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      6 years ago


      So here's the crazy Idea: We play league within the community [not to complicated] but I figured hey a lot of us G1's actually play and enjoy LOL, so I think this would be a great way to bring the community together a bit over a fantastic game. So Here's what I'm thinking.

      Screwattack LOL Tournaments: Fairly Simple, every once in a while we'd have tournaments within different divisions and have multiple types, some of them could even be prize supported like the winning team getting  advantage or screwattack stuff,  and the way I 'd see it their would be a verity of different tournament styles:

      • Open Tournaments: Where any Screwattack team is able to sign up and participate
      • Qualifyer Tournaments: Where we would have qualification matches, take the top 16 teams and then pit them against each other in single elimiation
      • League Hobby League Legends Tournaments: Where the top teams from the Hobby League are invited to play inside the tournament could either be single elimiation or round robbin


      • Standard 5v5: Simple enough, ranked teams from Screwattack would go at it in a 1 round  bracket based tournament
      • Dominion:  Also fairly simple but I think dominion matches would work better as a best 2 out of 3
      • Standard 3v3:  Similar to The 5v5 except you know, with 2 less people


      • Standard 5v5: Same as Ranked
      • Dominion: Same as Ranked
      • Standard 3v3: Same as Ranked

       Smurf Assult [Little Cup]: Basically for those who are (or have an account)  under level 12 and haven't unlocked all of their abilities, in this format both Runes and Skill points would be banned, so it would be a battle of which team can effectivly use a vanilla build the best

      • Standard 5v5
      • Dominion
      • Standard 3v3

       League Hobby League:

       Weirdly worded but basically it would be like having a season for league of legends play [just like Football and baseball have seasons (In fact e-sports like league and starcraft play have seasons too)] basically  we'd have a leaderboard of the screwattack teams for the season who could then go and participate in the bigger tournaments if they win enough games which we would try and get to be prize supported like I said earlier.

       Casting: I think if anyone else would like to do it too we could spectate and cast games on twitch.tv I'd be willing to cast myself but I'd love it if other G1's or screwattack staff [Like Chad, I think it would be his thing] would be willing to co-cast or cast games when I'm not available.

      League Teaching Days: where we would invite some of the top team players to talk about their builds, how they play and what tips they could give to other league players.

      Well that's my Idea, I don't know if anyone else has thrown this out before but I think it would be a fun little romp and it could eventually evolve into something really big for the site.

      Alright future summoners, let me know what you think in the comments! -PFedora

    • Nonspecific Action Figure is giving out what he thinks!

      6 years ago


      Straight from the nonspecificplasticbody he lives in, he gives his thoughts and feelings about e3 and Nintendo



    • Project Fedora's 24 hour child's play charity stream! [Finished]

      6 years ago


      The 24 hour stream ended, but it was a lot of fun, and I hope to do another one soon.

    • G1 Project Fedora's Top 10 Game Reviewers

      6 years ago


      As of late I've decided to throw my hat in the ring and try the whole web game review thing, and there have been many people who have inspired me to, so this is my list of the top 10 Game Reviewers:

      #10 Austin [PBG], Homes: Normalboots.com,Youtube.com/PeanutButterGamer

      Although Austin is the bare minimum when it comes to a reviewer, he's still a review show at heart. His show is all about sharing his opinions on games he plays, good, bad, strange, all Austin does is keep it real and I can respect that. PBG's vids are usually a short 15-20 minute review about a game [mostly bad games] and why they're bad. but aside from that there isn't much else PBG has to offer. Austin's an alright guy, but aside from giving his opinions on games he doesn't like there isn't much else, but he's still worth checking out.



      #9  Jirard Khalil [The Completionist], Homes: Screwattack,NormalBoots.com

        Jirard and his partner and crime Greg  [The Mediocerist]  are two individuals with one goal, complete a game to let the gaming community know if the game is worth playing, finishing to the end, or just plain avoiding. Although the Completionist isn't all about just the game, there is some very well timed comedy in the show, and if you haven't watched an episode of the Completionist I highly suggest you go check out Jirard's page here at Screwattack, His Youtube channel or at Normal boots.  


      #8 Joe Vargas [Angry Joe], Homes: BlisteredThumbs.com, AngryJoeShow.com

      Angry Joe is the definition of opinionated, he always says what he thinks of a game, if the game is good, if it's bad, if there are giant flaws and holes, Joe makes it his job to recommend the gems, and to avoid the flops. He has some comedic tie-ins from time to time, but the meat of his videos are the review itself. Joe also makes it his job to review games that come out recently [his weekly reviews are of games that came out either in the month or the week,] So if you want info on a game before you buy it, check out Joe's Videos.



      #7 Spoony [Couldn't Find Name], Homes: Spoonyexperiment.com, BlisteredThumbs.com

      Even though some of his recent stuff I'm not a huge fan of, when Spoony first started I loved watching his videos. Spoony's vids are varied from a classic review to modern gaming today. I'm sad to see him leave channel awesome, but I'm hoping this turn of events let's him get back to his roots and have reviews like his older videos. Although I follow Joe more regularly now I still watch a spoony video every once in a while and if you haven't watched any of his videos, start with his older reviews.]




      #6 Josh,Nick,Paul [Continue?] Home: Normalboots.com

       Continue is a live review show where 3 Guys: Paul Ritchel , Nick Murphy  and Josh Henderson, All sit down and play a game they haven't played before, after 15 minutes of game they say if the game is worth completing or if you shouldn't bother. There is also some well placed comedy within the show too, and if you haven't watched Continue you should check out their videos. Having a Live review is hard to do, but these 3 manage pull it off quite well, its mostly retro games though, but it's still entertaining to watch.



      #5 Bryan, Home: Screwattack

      Bryan is a man of many talents, and one of those talents is well thought out consise written reviews. When Jared isn't making a video review, Bryan is usually typing one up, and I have to say reading a review from Bryan can show how much experience he has in the field. Bryan does so much for Screwattack, but I personally believe that when he puts his hands to work typing  a review for the site is when he's at his best. If you've only watched Jared's Reviews, go read some of Bryans reviews, they helped me make decisions on certain games I was debating about buying. 



      #4 James Rolfe [AVGN] Homes: Cinemassacre.com, Youtube.com/JamesNintendoNerd

      Here he is, the O.G. when it comes to retro reviews. If you didn't already know, James' videos are a 10-30 minute review about a bad game [most of the time], with the help of his partners, Kyle Justin, or Mike Matei. James has a background in Film so most episodes aren't just a review, they're  a show. When the AVGN first started it was just a 3 episode Pilot, and now there's going to be a full fleged movie, James has truely set the bar of what it means to be a Classic VG reviewer. If you haven't watched an AVGN video you're missing out.



      #3 Arin Hanson [Egoraptor- Sequilitis] Homes: Egoraptor.net, Youtube.com/Egoraptor

      We all know egoraptor from the Awesome series flashes he's produced over the years, but aside from being an animator and the only good thing to ever happen on the Tester , he actually holds his own when he totally shifts and comes to the review side of the table. The Sequilitis series is a review show that puts 2 games of the same Franchise and shows how it has evolved, from the flaws, to what's been improved. If you haven't watched the Sequilitis series, its one of the best series with an extensive knowledge of game theroy. 


      #2 Jared Knabenbauer [Formerly Pro Jared] Homes: Screwattack, Youtube.com/DmJared

      I can see why he used to be Pro Jared, because he definately put Pro into Professional. Jared is an odd case because both of his review styles are very good, His reviews here on Screwattack are informative, blunt and are an excellent tool to judge if a game is worth buying or not and on the Flipside his older youtube reviews have a great sense of comedy that Jared brings to the table. both of his review styles are fantastic and I can see why he's screwattacks leading man in reviews.  If you haven't yet go check out his youtube reviews, they're some of my favorite.



      #1 Jon Jafari [Jontron] Homes: Normalboots.com, Youtube.com/Jontronshow

      I can only really define Jon with 3 words: Weird, Funny, Awesome. The best way to describe Jontron is if the AVGN and Egoraptor had a lovechild.  Jon has well timed comedy, A very broad knowledge of game theory from the 90's-00's Age of Gaming and a Pet Robot bird named Jaque, who assists Jon in comedic timing in videos, while Jon is mostly a retro review show, it's always entertaining to watch, and I can't help but keep looking for when he puts out a new video. I highly suggest you go check him out if you like either James' or Arin's videos.



      Well That's the list of my top 10 reviewers, all of these people have inspired me one way or another, and they will probably continue to inspire me in the future.

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