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    • *sigh*

      11 years ago


      I had meant to say that I dislike journals, and wouldn't post in it again. I figure that this point needs clarifying. I love the forums and the site in general, but I don't think that many people care about the trivial things that happen in my life, so I don't post any kind of regular journal updates.

      That's all that I meant. Even if I don't post on the forums all the time, I'm lurking a lot. I'm around.

    • DEFCON

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      If you haven't heard of it, DEFCON is brought to you by Introversion Software, the same company that brought you Uplink and Darwinia. The game is modeled on the Global Thermonuclear War game from the movie WarGames. You control your region of the world (North America, South America, Europe, USSR, South Asia, or Africa) and attempt to inflict as much damage on the opposition with your nuclear arsenal while protecting your own assets and population. Whoever loses the least "wins". The game is available from Introversion's website or Steam, and a demo is available, as well.

      Feel free to discuss any aspect of this game here.

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    • Yeah... so...

      11 years ago


      I hate these things. Therefore, I shall not post in it again. It's my way of... sticking it to the man.

    • I suppose I should update this...

      12 years ago


      I'm not a big fan of journals/blogging, but it's been over six months since my last update. I'm no longer playing Act of War, and am instead focusing on Civilization IV and Shattered Union. I'm back in school, which is as fun as ever. One more year... one more year...

      Filling out college applications can be a pain, but it needs to be done. I still need to check and see what scholarships I could apply for. Probably missed most of the application dates already. Oh, well.

      Anyways, I won't bore you all to death with the mundane details of my life.

    • Diplomacy

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      Anybody ever played Diplomacy? Although I don't yet own a copy, I am likely to purchase one soon. If you have ever played, and have some interesting stories or ideas, feel free to share.

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    • Short and sweet...

      12 years ago


      One look at my images will tell you how my time is being consumed.

      Need I say more?

    • Bored...

      13 years ago


      Absolutely nothing is happening in my life, except school and tests (which are actually a part of school, oh well). I don't know what else to say.

      I'll probably have a much weightier update in the next few weeks.

    • Making Progress...

      13 years ago


      It's been the longest time since I updated this. I completely forgot about it, actually.

      The next month looks to be made of the most purest of agonies... I have been spending many months saving my precious few dollars in order to splurge on a superb gaming computer in January. In fact, I was so consumed with saving and planning, that I never got around to keeping up on what games were coming out when. This is where the agony comes in. Half-Life 2, Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, Metroid Prime 2, and others come out within one week of each other, and I find myself unable to spend any money, or I jeopardize my odds of getting this new computer. I don't suppose I can do anything about it except wait. And watch myself be consumed from within. *sigh*

      I semi-commandeered a thread in the Politics & Current Events board, not that anyone would really care. I guess reading America: The Book finally paid off. (Once again, I strongly recommend it.)

      Don't know what else to say for now. I suppose I should update my profile...

    • New Account

      13 years ago


      Well, I go away for two days, and everything gets all screwed up! That's what I get, I suppose. Don't have much time, but I sure am glad that I don't have to sponsor anymore, do I?

    • 2018 years ago

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    • mechaspartan

      10 years ago

      i saddens me there are so few geass fans, sigh, so what do you thinks goin on in the series?

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