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      Welcome to the new topic which what states in the title called RWBY Facts and Trivia. This topic will be about finding out the RWBY series' trivia and character design and hidden easter eggs. Fell free to post any unique facts and trivia that you saw in the series and please, don't criticize other's trivia that they have found.

      Now that is out of the way, here some little trivia to know.

      • The look and actions of Sun is heavily based off of the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West" main protagonist Sun Wukong, who accompanies a monk called Xuanzang. Similar to RWBY's Sun, who accompanies Blake to spy or fight the White Fang

      • One of the RWBY merch shows Yang walking up to her motorbike with the series title under Yang. This is a reference to the 1988's film Akira, where in one movie poster shows the main protagonist Shôtarô Kaneda walking to his personal motorcycle.

      • (this is a more personal fact that I found) Most of Neo's semblance, styles of fighting, and color pallet is a reference to Warframe's Mirage, using illusions, trickery, and fake outs to weaken an opponent.

      • In episode 11 in volume 2, Professor Oobleck asks Blake to disconnect the caboose, which is a reference to the ongoing Rooster Teeth halo series Red Vs. Blue's lovable, clumsy, stupid, but chaotic Spartan, Michael J. Caboose. The voice of Caboose, Joel Hyman also voices Professor Oobleck.

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