At E3 2005 in a display of the PS3's potential Power we were shown a shot for shot remake of the introduction to Final Fantasy VII.  Right after the aplause died down Squre said that they are not remaking the game.  This was major disapoointment to a lot of people; myself included.  It's now six years later and Square has stuck to their guns and we still don't have a remake.

Over those six years though Square has constantly been bringing it up; each time they do so their explanation is different.  Some of them include not wanting mess up a good thing, being too tempted to change things about the game and that to remake the game would take 40 years.  Before getting to their most recent excuse Iet's take a look at the ones above.

Not wanting to mess up a good thing is understandable, When the subject of a remake is brought up in this case there are three sides to it.  One side really wants to see the remake, another side is completely against it of any number of reasons and the thrid side would love to see a remake and still love the original too. So no matter what Square did in this case their going to really upset some of the fan base.

If Square were to change anything about the game that is where the biggest risk comes in; if that were done they could upset the entire fan base and would be guaranteed to get negative feedback and kill sales.  That's something that no company wants to do and with a project as big as this remake would be Square couldn't afford to have that happen.  The biggest one that I could see happening is the opportunity to revive Aerith.  A lot of fans really liked her and her death in the game came as a complete shock since she was so central to the games story at that point.  Then the rumor that there was going to be a way to bring her back but it was removed for the final game got around and even since people have been wanting to see what that would have been.  Now here's a question for everyone.  Would the game have had the same impact that it did had Aerith not died?  I'll leave you to your own answer.

Now saying the game would take 40 years to remake is just an excuse in my opinion and a very bad one at that, along with this one it was mentioned that the reason Square was able to put so much content in the game and its two successors was because of the graphical power limitations resulting in less memory use.  That alone is a lie, at the time those games came out they were pushing the the playstation to it's graphical limit.  The games themselves spanned three and four discs respectivley so at the time those were considered very big games.  Sorry Square that one just won't fly.

The most recent reason given about not making a remake of VII is that by doing so it would effectively end Final Fantasy.  The surprising part for me is; I think they could be right.  My thought is that if current gamers got  a chance to see where Final Fantasy games were in the past they wouldn't be happy with where the games are now, just like some of us already are. That would kill sales and in effect end Final Fantasy.

My big question to Square is; Are you afraid of your Past?  The reason I ask this is that it's very clear that Square isn't afraid to remake Final Fantasy games they've done it a number of times.  The best example is Final Fantasy IV, it's been been re released four times and remade twice.   It's also had a post game story added with after years.  VII has gotten that as well with both pre and post game story added in game and movie form. So why not remake the original game already? and why was IV such a special case?

There are other great Final Fantasy games that could do with a remake as well, V, VI  and even VIII were great games too. so why haven't they been considered for a full remake?  Just putting it out there.  

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular games in Squares history and they know it, the fact that they're sitting on it while holding a remake over our heads at times can be very hard to swallow .  It would make them a lot of money and could help a series that's stuggeling a lot as of late; tough as said above it could hurt them too.  Without risk this is no reward .  Is square more afraid of what would happen is the game failed or what would happen if it succeeded?

In closing I'd love to take another trip to Midgar and reunite with some old friends.  Final Fantasy VII could benefit a lot form a graphical face if nothing else.  That way it has a chance to  gather some new fans and allow current ones to exprience the game again for the first time in a new light.