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    • If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail (a call to action for g1's)

      6 years ago


       My birthday is coming up (25 baby) and upon being asked by my wife and loved ones what I wanted, there was only one thing I could think of: go to SGC. As a poor college student with a family of 4, I understandably have little monies, despite being a penny pincher by heart. But, undeterred, I plan on saving birthday and Christmas monies in order to salvage what I can. Upon finding out that a bus ticket from Indy to Dallas $135, I concluded I would try to reach out to my fellow g1's and see what we could do about planning a roadtrip asap. I figure if we find a good group now, we can play different games and use facebook (etc) to get to know eachother better before the trip. I play Diablo 3 (lvl 60 monk), Starcraft 2 (mainly Zerg but very flexible), am a new League of Legends player (lvl 12), Smash Bros. Brawller, and am willing to play pretty much anything. Again, ***if you live in Indy or will be driving through for SGC, I want to get a group together! I am a great relief driver with a spotless driving record and want to game to get to know each other before the trip! Please, let me help you, help me get to get to SGC 2013!***

      ~A worthy side-note:  The Indiana state flag was used as the Gotham City flag in the 1989 Batman~

    • SGC Roadtrip g1 Map Needed

      6 years ago


       Pretty self explanatory.  I had posted a blog concerning finding and getting together with other g1's on our way down to SGC.  However, somone pointed out that they had seen a similar blog post, and hopping from blog to blog doesn't sound all that efficient or fun.  So, I'm calling out to see if someone with the know-how, time, and sheer awesomeness out there can help the g1 community out.  WE NEED A COMPREHENSIVE MAP/CHART/AND OR WEBSITE OF ALL THOSE LOOKING TO ROADTRIP TO SGC.  This could be as simple as that, or something more, detailing car availability, funds, or similar interest categories.  I think we all want to see as many people there as we can have, and by making this a reality I think gets us a step further in that direction.

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