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    • Super Mario Bros. 2

      4 years ago


      I'm not much of a writer, but I don't remember this being covered here before and it's such injustice that I can no longer just sit around waiting for some more talented writer to make the discovery and share it with other g1s. People need to know about this!

      Did you see Super Mario Bros the movie? Do you think it was incredibly fun movie and have waited all these years for the sequel? I know you do (I certainly did), and I'm happy to tell you that the wait is finally over, has been for a year. It is here, the sequel! Although this time in a form of a weekly webcomic.

      Comic is illustratred by Eryk Donovan and written by Steven Applebaum & Ryan Hoss after a discussion with Parker Bennett, the original writer of the movie and it continues from where the movie left off. The comic is planned to be ten chapters long, each chapter having around ten pages except first and last ones which are / will be longer.

      As I'm writing this, they're at page 9 of chapter 3 totalling at 49 pages so far with new page coming every week.

      Also, on June 6th, SMB Archive (@smbmovie) tweeted that they are looking for colorists for future chapters, so if that's something that you would like to do, let them know.

      Super Mario Bros. sequel comic needs replacement colorist for upcoming chapters. Contact us if interested.

      — SMB Archive (@smbmovie) June 6, 2014

      You can read the comic book at smbthecomic.com
      Click here to go straight to page one.

      Follow @smbmovie at twitter and facebook and bookmark their homepage for more news about the comic or other Super Mario Bros the movie news. (For example you might've also missed the news about blu-ray release of the movie with new extras coming in August 11th)

      And remember, trust the fungus!

    • OctoCamo's Top 10 Video Game Songs

      5 years ago

      I never was one to write blogs or anything like that, but seeing featured AgentKanes Top Ten Favorite Video Game Songs list reminded how much I like seeing peoples top 10 lists and since I had a list too, I figured that there's no point in not posting it here on Screwattack. Only one track per franchise.

      10. God Hand Credits song
      I remember seeing God Hands ugly cover in store shelves when it was released, I didn't pick it up. Years later I saw games ending credits and I had to hunt the game down and oh boy, I wasn't disappointed. Might not have been the best game or even a great one, but it was a an experience that was a blast to play through and seeing the credits or just hearing the song always makes my day. Who the eff comes up with this stuff?

      09. Ultimate Bowser's theme (Super Mario 64)

      A perfect song for ultimate battle between Mario and Bowser. That's all I can really say about it.

      08. Ryu's Determination (Ninja Gaiden)

      To me this song perfectly portrays not just Ryu's Determination but players determination to beat the game.

      07. Spittin' Narcissism (Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix)
      As a kid I had three fighting games: Mortal Kombat II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. I hated Street Fighter II and to this date I haven't been able to like Street Fighters despite my many attempts. But I have to admit that series has some damn good tracks and I think Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix had some of the best ones.
      06. A New Trial is in Session (Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice)
      It was really hard to chose my favorite Ace Attorney song, but listening to the songs over and over, I have to settle down with this. Honorable mentions goes to The Guitar's Serenade (Apollo Justice), Kay Faraday's theme (Investigations) and Steel Samurai (throughout the series).
      05. Philistine (No More Heroes 2)
      No More Heroes was one of the reasons I got Wii, I was disappointed. Very much so.
      But at least No More Heroes 2 had Margaret Moonlight and her theme song. And the first game had Dr. Peace and "The virgin child makes her wish without feeling anything" which almost represented No More Heroes on this spot. So I guess something good came out of it.

      04. Don't Want You No More (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
      Picking just one song from a series that has long history of fantastic music tends to be hard, but with Zelda decision was easier than I expected. This was one of the first songs I put on my old MP3 player and to this date it has always been on my portable music devices. Some of the Zelda runner-ups are The Great Palace (Zelda II), Impa vs Ghirahim (Skyward Sword) and Kepora Gaebora's Theme (Ocarina of Time)

      03. Final Fantasy IV DS Opening Movie
      Choosing the best track in Final Fantasy series is extremely hard, but ultimately the medley heard in opening of fantastic DS remake of Final Fantasy IV is a track that I find myself returning to.  Couple honorable mentions I want to mention are Relm's theme from VI and Cid's theme from VII.

      02. Metal Gear Saga (Metal Gear Solid 4)
      Last fight with Liquid in Metal Gear Solid 4 was amazing and so is this song.
      I love it so much it's one of the few songs I have ever set up as my phone's ringtone.
      Runner-up for this spot was Snake Eater from... well... Snake Eater.

      01. Title Theme (Mega Man 3)
      It's not as popular as Wily's theme from Mega Man II, but still it's popular enough that I really didn't want to put it on my list. But god dammit if this song hasn't earned it's place here. Other choices that came to my mind are Roll's Gift from Mega Man 10, Splash Woman's theme from Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 2 soundtrack... Just... The whole soundtrack.

      So there you have it, hope you guys enjoyed the music.
      Discuss about your favorite songs and feel free to link your videos/blogs about the subject.
    • OctoCamo's Top 20 Video Game Songs (20-11)

      5 years ago


      I wanted to keep it at Top 10, but only listing ten songs simply isn't right. So here's 10 more songs.

      Honorable Mention - There's A Zombie On Your Lawn (Plants vs Zombies)

      I liked the game a lot, but the ending credits made me love it. I really wanted to include this in my Top 20, but just couldn't find a spot for it. So here it is as a honorable mention.

      20. This story is happy end? (Splatterhouse)

      There are three things about Splatterhouse that I remember. Gore, Mask and this song. I remember playing these games on emulator and loving them, but sadly I wasn't able to find that love again when I got the games in Splatterhouse 2010 (which isn't as bad as critics said, you should go watch Happy Video Game Nerd's review on it). But still, this song. Amazing.

      19. Haunted Graveyard (Ghosts 'n Goblins / Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 remix)

      Ghosts 'n Goblins was fantastic and so is the first song you hear in the game. Song got an fantastic remix in Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins on PSP, but then came Marvel vs Capcom 3 with their remix and blew it out of the water.

      18. Far Cry 3

      Far Cry 3 was one of the biggest surprises of last year and in my opinion one of the better games released in a long time. I fell in love with this song instantly and even listening to it almost non-stop for days wasn't enough to make me sick of it.

      17. Look Pimpin! (Madworld)

      Madworld was one of the few games that made me glad to own Wii and it only cost me 10 euros.
      Not only is it stylish and fun, it also had one hella good soundtrack. I'll remember last fight for a long time and Look Pimpin! and So Cold are the main reasons for that.

      Honorable mentions goes to Black Baron's theme, Get it up, Survival, Ain't That Funny, It's A Mad World and Soul. And... Well, just go and listen to whole soundtrack.

      16. Frog's Theme (Chrono Trigger)

      I don't think as highly of Chrono Trigger or it's soundtrack as most people, it was good, but just not the best of it's generation or even less the best of all times. There weren't many songs in the soundtrack that I liked, but ones I liked, oh boy, did I like them and Frog's theme was the best one. Then there's the main theme, Robo's theme and Epoch theme.

      15. Spectre Induction (Mass Effect)

      I bought Mass Effect without knowing a single thing about it other than that it was made by company that made my favorite game of all time, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I didn't quite like the game when I first played it, but there was one part that really stood out for me and it was the scene where this song plays out. When Shepard became a Specter. Later Mass Effect became one of my favorite series (I still think that first one was least good), but there never was a song that had quite the impact this song had for me.

      Honorable mentions goes to Final Combat (Lair of the Shadow Broker), An End Once And For All (ME3),  I Was Lost Without You (ME3) and I Will Watch Over The Ones Who Live On (ME3). And I can't lie, I did love Das Malefitz (ending credits song in ME3).

      14. The Unwound Future (Professor Layton and The Unwound Future)

      It was really hard to chose between this and Layton's own theme. Professor Laytons are great puzzle games and they have some great tracks.

      13. Cara Mia Addio (Portal 2)

      When it comes to best Portal track, it comes down to Still Alive, Want You Gone and Cara Mia Addio. Any one of those could've been on this spot. And of course, there's also Reconstructing More Science and Machiavellian Bach, but while I love those tracks, they simply aren't as good as ones mentioned earlier.

      12. Hikari - Orchestrated (Kingdom Hearts)

      Really, it could've been any version of Hikari. Really love that song in all forms, but orchestrated version was something else.

      11. Main Theme of Super Smash Bros. Brawl

      I didn't like Brawl. Maybe it's just me looking through nostalgia goggles, but I remember having so much more fun with Melee. Brawl added tons of fighters, but none that I actually wanted to play as. I remember being super sycked about being able to play as Sheik in Melee. But Brawl certainly had one fantastic intro and a great soundtrack. So many good tracks...

      Discuss about your favorite video game songs and feel free to post link to your own videos or blogs on the subject. And check out my original Top 10 list, it has even better music. At least in my opinion.

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