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    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Manga Impressions

      6 years ago


       Note: This is intended to be a somewhat casual review.  Also this is my 2nd time typing this because ScrewAttack's blog system messed up.

      Intro- Okay, I think I need to admit this.  IHAVENEVERPLAYEDANACEATTORNEYGAMEEVER!   whew, now that we have that out of the way here is my review of the manga based off the hit Capcom video game series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

      Story- Here is where the manga gets a bit 'iffy.  If I go in depth too much than I risk ruining the stories, but if I don't then it'll just confuse all of you.  So to avoid that I'll just give you the premise.  Phoenix Wright is an attorney in Los Angelos and he keeps getting involved in complex legal battles.  The stories are very good with nice twists and perplexing problems.  This is certainly a fun manga to read.

      Characters- This manga contains a variety of characters, both old and new.  Returning characters from the games are: Maya Fey, Miles Edgeworth, The Judge, Dick Gumshoe, and more.  The characters  are unique, wacky, and full of creativity.  The characters are what keeps the stories from getting dull.  These characters, like with Full Metal Alchemist, are what allow the story to have a nice blend of comedy and seriousness.  The characters are yet another part of the book that makes it shine.

      Art- This is one of the biggest aspexts of manga so it is very important to get this part just right.  Well good news,  the art here is great.  The art is typically simplistic, yet still able to capture the art style of the games.  The manga is also able to be capture a dark and gritty tone when neccesary.  This is also amazing like the other two apects.

      Conclusion- This manga is amazing, and I simply can't stop praising it.  However there is one bad point.  At this point there are only 3 volumes available in the US and with a manga this good a lacking amount of it like this is terrible(this isn't that bad in reality because volume 4 comes out on March 13th and volume 5 on April 24th)  But still this is an amzing book and if you want  it it is easy to get.  Each individual book is regularly $10.99, however Amazon.com has each  for about $8.30 each.  If I had to give this a score I'd give it a 9.5/10, BUY IT NOW!


      Round Up

      Pros: Story, Characters, Art

      Cons: Not enough volumes out yet

      Score: 9.5/10

      Recommendation: BUY IT NOW!

    • Cwooddirector's Top 5 Best Star Wars Games

      6 years ago


        With the release of Lucasfilms newest movie, Red Tails, on DVD and Blu-Ray I thought I would talk about something that George Lucas made, well sorta. So here are my top 5 Star Wars games. Now please remember this list will only consist of games I’ve played so don’t be mad if your favorite game isn’t on the list. Also I’m not making a list about which Star Wars movie is my favorite because everyone knows Episode I is the best movie. 

      Honorable Mentions

      Before we get to number 5 I have a few honorable mentions to talk about. First there are the mobile Battlefront games. Released between 2005 & 2009 these games are actually decent, or at least the PSP ones. However I haven’t played these games too much and as such they aren’t candidates for the list. Also I’m sure some of you haven’t listened to what I said earlier so I guess I should mention it here, Pod Racer. Yes I’ve played it. My thoughts you ask. Well the N64 and arcade versions are decent from what I can remember. I also remember the Gameboy Color version and trust me it isn’t worth your time. So let’s move on, here’s number 5.

      Number 5

      Number 5 is The Force Unleashed, for PS2. While the PS3 and Xbox 360 are better I haven’t really played those much. However the PS2 version is still a fairly good hack and slash that follows the same basic plot. Getting to visit the abandoned Jedi temple was cool and I feel the game is underrated.

      Number 4

      Number 4 is The Lego Star Wars games. Due to the games having a similar play style I decided to include them all together. The first one follows the prequels; the sequel follows the original movies, the third game (which I’ve never played and as such technically doesn’t count) follows the Clone Wars TV show. These games, at the time of their release, were the only good Lego games made. These games combined the fun of Legos with shooting and hack and slash. Plus the amount and variety of playable characters was huge and every one had a purpose, yes even Jar Jar Binks. This was expanded on with Lego Star Wars II when it turned out that you could import your old characters from the first game. Eventually they even combined the first two games into one with even more characters including Indiana Jones.

      Number 3

      Number 3 is Star Wars Trilogy Arcade. This game was a 3-D rail shooter that was released in 1998 by Sega. It featured levels base off of key scenes from the original trilogy, such as destroying the Death Star and the battles of both Hoth and Endor. Something liked about the game was how it took cues from the old vector style arcade game and Star Wars Arcade, also released by Sega. Something else that was cool about the game was how you could fight against both Darth Vader and Boba Fett. If you ever come across this game then you should totally play it.

      Number 2

      Number 2 is Rouge Squadron for the good old Nintendo 64. Okay like I said before I am only including games I’ve played so that is why I’m not including either of the sequels. So Rouge Squadron, what makes this game great? Well this game features amazing control. Your ship never goes where you don’t want it to. Also there are plenty of missions with some actually being secret. Also there is some replayability with there being different ranks in the form of medals. There are also several different ships for you to pilot from the iconic X-Wing to the A-Wing to a Naboo Starfighter and even a TIE Fighter.
      This game is also in my opinion the best Nintendo 64 game. If you get the chance, then you should totally get this game.

      Number 1

      And Number 1 is… the console Battlefront games. These games contain everything you could really want in a Star Wars game. Large scale fights between armies, great control for the vehicles, expansive battlefields, and of course being able to play as the famous heroes and villains from the franchise, at least in Battlefront 2. This game also has superb multiplayer with it being just tons of fun fighting against your friends. I remember all of the countless hours that my friends and I would spend playing the games against each other. It also still has a decent sized following with tons of people still playing online on PC. If you get the chance then you NEED to get this game, especially if you’ve got a decent computer as it is available on Steam.

      And those are my top 5 best Star Wars game. Did you agree with my choices or do you think I belong in an insane asylum.. Please let me know in the comments below. Also I plan on making this list into a video so if you have any suggestions on how this could be made better than please tell.

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