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      Welcome all to the Bugaboo Show, Skwire here your host for this show. Today I 'm going to talk about one of my more nostalgic games from my collection and see if it still holds up. It has been a while that I have last played this game, so around 15-16 years. As some might expect I was exited to replay this game. What game am I talking, you may ask? well it's Destruction Derby for the MS-DOS.

      Released in 1995, it was developed by Reflection Interactive and published by Psygnosis. This game is based of the racing sub-genre, demolition derby, which is also one of its main modes. Other than that, this game also have 3 other modes to choose from; Wreckin' Racing, Stock Car Racing and Time Trials. Each of them also has couple of sub-modes as well.

      Wreckin' Racing and Stock Car Racing are essentially the same thing, you race around in 1 of 5 tracks and try to get into first place. The difference however, is the points system in Wreckin' Racing. You acquire these points by placing into the top ranks and giving your opponents multiple concussions. The more they spin, the more points you get. You can also gain additional points for putting your opponents out of commission.

      Time Trials is well... a time trial, pick one of the tracks and make an attempt for the fastest lap time, nothing revolutionary here.

      Now for the last main mode, Destruction Derby. As with Wreckin' Racing, you gain points for ramming your opponents until you see black smokes and make them spin until they black out. In this mode you also gain additional points for being the last one to survive. Unfortunately there's only 1 track in this mode, it's circular, flat and after playing that track for a few times, dull. There's also a sub-mode called Total Destruction where every A.I. goes after you. Very painful to say the least.

      When first starting up and playing the game, you'll notice 3 main things; the visuals, the gameplay and the sound.

      Lets talk about the gameplay first, it's a little stiff at first. This is due to the weight of the cars. In which, there's 3 of them, each having slight handling difference. Rookie has the easiest handling but weak in terms of power, pro has hardest handling but has a higher manoeuvrability and amateur, which lies somewhere in middle. Fortunately, for me anyways, it was easy enough to get the hang of things after a race, if I don't get obliterated in one of those tracks that has an intersection.

      Now the visuals, it did not hold up over the years; the walls clips, the cars and the environment are very pixelated, in other words, it's ugly as all hell. However, there is one aspect of its visuals that do remain impressive and that's the damage modelling. Each hit that your car takes or give can be seen and directly affect the handling of your vehicle and those of your opponents.. So let say the right side of the car is caved in, whats going to happen is that your car will have a tendency to shift towards the right when you try to go forward, which can get frustrating but it's awesome at the same time.

      That last thing that I need to mention is the audio. Because I'm running this game on dosbox, there's an audio glitch that causes the game to have no sound effect and voice overs. So I can't comment on the sound design. The music however, I can, albeit briefly since I'm no music expert. It sounds like techno, which is a genre of music that I like.

      Overall it has a good amount of modes to play with for its time and in some way, ahead of it due to how the damage work. The core gameplay does have its quirks but still playable. It's unfortunate that there's an audio glitch but then again the game was running on a dos emulator. With all that said, it's fun game that also manages partially quench to my lust for destruction. I hope you enjoyed this review. Goodbye and until next time.


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