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      6 years ago


      Hey guys,

      While I'm working on a new Point and Click Review, I thought I would share some images of the jewellery I've created over the last year.

      Under each photo I will give a brief explanation of what it is and how I created it. I hope you all enjoy.

      Lets get all the Mario pictures out of the way first.

      This Mario Keyring was created mainly with me messing about lol. I had a copy of Mario Kart Wii in front of me and I decided to see if I could create him out of Fimo Clay. This was the end result. I still need to make another Luigi though.

      I still can't believe these Chomper Earrings worked out so well. Yet again these guys were created using Fimo Clay. Once the main body was created, I painted the teeth, mouth and eyes with acrylic paint, then added the little chain at the back.

      The Yoshi Egg Earrings and Goomba Charm don't have much to them at all. With the eggs I used white marble effect Fimo Clay and added the green dots. With the Goomba I Just used Different colour Fimo and Painted the eyes with acrylic paint.

      This Mario Mushroom Ring was created using Resin. (which I have only recently learned how to use) I started by cutting 3 pieces of the mushroom Fimo Cane and placing them in the mixed Resin. Since this was a first attempt, I am really happy with how it turned out.

      These are the last of the Mario items. These Mario and Luigi Hats are created by painting the initials onto the Fimo Clay and then adding the small chains below.

      These Triforce Earrings where created by making a triangle of yellow glitter Fimo and just adding the black triangle of Fimo on top. I then added the 3 chains below.

      Both the pokeball Charm and the Pikachu Earrings where created by painting the details on the Fimo. This was my first attempt at painting Fimo and I feel it turned out really well.

      This Pac-Man charm was created simply by using the wire that's holding the catch into the Pac-Man body, to put small bits of fimo on, which created the pellets. Who Remembers Dizzy? This little guy was created with separate red glitter Fimo boxing gloves and red glitter Fimo feet. They were attached to the same, white marble effect, Fimo that i used for the Yoshi Eggs.

      The last piece I have to show you guys is actually the first piece of gaming jewellery I ever made. To some, it is just a hat but if you are an old school point and click gamer like myself then you will recognize this as, KING GRAHAM'S ADVENTURER'S HAT  from the Kings Quest games. I got the idea for this after watching a live stream of the first game done by Paw Dugan(if you don't know who he is check out his videos here:  http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/paw, he is mostly a movie and music guy but he has also done a great Kings Quest retrospective and a lets play of Kings Quest 5. Anyway, as I was watching, I suddenly remembered how much I loved these games and wanted to create something from them. I knew the hat was the best thing and this is what I created.

      I love making jewelery and I plan to make lots more. If any of you have any ideas of anything I could create, let me know in the comments and on my wall. I love experimenting and I am open to any ideas.

      I hope you enjoyed seeing my work and feel free to let me know what you think.


      6 years ago


      I may be in the minority here but I for one have always loved point and click adventure games. The feeling you get when you manage to solve all the really difficult puzzles yourself and complete the game, is amazing to me.

      Now as I said before, I know a lot of people feel that these games are meaningless and boring, which is true for some point and click games but not all.

      This is were I come in, I want to show people that there are good adventure games out there and I start this with a game I just completed called the THE FEEBLE FILES.

      THE FEEBLE FILES is a UK game by Adventure Soft Publishing which was released in 1997.   This company also created The Simon The Sorcerer Series, which I'll hopefully get to at some point.

      The game starts with quit a long cut-scene where you are watching a bug-eyed green alien in a flying saucer creating a crop circle on Earth. He leaves the planet laughing like crazy when he suddenly hears his ship's alarm system go off. He is heading straight for an asteroid belt. Screaming most of the way, he makes it through with barely a scratch, unfortunately for him though he crashes straight into an Earth satellite, which subsequently crashes into his place of work. He arrives at his place of work only to be told that he is to see his boss immediately, that can't be good!!! As the game continues, you find out that the galaxy is run by something called the OMNIBRAIN and as Feeble says, "he rules with an iron fist".  There is a rule for everything and if any rule is broken then you are either deleted or sent to a place called Signus Alpha for reprogramming, eep!!! I find this story to be very funny with a lot of cheesy and dry humour.  I personally think it also has one of the funniest twist endings I've seen in a game for a long while.  You will rarely get confused in this game as a lot of the characters you meet do help the story along and let you know what your next objective is. Also in your inventory you will find your next objective if you do happen to forget!

      The game-play is your standard point and click controls. You use the mouse as your main method of input, although to save you do need your keyboard to type in a file name and hit enter to save. The left mouse button lets you click on things within the environment and the right  button lets you change your cursor to let you look, pick up or interact with your surroundings. The interface is very simple and even combining items is easier than most games like this.

      The graphics are very cartoony and okay for the time the game was released, although it does look slightly dated by today's standards. I personally feel that graphics don't make a game and even though it does look dated, the animation is still great and flows very well. You really feel like these characters belong to this world.

      As for sound design there is not much in the way of music in the game, but what music there is, is unfortunately forgettable. What you will remember though is the very repetitive noises in each area you visit. For example in one area you are in a city and all you can hear every five minutes is a guy shouting over the tannoy 2-3 phrases about the Omnibrain on constant repeat, we get it you love the omnibrain AAARRRGGGHHH!!! However, at one stage in the game you DO need to listen to what this man is saying as he mentions something very important to the plot. In other places you'll hear things like machinery working or bird chirping, which would be fine if the sound wasn't constant, specifically during character dialogue.  Speaking of the characters, the voice acting is great. Our main character, Feeble, is played by none other than Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf and Carpool (on you-tube) fame.  He brings in a brilliant performance, as always, and makes the character of Feeble very funny and oddly relatable. There are other cast members who I'm personally not too familiar with but who are still working on games and movies today.  They can all be found at this link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0192016/fullcredits#cast (If you know any of these voice actors please let me know).

      I must talk about the puzzles as they are pretty much the main focus of any game like this. I have to say though as good as the story is I really think that the puzzles in this game are very hit and miss. I feel a good puzzle is one that gets you thinking and has a bit of trial and error to it, but still explains, to an extent, how the puzzle works. There are a few like this in the game, however more often than not you have a puzzle that looks complicated, but is so easy a 2 year old could solve it or is so mind numbingly difficult that you want to pull your brain out through your nose! Anyone who has played this game will warn you about one area in particular and that's the arcade.  This section brings the game to a grinding halt as you need to collect tokens from one arcade machine, that has six mini games, to continue the game. Thankfully there is a lot of help on-line nowadays for the arcade section but as a kid I could never complete this area as there is barely any advice in the game to tell you how to play the more obscure of these mini games. In fact, there is still one mini game that I have no idea how to complete whatsoever.

      After completing this game I can truly say I enjoyed it, even with its annoyingly difficult puzzles. The game is by no means perfect as there are parts I feel could've been better. However I can recommend this game to people who love adventure games and are looking for a challenge with a good funny story. THE FEEBLE FILES is currently available on GOG.com for $5.99 US or £3.40 for UK.

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