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      6 years ago


      Hello fellow g1s, my name is AJ, known around the internet as ONLYUSEmeFEET, and I'm excited to be a part of the ScrewAttack community. I love video games, love editing and uploading YouTube videos, and I love living life, using only my feet. Yes, you read that correctly, I play video games, using only my feet.

      Above: Me playing Terminator Salvation with my feet

      I suppose I should start off by explaining my disability. I have a rare disability called Arthrogryposis, which caused my nerves not to form correctly and messed up my spine, putting me in a wheelchair and making me unable to walk or use my hands. Luckily, I possess the extremely rare ability to do everything with my feet. Ever since I was young, I have been getting frags in Goldeneye and Perfects in Street Fighter, all only using my toes. Other than video games, I can drive my wheelchair, write, read, play sports, type, and text with my feet. Yes, I can text, with my feet.

      Above: My Sega Dreamcast, also me texting on a standard cell phone.

      So a crash course on my early years of gaming (how many of you just thought of the horrible Mario Early Years series for SNES?) I am only 18 years old, but luckily I am not the oldest in my family. I was born into a household that had an NES, SNES, and multiple Game Boys. I have pictures of me playing (read: holding the controller and smiling) Street Fighter II Turbo and X-Men Mutant Apocalypse (seriously underrated seldom talked about game, by the way) so I suppose that was my first game console and those were my first games. Once the N64 hit, I was all over that and loved Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, and Pokémon Stadium, to name a few. The N64 was also the first roadblock I hit gaming with my feet as the Z trigger, even today, is really hard to hit with my feet while trying to move in say, Perfect Dark. Just a few months ago I came across the Hori Nintendo 64 Controller, which would have been a godsend back in 1996.

      Above: The one Nintendo 64 accessory everyone wants, no, NEEDS!

      From the Nintendo 64, we managed to somehow obtain a Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox all close to their launch releases. I remember thinking it was the end of my gaming career when I first held the "Big Chode" Xbox Controller as I couldn't even begin to manipulate that beast with my feet. Luckily, the Xbox S controller came out soon after and I was fine. To save time, I'll just say I now own 25 consoles, including all current gen platforms (sans the Vita), Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Wonderswan Color, and the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Out of all of my consoles, the Dreamcast has to be my favorite console. I love the arcade-perfect ports and all of the innovations that system brought to the console gaming scene. The Neo Geo Pocket Color is also an extremely awesome, underrated handheld that I can see perfectly, as long as I'm in direct sunlight. :)

      Above: A SERIOUSLY underrated fighting game, which I can play perfectly with my feet.

      So outside of playing video games, I love making YouTube videos. I have been making content since 2008, but I moved channels last year to claim my username, ONLYUSEmeFEET, which is homage to the great, ONLYUSEmeBLADE. My start on YouTube consisted of me making god-awful reviews on games I'd play for 20 minutes then attempt to play the game and record the review, so I never really went places with that. Sometime in 2010 I did a massive overhaul to the way I made reviews and started to make decent reviews and gain a small following. I never emphasized the fact that I played video games with my feet, not even my username, Metroid0070 (now a removed channel) gave any hints to who I am. I loved making videos but in 2011, I got myself into a new section of the YouTube gaming scene.

      I started to upload, brace yourself, Call of Duty videos. How I decided this was actually quite interesting. I found this guy named AskACapper on YouTube (A Quadropologic gamer that plays with his FACE, yeah, something even more impressive than what I do) and a video of his pleading developers to add custom button remapping to games. I was inspired by this (who wouldn't be?) so I quickly made a video response. Chuck (AskaCapper, his channel is here BTW) basically agreeing with him that gamers should be able to map buttons however they want. After doing this, I gained some traction in the Call of Duty community (without even uploading Call of Duty) and Chuck and I became pretty chill with each other. We both pushed the petition with Call of Duty videos and managed to get it to over 80k signatures to date.

      Through this adventure, I have done multiple things including a dual comm on Machinima with KAPGUN (One handed gamer) and have had a video of mine uploaded to TheMarkofJ's channel, which netted me 60k views in a few days and got me to 6k subscribers, seriously. All of this allowed me to become a Machinima Partner, which was awesome! I have also been a guest on the All Gen Gamers Podcast, and you can listen to that here as it was one of the best things I have done and gives more detail on my backstory as a gamer.

      Above: The Wonderful AskACapper, a true champion the the gaming community.

      Along-side my Call of Duty videos, my friend and I ran (and will run again soon) a podcast called Rapid-Fire. We'd talk about various aspects of the gaming industry and video games in general. This was extremely fun to shoot (and I can't wait to bring it here) and I loved every episode we filmed. But, I noticed something. The comments on our videos were far and few between, and the comments on our videos were seldom about what we discussed. The views on these videos (as well as the occasional retro video I'd make) paled in comparison to the views on my Call of Duty videos.

      This was discouraging to me because I'd put way more effort into the podcast and retro videos than my Call of Duty videos, and it seemed like my image on the internet was starting to become nothing more than a Call of Duty commentator. Couple that with the fact that MW3 wasn't fun to me at all and that Activision was quickly becoming a company that I for one, didn't care for, and I wanted to quit Call of Duty.

      What I see whenever I look at my copy of Modern Warfare 3.

      So, starting, well really just last month, I announced that I was done with the Call of Duty series. As one would expect, my views, dropped immensely. This was discouraging to me, but then again, I was extremely happy with my decision. Now, I upload game commentaries from every game console, mainly PC and older consoles since I got an awesome Alienware laptop. I'm no longer in uploading videos for fame and fortune, I just want an audience that cares about my uploads and cares about me as a person.

      So, that's honestly the main reason why I joined ScrewAttack. The people here share my interest in video games from every era. I'm excited to comment on multiple g1 submissions and have people watch and enjoy my content. I am excited to bring many of my (non Call of Duty videos) here to ScrewAttack and I can't wait to have some great discussions here.

      As for the future of my channel and my life? Well, I'm going to college to study to become a video game programmer and hopefully, make games everyone can enjoy. I hope to meet many gamers and many people in the industry along the way, and I actually have already had a few experiences like that in High School, which I'd love to write about sometime. As for my channel, I'd love to start making top 10s, retro gaming videos, reviews, and of course, restart the glorious Rapid Fire Podcast. I'd also love to take g1 suggestions for videos and maybe even collaborate with some of you. Who knows what the future holds! I hope you all enjoyed my first blog post here; this is ONLYUSEmeFEET saying Look Ma, No Hands!

      - AJ 

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