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    • No Game is Flawless Episode 1: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

      6 years ago


       For Baten Kaitos I will be talking about two key flaws that I had with the game. The first being a certain part of the battle mechanics and the second being the voice acting.

      To explain the problem I have with the battle system I must first give a brief explanation on how the battle system works. Like most turn-based RPGs you attack your enemies and they attack you back. Baten Kaitos is split into attacking and defending turns meaning that you do not have to spend your turn solely on attacking or defending. Now the way you attack and defend are where Baten Kaitos really starts to differ itself. Baten Kaitos is a card based RPG with each of your characters having a deck of cards that can be filled with attacking, defending, or healing/stat-boosting cards. Once in battle you get a random hand of these cards to start with and each time you use a card another takes its place in your hand.  This is where my first problem with this game arises, sometimes on your attacking turn your hand will be entirely composed of defensive cards and you won't be able to attack at all. Likewise on your defensive turn you could be stuck with an entire hand of attacking cards and be unable to defend. My bigger gripe is with your attacking phase because once you use a card that is not an attacking card your turn ends, this is not the case in the defensive turn as different rules apply. I believe this problem could have easily been fixed by adding the option to spend your turn shuffling your deck so hopefully at most you will only be losing a single  turn.

       Lost of defensive cards, but nothing to attack with.

      The second flaw I found with this game is the terrible voice acting, Rather than explain it I suggest you just watch the video below.


      Not only is the voice acting really bad but the writing for the game itself only makes it worse. There is the option to turn off voice acting but at times it can actually be pretty funny just how bad it is. At times it can actually take away from the game as the scene is supposed to be very serious but the voice acting really ruins the mood of the scene. It is important to note that this is a Gamecube game that came out in 2004. 

      These are the main flaws that I found with Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. I still had a good time playing this game and would recommend it to anyone would likes RPGs and isn't afraid to play something a little different. Overall it is a good game but of course it is not flawless.

    • Naming that Tune - Episode 2

      6 years ago


      I didn't realize until after I uploaded this video but there the notes around the 22 - 28 and 1:03 - 1:09  mark are played a little to fast but it shouldn't matter too much.

    • Naming that Tune - Episode 1

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Ahhh yes. This one brings back fond memories...

      The timing seems a little off but I think its just because my keyboard is going through my computer.

    • Enough Mario Party Coins for All!

      6 years ago


      With Mario Party being such a big thing around Screwattack these days g1 Fatesshadow and myself have been playing a lot of Mario Party 1 and 3 recently and this was the outcome of our latest match. Fatesshadow is Luigi and I'm Waluigi. I don't think I've ever seen that many coins in one game.

    • No Game is Flawless Episode 2: Paper Mario

      6 years ago


      I must start being saying that I love Paper Mario and everyone should give this game a play at some point. During a recent playthrough I did however discover a flaw or two.

      My first issue deals with the badge system that gives Mario his special abilities. There are certain enemies in the game that Mario is unable to attack by normal means and requires the use of badges. The problem is somewhat solved by Mario's partners but it is still annoying to have Mario just sitting there doing nothing on his turn just because he doesn't have the right badge on.

      The second flaw I found is that the damage done by Mario, his partners, and enemies doesn't have a random factor. When do a normal attack there are only two possible outcomes for damage, an attack that was timed right and an attack that wasn't. You can modify the damage you do by upgrading your weapons (shoes and hammer) and by wearing certain badges but once in battle you'll always be doing the same amount of damage. For example if you could fight 100 goombas and your attacks will always do the same amount of damage. Without any kind of random damage factor some battles become clone copies of one another. This is mainly caused by the fact that most damage dealt and received is in the single digits and any increase or decrease could have a large impact on any given battle. This factor isn't totally bad and it does help Paper Mario differentiate itself from other RPGs. The video below shows an example of a battle in Paper Mario. Go to about 1:08 for the battle.

      The flaws in Paper Mario that I mentioned are minor and should in no way deter anyone from giving Paper Mario a try. Paper Mario is a fantasic game without any major flaws but thats not to say that it is completly flawless.

    • Its Party Time! Final Fantasy (One)

      6 years ago


      Hello all, I'm hear today to talk about parties in RPG games, in this particular case I'm talking about parties in the original Final Fantasy. Everything I'm about to say is of course my personal opinion so please feel free to disagree.

      Who to Choose?

      In Final Fantasy you have the choice to pick a party of four from 6 different classes: Fighter, Blackbelt, Thief, Red Mage, Black Mage, and White Mage. When I make a party I like a nice mix of classes to cover every role. So my idea party in this case is a Fighter, Black Mage, White Mage, and either a Thief or Blackbelt (I tend to lean towards the thief because he upgrades in a Ninja and Ninja are cool). The reason I tend to ignore the Red Mage is because I'd rather have a character who does really well in one aspect instead of a jack of all trades but master of none.

      That's a good looking party!

      The worst party I could possibly think of is simply one made up of entirely the same type of class. Be it four Fighters, four Black Mages, or if you want a really challenging playthrough you could go with four White Mages. Four Red Mages would probably fair the best in this regard as you would have all bases covered.

      Fighter vs. Pirate Deathbattle!

      Well thats it for the first Final Fantasy, I'll be covering all the Final Fantasy's in this fashion with next up being Final Fantasy III (as two you don't really have much choice in the party). So until next time here's a picture of a Ninja.

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