Good day beautiful people.

Today, I, RiiLaKuma, have decided to perhaps amuse all you fine folk with some blogging. One may wonder the benefits of doing such a thing, because I think most of the subjects I could see myself talking about have already been discussed and done justice by people far more skilled at it than me.  Why start a blog at all than? Well my lovelies, the answer is simple.

I like to write at times.

I do not even know wether I'm good at it or not, but I just like it. So without further ado, I would like to present an idea that might be fun to mess around with.

"What idea? " ~ You.

Again the answer is simple. It's nostalgia. I would like to write blogs about not only games, but shows, toys and whatnot interested me as a child and how they hold up to this day. Not only that, but I will be most likely to mess around with whatever said subjects have to offer that tickle my drive to overthink the absurd.

I can already hear you cringe. You must be thinking there are a dozen of blogs and shows around the site that harbor nostalgia as their main focus. Well, yes there are. I will have to prove wether I can differentiate between all those articles, and it may prove not to be an easy task. I will at least try, however.

Screw Attack makes amazing content, in my opinion.  I want to take part in that and come up with my own ideas to entertain people around the site.

As a teaser I would like to kick things off with this picture I've made in MS Paint, which took many, many minutes of my time. About 5 if I'm not mistaken. Everyone who has seen Medabots must know these characters. They're the Screws, a gang of "punks" who do what they want, sort of.  Because I have recently rewatched Medabots, I could not help but let my imagination run wild and made this. It's nothing special, it's just that I wanted to see the Screws integrated in Screw Attack in some odd way or form.

Well, I shall stop my wall of text right here and simply hope that I'll be able to come up with anything worthwhile.

Have a good day amigos.