't perfect either.

      "Hey! Take it easy on me, I'm just a girl!" I hate this. I hate when they say this. If you're bad at a game, that's fine. Don't use your gender as an excuse. I have never, not once, said that someone should take it easy on me because I have breasts. This is the kind of behavior that provokes male gamers to react the way they do when they do when they spot a wild female in the gaming world. All gamers should be treated equally. I'm sure the male and female problem has died down by now, but I just wanted to put my opinion out there.

    • Game Review: Sonic Labyrinth

      6 years ago


      Just because it's in 3D doesn't mean it's good.

      Let's start with the history. Sonic Labyrinth first game November 17, 1995, published and distributed by SEGA. This game has slow speed and clunky controll, but there's a reason for the slow speed, I'll explain later. First off this game doesn't have Chaos Emeralds, instead keys. Why? I have no idea either, but you need to collect them all to move on to the next level. Sadly I am not 100% sure of the storyline to this, something revolving around Dr. Robotnik's machines and Sonic getting SLOW boots, which means he cannot run fast anymore.

      Now for the gameplay. The idea of making Sonic slow is the biggest clusterfuck of an idea I have ever heard. This is actually the slowest Sonic has ever been in any game. Also, since Sonic is slow, it bores the player to death. You start playing on a 3D platform. There's keys scattered all over the place and you need to collect them all. If you get attacked by an enemy you lose some keys that you have collected. When you find all the keys you go to "The End Door" which is basicly a door you go through at the end of the level DarHar. I'm still confused why they used key's instead of Chaos Emeralds.  And also, why isn't jumping allowed, but you can SPINDASH?


      Still. WHY  KEYS????

      Even though SEGA was in the mood for trolling, they did add some functions like speed boots which DON'T EVEN SPEED HIM UP THAT MUCH. The cool thing about this game is that there's PINBALL FEATURES, which make him bounce off of things while doing spindash. When you first start, getting the keys is easy, but when you move on it gets harder and harder untill your at the point when your like "Are you fucking kidding me?".

      Like I said, the 3D was okay, not much to talk about there. The graphics are...average for a game that was made in 1995. The audio was a bit impressive and dominated over games like Sonic Rush or Sonic Chaos. The controlls are also decent and playable. Now would I reccomend this? Oh god no. I give this game a:

      If it wern't for the decent audio and controlls it would probably get a 1 out of 10. Well played Ross. Well.played.

    • First Impressions: Spring 2012 Anime Releases [PART 2]

      6 years ago



      99.9 % of the fans of Space Bros watched to see that pug.

      Next we have Space Bros. Space Bros starts out in 2006, where two brothers Mutta and Hibito discover a UFO landing. Now it is 2025, and Mutta is a victim of circumstance, in this case he has bad luck, and Hibito is an astronaut soon to go to the moon. Mutta decides to change his luck and tries to join the space program. Wow. An actual interesting plot with likable characters AND A PUG IN A SPACESUIT? This is one anime I'm actually going to watch! The manga for Space Bros is ongoing and the anime was produced by A-1 Pictures. The anime was released on April 1, 2012 and has 12 episodes so far. I know I haven't seen this anime yet but still, go watch it.

      May the nerd gasm commence!

      And now we have Zetman. The anime starts out with two rivals, ZET and Alphasz. They both must protect mankind from monsters known as Players. That's all I can say about this anime so far because unlike the other anime's I mentioned here I did watch this one out of curiosity. And let me tell you, if your an action,blood/gore fan, you will love Zetman. It has a Black Lagoon mixed with Hellsing kind of feel to it that puts the adrenaline rush into course. Anyway, the anime was produced by TMS Entertainment and was released on April 2, 2012 with 2 episodes so far!

      Black Lagoon much?

      To wrap this all up we have Jormugand . Koko is an arms dealer who works for an unofficial weapons dealer. They recieve a new addition to there crew, an emotionless child soilder named Jonah. He is skilled in combat and him and Koko search for the arms dealer who killed him family. Wow. An interesting plot? No magical school girls involved? WOAH! Again, this anime has the feel of Black Lagoon, so if your not an action kind of person you might as well forget this anime. This anime was released on April 10, 2012 with 12 episodes so far. The anime was released by Studio White Fox, the same studio that produced Stein's;Gate! Well that's it for now. I am planning to watch Space Bros and Jormugand soon so tune in for a full review!

    • Horror Game Review: Amnesia-Justine

      6 years ago



      Amnesia Justine is the DLC (Downloadable Content) from Amnesia:The Dark Descent. Both games were produced by Fritional Games. The story starts out when you, an unnamed female character wakes up in an unlocked cell accompanied by a phonograph with a recording of Justine Florbelle's voice giving you certain tasks and puzzles to solve.  If you refuse to do a task, you end up killing  either a doctor, a priet or  a policeman (Not the three shown above) Justine also has three suitors, Alois Racine, Basile Giroux and Malo de Vingy, that she had them deform themselves. One way is when you go on futher in the game you find a phonograph which plays  a confrence between Basile (The one in the middle with no eyes) and ends up melting his eyes. 

      Someone's not going to like this...

      The gameplay is the same as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. You still have a lantern, you need the balance between light and dark or else you pass out or get a light headache, it's the same. Now, for the monsters. The monsters are the three suitors, the only people who talk. Alois is played by Scotty Campbell, Basile is played by Jon St. John. (AKA The same person who does the voice of Duke Nukem!) and Malo is voiced by Jeff Buchanan. Justine Florbelle is voiced byEmily Corkery. 

      And this is the result of Alois listening to Justin Bieber "Baby"

      Let me just get the repeated praise out of the way. The music and the soundtrack still consist of the most pants-shittingly amazing horror music you will ever hear, the graphics are still realistic and amazing , now here for the extra things. The suitors head ripped their eyes out (Except Basile, Justine did it for him. Isn't he special?) so when you approach them they won't see you, but they will hear you, so sucks to be you. Over all I give Amnesia: Justine a well deserved:

      I guess I'm done with Fritional Games untill the next Amnesia game comes out...wait...wait a minute..OH GOD!


    • Cartoon Review: Adventure Time

      6 years ago


      Adventure Time: Anime Style?

      I decicded to review the first episode of Adventure Time instead of "It Came From the Nightosphere" because I'd rather start from the very beginning. But I'll do a review of that soon. The first episode is entitiled "Enchiridion". The episode starts off with Finn, the human and Jake, his shapeshifting dog partying in the Candy Kingdom and with all the people who are in the form of candy. Then, Princess Bubblegum, a half candy, half human princess appears from a tower and falls off. Finn, being the hero his is, saves her life. There she reallizes he is a true hero and goes to tell him something, a book called Enchiridion, or in my case "Handbook for Heros". Jake and him have to pass the many trials to find Enchiridion. This actually started off solid all the way through the episode.

      The answer is closer than you think.

      Lately, Cartoon Network has been adapting shows with a trait known as Surrealism. Surrealism is basicly the addition of oddness, weirdness, or complete randomeness of a show's characters/plot/music/animation etc. And yes, this applies to anime too. [FLCL Anyone?] There are two types of surrealism. Some shows use surrealism in way where they make plots interesting yet funny, and diverse characters and backrounds. And then there are shows who use surrealism in a way which makes people feel like theyre high, and makes things alittle too unreal. For Adventure Time, they use both ways. The characters are fairly interesting with surrealism and the same goes for the plot. For the animation however, the opposite. It's not bad animation, it's just not very..good, that's the only way I can say it without going into too much detail.

      Finn and Jake are the main protaganists and use what I call "The Power of Friendship" [Or in a fangirl's case, Yaoi.] There is also Marcelene, The Vampire Queen who is completely BADASS, Lady Rainacorn, Princess BubbleGum's flying unicorn who speaks Vietamese, The Ice King who is extremely desperate and kidnaps princesses untill Finn and Jake show up and beat the shit out of him[HomeStuck fans will get this: He's the Eridan of Adventure Time] , and lastly Lumpy Space Princess [LSP] who is the gossip girl, and the funniesnt character in the show [Ohmaglob]

      As for the music, it's reconizeable if your a gamer because they use music from video games. Overall I give Adventure Time a:

      I never knew PlayStation supported Adventure Time...oh well. Nice try Madhog.

    • Horror Game Review: Ao Oni

      6 years ago


       After watched HetaOni, a Hetalia RPG game based off of the original Ao Oni. Sad to say, I thought HetaOni was better than the original, mostly because HetaOni had more to the plot. And hot guys. But enough about HetaOni before I nosebleed too much. Ao Oni is a Japanese survival-horror RPG game. The plot is pretty simple to explain. Hiroshi, Takuro, Takashi and Mika hear rumors about an old abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town and decide to check it out for fun.   

      I guess you want a good caption for this photo but seriously? What caption would EVER MAKE FUCKING SENSE WITH THIS????

      And so, an Oni (Japanese for monster) goes and tries to kill them for no reason at all. You basicly play as Hiroshi and the main goal as all horror games, is to get the hell out. It's a pretty generic plot we have here. The characters are also pretty generic too. Hiroshi is the main lead, Takuro is the "man", Mika is the stupid whore (SPOILER: If you know the way out, and if you find Mika and tell her your know the way out she won't leave with you unless you have Takuro with you in your party. I've played so many different games of Ao Oni, and Takuro always dies first. I only saved Takuro one time. Go burn in a fire Mika and have fun trying to survive.), and Takashi, the wimp. So yeah, nice cast we have here.

      Oh, You mad bro?

      Ao Oni actually means "Blue Monster" or "Blue Beast". By blue beast, I mean the fugly guy above who chases you around the mansion. The game results in various different endings, depending on whoever was in your party when you get out of the mansion. One thing I noticed thoughout the game is the farther you get into the game, the longer the Oni will chase you when he notices you. Also, like Amnesia, you can't fight back. Hiding doesn't really help in the game, since he just finds you no matter where you hide. Overall, I give Ao Oni a:

      Though the game was boring at times, it did have it's "scary moments" time to time. If you want an epic 8-bit horror game, just go play Corpse Party already!

    • Movie Review: Fate/Stay Night

      6 years ago


       Since Madhog thy Master decided to give me another dare, he dared me to review the Fate/Stay Night movie. You bastard. Anyway first the history of the Fate/Stay series. It first started out as a visual novel developed by Type-Moon in January 30, 2004. Keep in mind, this whole series started out as a visual novel so their might be various different endings and heriones. In this case, there are three. Then the manga was released on December 26 2005 and it is still ongoing with 17 volumes. The anime was released on January 6, 2006 with 24 episodes. This was also prooduced by Studio Deen.

      Like I said, this was based off a visual novel. The movie follows the second ending. The story revolves around Shiro Emiya, a serious yet helpful, hardworking, and honest teenager and an unwilling Master in what is known as the Holy Grail War. He is an orphan whose parents died in a massive fire several years ago, but was adopted by a man named Kiritsugu Emiya, who also died several years later. One day, he is twice attacked by a mysterious, lance-wielding man who calls himself Lancer. Out of nowhere, he is saved by a young girl in shining armour.She introduces herself as Saber, calling herself Shiro's Servant and is the first of the main heroines. At least this heroine can do something unlike most anime heriones.

      Where is The Knights of the Round Table when we need them?

      The second of the three heroines is Rin Tosaka, a model student and idol of Shiro's school who is secretly a magus and Master in the Holy Grail War, commanding her own Servant, Archer. The final heroine is Sakura Mat?, a student in her first year of high school and the adopted sister of Shinji Mat?, secretly another Master.

      I smell a fanfiction coming on!

      The seven sorcerers, known as Masters, are aided by seven beings known as Servants, reincarnations of legendary heroes from all time. These resurrected souls possess superhuman characteristics and wield powerful artifacts or abilities called Noble Phantasms, symbols of their heroism during life. My reaction: Ummm...WHAT? That's the whole plot of the movie. I feel that the plot was a nice start, with the touch of The Holy Grail War, but dragged on so much as the movie went on. I really thought the main heriones were likable a first but shit hits the fan and we get something called a PLOT. The animation was desent, I mean this is Studio Deen were talking here. It's not like Hetalia was bad, but at least Fate/Stay Night had some really nice animation at the parts that needed it. The music was average for the most part. Overall I give Fate/Stay Night a:

      Your very welcome Madhog.

    • Anime Review: FLCL [Fooly Cooly]

      6 years ago


      I'm going to use the abbreviated way to make things easier. FLCL was first released on April 26, 2000 and ended on March 16 2001 with 6 episodes. Now I know your wondering why I would waste my time on a 6 episode anime. Some people think this anime is the best thing since sliced bread and others thought this anime shouldn't of seen the light of day. I decided to watch it for myself and let me tell you, those 6 episodes were worth it!

      Lovely cast we have here, don't we?

      The anime starts out with Naota Nandaba, a 12 year old boy, complaining out his boring,normal life and how nothing ever happens. He says this while a giant iron is blowing mysterious smoke throughout the city.

      This?  Normal?  Let's go with that.

      He also says that his older brother went to America to play baseball. Sounds normal right. Your horribly wrong. All of a sudden, a crazy,pink haired women named Haruko Haruhara runs over him with her Vespa [Motorcycle?] and proceeds to bash his head with her guitar. Naota, still alive, notices he has a bump on his head.This bump is a passageway to pull things out.  Later in the episode, two giant robots emerge from the bump on his head and fight each other until Haruko bashes one in the head with her guitar. The episode ends with one of the robots rolling some dough. WHAT? As you can see, the main draw of this anime is the complete utter RANDOMNESS of this anime. Some people find it funny, and some people find it repetitive and annoying, For me, I found it more funny than annoying, though during  some points during the show I felt annoyed and confused by the randomness.

      There's also a odd cast. First we have Naota, a twelve year old who tries to act mature, when in reality he's basically acting like a dick head. The opposite goes for Naota's father, Kamon Nandaba, who thinks acting like an adult is equivalent to being an ADHD goldfish. Next we have Mamimi Samejima, the ex-girlfriend of Naota's older brother. She's basically like every rebel school girl. She smokes cigarettes, skips classes and touches little boys. Wait WHAT? And then we have the heart of this anime Haruko HaruHara. She's an alien who is an investigator for the "Galactic Space Police Brotherhood" and the one who made the bump in Naota's head.


      There's another character who gets introduced later in the show named Commander Amarao, who works in a Men in Black type of organization who has past ties with Haruko. As you can see his most distinctive part of his character design is his eyebrows, which gets brought up alot during the series.


      When I found out this anime was produced by Gainax, I had low hopes for the animation but the animation fluxeated during this anime. Sometimes we have extra wacky colorful, to 3D (And no, it didn't show off like Gonzo's 3D because this actually looked good), to crappy Gonzo budget animation, to dark and serious animation. It was great overall. I also have to give credit to the music in this anime, which was done by a group called "The Pillows". The ending was earsex and so was the backround music. Funimation did an excelent job dubbing the anime also. Overall I give FLCL a:

      8 out of 10 Eyebrows! 

    • Horror Game Review: Slender Elementary

      6 years ago


      The game was released on August 31st, 2012, after Slender Hospice and Slender Sanatorium. Seriously, I couldn't believe "Slender" skyrocketed and more people demanded more games! The setting is in an elementary school, which I thought was the PERFECT setting for the game. Why you ask, because in his myth, he would kidnap children and eat their souls. Wow, a fitting game for Slendy. The objective for the game is simple, like the others. You must obtain eight teddy bears. I wish I was joking.

      So the  bears are being  stabbed  in the walls? Seems legit  enough.

      Like the other Slender games, the music gets progressively more serious as Slender Man gets closer.  Unlike the first Slender, this Slendy can freaking  teleport RIGHT IN FRON T OF YOU.  Jumpscares. Why. Also, when you collect the eight teddy bears, you actually HAVE TO LEAVE THE SCHOOL!.

      Yes, this game actually DOES provide something else to do besides finding eight teddy bears without dying. Except, like the other Slender games, I wonder, is there any purpose to collecting  these objects?  Probably not. Anyway, I have to admit, this game is actually BETTER than the original. The graphics are slightly better, adding more detail  and provides a realistic enviorment than just..trees. Also, there is never a good reason why you end up in an Elementary school to begin with. Maybe I'm being too much of a nit picky nerd here, but if your looking  for a game with an actually plot, stay the hell away from this game..or any Slender game for that matter. All and all, this game will have you fearing maniquins for the rest of your life. Overall, I give Slender Elemantary a:

      Oh, and also..


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