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    • SGC 2010: A blog of the best damn gaming weekend

      7 years ago


      IN July of the Years 2009 and 2010 I had the Esteemed privilege to take of an event over the course of the Independence day weekend., and that is the  ScrewAttack  Gaming Convention.

      The place that this convention was held in was the DFW Westin. in ..well Dallas/Fort Worth.

      for the next 3 days or so what would normally seem like a quaint quiet convention/ball room would become a massive party of gamers, celebs, and officials , and Key members that if without them all of this would not be possible!

      the first time I went to Dallas in 2009 I was not used to my surroundings. so I  thought I'd try to look around and see what sights there were to behold in Texas.  However learning that a cab in the DFW/ Arlington area would http://www.screwattack.com/user/spacemanmonster/post_blogd be quite a handful trying to get to point a to point b.  One thing to take note is that some places were kinda expensive even though having a coupon would try to dampen the blow. however there is a funny side to this and a tip. "always empty out your pockets of gum wrappers.  They set off alarms!!

      Here's what the Floor plan looked like this in 2009:

      and here's the map of 2010:


      The Year after when I returned I just stayed at the Hotel when trying to work on a video (Now Defunct) I lost a good nights sleep and decided to just hit the hay! 8 hours later I woke up to Find many G1s were commencing about ! Grabbing their passes for the big event and reading to rock  the SGC when the event starts. just to give us a taste of what was up ahead, an SF THREE (third strike was set up allow some G1s to a bit of what's to come the set up and preparation was almost like being at the red carpet of an wards show or something! Hell just to take way from the amusement of the SF3 game, Pizza was presented to Jared! as something that was never seen in Texas. you know like some local contraband where you sneak in the goods. but was pretty neat to Witness! [Vid Here]

      The Vendor Room was Prolly Better than what it was in 2009! The next year there was tons of more swag (yes I said swag) And hell I managed to pick me up some sonic gear, and a flight stick!! There was a ton of stuff to choose from Hell I picked me up some games review from AVGN just so If I can actually beat them this time around!!



       Getting ready for this IMOG was definitely a challenge. For one I went and bought some games that I havn't played in a long time but definitely worth it Like Crazy taxi or Ikaruga However (and I guess it's also a test of nerves that they also put in some lamer games Like Mr. Splosion Man... others I could Rent and beable to get some good practice with them but for games like the first Halo that was a bit hard. 1. The game Can't (at the time) be played online... and 2. Even if it were MS just pulled the server for any Xbox original games...bummer.    Welp I sure Hope all my Practice paid off It was a simple round of arcaders  Like Crazy Taxi, Ikaruga and the awful POS (If you like it great!!) Mr. Splosion man...(Good lord what a terrible game...) [Competition vid]

      Well after I tried my best at the First tier of the IMOG I unfortunately did not reach the second round of the 

      Holy Crap I never had as much fun in the pool as I did when Keith Showed up and did some insane high dives from on top of entrance and most insane yet was trying to get as many people into a hot tub and make it overflow!!! and by the pics it did!! as we rushed out, the tub had to refill and and I'm sure people 50 feet below were prolly sprayed!!

      I also took part of asking questions  at both the AVGN's James Rolfe's and Screwattack's Panels. However I wish I had better questions than what I could come up with. there was some good ones but were already asked by somebody else. [Panel Vids]

      As part of any con you'd meet guests from many web series or people who have worked like I just mentioned Keith Apicary (Nathan J, Barnett) and BrentalFloss who was just a wild and crazy as he is with his lyrics. Also I got a chance to meet Noah Antwiler or otherwise known as Spoony from that site with that critic guy who screams at bad (and for some odd reason Mediocre to good )movies... But I had a chance to talk to him and mentioned some Final fantasy stuff Like how boring the FF Unlimited anime was and Me stopping at after FF 7 but Finished 8 and How there's to many of them. But it was all in fun! You also get to meet a lot of up and coming Gaming stars like Austin Hargrove aka http://www.youtube.com/user/PeanutButterGamer Peanut Butter Gamer.  Heck I managed to stand next to him in the IMoG line and he is a great guy as we talked about what type of gaming videos to working different systems and how to work up many views and other stuff.  It was awesome to hang with him and I wish him a lot of luck with many future projects. Back in 2009 I also got to meet Brett Vanderbrook otherwise known as Captain S and had a wonderful chat about the team PPG  and asked about Devon Ryley who played NES and wished him the best of Health! (I wonder how they're doing nowadays !? )in 2010 I was able to Talk to the man who ran the Sega blog and got a pic of me with my Sonic gear on! A lot of great people you'll run into and hey maybe you'll strike up a conversation with them!!

       The Finals Of the IRON MAN of Gaming was with out a doubt the best one of 2010!! I mean as you watch in the video we were treated to two games to be released to the public and we were gonna get to witness them as accompanied by loud wails of vuvuzellas in the background!!



      As for myself. 2010 has produced  the best SGC ever!! I really enjoyed it and If ther was annother one again I' be happy to to it but as of 2011 I may have to skip this one so I don't seem like I'm constantly taking time off at the same point in the calendar . However there was no SGC in both 2011 but the IMOG was a Anime/Cat convention.. (a bit scary there )   And in 2012 the next IMOG was only for the SA crew to pick who would got to the Tokyo Game Show.  BUT WAIT There IS another SGC and it's... Almost Right now!!! and this trip will make for the one I took last year (2012) too much fighting and arguing that it almost ruined it... so yeah after that I vowed to go on a better trip the following year!! and I'm sure IT WILL!

      This Blog serves as a sort of promotion and influence for those to join the best damn party this side of the internet. As the Kickstarter began many of us, Myself included put forward to help raise enough for this massive get together of gaming and partying, A sort of Woodstock for gamers a GameStock (unless an actual GameStock exists)   I hope everyone who in the past that have been to Both (and/or 1 or the other) SGCs Had the best experience that anyone has ever had! and I wish if they were to return to have just as great of a trip as they had(or better than) in the past with this I thank everyone in reading and watch the videos in the Blog and I bid you a fond Adieu..!

      [that's all folks!!] extras to follow!

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