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    • SkullGirls Squigly Funding Campaign is Live!

      5 years ago


      Editor's Note: They've basically already hit the IndieGoGo base goal, but some of these stretch goals look pretty cool. Fans might want to consider helping Skullgirls continue to grow.

      Lab Zero Games have gone live with their SkullGirls Fundraising Campaign to get their first DLC character, the zombie opera singer, Squigly, completed!

      The campaign has some cool reward tiers that include such prizes as Digital Soundtrack, Steam codes for the PC release, and exclusive TF2 hat, Posters, Shirt and even a chance to Skype with series Masterminds Mike Z and Alex Ahad!

      Even if you only put down $5 (consider it a pre-order for Squigly) you get some neat Skullgirls wallpapers!

      Fan Vote

      Stretch goals have even been set up that include more Characters, the first of which is Big Band, with any further characters getting funded being decided by fan vote.

      Amazingly in only 7 hours of being opened that IndieGoGo campaign has already hit $90,000 of their $150,000 goal!

      Please continue to support this great indie game and maybe the amazing team at Lab Zero Games can even hit those stretch goals!


    • Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in Fighting Game Tourneys 2011

      6 years ago


      The year 2011 was a great year for fighting game fans. Many great games were released including Marvel vs Capcom 3 (twice even), 3rd Strike Online Edition,  King of Fighters XIII, even Mortal Kombat made a 'Komeback'. I frequently watch Tournament streams or archived videos, since high level play is spectacular to watch. I now present to you, the top 10 moments from the past year that made a lasting impression. These include  WTF? LOL moments and Mad Hype shit! I hope you enjoy.


      Number 10: BIONIC ARM!

      Final Round XIV, Combofiend vs Marn. The last match came down to a crazy comeback and the HYPE was insane. A new battle cry for spencer was born!


      Number 9:  Arthur CAN control it!

      Devastation 2011. MailOrder vs. Filipino Champ. This was truly a lolwut moment. The look on Filipino Champ says it all. Arthur is generally considered low tier and for him to beat the most broken character in the game (dark phoenix) its just crazy. As it turns out, this eliminated Filipino Champ, a well known high calibur player,  from the tournament.


      Number 8: Noah the Prodigy


      EVO 2011. Noah vs Royal Flush. Noah getting a 15 second victory on the second match of this set at the World Championships. Oh yeah did I mention he's only EIGHT YEARS OLD. WTF?! Little kid pwnage! He ended up placing in top 48...godlike.


      Number 7:  MASH DAT L

      SBV Winners Final. Flocker vs Viscant. The last match came down to Dark Phoenix vs Dark Phoenix, to quote announcer SkiSonic, "Sickest thing I've ever seen and also the worst thing I've ever seen" 'OHH MY GAWWD'


      Number 6:  Justin Wong King of Comebacks


      Canada Cup 2011. MvC3 Grand Finals. Justin Wong vs Filipino Champ. One of the best comebacks of the year.


      Number 5:  EPIC FAIL

      EVO 2011. MvC3 DR Ray vs Mike 'Angels smile on me' Ross. Never have Deadpool's words, 'You pressed the wrong button!!' been more appropriate, and to fail on Stream at the highest level possible with thousands of people watching...epic.


      Number 4: IT WHIFFED!!

      BAM 2011. SSFIVAE Winners Final. Akirahat vs SoL.  Wow this was one of the funniest moments of the year. Having the footage of the player at the end getting out of the chair is the icing. It's never over til its over (haha the ingame announcer even says that).  Full match: http://youtu.be/lSuJh66w5Go


      Number 3:  Guile's Theme Comeback


      Capcom Figh Club London. Third Strike Exhibition. Raju vs Prodigol Son. First thing, go to 5:25 on the video as that's where the fun begins. Also you have to know in case you aren't familiar with fighting games, Guile's theme is usually set to comebacks, and by God was this an epic comeback. The announcers were HYPE!!

      Number 2:  The Grab Heard Around The World

      EVO 2011 MvC3 Grand Finals. Viscant vs PR Balrog. Tron's Lv3 Grab Hyper was the most hype ever. PR Balrog was on the verge of losing the set and tournament, but with dat  seemingly out of nowhere Lv3, he turned around to reset it for another 3 matches.


      NUMBER 1:  Poongko vs Daigo Umehara

      EVO2011 SSFIVAE Winners Semifinals. The hypest match of the year! Poongko starts off with some flashy real life hype that gets the crowd going. He is up against Daigo Umehara, also known as The Beast. If you don't know who he is, you may remember a certain Street Fighter III: Third Strike video where a Ken parries Chun Li's entire Super. Yeah Daigo was that Ken. Yet poongko proceeds to completely dominate the match and finishes off the set with a Perfect! Yes a perfect on The Beast! WTF?!


      I hope everyone found something interesting here.  And hope 2012 brings some more hype (that gets recorded -__-')

    • BlazBlue 3 Announced by Arc System Works

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: I know some fans might be a bit turned off by the subtle art changes but personally, I like it. I mean those colors are going to look gorgeous in HD! Oh and the characters are looking rather sharp as well.

      Recently at BluesFest 2012, an annual BlazBlue Con in Japan, Arc System Works made the announcement that a brand new BlazBlue  sequel, titled Chrono Phantasma, was in the works, and was later confirmed on Twitter by Toshimichi Mori, an Arc System Works designer.

      Three All New Characters Revealed

      Image and video hosting by TinyPic


      Image and video hosting by TinyPic


      Image and video hosting by TinyPic


      Other Features Mentioned:

      • Redrawn Graphics for Characters

      • Brand New Costumes

      • Updated Movesets

      James Xie, a BlazBlue veteran player and tounament organizer, had this to say about the game on Twitter:

      "It seems they are taking a more GG/P4U stance on resource management, all characters have 25 meter partitions. No visible guard gauge."

      "The burst gauge looks COMPLETELY reworked, however. It can be greyed out, X'd out, or transforms into a completely new gauge. " -James Xie

      A trailer was uploaded thanks to Famitsu:

       BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma   will hit arcades across Japan Winter 2012, with location tests starting Aug. 6, (Expect people to upload location test videos soon!)

    • Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers Coming to North America!

      6 years ago


      Announced last year for Japanese 3DS owners, Devil Summoner Soul Hackers, was originally released for the Playstation in 1997. As part of the popuplar Shin Megami Tensei series of RPGs, speculation was high whether Atlus USA would localize it for North American audiences. Today Atlus USA confirmed via email that Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers will reach North American shores at long last!


      Teaser Trailer Released by Atlus USA

      More information regarding the game from Atlus USA:

      Soul Hackers delivers a first-person, dungeon-crawling RPG experience set in a future where technology and otherworldly forces meet in a macabre fusion of cyberpunk futurism and gothic horror. A first-person sci-fi RPG epic, Soul Hackers tells of a city held up as a beacon of humanity's triumph of technology, but with an infernal secret. In this would-be utopia, a group of hackers takes on a centuries-old mystic society, and a battle for control over humanity's fate is about to begin.

      In the classic tradition of Shin Megami Tensei, players will have the compelling choice throughout their dungeon exploration to fight the enemy demons they encounter, or negotiate with them in an attempt to turn them into allies and teammates. Soul Hackers on 3DS includes access to 30 additional demons, a new opening animation movie and theme song, improved controls, and quicker loading times. Additionally players can use the 3DS' bottom screen as an auto-mapping function, and engage a COMP hack to change difficulty levels on the fly and fill out maps without walking through. After clearing the game initially, the 3DS version of Soul Hackers also delivers an extra dungeon, where players will witness the appearance of Raidou Kuzunoha from the previous Devil Summoner games.

      Available Spring 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.

      For more information, visit: http://www.atlus.com/soulhackers

    • Atlus USA announces Persona 4 Arena for North America this summer!

      6 years ago


      Atlus earlier sent out emails that were blank that turned out to be a picture which said "STAY TUNED". Well today they reveal what many speculated was it was in reference to.

      Persona 4 Arena a 2D fighter, made in collaboration with Arc System Works, makers of the Guilty Gear and Blazblue  series, has been announced as coming to North America this summer for PS3 and Xbox 360.  They've opened an offical website and here is the Official Release from Atlus USA:

      IRVINE, CA. -- FEBRUARY 21, 2012 -- ATLUS today announced plans to bring Persona®4 Arena™, the highly anticipated fighting spinoff of the award-winning Persona series of roleplaying games, to North America this summer for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.
      Developed in partnership with genre master Arc System Works, Persona 4 Arena uses gorgeous, hand-drawn, high definition 2D anime-style fighters and colorful, over-the-top special effects to bring to life characters from the acclaimed, highly popular Persona 3 and Persona 4. Backed up by an original, hardcore fighting engine from one of the most respected 2D fighting game developers in the industry, Persona 4 Arena represents the biggest, most noteworthy expansion of the esteemed series to date.
      "The Persona series has had tremendous success in North America, and Persona 4 in particular opened the series up to wider audiences than ever before," said Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ATLUS. "Now we're looking to expand Persona even further by teaming up with a very strong partner, Arc System Works, to move the franchise outside of the RPG genre and develop its potential in new and exciting ways."
      Persona 4 Arena is scheduled to release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems this summer. For more information, visit http://www.atlus.com/p4arena.

      Get HYPE! 

    • [Community Showcase] Sealed copy of Earthbound sold for $4,700

      6 years ago


      As many of you know, the price of the SNES RPG, Earthbound has steadily been rising in price. This is due to demand and the fact that Nintendo refuses to re-release the game due to fuzzy legal reasons. In fact a few mint, 100% complete Earthbound copies have actually hit the thousand dollar mark. But yesterday, a pristine sealed, and VGA graded copy went for a price that defies common sense. 

      Yes, someone decided that it was worth bidding $4,700 USD on this. The thing had 50 bidders too so there were more than a couple people willing to go that insane distance. Given that the game isn't rare in the same vain as a game that had extremely limited numbers produced (e.g. Stadium Events) , and add the fact that if Nintendo were to re-release the game somehow it would undoubtedly plunge the price of the game, it takes some serious balls to invest that much money on it. Ah but I forget, this is the same humanity that paid over $1600 for a one week early copy of Modern Warfare 3....

    • Dragon Quest VII Remake Revealed for Nintendo 3DS

      6 years ago


      Released under the title Dragon Warrior VII in North America, the seventh installment of the famed Dragon Quest series of RPGs has remained a PlayStation exclusive title for years. That is until the latest issue of Jump magazine revealed that a 3DS remake is in the works by Square-Enix.

       Confirmed in the Jump article:

      • It will be a 3D remake;

      • It includes a StreetPass feature that allows players to exchange content;

      • Release window to be 2nd quarter 2013.

      Of course, there have been no localization announcements as of yet, but with the previous handheld remakes of the series having been brought overseas, the last two of which Nintendo localized themselves, there's good reason to expect this coming Stateside.



    • Square-Enix countdown site teases Star Ocean 5?!

      6 years ago


      Square-Enix has launched a new teaser site, complete with countdown. The cryptic site has a bold space theme with the words 'STAR', "EPIC", "BORDER", "WAR", "GALAXY", "DIVIDE", "AMBITION" on the right side of the page.

      The countdown clock points to a reveal on 12/12/2012 in Japan, which due to Time Zone differences, will be late Tuesday for North America.  As the clock counts down, more word clues have been revealed on the page. Most people seem to agree that this certainly looks like a teaser for a new Star Ocean game. Developed by tri-Ace, the Space-themed RPG franchise has been a fan favorite since its debut on Super Famicom in Japan and PS1 in North America.

      Star Ocean: The Last Hope International

      The last game released in the franchise, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, was released back in 2009 for Xbox 360, and an enhanced PS3 International version a year later in 2010. A new entry in the series could definitely be a possibility at this point.

    • [Community Showcase] Atlus' Next Game Leaked by Gamestop!

      6 years ago


      Atlus has been teasing a new PSP game since last year starting with the game begins with a 'G'. And they continued revealing clues, which eventually lead to 2 possibilities, Gugnir and Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time. Finally near the end of 2011, Atlus revealed that the much teased at game was in fact Gugnir. BUT they also posted yet another clue saying their next game also started with a 'G' and stated more clues would come in 2012...they've kept mum on more clues...but GameStop has beaten them to the punch!

      Pic courtesy izanagi the creator from Atlus' user forums:

      Gamestop link: www.ebgames.ca/psp/growlanser-wayfarer-of-time/312396

      The release date is scheduled for July 24th, 2012. A lot of the fans of Growlanser have been hoping Atlus would finally bring one of the PSP remakes of its own IP to North America, and after much teasing by Atlus, it's finally happening!

    • Atlus USA announces Persona 4 Golden for Vita!

      6 years ago

      Persona 4 Golden, an enhanced version of the fan favorite PS2 title, has been announced to be localized by Atlus USA. When the game was announced earlier this year for Japanese audiences, speculation was high as to when or if Atlus USA would localize it for Western audiences. Well today an email confirming the localization was sent out to Atlus Faithful:

      The email details the many new enhanced features and gives an approximate release date of Fall 2012. The Official Website has also gone live. With Persona 4 Arena, a P4 based 2D fighter from the makers of Guilty Gear and Blazblue, also due out this summer for Xbox 360 and PS3, it is looking like a very good year for Western Persona fans!

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