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      5 years ago


      Hey guys g1 ReapersxBane (or Julio) here and I decided I should start up a blog. It took me awhile to figure out what I should blog about and it did take quite some thinking and I decided maybe I should talk about my "journey" into my major graphic  design and hopefully future career as a website designer. I wanted to do something game related but I can't figure out anything but in due time I will...eventually. But for now lets get to explaining a few things about how I'm going to do this series of blogs, dive into how I came up with the career idea, and how and why I decided to do blogs like this one.

      For starters what I will do is possibly give an update on how everything is going with my set up for college weekly or every other week depends on how much time I have on my hands. I'll also always put in the end what I will be doing for the next blog (no dates of an update tho so if anyone reads this they won't get angry that I didn't put it up in time). Also this blog might be pretty boring since I'm a very boring person. The reason I chose to do a blog is to practice my writing and presentation skills (constructive criticism is VERY welcome by all means just go easy on me). It will definitely help me out a bit and maybe get rid of the "stage" fright I have and public speaking.

      So now I'll just write a summary of how I decided my career and how the process of me going to college is going. For almost 2 years now I've been outside of school and the past year I was deciding what I should pursue as a career. I wanted to be a photographer but decided that it might be a bad idea since every other person is a photographer nowadays so they would most likely get the job before I do. Thought of broadcasting but did a little bit of research and realized that wasn't exactly for me for many reasons which also really sucks because I thought that would be interesting to do. Eventually after many career thoughts I thought of graphic design since I always have pretty good ideas in my head and I just got into drawing a little bit. Also maybe I'll help design a website or something along those lines. I'm always on the computer and many websites I enjoy. It was settled and I decided to check out a bunch of schools. I finally found a pretty good one that works perfectly for me, it had online classes and the career I wanted. Now it started off as conversation about the career and all that along with the boring financial stuff I won't get into (because who wants to hear that?). This whole month has been pretty stressful for me seeing as I had to finish refresher courses (although they didn't count for me I felt I needed them) and I gotta say they were pretty tough for me then all of a sudden. BAM got smacked in the face with the accuplacer out of nowhere. This had my nerves jumping, I hardly even finished my refresher course that I felt I needed. So I took the test and I gotta say I was really nervous for my results then they called me a few minutes later...

      Next: Test scores and what happened after that
      Thanks for reading (If you did read anyway)

      Edit: WOW I TOTALLY FORGOT SOMETHING! I forgot to add the reason for this blog. The whole reason I'm doing this is because I'm hoping to do some work for gaming websites or something along those lines and to get a community opinion on the work if time time calls for it. Also I wouldn't mind doing some projects for or with the g1s once I have everything sorted out and of course I'll post the occasional sketches and actual artwork (if that happens) when I have some confidence on my work

    • Why I love Comix Zone

      5 years ago


      Comix Zone, In my opinion this game has one of the coolest ideas for a game. I always loved comic books and always loved beat em ups. Ever wonder what would happen if you got trapped into a comic book? Play this game and you will find out soon enough.

      You play as Sketch Turner who's in the process of drawing a comic book when suddenly the antagonist of his comic book comes to life and switches places with him. Now Sketch (A.K.A. you) has to battle the many enemies of the comic book that Mortus (the antagonist) draws to get in your way. Simple concept yet so awesome I always loved the idea of being a hero in a comic book and much less one that the protagonist drew. There's plenty of fourth wall breaking in the game like him replying "your maker" when a monster asks who he is or punching an enemy through the panel LIiteral fourth wall breaking?. Literal 4th wall breaking?

      Something I really liked were the 2 endings. I won't spoil it all I will say is that you have to beat the last boss in a certain amount of time to get the good ending if not then you get the bad ending the bad ending.
      Now Comix Zone is hard there's no doubt about that with one life and no continues. If you get lucky Mortus will be generous enough to give you another chance saying that it was too easy for him. The difficulty doesn't bother me one bit I won't lie I died plenty of times trust me it's insane but it's all in good fun. The movement and combat are really solid I think it's a well developed beat em up.
      I honestly love the character design I think the main character looks awesome. I'd say they nailed it when they made this guy. he looks like a regular guy but there's that essence of awesomeness within him.

                Come on I can't be the only one who thinks so.

      Mortus looks pretty good too along with the other enemies. Of course they're all drawn out as comic books which is great because it doesn't look like Sketch or anyone is really out of place. Nothing really seems off about the artwork at least not that I could see.

      I'm glad nowadays this game gets a lot of attention with the insane amount of ports because it's a simple yet great game but how awesome would it be if Sega made a new one maybe for the handhelds. Can you imagine this game on the 3DS? That would be amazing I mean you did it with Shinobi why not do it with Comix Zone? This game detinetly goes as one of my favorite game ideas and in my opinion deserves a new game. If you haven't played this game pick it up on the PlayStation Network Xbox Live Arcade or Wii Virtual Console I highly suggest it...But seriously Sega make a new one I'll be waiting.

      Thanks for reading and thank you Nick for giving me permission to use screen shots of the VGV.

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    I'm Julio and of course I'm a gamer and you should expect no less. I'm currently in the process of entering college to be a graphic designer and hopefully to better my career as a web designer. I recently got into drawing maybe as I feel confident in my talent I'll post some of my stuff here who knows. I currently am starting up a blog about the road to being a graphic designer. The ultimate goal of the blog is to show my projects involved with gaming in anyway (drawings or otherwise), maybe do some stuff for or with the g1,get an opinion with the , and if I get lucky enough maybe someone will actually give me a job seeing my projects (yea I wish). I'm new to ScrewAttack and I'd like to be a better member the community seems awesome.

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