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    • Lab Zero hoping to promote Skullgirls PC release with Team Fortress 2 hats

      5 years ago


      Editor’s Note: I provided a photo gallery featuring each of the proposed Skullgirls hats. Don’t they look stylish? 

      Recently on the Skullgirls website, developer Lab Zero announced that Team Fortress 2 would be getting some Skillgirls based pre-order items (hats of course) if they were to get enough support (votes) on the Steam Workshop.

      As with other promotional items for Team Fortress 2, you will get these items in the Genuine Item Quality if you pre-order the game the items are inspired by (Skullgirls in this caseon Steam. You'll also be able to get these items if you donated enough money to the Skullgirls IndieGoGo campaign.


      If you'd like to look at some more pictures of these items, you can see them right here in all of their glory.

      So g1s, are you excited that Team Fortress 2 could be getting some Skullgirls themed items?

    • Skullgirls now has a third mysterious DLC character... And you can vote on them!

      5 years ago


      Today on the Skullgirls indieGoGo campaign, the goal to have a third DLC character has finally been reached by having raised over $600,000! As of this writing the campaign has had $622,570 backing it.

      There are also a few more goals left to be reached with only less than 48 hours left before the campaign is over. These goals are to have $625,000 be donated to give this DLC character their own stage and story, and to have $725,000 be donated to let Mane6 use the Z engine.

      The people at Lab Zero will most likely be able to get a stage and story for this mystery DLC character. This character will be chosen from a list of characters that they have had revealed which you can see right here: 

      There were also two other goals that they had which were to have $825,000 be donated to have a second mystery DLC character, and to have $850,000 be donated to give that second mystery DLC character a stage and story. Those goals probably will never be reached considering how much time is left.

      Incase you still want to donate to the campaign (like I did), I'll leave it in the source. So g1s are you excited that Skullgirls will have a third DLC character?

    • Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition arriving on PC this summer

      5 years ago


      NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition has been given a release date for the PC. It will be released via digital distribution services July 3 while being released physically August 2 in Europe and August 6 in North America.

      As with the console version of Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition, it will have all of the DLC for Mortal Kombat (2011) included. Developer High Voltage Software will be responsible for porting the game to PC.

      So, g1s, what do think about Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition getting a release on PC?

    • Big Band is now a DLC character for Skullgirls!

      5 years ago


      Just today on the Keep Skullgirls Growing Indiegogo campaign, the people at Lab Zero have managed to raise over $375,000, which will make the character Big Band a DLC character! Even though Lab Zero managed to reach another one of their goals, the campaign is still open with 14 days left and there are 3 goals left to reach.

      These goals are $400,000 to give Big Band a stage and a story mode, $600,000 for DLC of a mystery character, and $625,000 to give the mystery character a stage and a story mode. I am really happy that the people at Lab Zero managed to reach their goal for Big Band and I hope that they manage to reach their other goals as well.

      If you want to donate to the campaign (like I did), I'll leave a link to the campaign in the source. So g1s are you excited about Big Band becoming a DLC character for Skullgirls?

    • Earthworm Jim creator planning new adventure game for PC & Mac

      5 years ago


      Recently, Doug TenNapel announced on Facebook that he would be working with Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield on a new point and click adventure game for PC and Mac.

      The game is to use clay and puppet animations, similar to The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys, which was also made by Doug TenNapel. The soundtrack is to be made by Terry Taylor, who made the soundtrack to The Neverhood, and its sequel Skullmonkeys.

      There aren't a lot of details about the project, but Doug TenNapel does want to have people make suggestions to him about the game. So g1s, are you excited that Doug TenNapel is planning to make a new video game?

    • Sonic the Fighters coming to XBLA and PSN in Japan

      6 years ago


      Sega had revealed that the Model2 Collection will be released on XBLA and PSN sometime around fall in Japan. The collection features five games: Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers, Sonic the Fighters, Virtua Striker, and Cyber Troopers Virtual-On. Also the games can be played online. Lastly, Sonic the Fighters will let you play as characters you couldn't play as before, which is pretty cool. You can even see the games in action via the trailer that they released below.

      So g1s, what do you think about this collection? Do you hope it comes in the U.S. and Europe sometime soon?

      Also before I go I have one thing to say.

      Screw you Hurricane Sandy for leaving me without T.V., phone, and internet for nine days.

      Also, here is a picture of Sanics on a SANICS ONLY lane.

      ( I got this picture from sonicretro.org )

    • Club Nintendo now sells Mario's hat as a 3DS case

      6 years ago


      Recently on Club Nintendo's North American website, they added a Mario hat shaped pouch for Nintendo DS systems. The price of the reward is 450 coins, which was the same amount for the Luigi pouch.

      Even though we get this new pouch, it seems that the Luigi pouch is no longer available to get anymore, which is a sad thing for those who didn't get it. Luckily I managed to get mine. was anyone else as lucky? And do any g1s plan on getting this new reward? I already ordered one.

    • Microsoft files patent for device that controls the types of people who can watch or play with you

      6 years ago


      Hello g1s, I got a real wonderful story for you today. Microsoft wants file a patent for system that use a camera to see who is in the same room as you to determine who can watch or play what you own.

      This is supposed to be used so people who do not own what you have cannot be able to use your things unless they happen to buy them. This is also supposed to be used on tablets, phones, and computers.

      The problem I have with this (and others most likely have as well) is that it can make it a pain to have movie parties or game parties if somebody does not own the movie or the game, so they either have to leave or buy the movie or game.

      Also another reason why it is a pain is that YOU WILL BE MONITERED AT ALL TIMES, which makes people like me get paranoid.

      But you could maybe put something over the camera lens so they won't see your face, which might let you use your movies or games, or they'll find a way to make it so for it to work anybody who owns the product must be visible at all times.

      I really hope Microsoft does not do this idea, since some people are not going to ever bother to use anything made by Microsoft that uses a camera, since they'll be too paranoid.

      So g1s what do you think of Microsoft's stupid idea?

    • Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel has a Kickstarter campaign for a book filled with sketches

      6 years ago

      If you happen to be a fan of any of Mr. TenNapel's work I think you will be very excited for this. Doug Tennapel has recently started a Kickstarter campaign for a 250 page, hardcover book of his sketches for works he has done over the years  such as Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, and Catscratch) for his fans to own.
      The book is to have his best drawings from his 42 sketchbooks he says:
      "This isn't just a collection of drawings, but it is a useful tool on how to create characters, worlds and story lines for anything from video games to graphic novels and television shows."
      Also there are some rewards for donating such as, getting the book, a signed copy of the book, a doodle of Earthworm Jim drawn in the book, a Neverhood postcard, Catscratch animation production art, and more.
      So if you are a fan of things that Doug TenNapel has made over the years ( like me ), I would recommend that you donate money for this.
      So g1s, what do you think about this?
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