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    • ShrapnelLeader's Toon Reviews idea

      5 years ago




      So, ShrapnelLeader…. you keep coming back. Every six months or so you return, promising to “be back for good” and getting the hopes of the five people who remember you up.


      What is it this time? Why bother?

      Sounds oddly familiar.


      Well… to be honest, I love this website. Seriously! This place is special to me because ScrewAttack played a key role in my life.



      When I became a g1 on September 25th of 2009 (yes, I remember the date), I started something that went further than sharing my appreciation for video games, movies, and TV shows with random strangers around the world. It started my love of writing, which I am now pursuing in college.


      I was a Freshman when I joined. Now I am a MAN, or at least a college Senior.  A lot has changed, but one thing that remains the same is my love for video games and blogging, so let’s shake off some of that rust and get back to what I loved, shall we?



      So what’s next for you, Shrap? Well, to be honest, I want to do something new for me. When I was here I did mostly Top __ lists; Top 10 aliens in games, Top 6 most likeable villains, Top 10 silent protagonists, and so on. Heck, I even made a “Top 10 reasons why Top 10’s are awesome.”

      Some may remember that I am an avid cartoon fan. It’s a dream of mine to one day be a writer/storyboarder for a video game, movie, or tv show (preferably a cartoon). Why not exercise my observations? 


      So without further ado, Shrapnel’s Toon Reviews have just begun!



      I’m currently writing them as I write this, but I’d like to ask the community what they would like to hear about first. I’ve been spending some good time studying various shows and I’m dying to share my thoughts.



      Here are a few that I have been thinking about covering...

      Avatar: The Last Airbender

      TMNT (2012)


      Gravity Falls

      Adventure Time




      My blogs will  be a thorough take on the series.


      And remember...



      "As if." - Every g1 on ScrewAttack

      (Not relevant at all, but God does it feel good to post these old pictures again!)

      Also, forgive this crude first blog in forever. I'm still readjusting to the new blog options.

    • You wanted it: The Old SA Novel returns!

      6 years ago


      It’s surreal, you know? Spending hours on a story, developing characters, keeping episodic suspense, listening to the encouraging words from your readers.


      Hard to believe it’s been so long since I posted my SA Novel.
      As some of you may already know, I released a Prologue for a new story I am writing. While I am very excited and prepared to spin a new tale, something kept bringing me back to my old one. As I said before, this story was very big, taking shopping list of g1’s, dozens of pictures and songs, and a big reveal that was never given.

      And that is what has been getting to me. I never showed why things happened. During my writing process of the New SA novel, I kept looking for ways not to follow too closely to my old story, but I ran into some difficulties as I wanted to keep it in the same universe.


      So what are you saying Shrap?


      Well, what I’m saying is that I want to repost my old stories. After a good talk with GaaraofMYdesertHAHA about my new and old novel, I have decided I shouldn’t move onto the Hobbit before I finish my Lord of the Rings, if you get the analogy.  Now I have learned much as a writer since then, so minor changes will be made to keep the flow and structure clear.

      Essentially this is a second chance to do even better. Some will be made to improve the strength of the story. So without further ado, my old SA Novel returns. I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it nearly a year ago.


      I want to make this as good as possible, but also unique to my style. That means separated paragraphs for easier reading, LOTS of music, and LOTS of pictures (including the occasional quick-photoshop). Any of you who have read my stuff know exactly how I roll.


      So here is my backstory of my old SA novel! Enjoy.



      Blood Soaked Sunrise (Prologue)


      (Under Your Hurdles - Halo Wars)


      Many years ago, there was a terrible war. The trolls, a mystical race of great evil, set out to conquer the world of Arcadia. Once human beings themselves,  they were corrupted by dark powers of unspeakable malice. Hidden deep within the mines of the world, their horrid transformations went unnoticed for centuries.

      Over time, their hate grew until the destruction of all mankind became their only desire. In an unexpected assault on the nation of Gametrailer’s capital, they introduced their cruelty to the world. Before the world knew what happened, the government was already brought to its knees.

      One by one, other nations fell before their power. G4, IGN, and other sovereign states crumbles before the might of the unknown enemy. Not even the powerful Machinima could stand up to their might, for little did mankind know that in their abscence from the surface world, another great evil was awakenened in the deep.

      Their rage was swift and their hearts were wicked. They knew no mercy, no fear, and no empathy. Their reward was the blood of their fallen enemies.

      With millions dead, all seemed lost.



      But one group remained unscathed by the brutality of their foes. Known as g1's, they were the most elite of all gamers, a "species" of human. Fierce in battle, their abilities were unmatched throughout all of Arcadia. Comprised of several factions, they banded together to repel the forces of evil. Organized, well-equipped, and brave, these soldiers fought back against the Troll hordes and showed the world the true power of humanity.

      When their numbers were great enough, the sovereigns, wise leaders and protectors of each faction, gathered all g1’s from across the land. They knew that if the world was to survive, their partnership would have to be absolute. And thus, the land of ScrewAttack was born. Led by Craig, the highest of the sovereigns, ScrewAttack grew and prospered.

      Knowing their time was limited and their neighbors were beyond saving, the Sovereigns combined every resource they could in preparation for the Troll’s advance. But not even with their great wisdom could they foresee the destruction at hand.



      In a swift and stunning blitzkrieg, the Trolls struck, leaving all before them destroyed in their wake. The power of the Trolls was far greater than expected, however, both in fierceness and number. Caught by surprise, the g1’s were forced back further and further towards the Rapture Sea.

      Knowing defeat was just over the horizon, two of the highest sovereigns, Craig and the one known as "Handsome Tom" climbed the dreaded Maverick Mountains, home of the gamer gods. After 4 days of perilous climbing, the two men stood in awe at what they had done....

      They had rached the  Temple of the Sacred Six.




      (Legend of Zelda - Temple of Time)


      The Sacred Six (Miyamoto, Kojima, Pajitnov, Carmack, Yokoi, and Inafune), were all-power deities sent from the heavens to preside over mortal mankind.

      Each of the Six was granted amazing powers;

      Kojima, the deity of swiftness and stealth, controlled the power of invisibility and super speed.
      Pajitnov, the deity of puzzles, controlled the power of telekinesis and bending abilities.
      Carmack, the deity of science and mystery, controlled the power of magic.
      Yokoi, the deity of size, controlled the power of shrinking and growing.
      Inafune, the deity of duplication, controlled the ability to duplicate other powers.
      And finally, Miyamoto, the grand diety and leader of the Sacred Six, controlled the power of the elements and cloning.

      They alone decided the fate of consoles, games, and gamers.

      Gaming Giants


      The Sacred Six found favor with Craig and Tom and agreed to help them stop the troll invasions. However, there was a cost, as their code forbade them to help humanity without sacrifice. One of them would be forced to serve the Six, in the temple for all eternity. Such a decision was not made lightly, but after talking it over for two days, Craig and Tom made their choice on who would stay. With a heavy heart, Tom left the land of ScrewAttack and remained with the gods. But the bond had been made, and true to their word, the deities gave Craig something never seen seen before: the elixir of l337.


      Once thought as a mere myth, l337 contained the power of supernatural abilities. Legends once told of heroes of unnatural powers, fighting all evil that faced them. They were the gaming elite.

      According to the ancient texts, l337 was actually a living, breathing lifeforce, a spirit if you will. These spirits all varied in appearances, abilities, and even had personalities of their own. When a person bonded with the l337, it is said that the spirit had chosen that person, and like snowflakes, no two experiences were alike. As such, no two abilities were the same as well. Each "host" developed powers unique to themselves.

      But the spirits had minds of their own.



      Step Into My Garden - Bioshock



      Thousands of years ago, the 1337 were an actual species of ghost-like entities. Unused to the ways of man, they were incredibly unstable. Over time, many grew insane, infecting the minds of their hosts, making them go mad. All empathy had vanished as nothing but horrid husks took their place. Over time, their powers grew, and they had become dangerous. Thousands of innocents were killed in a massive civil war between the sane and the husks. Without love, mercy, or empathy, their lives were meaningless, even their own.


      These once-normal human beings had become something so horrid, the deities had no choice but to destroy their grotesque creations. In a war lasting 300 years, the world nearly came to an end, but the Six along with their armies stood their ground and eventually wiped the husks off the face of the planet. Vowing to never make such a mistake again, the Sacred Six turned the wicked 1337 into an elixer and hid their power from the world, where it laid dormant for centuries. 2,000 years later, they discovered one thing: a host's mental and physical strength were key factors to the difference between sanity and insanity.


      The Light Spirit - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


      But with the very balance of the world at stake , they had no choice. And so, the Six gave Craig the elixir of l337, but not without a warning telling him to chose only the most elite and strong g1's. The world could not risk another global war. Pledging his allegiance to the Six, Craig vowed that the nation of ScrewAttack would use their powers for good and promised to keep the peace. The vows were said and the deed was done. As he prepared to leave, Miyamoto approached him, putting his hand on his shoulder.
      "Craig," he said, "we have seen you and your nation. No other humans have ever gained our trust as you have. Be wise in your choices. Do not let power settle into the wrong hands. Prophecies tell of an army which will bring light to the world. Make that army be your own. Now go."


      Returning to ScrewAttack, Craig made the elixir given to him from the Sacred Six and assembled his army. Though there were millions of g1's, only a hundred made the cut, but with their combined powers, they quelled the troll hordes and peace finally returned to the land.

      The g1 elites, later known as the Ultimates, became the backbone and defense of ScrewAttack, bringing the nation into a time of great prosperity.


      But no peace lasts forever....



      TO BE CONTINUED......



      So there’s my Prologue. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

      NOTE: Due to many of the original characters disappearing, a recasting will be made. This will not change the story.

      Also, if someone could please let me know how many of my original cast are NOT still here, it would be greatly appreciated.

      The Guardian
      Elmo 3000
      pat speed
      Tremendous Tom
      Mr. Mallard
      mr.flashbeamtheforgottenhero -
      Freak Sheet

      Thanks guys!

    • The New SA novel: Prologue

      6 years ago



      Yes, I will be posting "real" blogs soon. I've got some in the works now, so my return was not a fluke.

      In the meantime, I just wanted to write again and instead of retracing my old story that was only 25% finished with 13 blogs, I have decided to start anew.

      Since I never revealed the secret enemy of the original story arc, I will transfer them but add a new story and setting. For all my old readers, I hope you like this even better and for any new ones, I hope you continue to follow the story.


      This will only be a "teaser" to get a feel for the readers and response, but rest assured I will continue and all future chapters will be much longer. Enjoy.



      SA Novel: Prologue


      (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Pyramid *spoiler free version*


      Ash covered V4 City with a grey haze. Skyscrapers, once glistening jewels of a prosperous nation, now stood shattered and filthy. The streets laid empty, forgotten walkways of the past. Only a small search party of g1’s walked through it, scavenging for anything of use. The rising sun reflected its orange glow on the translucent glass, lighting their path.


      GaaraofMYdesertHAHA stepped carefully through the ghost square, pistol in hand, listening for any sound beyond the quiet footsteps of her companions and the solemn howl of the wind. The thought of some of the ash being…..human…...tortured her thoughts as she continued the search.


      A playground stood on the side of the square, a small public display of what once was; children, life, happiness. Fjveca walked next to her and observed the now red hue of the rusted bars and chains.


      “All this time,” Gaara said without blinking, “and even now this gets me.”

      Before Fjveca could respond, their walkie-talkies sounded off. It was Whitly.

      “Come on you two. We need to find supplies. We can’t stay here.”

      Fjveca looked on for another moment and turned back. Gaara followed soon after, but not without one last glance.


      “I’m sorry we couldn’t save you.”


      TO BE CONTINUED........


    • Dying of Shrapnel Wounds

      6 years ago



      That's all that comes to mind. Good night, everybody!

      All right, fine. Have it your way. So yeah, I'd say I was a big contributor to the awesomeness of V4, but now that we've all shared our complaints of the new system, we will have to adapt. I see some of my old buddies like SireAzmodan, WaterShocker, Woodyman, The Guardian, The Stickman, fjveca, Hiatus, darkhyrulelord, Thunderbird, MadHero15, AsaiNeroTran, Flashpenny, MisterBo, REVULSIVE, sean, GaaraofMYdesertHAHA, JEFFCHAZ.....and....well, that's all I can remember....for now. (What can I say.....friends flocked to me. LOL)

      But you know.....it feels good doing what I always used to do. Pretend to be full of myself, add humorous pictures, and just have fun with it all. But I guess I'm getting off-topic.....what is this all about.

      Well, I've never been good at making deadlines. Ever. Even in V4, when college was less challenging. So promises must never be made.

      HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I will not visit and (God forbid) post content like I used to do. It won't be as often as it used to and  with most of the old gang gone and view/comment counts far less than what they used to be, some may not even notice.

      Still, I miss posting creativity on this site and if g1's don't, there's nothing left here.


      So cheers, felllow g1's. And hopefully I will see you guys soon in the comments section.

    • ShrapnelLeader is BACK!

      7 years ago


       Well, it took me forever, but I'm finally back......again......for real this time. Everyone who believes me, raise your ha- *nobody raises hands*-OKAY, that's what I thought.

      Anyway, this is just a mere "I'm back" notice. ScrewAttack has really changed and I'm still trying to get used to the new layout, but it's good to be back.


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