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    • This is Maddening

      5 years ago

      With another edition of the Madden franchise having just hit store shelves, I am hearing a lot of the regular Madden-bashing going on. I just want to say that there is not much worth complaining about.  Every time word of the next title in the series starts making news, the generally hateful troublemakers start oozing out of the woodwork to start preaching about how everything Madden and Football is stupid and terrible. Yeah, that's dumb.
      25 to life
      I guarantee it still would have sold gang-busters. 
      If you are not a football fan or don't like sports games, shut up.
      I am a gaming Renaissance man. I have a large classics collection from the Sega Master System and Dreamcast. I have my PS1, 2 and 3. I have a Steam account wherein I recently broke 200 games. Titles range all over the board. I have indies, I have mainstream and I also have some hidden gems. But, I also love football.  This is where the most common disconnect occurs. We have people pissing and moaning about the next Madden who either don't like football or don't like sports games. That's like a 4 year old complaining about the selection of erotic magazines at the local Citgo.  Not for him.  You will never hear me comment on the state of MMORPGs because I don't play them.
      Avengers Assemble
      I main with Human Torch and Omega Sentinel. No joke.
      This is not just a problem for Mr. Madden, but the same goes for mobile, Facebook and children's games. While I am not the biggest fan of Facebook games, there is one that I play and enjoy regularly: Marvel Avenger's Alliance. It is a solid RPG with minimal acceptable micro-transactions. You can comfortably play and advance reasonably quick. But you can pay to get things sooner.  I have given money to them.  I also don't feel cheated because I have enjoyed the game and it's solid battle system for almost a year now.  And really, at their core, Facebook games and MMOs have so very much in common. Perception is the only difference. But all the same, if you don't play them, you cannot intelligently comment on them. So don't.
      It is not really a rehash or roster update every year.
      Just about every game with a yearly release can fall under this header. I really like the Assassin's Creed games.  But one could argue that they are just releasing a new map pack and weapon each year.  Millions of people line up to buy the latest Call of Duty expansion every year. Tony Hawk. Halo. Mario. God of War. Need for Speed. Zelda. There is nothing wrong with continuing a franchise annually, if you can support it and people keep wanting to buy it. Also, there is a roster update.
      The best comparison I have heard is to the fighting genre. To the outside observer, nothing has changed in fighters since the old Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat days. However, fans of the genre will be quick to point out all of the deep mechanic advances that have become common. managing multiple fighters and super bars, tech hits, parry and combos. So keep in mind that things have changed. Even if YOU cannot see it.
      EA keeps managing to pack in new and modified gameplay elements every year. The franchise started off with Single Game and Season. This evolved into Franchises. The game introduced the ability to play as a single player in any position through their entire career. It even had a kind of morality system involved at some point where if you were boastful or arrogant to the press it would give you negative reputation points that effected you on and off the field.  All of this has gone online this generation with ongoing 32 team leagues with each player managing his team, scouting, making trades, running practice drills to increase his players stats, hell, you even play football.
      The physics engines designed for these games have more variables calculated than in any other type of game. They are calculating wind speed, traction and surface type, and the full body movement of 29 people with different levels of physical and mental capabilities and reactions on the field (including refs) slamming into each other. Each falling and running motion is rendered in detail beyond any other title.  
      Madden was also once responsible for major graphical innovations as well. Continually raising the bar with each release.  While the advances have not been quite as revolutionary the last few years, the same can be said of games in general.  This video shows the visual evolution of the past 25 years of Madden Football. 

      Not everyone buys the game every year.
      Before I picked up Madden 25, the newest copy I owned was Madden 09 (20 by the 25 title).  However, I did have just about all the Maddens from 95 up through about 2006. It would be fun if I could say that it was out of protest for the exclusivity, more on that in a moment, but it was really just not a priority at those times.  And I had borrowed some from friends.  A great deal of people will just purchase an older copy from game store. But usually just from the previous two years. Anyone who has browsed the bargain bins knows that there will never be a shortage of Maddens from 5 years or more ago.  I'm pretty sure I could get as many as I could carry for a nickel. But that also goes to show that the players are not terribly nostalgic for many specific years. I keep a couple for the PS1 - PS2 library and all classic titles. This winter I was playing games of Great Football on the Sega Master System and the occasional Bo Jacksonless game of Tecmo Bowl.   
      Exclusive NFL license, totally worth a complaint
      From EA's seat, brilliant business opportunity seized. Most people think EA hunted and poached this one down, and it's easy to believe because... c'mon EA has been kinda dick the last handful of years. But, no. The NFL, who has a small pile of their own evil to play in, sought EA for exclusivity. That does not change that it is the worst thing to ever happen to the game. Yes, they have done a good job making improvements to the game. Nowhere near as many and as great as if they had still been in competition. 2000 to 2005 were the most exciting years to be a fan of the genre. EA and 2K in a beautiful battle exchanging blows like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. And we won that battle. I bought both. And honestly, on the whole, I did like Madden better. But to go back to that Rocky reference, it's like the end of Rocky; it didn't matter who won. He went the distance. And now I can only wonder what may have been and hope that the NFL will open licensing back up.
      So, what do I think of the new Madden 25?
      Now I have put a bit of time into the new Madden 25.  And it is another good title in the series, but there are some issues that keep it from being great. The new precision control systems work really well and emphasize the sight and finesse that you could develop. I played a few hours and did not perform well against the AI.  There was some aspect of the gameplay that I was missing out on.  That's when I entered the game's skill drills. Great tutorials that teach you the mechanics behind the new control scheme. The ability to perform good stutter moves and decide how you lead your receiver. This changed the game in an awesome way. Before, you could only really throw a bullet or loft it. It makes interceptions a more definable discrimination between my error and the defense's skill. It also praises your own vision as a quarterback to determine how the defense will react and how well your receiver runs his route. Huge, best thing since the hit-stick. The graphics are fine, but not quite where I wish they would be. This is an area that had little improvement over last year's. Especially after seeing the improvement they made to the NBA franchise. I can forgive the graphics. However, I really cannot forgive the loading times.  Now, I normally game a pretty decent PC. So, I have gotten very used to almost nonexistent wait times. I like it. Now, were I just playing a single game and had the minute long loading screen, whatever. But when playing a career, you are loading up practices and cycling through menus. All of which take time to load. It stutters when I move the icon.  It is not smooth.  Until you are playing. Then it is great. 
      In summation
      I used to make fun of one of the Imagine games. Not for the usual stuff. It was that the title didn't make sense. Imagine Party Babyz. They always market the games as sims. And babies don't party. The closest they get is when mom holds their tiny fists in the air and says, "yay" for them. But they have the tots on the cover dancing and shaking maracas. The mind reels. But alas, that game is not intended for me and I have no right to be upset by its existence. Now, I'm off to dust off the Wii and PAR-TAY... BaBYZ StYLe! 
      There are the bottles filled with margaritas?


    • Why is there an Update?

      5 years ago


      So, there is a new Humble Bundle that came out with a bunch of games on Origin. Awesome deal, I recommend you donate and get the pack. One of those games was the Sims 3 Starter Pack that comes with the main game and a couple expansions. I haven't played The Sims in quite a while and wanted a change of pace after going on a platformer binge ending with the damn good DuckTales Remastered.

      I blow the dust off of the Origin icon and start downloading the game and the expansions. I have a decent connection, but it is still 9 gigs, so it took a bit. Finally the little bubble pops up in the corner of the screen saying that the game was downloaded and ready to play. So, I click play.

      The Sims launcher box pops up and before I can launch the game, a new little box pops up and says "There's an update that needs to be downloaded and installed. Um, bullshit, but okay. So it goes lightning quick and before I know it, I am back to the launcher when ANOTHER update box shows up. I click and now the 2.2gb update is downloading.

      This begs the question, Why was the game not up to date when I downloaded it? Why did this fresh download come with all of the updates preinstalled? Same things happen when I buy new console games too.  I dunno. Annoyed.

    • My contribution to the Marathon - a copy of MvC2 for the Dreamcast

      6 years ago


       For the Marathon / Charity Drive I decided to offer up one of my copies of Marvel vs Capcom 2 for the Sega Dreamcast. Here, is how you can get it.

      Simply post a picture of yourself with your Dreamcast and a sign with your g1 name on it and post it in the comments. I will be leaving this open until March 1st when I will throw the names in a hat and pick a winner. Let's have em!


      6 years ago


      The Humble Indie Bundle V


      Five incredible, best-selling games. Humble Indie Bundle V features five modern masterpieces and their soundtracks. Experience the fear and paranoia of Amnesia: The Dark Descent; the intensity and impact of LIMBO; the zany characters of Psychonauts; the future-retro, audiovisual concoction of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP; and, for customers who pay more than the average price, the exquisitely crafted action-RPG, Bastion.

      Pay what you want. If you bought all these games and soundtracks separately, it would cost around $110. But we are letting you set the price!

      The games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux (system requirements here). You can support charity. Choose how your purchase is divided: between the developers, the Child's Play Charity, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation. And if you like this deal, a tip to Humble Bundle would be much appreciated!

    • Every Video Game Escort Mission Ever - Cracked.com

      6 years ago


      Every Video Game Escort Mission Ever -- powered by Cracked.com
      We have all felt this way.  Mowing through hordes of enemies to be asked to haul the most worthless human being in existence to safety.  Unfortunately, the games wont let us just kill the dead weight. Always makes the good ones feel amazing.
    • WINNER of Marvel vs Capcom 2 for Dreamcast

      6 years ago




      Kenshiro 3

      Congrats and thanks to all the G1's who entered.

    • I don't get Myst.

      6 years ago


      So, it's 1994. I am 13 and not a bad hand at video games.  I had a different history from most in that category.  We owned a Coleco, Pong, and Odyssey, not an Atari. We owned a Sega Master System, not an NES. So, I was on a different level when talking video games on the playgrounds. But, there was the PC.  Sim games, Doom, RoTT, Descent, Warcraft 2 (I thought the first sucked)... I would play most games.  Then my dad came home with a new game in hand.

      Myst Disc

      Fuck this disc.

      So, I fire up the old Packard Bell, uninstall a couple other games to make room, pop in the disc and ran.  WOW. This game looks amazing! I have no instruction. Um... click? Okay, I moved forward. W... S... Enter.... Click again. Hmm. Clicking is all I can do. Well, that's fine. Let's check this place out. So I start clicking all around this stunning environment, playing with odd little devices and getting nothing from them, so I move on assuming it will make sense later. No such luck.

      Myst Shot 1

      This was the height of 3D modeling back then.

      2 hours later and I've poked every square inch this island and found a bunch of things but have no idea what I am supposed to do. So, I give up on it and decide to come back another time. Week or so later, I take another shot at it. 3 hours of nothing except finding a couple things etched in some elevator.  Yep, I am done. A couple years later some friends are talking about one of the sequels and how much harder it was, while also amazing. Those guys were idiots! Maybe there was just some stupid thing I totally missed that explained the whole thing. Nope. Another FOUR hours wasted. Now, I am not a rage filled man. I can get annoyed, but when a game is really starting to bother me, I set down the controller.  I never understood how people can chuck the things around and buy new ones every other month. This, however, this saw me close to smashing a Garfield coffee mug right through the old SVGA screen. 

      Broken Screen

      I hate you way more than Mondays.

      I was done, finished. This was not a game for me. Never again. So the years pass as they do and around the age of 25 I found myself reading some list of greatest games of all time and Myst showed up. Grrrr. God damn it, I said never again.  So, I put in Riven, the sequel. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!!! Still, I get nothing! It's at this point where I start getting really introspective. What is wrong with me? Everyone else loves and gets these. Why not me? I am great at puzzles and games in general. Am I being punished?  You might be wondering why I did not just read a walkthrough or view some youtube tutorial. This is going to be explained through stubbornness. I feel that I should not have to seek outside help just to play a game.  The game should teach me.


      How can something so pretty hurt me so bad?

      That brings us to a few months ago. I, obviously a broken man of 30, am chatting with a friend about old PC games we used to love. He bursts with Myst. I sigh and tell him of my plight.  I get mocked a bit then he starts explaining some things to me. I'm shocked to hear that there are other islands. I am also told that I should be taking notes. So, to hell with it. I got home and hopped over to GoG to plunk down a few bucks to download Real Myst, the original with a graphical upgrade.  This is usually the part in the story where the hero (yes, I am your Hero) overcomes and defeats his foe.  Usually. I got nothing. I suck. So, I believe it will have to be a never again. Atleast until I am 40 and get all nostalgic about "the one that got away." Now I need to kick my own ass for referring to a video game as "the one that got away."

    • Beatboxed Tetris Theme

      6 years ago


      This professional beatboxer Heatbox does his own rendition of the Tetris theme using nothing but his voice and a looping pedal.  Pretty damned catchy.

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