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    • REVULSIVE's Trip to SGC (Plus MPAD shirts for Animal Crossing!)

      5 years ago


      Hey, g1s!

      Long time no see. Well, unless you were at SGC, in which case you totally saw me. You may be wondering what I've been up to for the past several months; the answer is nothing, because I'm lazy. I also don't have any ideas or inspirations, so that probably has more to do with it than laziness.

      But enough of that, we have more important things to talk about. I was at SGC, I met a bunch of people, I met everybody at ScrewAttack, it was everything I hoped it would be. If you don't care, hey, just scroll past! The Animal Crossing QR codes are at the bottom!

      Anyway, after 6 hours of flying (and one layover), I finally got into Texas and was picked up at the airport by none other than Jared and his girlfriend Heidi.

      It was really weird. Also surprising. But really, really weird. After we left, we went to Chipotle and ate burritos (since we don't have Chipotle in Canada). Then we went to the hotel, got our badges, and finally they left me all alone, by myself. I think it was because they weren't supposed to check in until the first day of SGC? I don't know. But it's okay, because there were a bunch of g1s at the hotel already. My roommates and I were all waiting on Dylan Toomey to arrive and check in.

      I met Jose there, and DAMN THAT DUDE IS HUGE. He's pretty awesome. Too bad we didn't hang out too much, but oh well, maybe next time. I ran into Sam, dude was pretty busy though. Oh, and I also met Chad, who reacted by telling me "You can't undo it! You have a face now!" And then finally I met Drake; he showed me something from a project that he's working on because I'm special. Also, you should be excited for what he's working on! When we will see it? Who knows! But be excited for it!

      I saw Bryan and Lauren still setting some stuff up, so I went and introduced myself to them. Bryan tried to tell me to mess with Lauren because she didn't know who I was yet, but she overheard a bit. She still didn't know who I was yet, so I jokingly walked away, but Bryan ended up telling her so she ran up and hugged me. Honestly, I don't think anyone has ever been so happy to meet me, haha. That might be everything from Day Zero. A lot happened, everyone was getting in, everyone was setting up, it felt good to finally be there.

      Day One was the best day. I was at the opening which was, you know... an opening. Sean was at the front door greeting people, so I said hi to him. He said hi back, then I shouted "I'M REVULSIVE!" at him, to which he replied, "OH, SHIT!" and that was the second best reaction, I think. After the opening, I stuck around for the Death Battle panel; watching the new episode there was awesome. Afterwards I think I met up with Jared and Heidi, had a few drinks, then I went to the Mega64 panel. During the Q&A session there, I was the first to go up and ask a question, so if you were there and you saw some drunk dude asking a dumb question that you probably didn't get unless you're really big on Mega64, THAT WAS ME! After that was ScrewAttack vs. Mega64 which, hey, I was gonna be happy regardless of who won. At the end of the day I met up with Heidi, we went to hang out with some of her friends who were playing Edward Fortyhands (highly recommended), then we went up to another hotel room with g1 Kainin and hung out with Lauren, Sam, John, brentalfloss, MovieBob, and Dj CUTMAN. I don't remember who else was there... Either way, yes, I'm totally bragging.

      Day Two was kinda sucky for me. I planned on going to a bunch of panels, but ended up feeling gross so I thought I was getting sick. It eventually went away, but I only went to Jared's panel and the ScrewAttack panel; I didn't go to anything else until the cosplay contest. I sort of regret that. Oh well. I hung out with Jared and Heidi (who was wearing a fantastic Malon cosplay... Heidi, not Jared) until the cosplay contest, then I waited in line for MPAD because there was already a big line for that. MPAD was absolutely insane, the room was full of energy and everybody was shouting, it was nuts. I was super happy to be in the middle of all that. After MPAD, I went to the rave, which was pretty awesome despite a few fuck ups there (someone pulled a power cord, the lights went up before CUTMAN's set was over, that sort of fun stuff). I think everyone just went and passed out after that, I honestly can't remember.

      Day Three suuuuuucked. All I remember is I went to the Iron Man of Gaming finals, which was great, and theeeennnn... that was pretty much it. The rest of the day was just depressing. People were leaving, all of the SGC stuff was coming down, everyone was packing up, just... super depressing. A bunch of people went to Dave N Busters, but I stuck behind because I wasn't feeling up for it. Then the next day rolled around and I left! I hugged almost everyone on the ScrewAttack staff, so that was fun. Still good memories overall. I feel like I missed out on a lot, it always felt like something was going on that I wasn't a part of. I think this was due in part to the fact that I did not bring a phone. Hey, pro tip? Always bring a phone. It doesn't matter how shitty it is, just bring a phone.

      And that was my entire trip! Time to start saving up for SGC 2014...

      Oh yeah, QR codes, probably the main reason you're here! I've got a few of them for ya.

      Click to enlarge!

      Alright, now if you don't know how to use the QR codes, just save these pictures for later. You know the Able Sisters? You have to talk to Sable every day for 10 days. Yeah, 10 days, it's kind of crazy. After that, she'll tell you about the new machine in the shop that allows you to read and create QR codes. That's the reason I didn't post this blog sooner!

      I tried my best to replicate each design as best I could. The main limitation of Animal Crossing is that each shirt is only 32 pixels wide, so it's very, very little room to work with; Mario doesn't look like Mario, Yoshi doesn't look like Yoshi, Luigi doesn't look like Luigi... they're all just shapes that vaguely resemble the designs of the MPAD shirts. But hey, that SGC shirt is friggin' spot on!

      Oh... and one last thing.

    • Image leeching and how to avoid it

      6 years ago


      What is image leeching?

      When you copy an image URL from another website (such as IGN, for example) and paste it on your blog here as an image, you're leeching. It's also known as hotlinking, direct linking, bandwidth theft, etc.

      Why is it bad?

      First and foremost, you're using another website's bandwidth and that makes you look like a jerk. On top of that, you make ScrewAttack look bad by association.

      Second, if the website that's hosting the image decides to stop hosting it, well that's it, your blog is now ruined because the picture is gone.

      Finally, some websites prevent hotlinking by replacing it with another image. Usually it says something along the lines of "Stop stealing our bandwidth," so now no one can see the image you wanted to use and everyone can see that you decided to be a big ol' jerk and leech images. Great job.

      How do I avoid leeching images?

      Very simple. Re-host it. All you need to do is either save the image to your computer or copy the URLs of the images you want to use.

      1. Go to imgur.com
      2. (Optional) Register an account if you want to keep track of your pictures
      3. Click "Web"
      4. Paste the URLs of the images
      5. Click "Upload"

      Alternatively, if you saved the image to your computer, click "Computer" instead. If you want to upload several images at the same time, hold Alt and click the images you want to upload.

      So now I can use this picture of Iwata holding a bunch of bananas without leeching it from another website.

      Awesome. Now use this knowledge to help make ScrewAttack a better place!

    • [Community Showcase] 31 Days of Jared, Week Three

      6 years ago


      Hello, g1s!

      The third week is done and we are more than half way to the end of 31 Days of Jared! Does that make you sad? Well don't be, trust me! Now let's see what we got here...

      Day 15

      Suggested by Broseidon

      I hope your pretty little hands aren't tired, cause you're gonna make me a lightsaber!

      Day 16

      Suggested by JETZ.acx

      Day 17

      Kinetic Card!

      Day 18

      Suggested by TheSwedishGamer

      Day 19

      Suggested by SuperChunLi and LexJones1

      "Aw man... I feel like this could have been a super badass photo if I wasn't always making stupid faces." - Jared

      Day 20

      Suggested by campid and ReturnofFable


      Day 21

      Suggested by Clayvman


      I just can't not do suggestions. I've gotten enough good suggestions that I'm covered for the rest of the month and thensome. It's a little lazy on my part that I don't do anything of my own volition, but what can I do? I must fulfill (almost) every suggestion!

      As always, follow my twitter, add me on Facebook, etc. etc. etc.

      Later, g1s!

    • [Community Showcase] 31 Days of Jared, Week Two

      6 years ago


      Hey g1s!

      The second week is done. So far things have been going well, but it seems I've been doing more suggestions than working on my own. I'm not terribly happy about that, but I'm happy with the pictures all the same. So let's see what the week has in store, shall we?

      Day 8

      Suggested by werdman24

      Day 9

      Suggested by Alpha Unit

      Day 10

      But wait, that's not all...

      Bonus KILL IT WITH FIRE edition!

      Day 11

      Suggested by JHawk99

      Day 12

      Suggested by Woodyman

      Day 13

      Suggested by CoatHanger

      I'm really happy with how this one turned out.

      Day 14

      Suggested by Silent Link

      I'M P...R...O...F...E...S...S...I...O...N...A...L...

      See what I mean about the suggestions? Only one (two?) were my own! But hey, it's hard to say no when you get a good suggestion...

      Again, if you want to see these daily, follow my twitter!

      See ya next week!

    • [Japan] Ace Attorney 5 Announced

      6 years ago


      Capcom held an event at Mielparque Hall in Tokyo today to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Ace Attorney series. Japanese gaming news site Dengeki Online reported that after playing concert footage, Capcom announced Ace Attorney 5. There is no current release date.

      Capcom also revealed Ace Attorney 123HD for the App Store, a bundle that will include the first three Ace Attorney ports for the iPhone and iPad. An Android version is planned as well.

      It's pretty likely that we won't see Ace Attorney 5 released in North America considering they didn't want to localize the last game. But I'll never give up hope! Maybe some day...

    • [Community Showcase] 31 Days of Jared, Week One

      6 years ago


      Hey g1s!

      The first week is in the bag. I rolled out the week with something pretty horrifying, and ended it with something that isn't really funny at all! You might call it serious. But don't, because that's a bad joke.

      Day 1

      Enjoy the nightmares.

      Day 2

      Suggested by SuperChunLi89 and Quixote

      Day 3

      Suggested by Chad

      Check out Matsemann08's video!

      Day 4

      No, Jared, you are the Kim Jong-ils.

      Day 5


      Day 6

      Suggested by JARED'S GIRLFRIEND (who is awesome)

      Day 7

      Suggested by XCobraCommanderX

      You want order in ScrewAttack? Craig must take off his hat. Oh, and everyday he doesn't, people will die. Starting tonight. I'm a man of my word. *maniacal laughter*

      If you want daily updates, then follow my twitter! Day 8 is already uploaded and posted.

      See you guys next week!

    • [Rumor] Nintendo working on two NEW Zelda titles

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Community Showcase -  this article was written by a member of the community. Since it has been sourced on a few other sites, we didn't want to mess with the title/link. Also, we cannot officially confirm the validty of this image (as REVULSIVE stated), but a 3DS Zelda sounds cool.

      Back in early November, series producer Eiji Aonuma confirmed that there is a new Zelda game in development for the 3DS.

      "We are already preparing a new game, a game in the series for the Nintendo 3DS, but don't think that it is a direct sequel to the Zelda titles released on DS. We are talking about a new game, but it takes much of what has been done on previous consoles."

      So it'll be a 3D adventure, rather than a top-down one. Aonuma went on to say that although they're considering remaking Majora's Mask, the next 3DS game would be a brand new original title.

      A little after this story broke out, Sam Claiborn of IGN made a bold statement,

      "Nintendo is working on at least two other Zelda games right now, and I can't wait to see them."

      Well as of today, it seems like his statement is true. Although not announced officially, this image surfaced from the bowels of 4chan.

      Thanks for the find, GenericHipster!

      It could be fake, but it's hard to tell. Simply analyzing it in Photoshop won't really tell me anything either.

      The subtitles for each game are ???????? and ??????????, which according to Google Translate means Fire Prophecy and Ice Prophecy, respectively.

      If the rumor is true, we're going to be something like the simultaneous release of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages on the Game Boy Color. Only now with 3D! This could be awesome.

    • Stuttering Craig is now in Saint's Row: The Third

      6 years ago


      Hey g1s!

      The "Hat Era" has ended and thank god it did because there aren't ANY good backwards hats in Saint's Row: The Third.

      I've been working on this for the past day tweaking it to all hell. The character creator in The Third is a lot more limited than previous games so there are a couple things that are off. The biggest things are the head is too wide, the neck is too wide, and I can't make him taller. I simultaneously love and hate The Third, but anyway...

      Sign into the official Saint's Row: The Third site to add Stuttering Craig to your queue! If you can't use the site, don't worry! I made a formula you can use to make him yourself. Scroll down past the screenshots to find it!

      But if you can use the site, then add him to your queue. After that you can either a) go to Image As Designed, edit your character and then select Character Gallery to download him, or b) start a new game and select Character Gallery when you get to the character creation screen.

      Here's the formula for those who can't use the Saint's Row: The Third website!


      Sex: Male

      Race: Caucasian

      Build: 100% Skinny

      Skin: Caucasian 4

      Age: 15

      Feel free to give Craig a gigantic wang!


      Features: Mole 2, Mole 6, Mole 8

      Crown: 49. 24. 59. 59. 54. 42

      Forehead: 45, 100, 41

      Brow: 55, 15, 0, 100, 64, 0

      Eyes: 0, 57, 70, 0, 80, 78, 35, 58, 65

      Eye color: Blue

      Ears: 50, 50, 81, 65, 71, 67, 38, 23, 39, 0, 63, 81, 46, 73

      Cheekbones: 43, 46, 50, 46, 78, 50, 47, 58, 50, 50, 34, 35, 50

      Nose: 51, 78, 47, 71, 53, 40, 50, 51, 65, 62, 0, 0, 35, 54, 33, 36, 71, 100, 18, 40

      Mouth: 62, 50, 41, 71, 100, 89, 94, 40, 84, 91, 74, 50, 91, 28, 31, 80

      Chin: 63, 36, 50, 50, 50, 100, 50

      Jaw: 42, 23, 45


      Head: Clean cut

      Facial hair: Nothing

      Eyebrows: Thick masculine


      Eyeliner: Nothing:

      Eyeshadow:  Wings, Red Orange 4

      Cheeks: Nothing

      Mouth: Nothing:

      Entire face: Nothing:

      Items: Nothing:

      Fingernails: Nothing

      You're done!

    • REVULSIVE's Monthly Update: SGC WOOOOOO

      6 years ago



      SGC is happening. That's cool. I pledged a whole $100 so I could not only to help the Kickstarter, but also so I could punch that ticket and make sure that I don't have to fight for a badge. You can be sure that I'm going to do everything I can to make it there.

      But for now, let's see what I've made during July and August.

      Suggested by Jatinder5ingh


      Now Jared's hair lookes really weird.


      Suggested by Dylan Toomey

      Suggested by gabrielh and Gaptooth INC.


      Suggested by nosadie


      HE IS THE LAW!

      Suggested by Dylan Toomey

      Suggested by Chad


      Wild Wild West is the best bad movie.

      Suggested by Dylan Toomey


      You can break the disc, but you can't escape him.

      Ha ha, now you're sexually confused.


      Beetlechad, Beetlechad, BEETLECHAD!

      SpongeJared ProPants and Chadrick Star

      Now for the GIFs...

       Also with music!

      That's all! As always, if you want to keep up with this kind of stuff, you can follow me on twitter, like me on Facebook, or subscribe to me here! When I finish a new picture I upload it everywhere, so no matter where you follow me I've got you covered.

      Later, guys!


      6 years ago


      hi guys so since jared is leaving screwattack im leaving it too goodbye forever LOLOLOLOL JK APRIL FOOLS GOT YOU

      Right, anyway, I slacked this month cause I'm lazy. Here's some things.

      Never stop making weird faces, skyd1ddy.

      Imagine Party Babyz After Dark

      Suggested by missRPGenius.


      Jared was Wolverine's secret love all along.

      Apparently the in-game picture actually has color.

      But I ain't currrrrrrrrr.

      Lauren called Jared "Fabio-looking".

      I call Fabio "Jared-looking".


      Best After Dark moment? For Jared it was.

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