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    • Dev Log #1(aka my first post)

      6 years ago


       Hello everyone! I am the new blogger here, so yay? I will mostly write about my unannounced game code named Double Sided. I guess I ofically announced it, yay again!  I won't tell any details yet, but it's a throwback with a twist ;) There will be more details in the next post.

      Right now, I am going through a programming book. I am stumped right now, but i usually get it in a day or so. That's it for now, see ya guys later!

    • Dev Log #2: The History

      6 years ago


       In the summer of 2011, I was developing a small free rpg maker game called Insane. I was about 25% done, but i scraped it. The reason I scraped it is because of time constraints and I wouldn't finish it in time for my other canceled game called Game Over. Game Over was based of an online comic series.  Before I go into Game over, lets begin with Insane

      In Spring, I had a basic LOZ style of a game, and I decided to do it with RPG Maker Xp with a few scripts that I forogt the name of. here are some character sprites.

      the main character

      I did not make these myself, I used a website for it, and I am looking for a pixel artist :)

      The first character is the character you would be playing.  His name is David, and he woke up from a bad case of amnesia. I also couldn't find any modern sprites from the communites.

                                                                                               Game Over

      The history is pretty short, the writer of the story never gave me the art. I need the art because it's based of an online comic book(duh). So I raged quit. He's a very busy guy and I don't blame him for his lack of free time.

                                                                                         The Future

      I have some very big stuff for the future. My current game is going to be made with XNA, and since I don't know any code I am learning C#, it's going very good! I want to start development in the summer and release it for the 2013 anual Dream.Build.Play contest held every year. Soon I will need an artist and pixel artist, if anyone is interested :) the grand prize is 40 grand and I think I would win it.

      That's it for this post, next post is code!

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