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    • Sir_Luna's Top Ten Favorite Sonic Vocals (May or may not contain spoilers!)

      6 years ago


      Hey all, Sir_Luna here finally making a blog for Sonic enthusiasts!

      From stages to the bosses, there is no denying that Sonic has  some very good music from nearly every lineup, good or bad. We're not on the topic of stage music though (there is another time for that), instead, I'm going to dive into the vocals featured in openings, final bosses, and endings done by artists such as Crush 40 among others. Hope you enjoy this as much as I passionately made this.

      #10 - It Doesn't Matter (SA 2)

      "It Doesn't Matter" which version really. The lyrics remain the same, just delivered with different styles. The Sonic Adventure version is more wild, while Sonic Adventure 2's version is more refined. The lyrics are enjoyable and are remain true to Sonic himself. Makes for a great way to start the Top 10.

      #9 - Endless Possibility (Sonic Unleashed)

      Such a radical departure from Crush 40, with Jared Reddick of Bowling for Soup singing the vocals this time around. Lyrics fit perfectly well with the central theme of traveling the whole world. 

      #8 - Never Turn Back (Shadow the Hedgehog)

      Shadow the Hedgehog, a  game many Sonic fans will agree to forget about, but for those who wanted to beat the game just for their own sake, were rewarded to this amazing song about Shadow's revelation. It would have been higher on the list, but the fact that the game had to be played to the true ending caused a flurry of frustration on my part.

      #7 -His World -Zebrahead Version- (Sonic '06)

      Hyperactive instumental is right. This song is all kinds of crazy! How can Sonic have so many themes that fit him so well!? I commend Sega for having "ass" snuck in there too!

      #6 - With Me (Sonic & The Black Knight)

      Well here's a first, a final boss theme song by a woman! This song is straightforward and really fits Merlina's persona. It's also argueable that it's also Sonic's theme if you take the lyrics into account.

      #5 - What I'm Made of (Sonic Heroes)

      As much as I liked the opening theme "Sonic Heroes", this theme completely blew SH out of the water. When I first fought Metal Overlord and heard this song playing, I practically dropped my jaw to the floor because of my young "Oh shit, shit's going down" attitude! Fast forward a few years and I don't behave like that anymore, but I really do like this song.

      #4 - Knight of the Wind (Sonic & The Black Knight)

       Great opening song and really sets the mood for the game, even though the game was still mediocre at best. (Didn't stop me from beating it though) 

      #3 - Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)

      Wait, Live and Learn is not #1!? Yes, I think this song has been overpopularized a bit too much. Don't get me wrong, I still think the song is great! It set the ground for Crush 40 to be the musical support for future Sonic titles. Trust me when I say it really says a lot. At least it still made Top 3! 

      #2 - Live Life (Sonic & The Black Knight)

      The soft rock, the lyrics, and having  to shed manly tears... This song is amazing , it truly  is a personal favorite from Crush 40 and makes for a great closing theme to Sonic & the Black Knight.  Living life to the fullest is the life lesson delivered throughout the song. Considering the world we live in, I'd say we all need to do so.

      #1 - Dreams of an Absolution (Sonic '06)

      Silver's theme of all songs!? Yes, I heavily enjoyed this song. It's got a great tempo and features very catchy lyrics. I admit, it's weird for me to enjoy a determined love song, but I think it works and totally fits Silver in '06. It also has a cool rock remix which is also pretty good!

      Honorable Mentions:

      1. Open Your Heart
      2. My Hero
      3. You Can Do Anything 
      4. Sonic Boom
      5. Cosmic Eternity

      Did your favorites make the cut? Were you disappointed with my choices? Feel free to comment below! Thank you so much for reading g1s!

    • House of the Dead 3&4 haunting the PS3

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: While part 3 was already ported to the original Xbox back in the day, this marks the first time that HotD 4 is seeing a release on a home console. I can't wait to suffer like G did a 4th time, as no arcade I knew had the game when it first came out in 2005. Thanks Sega!

      The House of the Dead 3 is coming to PlayStation Network on February 7th, to be followed by The House of the Dead 4 in Spring 2012. Both games have updated HD graphics, trophy support, and feature complete PlayStation Move support to give you the full arcade  experience in the comfort of your own home!

      Here's the HotD 3 trailer to get you started.


    • Ezio Auditore has Entered the Fray! (And release date)

      7 years ago



       Honestly, I couldn't think of a better character that could fit in the whole Soul Calibur universe.
      Mark your calendars, the game is slated for a January 31st, 2012 release date!

    • My first little Bloggie

      7 years ago


       Hello fellow g1s! By now most of you have already made it to the new site. With that said, I will slightly change my name to Sir_Luna to not have any possible gender mishaps in the near future. Have fun with the beta ;) 
      PS, please bear with me as I get used to all the functions of all this blogging  stuff

      So are you looking into working for the Umbrella Corp? Then check this out www.umbrellasciences.com/ and apply for a better tomorrow ;)

    • Tails in Sonic CD (Also Sonic CD hits Gamestop Tablets)

      7 years ago


      Those who purchase tablets from Gamestop will find that Sonic CD is available for play. 
      It's also worth noting that the game is compatible with the proprietary Bluetooth gaming controller being offered with the tablets.  This makes the wait for the release even more unbearable. 

      On the case of Sonic CD, there is more incentive to go back to this retro goldmine. Tails is an unlockable character. So now you can say that even Tails can save Little Planet all by himself. Here are some screenshots of the fox in action.  www.flickr.com/photos/segaamerica/sets/72157627931319026/with/6303347580/

      Sonic CD is set to be released on almost anything that has an online store, with the exception of the Wii and 3DS, sometime by the end of this year.

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