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    • Check out Visnomadic

      2 years ago

      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015

      Visnomadic is a pretty rad group of guys and gals who have put a lot of work into daily videos for the last few years but just haven't gotten the kind of growth that you would expect from their own custom art, music, intros, and all sorts of innovations and changes they want to make in the Lets Play format. They are definitely worth a check considering how much work they put into it.

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      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015

      Since there is no real option for looking through everyone's content, why not share your pieces in here so other people can actually see it. Yeah there is still the user created section on the ScrewAttack forums but for some this would be easier to access.

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      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015
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      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015
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      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015
    • Our Darker Purpose: The New Generation of Rogue-Like-Likes

      4 years ago

      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015


      Released By Avidly Wild Games in February 2014, Our Darker Purpose takes it's leads not from the traditional gameplay of genre staples such as ADOM or Dungeons of Dredmor, but instead follows the steps laid out by Indie darling, The Binding of Isaac. Does this new competitor reach new heights in the “Roguelite” genre, or does it fail to top it's predecessors?


      Created as part of a Kickstarter campaign in May 2013, Boston's Avidly Wild Games sought to fuse elements of twin-stick shooters, roguelikes, and RPGs into an adventure of a young girl trying to survive her way through a school filled with the transmogrified cliques of fellow students. It is up to you to pilot our heroine, Cordy, through the halls of the Edgewood Home for Lost Children and uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the adults while staying alive in a hostile environment.

      The gameplay is based around the standards set by other twin-stick shooters such as Smash TV or The Binding of Isaac where by using the wasd keys you control your character, while the arrow keys are used to shoot fireballs from your hands. (How you are able to use these powers is a complete mystery.) Alongside these controls you also have the ability to perform a roll, which will increase your speed and help with dodging enemies, a special item which can be used with the spacebar, a collection of juice boxes that will heal you by 20HP, and finally some chalk which is used as a damaging cloud attack. These are just your standard equipment, and by unlocking chests and defeating Leaders (enhanced versions of normal enemies), you can pick up additional items that can give you such abilities as triple shot, increased range, or creating fire while rolling. These items are very important and gives you the incentive to search every room on a floor, even at the cost of some of your health, as they can be the difference between success and failure. Each enemy can also give you XP, which allows you to level up your character even further, increasing health, damage, and various other attributes.


      Upon finishing a stage you are given a certain number of gems, that can be used for further unlocks outside the main game. After each floor you are given a map, allowing you to choose what version of the next floor you would like to use. Some of these provide benefits like richer enemies that drop more coins, or more gems at the cost of harder enemies. Balancing your gem output and your chances of completion is very important since you don't want to waste all your health items beating a floor just for 3 more gems. As stated before, these gems give you the chance to upgrade yourself outside the game. By accessing the extras you can gain permanent bonuses at the cost of these gems from either the Counsellor (who increases chalk and juice storage) and classes, which give you limited bonuses such as starting with 8 coins or increased range while standing still. Having only a certain number of periods allows you to bend the game into your own style, giving you some degree of normality between each randomized run.


      Both the art style and music convey a very specific atmosphere. The game tries to give off a depression era aura with its dim lights, hand drawn art style, and ominous tones. Overall, it has the right vibes for the right area, and although it isn't the highest point in the game, it gets the job done.


      In the end, Our Darker Purpose is a fantastic game in the indie landscape that seems to have been passed over by those looking towards the bigger titles such as Octodad 2 or Broken Age which had much more coverage. If you want a challenging game, with a lot of replay value, I would definitely give this one a play.





    • Amazon Possibly Buying TwitchTV?

      4 years ago

      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015

      News site The Information has reported that Amazon is in the process of buying TwitchTV, the top ranking video game streaming site, for over $1 Billion. This is in contrast to a few months back when Megagiant Google were going to be the ones picking up the site. Other news sites including Ars Technica, Bloomberg's and The Wall Street Journal have also picked up the story and have claimed sources corroborating with said evidence.

      For now we will just have to wait and see what comes of this trade. What do you think g1s? Who will take the top prize? Or is this all just a lousy rumour being dragged up by people angry about a Google acquisition?

      [UPDATE] The acquisition has been CONFIRMED by the CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear.
    • Mother 2 coming to Virtual Console

      5 years ago

      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015

      Or at least in Japan.

      As reported on Earthbound Central, Mother 2, known as Earthbound over here in North America, is being finally released on the Wii U Virtual Console on March 20. This was revealed at the Nintendo Direct conference in Japan.

      Not only is the game being released, but on March 20, the creator of Mother, Shigesato Itoi will be joining the Mother 2 Wiiverse to talk about his work on the series.

      It is speculated that this might be the "Mother Revival" that Mr. Itoi talked about back in December. 

      As for the people of NA, EU, and AUS? Well, no confirmed information as of yet. Hopefully this will be the first sign of an international release of the game for modern gamers.

    • Fran Bow is an off-kilter adventure with bloody good charm

      5 years ago

      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015

      Greetings g1s, once again it is I, Smoke108. This time around I thought I would cover a game that, if you follow my Twitter feed, I am throwing a lot of support behind. That game, my friends, is Fran Bow. It is a point-and-click adventure game from the two-person team of Killmonday. After working very hard on the game for seven months, Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson felt that it was an appropriate time to launch an Indiegogo campaign. The team hopes the campaign will be enough to fund the remainder of the project. A Steam Greenlight page is also available for voting.

      Check out the trailer for Fran Bow

      Fran Bow follows the titular character, a seemingly normal girl who witnesses the murder of both of her parents. Left with only her aunt and her cat, Mr. Midnight, she eventually gets taken away to an asylum where her story begins to unfold. All of this story would be quite dull if it was not for the very unique hand drawn art style of Natalia Figueroa. Don't get too attached to the art style though. There promises to be a number of miniature challenges with their own pixel art that may very well differ greatly from the original design.

      In terms of gameplay, a very minimalist approach has been used. Rather than using a series of phrases or options for interactions, it simply uses an inventory based system where you can use, examine and combine the various items you have collected along your journey. In order to make navigation simpler, there is also the option to quickly scroll between set pieces by using icons on the left and right of the screen. The main mechanic of the game, however, is more akin to the likes of Edmund McMillen's Time Fcuk, where by using pills, you can alter your perception of the world and acquire items and information that would otherwise be unobtainable. The game is still in it's early stages, so other major gameplay mechanics are not known to the public at this time.

      You may wonder how I know so much about a game that is so early in development. Lucky for you, the fine people at Killmonday have supplied a demo of the first little chunk of the game, available on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is an early project, so there are a number of bugs and issues such as walking up door frames or getting stuck in a temporary loop when picking up a certain item. I ask that you forgive some of these shortcomings as you play through the areas of the demo.

      I hope that you find this project interesting and you will help fund the work of some great people. For more information check out Killmonday on Twitter, Facebook, and the official site for Fran Bow.

      The official website

      Fran Bow is the intellectual property of Killmonday Games. The game is expected to launch for Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

    • Smoke Reviews... Aivi and Surasshu Presents: The Black Box

      5 years ago

      smoke108 g1 of the Year 2015




      Album: The Black Box

      Artists: Aivi and Surrashu

      Label: Ubiktune

      Release: March 8, 2013



      What's all this then?


      The Black Box is the creation of composer and pianist Aivi Tran and chiptune musician Surasshu, with artwork by Diana Jakobssen. This collaborative piece is only one, of a range of works that Aivi has done, as she has also worked alongside other fairly well known youtube artists, as well as a number of indie games. Surasshu on the other hand, has worked with the likes of Capcom, Amaze Entertainment, and EA.






      As you can clearly see, the artwork of Diana Jakobssen is highly influenced by such pieces as The Adventures of Tin Tin, while still blending it with other art styles. Not only does this artwork provide something pretty to look at, but it also functions as the story of the album. All of this thanks to the 14 page mini comic detailing the begging of the adventures of Aivi the archaeologist and her findings of the mysterious Black Box. I can only imagine that this is the beginning of a line of adventures featuring our heroes. Whether that means a continuation of artwork alone, or more albums... well that remains to be seen.




      The Music


      It's amazing that I have gone this long without talking about the actual music. The Black Box provides a fantastic mix of classical, jazz, and chiptunes. As someone who enjoys all of these genres, it is quite easy for me to get into the album. As for you Zelda and Katamari fans, well there might be something for you guys as well. In terms of must listen to tracks, one of the best on the album would have to go to “Here's How!”, for being a straight up jazzy tune all the way through. If you want something more happy and upbeat, well Distance is more up your alley.




      It's not much of a stretch to say that this is one of my favourite albums of this year, and one of the best chiptune records I've heard since Vacation Wasteland by Slime Girls and Bug Spray by Ben Carignan last year. Oh, and did I mention that it is available at the low price of... whatever you want to pay. This may not appeal to those who aren't into melodic piano music, but if you are looking for something different in the world of chiptunes, well then, this comes at a heavy recommendation. However, if you are more into the crazier side of chiptunes, then may I recommend the works of Chipzel or Knife City.


      In the end, I give this album an 8.5/10.


      As for my next blog, well...





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