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    • Diablo III Sets a New PC Launch Record

      6 years ago


       We already know it before launch date but it's official: Diablo III is the fastest-selling PC game of all time, least according to Blizzard.

      In the first 24 hours of the game's release, more than 3.5 million copies were sold perhaps even more if gamers got the game through the World of Warcraft Annual Pass last year. Take those players in alongside the usual Diablo III gamer, comes in between 4.7 million- 6.3 million based on the first week of sales and that does not include the gamers in Korean Cyber Cafes.

      Mike Morhaime had this to say about the subject:

      “We’re definitely thrilled that so many people around the world were excited to pick up their copy of Diablo III and jump in the moment it went live. We also regret that our preparations were not enough to ensure everyone had a seamless experience when they did so. I want to reaffirm our commitment to make sure the millions of Diablo III players out there have a great experience with the game moving forward, and I also want to thank them for their ongoing support."

    • Just got Tribes: Ascend Beta

      6 years ago


       It has been a while since I played a really fast paced shooter. In fact, the only PC shooters I got to play that kept the adrenaline going were Quake, the Half Life mod Deathmatch Classic, and Team Fortress 2 as the Scout. Recently, I got a beta key from Naioni, though I think I would be able to get the beta anyway just by liking the Tribes Ascend Facebook Page. What are my thoughts on this game?

      Anyways, I only played a couple of matches on this game and I am still quite the noob. But of the starting classes, I am really taking a liking to the Soldier, if only I know how to fucking aim his weapon properly as I most miss 80 percent of the time. The graphics are excellent though it does take a while for the textures to completely render, but it's a beta so I cannot complain

      The game, at least based on what the beta has offered me thus far blew me away overall. And you bet your damn ass that I will support them by pre-ordering the game. I could use the VIP benefits.   

    • Announcement: Mineattack IS Coming Back!

      7 years ago


       Hi g1s, 

      Just want to announce that after weeks of the server being down, Mineattack will be back online possibly on Tuesday. Naioni is working on reinstalling everything to get the server set up. If you still love Minecraft, feel free to hang out when our server is back online.

      For those who do not know, the Mineattack IP is:

      And in case we are in the mood for livestreaming Minecraft, along with other games, here's this link: http://www.twitch.tv/mineattack.

      And if you like to support Naioni's server, feel free to pitch in at least 5 dollars or so on this link to keep the site alive. I know I paid a portion for it once.  http://billing.go-networks.net/grouppay.php?hash=2136f-d51ea-cb422-2f8f1-45d77-8eb42-57

      EDIT: Try this IP Address:

    • Win The Humble Indie Bundle! Nemi's First Contest! :D

      7 years ago



       Hey g1s!

      I have been wanting to get me the new Indie Bundle for a while all because I really wanted to play the Binding of Isaac. Was originally going to buy the game on Steam, but why settle for that when I can just buy 3 games for any price I want. Well, I promised myself that I was going to give 15 dollars. But since I owed my dad some cash for my PC rig, I paid him back first and only donated 5 dollars to charity. 

      Since I have had trouble buying the game due to Paypal taking a while to verify my account, I had JustApollo from Twitter give me the bundle in return for me buying the game when I have access to Paypal (which I finally did). 

      Since I already have the games DL'd, might as well give the bundle away to you g1s, because I love you guys so much. Bear in mind though, since I am kinda penny pinching, I only have one gift link that I can give. But in the future, I might give away more stuff.

      Since I paid 5 dollars, I not only got Voxatron, but I also have Binding of Isaac and Blocks That Matter.

      What do you have to do? Well, I dunno, really? Never been good at making contests. So, let me have you guys answer one question:

      Starcraft or Half Life. Which is my favorite series and why did you come up with that answer? 

      I do not expect you guys to make a huge ass essay, but if you did, I will still give it a read. But long or short, it does not matter. Just write what you think and that's all. Even one word will suffice.

      Deadline is on November 10th. The winner will receive the link to the Indie Bundle through PM on Screwattack only. 

      It's likely I will do more of these contests in the near future if I got the cash for it. If you want to see me do more of these contests, spread the word of this blog on Facebook, Twitter or even tell your friends. 

      Thanks again, g1s. 

    • Blizzcon Treats

      7 years ago


       Hey, g1s. What's shakin?


      So I got back from work and I am here to share some neat stuff that Blizzcon has shown to it's gaming community.


      First, let's talk World of Warcraft:

      You saw that right! If you love World of Warcraft and if you are willing to pay for a 12-month subscription, you get Diablo 3 for free. Not an early beta, not a trial, A FULL FUCKING GAME FOR FREE!!!!

      Aside from Diablo 3, you can get a neat Tyrael's charger mount on patch 4.3 of WoW which will come to you via in-game mail. And you can beta test the next WoW expansion beta: Mists of Pandaria. I dunno about you, but I was never much of a fan of the Pandaren race. 

      To pay for the annual WoW pass, you need to have a full version of WoW on or before October 18th, a valid debit or credit card and the cost is $14.99 per month. 

      Blizzard has also announced a new Talent Class system:


      Secondly, let's talk about Diablo III as they have announced their own collector's edition which was similar to how they released Starcraft II's CE.

      Here's the contents:

      • A full version of the game (duh!)
      • A 4 GB Soulstone USB drive which contains both Diablo 2 and Lords of Destruction and a Diablo Skill
      • Aesthetic Artifacts for you Diablo 3 character
      • A Fetish Shaman pet for WoW
      • Behind the Scenes Blu-Ray/DVD Set
      • A Diablo 3 artbook
      • A Diablo 3 Soundtrack

      Oh, and here's a teaser:



      Now for my favorite part of this blog: STARCRAFT!


      First things first, here's the new trailer for Heart of the Swarm, which I am so gonna buy first:



      here's another SC2 mod that may not be as awesome as Dota 2, but I think it's stil worth playing on a casual basis. Blizzard DOTA, which is coming soon(ish) as the trailer describes:



      One of the game's designers, David Kim has addressed some things about the units in SC2 and the additions for each race:


      Issues and weaknesses
      Thor is too slow and clumsy
      Race has difficulties in handling mass zealots in late game

      New units and abilities:

      • New "battle mode" for hellion - transforms like a viking

      Battle mode hellion has more hit points, moves more slowly
      Shorter, wider arc on flame attack, and stronger
      Gives terran a beefy front-line fighter in the late game

      • Warhound

      Smaller, more nimble version of Thor
      Effective anti-mech ground weapon to help break siege tank lines
      Anti-air attack with splash damage

      • Shredder

      Robot that emits channeled, area of effect damage when immobilized
      Damage automatically shuts off when an ally moves into range
      Gives terran cheap zone control, but can't be used near main army
      Is still very work-in-progress

      • Thor

      Moved to late game, more hit points and damage
      Can only have one, like mothership from Wings of Liberty


      Issues and weaknesses
      Mid-game difficulties with siege and controlling areas
      Missed opportunities with certain units like ultralisk and corruptor

      New units and abilities:

      • Ultralisk

      Existing version is bulky and has difficulties engaging in battle
      New burrow charge ability lets it dive underground and get into the fight easily

      • Viper

      New caster unit with detection -- replaces overseer
      Has abilities like blinding cloud to help break entrenched positions
      Abduct ability allows it to pull units to itself -- pull siege tanks or colossus out of death balls

      • Swarm host

      Zerg artillery for map control and siege
      Burrows into the ground, and continuously generates small creatures to attack
      Feels very zerg-y


      Issues and weaknesses
      Needs more raiding options
      Needs area of effect, anti-air attacks

      New units and abilities:

      • Tempest

      New protoss capital ship, replaces carrier
      Anti-air splash damage for mutalisks and other aircraft
      Has direct air-to-ground attack as well that isn't splash

      • Replicant

      Special unit that can clone itself into any non-massive unit
      Allows protoss to also take siege tanks or infestors from enemies
      Is very expensive
      Still very much a work-in-progress, not-final unit

      • Oracle

      Caster unit used for raiding and harassment
      Can disable enemy structures, or prevent miningwith its abilities
      Doesn't actually kill or damage anything
      Mothership is cut in favor of this unit


      Okay, that's all I got for today. See ya next time, g1s! :D

    • Shameless Plugs: WTF-A-THON Livestream for Charity!

      7 years ago


       Hi g1s. This is an edited blog. I was supposed to plug a Gmod machinima, but I decided to do something useful and actually plug one of my favorite people of the internets: TotalHalibut, also known as TotalBiscuit of CynicalBrit.com and TheGameStation. What he is doing is basically livestreaming first impressions of games  for charity. Specifically http://www.charitywater.org/


      If you want to be part of the chat, here are the FAQs I have copy-pasted:

      Frequently Asked Questions - READ THIS FIRST
      Why can't I chat? - That means the channel is in subscriber-only mode. Only subscribers can speak. This is usually done to reduce spam and increase the general quality of the chat which tends to, like all JTV chats, get really bad. Non-subscribers are welcome to go and chat in the Quakenet IRC available at irc.quakenet.org #cynicalbrit

      What is this subscribe button for, do I have to pay for this stream? - No. The subscription is an optional monthly fee and the money from it goes DIRECTLY into supporting future SHOUTcraft Invitational tournaments. TotalBiscuit uses all the money generated from this stream to fund his tournaments. By subscribing you will become part of the SHOUTcraft Supporters Club

      What do I get as a member of the SHOUTcraft Supporters Club? - You get a battlecruiser badge next to your name (coming soon), access to the Supporters Club private chat which does not have slow-mode enabled, you will not see ads at all and you also get the chance to play a BO1 showmatch against TotalBiscuit on every stream.

      Showmatch? - Every ladder stream, one person from the supporters club will be picked to fight TotalBiscuit in a BO1 custom game to finish off the broadcast.

      When does TotalBiscuit stream? - Ladder streams happen when TotalBiscuit has the time. They are usually late evening UK time but the actual start time can vary. Some days he will not stream, usually the best way to find out when he is streaming is to follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

      So, without any further ado, enjoy the show:


    • A Letter from Mr Chae from GOMTV

      7 years ago


       Hey, g1s. I know the E-Sports scene is not exactly very popular amongst you guys, but I thought I shall post blogs in the hopes of getting you interested even in the least bit slightest.

      Basically the Blizzard Cup is kinda like an awards ceremony mixed with a tournament. I am psyched about it personally.


      Anyways, here's a word from Mr Chae himself:

      Hello, I am Mr. Chae from GOMTV.

      It’s been little over a year since the launch of StarCraft II. The GSL, which has been receiving a lot of love and support from all of you, has also celebrated its first anniversary a short while ago.

      I believe that this year has been a special year for e-sports.
      A lot of things that were not accomplished in SC/BW were achieved in the course of just one year.

      Players from all around the world competing each other, leading international tournaments working together with exchange programs, foreign players coming to Korea for training and Korean players joining foreign teams - all of these are remarkable developments that have not occurred to this extent in the past 10 years of e-sports history.

      Alongside GSL, there have been many major tournaments out there entertaining fans worldwide.
      We at GSL are always hoping to work together with other foreign tournaments and believe we have accomplished a lot in that regard this year.

      When we first introduced the 2011 GSL Tour we have mentioned the Blizzard CUP.
      The Blizzard CUP is a tournament in which we plan to look back at and conclude the year 2011 and determine the best of best. Additionally, other events like Best Coach Award, Fan Favorite Player Award, Best Player of their respective Race Award etc. are planned.

      We are currently in the last stages of deciding on and tweaking the format and schedule of the 2012 GSL Tour.

      The concepts for GSL 2012 are:
      1. More chances
      2. Prove yourself
      3. Are you qualified to stay in Code S?

      We hope everyone will enjoy the remainder of the 2011 GSL Tour and is looking forward to what we have in store for 2012.

      The outline of Blizzard CUP is as follows:
      Players: Best 10 of 2011
      - 2011 GSL Point Ranking TOP 1,2,3 (3)
      - 1st and 2nd place of MLG Providence (2)
      - Winner of IEM NYC (1)
      - Winner of IPL Season 3 (1)
      - Winner of DreamHack Winter (1)
      - Winner of Blizzcon (1)
      - Winner of WCG (1)
      - If players have more than one title, suitable replacements will be invited

      Tournament format: Group Play -> Playoffs
      - 10 players will be divided in 2 groups of 5.
      - The 3 top players of each group advance to the playoffs.
      - Group A 1st vs (Group A 3rd vs Group B 2nd)
      - Group B 1st vs (Group B 3rd vs Group A 2nd)

      - 12/12 Monday: Group A
      - 12/13 Tuesday: Group B
      - 12/14 Wednesday: Round of 6
      - 12/15 Thursday: Round of 4
      - 12/17 Saturday: Final and Award Ceremony

      - 1st place: 40,000,000 KRW
      - 2nd place: 10,000,000 KRW
      - Ro4: 5,000,000 KRW
      - Ro6: 2,000,000 KRW
      - Group stage: 1,000,000 KRW
      - Total: 68,000,000

      Thank you.

      PS: Be sure to check out our revamped website at http://www.gomtv.net/

    • The Evergreen School Visit's Valve

      7 years ago



      This video is touching  and  all, but have these kids asked where is Episode 3?  Or where Gaben is?

    • My real blog

      7 years ago


       TheNemesis274 sounds a bit lame looking at it now and I thought I should change it based on my character profile name on Starcraft 2 which was DocNemesis.

      Anyways, to all you g1s who read this, I hope you love the beta. Play around with the site as much as you can and speak your mind about some stuff that feels a little off with it.

      That's it. Happy blogging if you can and glhf. :)

      Oh, and I will definitely support Screwattack with the Advantage Program and all

    • I Got Trolled During Laddering And It Was FUNNEH!

      7 years ago


       Okay, recently, I got about 3-4 matches that gave me free ladder points from the same guy, I might add. And then, I got another match from a Random player (Terran) and I have to say, he was insanely hilarious. Everytime, he would diss me out while I am just minding my own damn business playing the match. Since I did not wear any glasses during the game, I am sorta handicapped since I have difficulty seeing the minimap without squinting. I thought he would have beaten me because he managed to harass me with about 4 banshees. Thankfully, I was able to get Mutas in time to make sure he does not do much damage as I rebuilt my economy. Everytime I would attack him, he would spew out a ton of BM that would make Idra proud (then again, I dunno if Idra actually swears all that much). But I just kept on spamming the Z key to make the Zerglings I need since he decided to add a Thor into the mix and I just thought of taking down his army rather than his base just to make him cuss more. After 30 minutes, he lost and even after the match he would not stop harassing me telling me my opening is shit and I waste way too many Banelings, which is true because I could not see properly to micro properly. Thank God for the report button. I wonder if Blizzard actually reads them...

      Anyways, I could post the replay for you guys. But it seems the sites have had issues regarding the 1.4 update. If you know where can I upload the replays, lemme know.


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