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    Yo! My name is Augusto Flores. I am a Graphic Designer (only because I have an Associate of Arts Degree in Graphic Design), but I am also a character designer. I am currently studying Game Art and Design in The Art Institute of California so I may become a professional character designer in the video game industry someday. I go on SmashBoards as my regular forum... generally, all I really talk about there is Super Smash Brothers 4. I am on facebook and I use twitter only to receive information. I do like anime and I watch it regularly. As an artist, I have a gallery on the internet. To see my gallery, follow this link to http://augustoflores.deviantart.com/ I did not make this background, I just like it... whenever I make my own widescreen art, I will most likely use THAT as my background.

    How'd you get into gaming?

    I got into gaming when my cousin and my eldest brother showed up one time with a box of cartridges of the Nintendo Entertainment System (as well as the system, a light gun, and a few controllers). The first game I got to play was TMNT 2 for the NES. I was introduced to Metroid, Super Mario, Kid Icarus, Mega Man, Castlevania, Zelda, Contra, Kirby, etc. I got in because of the turtles but I stayed because of the blue bomber.

    What are your favorites?

    My favourites are generally fighting games; however, MegaMan is my favourite franchise. Therefore, a traditional Mega Man fighting game would be definitive to me. Also... there's always Smash Bros.

    What are you playing now?

    Beyond Good and Evil HD, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Soul Calibur IV (offline), Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (offline), Bayonetta.

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