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    • Reintroduction to the g1 community and ScrewAttack

      3 years ago


      Well hello there! My name is Vito or as g1s call me "RedPunk". It has been a long time since I posted anything on here and I felt it was right to reintroduce myself since I now have more time to blog on the site! Quick bullet points !!

      • I love the g1 community and always will! Met many amazing people on here & hope to continue that. This community is amazing because most treat each other as a family. The people here have a true sense of community and it really shows. They all care about each other and the growth of the website and I hope it continues from years to come!
      • How I discovered ScrewAttack? Well I was just looking up video game things on YouTube and discovered the AVGN like most people on the site. From there on it has been an amazing ride.
      • What games am I into? I love platformers, RPGs, and fun shooters. I'm all about diversity when it comes to gaming! 
      • Now a bit more about my personal self, well I'm a marketing major and a film minor. Always had a passion for films and will continue to do so! I chose marketing since I have done it in the past by helping others will small scale projects. I have knack for it, so why not pursue it even more?! I'm from Montreal in the mystical lands of Canada, but now I reside in New Jersey due to family and pursuing more for my career. I work in New York City for a film company, granted its a small job, but I am learning as I continue working there!
      • My favorite movies are Jurassic Park, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Lion Kingm, and the entire Mad Max franchise. (I AM THE NIGHTRIDER!!!)
      • Favorite games are Bioshock Infinite, Pokemon, Tomb Raider (2013) , and Super Mario Land (Very first game I ever played)
      • Random things: I'm into wrestling! Favorite wrestlers are Chris Jericho and CM Punk. I love being RANDOM! 

      Well, this was fun to type! I am excited to post more blogs in the future and excited to meet new g1s through this process!

      HAVE A NICE DAY - Vito

    • Hello I am Redpunk

      5 years ago


      Well this is my first post on ScrewAttack ever!

      I am Vito otherwise known as Redpunk!

      I love to play video games (obvious) It all started with Super Mario Land for the original Game Boy. I love plat formers, puzzle solvers, racing, fighting (MAHVAL BAYBEE), shooting, and SPORTS games. For  Nintendo I love the Mario Series, Zelda, Pokemon, and Metroid. I also love Mortal Kombat, Marvel games (and comics!) Halo (We all have a gramer in us) and I love RPGS

      For movies I will watch basically any genre! My favorite movies are Good Fellas, Casino, Jurassic Park, Terminator...as you can see a lot of classic films! New movies are great as well aha. Television: Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad (Oh God the big 3) Monday Night Raw and Its Always Sunny. 

      Music is a bit tough to say because I love it all! I mostly like The NWA, Queen, and some modern rock. I jam to a few video game tunes (Who hasn't!) 

      For any wrestling fans out there who are interested to know my favorites wrestlers are Rowdy Roddy Piper, Macho Man, and CM Punk. 

      Now if you read this whole thing thank you! I like to be known around here aha I am a fun dude and a respectful G1. If you want to follow me on the twitta here's my thing: @TheRedpunk

      P.S my Xbox Live Gamertag is Jericho Junkie



    • A Canadian's view of New York City Part 1

      5 years ago


           Greetings from New York City! I Vito(Redpunk) am here on a small trip to check out the city and put major focus on my filming career. ?So far things are going well and I couldn't be any happier. The places are amazing and surprisingly I haven't met a person who was overtly rude. Hopefully that doesn't happen anytime soon aha. 

          On the first day I arrived I was under Zero hours of sleep, but my excitement kept me up. After spending a good half hour finding my things in JFK my uncle(who invited me to New York) picked me up and showed me around the city. Once we were done sight seeing we finally arrived to the place I will be working at, MacGuffin Films Ltd. It is a very positive and chill place to be and there is a lot going on for the people who have been working there for over 5-10 years. This will be the place where I will learn to perfect my film handling and editing skills. I also plan on filming and photographing quite a lot while I am here so in the next blog expect it to be full of pictures!

           What I have done so far in the City is work, buy a few novelty items, and try to do as many "cliche" New Yorker things as possible. I bought a hot dog, I love New York Hoodie, and I took a photo of a signature building(Freedom Tower). What I plan on doing next is to tip a hobo(despite several warnings from fellow g1 Scottbox64) hit up the Nintendo World with the Dylan Toomey, and pretty much capture a lot of things on video! I also plan on buying quite a lot of things at the Nintendo World for myself and a few other g1s such as Hypercombo64 and Scottbox64 and the friends back in Montreal. Well this concludes Part One of this blog...mini blog..I don't know what to call it aha, but anyway thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great day -Vito

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