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    • Take part in a little g1 March Madness!

      4 years ago


      Ok, so last year I tried to get a pool together for the NCAA basketball tournament.  Unfortunately, I got the blog out too late.  That or g1s + sportz = pass.  This year, I am trying to be ahead of the game a little bit.  I am hosting a g1 bracket pool on Yahoo!  It is free to play and I will provide prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  The prizes will depend on how many people enter, but will probably be Microsoft, PSN or Steam credit.  

      The details:  The group has been established already and the group ID number is 19447.  The password is this website minus the dot com, all lower case.  Join now, then make your picks once the bracket is finalized on March 16th.  Thankfully, Yahoo! will do the rest.

      Once the dust settles, I will contact the 1st through 3rd place people and find out their preferred platform of prize.  There may be some things besides the credits, but again it depends on how many people join.

      This is open to all g1s and the ScrewAttack crew.  Let's see what you got Craig!

      If you have problems, let me know and I will send you an invite via email.

    • Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

      4 years ago


      What up g1s? A lot of you probably remember a little show from back in the day by the name of Reading Rainbow. Well, LeVar Burton is back trying to bring Reading Rainbow to schools in need across the country. It is being re-launched as an app to connect with kids in a new medium. So far, they have raised over four million dollars! When they reached the $4,000,000 mark, a guy by the name of Seth MacFarlane pledged to match, dollar-for-dollar, any additional donations up to $1,000,000. You might know Seth from some of his projects, such as a little cartoon by the name of Family Guy, as well as the movies Ted and A Million Ways To Die In the West. I know there are a number of us here that have a soft spot in their hearts for Reading Rainbow, and now is your chance to show how much it means to you. Even a $5 donation means something, especially now with Seth's match. But you don't have to take my word for it...

      Reading Rainbow Kickstarter 

    • NCAA Tournament Challenge

      4 years ago


      It isn't too late to join the g1 NCAA Basketball Tournament Challenge sponsored by yours truly. The bracket has been set and the games start Thursday, so get over to Yahoo! and sign up.  All the info is here, so what are you waiting for?

    • Free Tiberium Alliances Funds

      4 years ago


      Hello Commanders,

      To celebrate C&C TA's 2nd anniversary, they are giving away in-game credit. As I don't play this particular installment of the franchise, I figured I would give it to someone who needs it. The first person to enter the code will receive 2,000 in free TA funds. I'm not sure if that is worth much, but it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Here is the code:


      Let me know if it works for you and what your thoughts are on the game.

    • Last chance to join The Madness for prizes!!!!!

      5 years ago


      The madness is running wild with the NCAA tournament starting. I wanted to host a contest that is free to play and has prizes, so after seeing sierrafoxtrot's challenge for an SGC entry, I figured if you already have a bracket filled out, joining my group will be a piece of cake. 

      All you have to do is join my group on Yahoo! and fill out a bracket. Then just sit back and relax and enjoy some basketball. Or don't watch and let the chips fall where they may. But you better hurry because once the tourney starts, the group will be locked.

      The more players, the bigger the prizes. All g1s are welcome to join, including the SA crew. Bring it on Craig! Good luck!

    • PlayStation Network Discounts

      5 years ago


      Hey g1s, Best Buy just released some new Cyber-Week deals on PlayStation Network cards.  All PlayStation Network (or Sony Entertainment Network if you prefer) are 10% off.  It is rare to find these at a discount, so take advantage now!  If you missed the Black Friday $29.99 PlayStation Plus annual subscription cards, you can get them now for $44.99.  There is also free shipping if you spend more than $25, so get over to Best Buy and get some!

    • Another Crate Filled With Loot

      5 years ago


      What up g1s?  I finally have time to blog September's Loot Crate unboxing. If you missed July's unboxing blog, give it a read.

      Wait, why September and not August? Well, here's the thing. I joined Loot Crate in September but missed the cut-off date for shipping, so my first actual crate was in October. However, if you subscribe, they occasionally sell excess goods. In this case, I already knew what was in the July, August and September boxes, and August wasn't really my scene. There were a lot of Portal themed items in August (Cake was the theme) and I wasn't interested.

      Anyway, September's theme was Animate, and here is how you cram fun into a tiny space:

      As you can see, there is a lot hiding in the box. Let's break it down, shall we?

      • Loot Crate Mini-Mag - August was the first month for the Loot Crate mini-mag, and September was my first experience with it. As you can see in the above pic, the theme for the month is across the top and the cover relates to the theme. Inside are words of wisdom from Team Loot Crate, descriptions of the crate contents, a brief interview with Egoraptor, looter community info and pics, and the Mega Crate contents.
      • TMNT POP! Vinyl - Cowabunga! I got the Raphael figure, and he is my favorite Turtle, so that is awesome.  A great figure you can display anywhere.
      • Futurama Key Chain - Honestly, I have watched about 4 episodes of Futurama. I like what I have seen, just haven't had the time to see more. I don't even know who or what the figure is, but still kinda cool. The Simpsons were also a possibility for the keychain.
      • Talking Ren Plush - "Talking" might be an overstatement. There is a voice box inside, but most of the sounds are screaming. Fortunately, it isn't very loud and if I had a choice, I would pick Stimpy, but Ren is still cool. His eyes are the best.
      • TMNT magnet - Teenage Mutant Ninja Troopers is a fantastic mash-up and is very Andy Warhol.  A great addition to any fridge!
      • Lip balm - The choices were Family Guy or Yoshi, and I got Quagmire. The thought of using Quagmire vanilla lip balm just doesn't sound appealing, but I can get over it.
      • PokeAwesome sticker - Now it makes sense as to why there is an interview with Egoraptor.  Got a boring old laptop? Why not make it awesome, wait, PokeAwesome with the addition of this fine sticker?!
      • 9000 wall vinyl - Do I really need to explain this? I didn't think so.

      Here is a shot of every item in the box:

      Pretty good stash in my opinion. If you want to join yourself, head over to Loot Crate ASAP! The December theme has been announced as Console Wars and it includes a shirt. Use the promo code CONSOLEWARS to save $3! I hope to get October and November done before December's crate ships on the 20th. Happy Looting!

    • Loot Crate provides a monthly drop of SWAG, every gamer needs

      5 years ago


      Loot Crate is what (almost) every gamer needs.  It is a monthly subscription service that mails a box of 6-8 things that gamers like right to your door.  For less than $20 a month, you too can have a holiday every month! I joined in October, but I purchased the July and September boxes from the company as they offer the excess items they have for sale.  Every month has a theme, and July's was "Varsity."  Here are the contents of the box with descriptions below:

      So here is what we have:

      • Star Wars Earbuds - While I like Yoda, the insert said other options were Darth Vader, Darth Maul and C3P0.  I would have preferred one of the dark side options, but they are still pretty cool.
      • Marvel Pez Dispenser - Who doesn't like Pez, especially when Wolverine is the dispenser. After all, we all need a sugar vitamin every now and then to keep our energy levels up.
      • Stickers - Two stickers were in the this crate, and both are winners in my book!  We have a Rocket Jump logo sticker AND a Video Game High School Stormtrooper sticker.  Both are prefect accessories for laptops or tablets.
      • VGHS buttons - A set of five buttons for all your gaming schools. They are as follows: School of Adventure and Discovery (RPG), School of Speed and Control (Racing), School of Arms and Marksmanship (Shooters), School of Force and Finesse (Fighters), and School of Tactics and Strategy (RTS).  I might have to go back to the late 80s to get my jean jacket to wear these.
      • Sonic Air Freshener - I don't know if it will make your car go any faster, but it will sure smell better!
      • VGHS Emergency Wireless Keyboard - Your standard #2 that will work if your computer doesn't, or if you have a standardized test to take.  Very clever!
      • Video Game High School Season 1 - A two disc DVD set of the first season of VGHS.  I would say this is the big hitter of the box, although the earbuds are a close second.  Enjoy it as it was meant to be seen, along with special features and bonus footage!

      All this in one month!  If you are interested, check out their website at  If you join the mailing list, you get 10% off your first subscription order!  I'll be back with more boxes soon.

    • Loot Crate October

      5 years ago


      Ok, so I wrote a blog on October's Crate (feel like it would be better as Krate), and when I clicked SAVE, I didn't have an internet connection for some reason and the whole thing was lost.  So frustrating!   Now I am re-doing it, then hopefully get November and  December done later this week as well.  To the Krate!


      The theme for the month was Survive, and as soon as they revealed that, I knew it would be heavy on zombies.  Works for me.

      The contents are as follows:

      • Loot Crate Mini Mag - featuring a short interview with Max Brooks and Loot Crate's Top 5 zombie movies!  Nice!
      • The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks - What a great item!  No one should be unprepared for the zombie apocalypse!
      • 8-Bit zombie pins - 3 jacket accessories featuring a med-pak, crossbow and zombie hand.  Pretty cool.
      • Zombie greeting card - Perfect for the zombie love in your life!
      • Zombie Hunter ID Card - Now you can be official
      • Temporary Tattoos - Bite mark tat and Not Infected bar code tat.  Will come in handy at the next zombie themed party you attend.
      • Creepy Candy (not pictured) - I ate it. It was creepy and gross.

      And if that wasn't enough for the month, the best item was a t-shirt. Not just any t-shirt either:

      I get compliments every time I wear it! October was an awesome crate!

      Next Time - November AND December crates!


    • Halo 4 XP

      6 years ago


      What up g1s?  Your friendly neighborhood NODlike here!  


      Are you looking for more XP in Halo 4?  Well then you have come to the right place.  I have a PS3, so no Halo for me (plus I get ill playing it anyway).  However, I am still a gamer and drink a lot of Mountain Dew and eat Doritos.  Dew and Doritos have codes for double XP for Halo 4, so rather than throwing them away since I can't use them, I thought I would give them to people that want them.  And that could be you!


      Just send me a PM with XP as the subject and I will send you a code.  This will be on a first come, first served basis, so don't delay!  I have a few codes already, but I plan on having many more before the promotion ends.   

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