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    • #Gamergate: The biggest debacle in modern gaming

      4 years ago


      #Gamergate is probably one of the most controversial things in current gender debate currently going on. People are receiving death threats, incoherent yelling. Censorship on the subject is incredible and many news and game journalist sites are unwilling to talk about it. Not to mention large misrepresentations and sensationalist articles are all over the web about this. But what is #gamergate really? And what the fuck is wrong with it? Well that takes some long winded explaining but Ill try to give a fairly brief and clear summation of what the situation is.

      #Gamergate originally was a large movement against games media due to apparent corruption within it. People were giving games higher ratings due to personal relationships, silencing discussion of said ratings, and denial of all this became apparent to the games, This lead to the markation of the source (the source being of a large feminist female developer) of it and many people calling them out. However this lead to a large posting of articles claiming "gamers are dead" calling all gamers sexist white male pigs on 14 sites all within 24 hours of each other. Later it was revealed that the mass of sites that posted these articles had personnel collaborate with each other to create this narrative. Needless to say this is the biggest load of fucked up ever.

      Now that's what #gamergate was originally, but what is it now? Currently #gamergate is subject to large critique from feminists and a large part of the population defacing and silencing them along with calling any supporters horribly sexist pigs. Largely this point of view that #gamergate was about this came from the games press previously mentioned narrative that was formed. However one would lead the information I have given to make #gamergate a totally innocent bystander of an agenda to silence, well this isn't the case...

      While some of the reaction of #gamergate has stayed on point and criticizing games media rightfully. A lot of it has taken the bait and become part of the gender debate. Often screaming at feminists for being illegitimate (I don't necessarily think that the feminists in question are legitimate either) and trying to silence them. A large portion of #gamergate has lost its way (they were not as one).

      However neither are the feminists and the people saying #gamersgate are clean either. There have been cases of shadow bans, silencing, doxxing as well. People have made death threats towards higher parts of the #gamergate movement. They ahve also stooped to making fake tweets in photoshop to try and make leaders seem like the bigoted assholes that they are trying to say they are. Basically neither of these two opposing forces have clean hands, and its pretty damn fucked up.

      That's the short of the story, more or less. It's a big mess that ultimately will hurt gaming, and I only can hope will be cleared up and end as quick as possible. 

    • The maturity of the gaming community

      6 years ago


       Hellow G1's and welcome to my first blogpost, on this account. See now where I am it is 2:30 AM as I type this, so plase forgive laziness within my grammar, typos, correctness of titles, lack of coherency etc. So, I am Starlorb, I never really made many blogs, yet I always have found the people on this site fascinating  and I love this community. So might as well contribute to it! So for my first topic I'm gonna do something that is bound to be controversial (GOOD IDEA AMMIRITE, HERP); whether we gamers have actually grown-up as a media and community.

      The gaming medium started way back in the 1970's being a curious little thing that scientists did with their free time in labs and such. Of course this is back when there were very few of us and everything was on room-sized computers. Back then we were just a curious little invention nobody cared about because nobody had us. We weren't really expected but really nobody thought much of us, at ALL. So I guess we were at the point of a fetus, something  that really wasn't quite BORN as a medium.

      Then the ataris and the NESs came, we then grew into a medium, a very young one. Main audience being introverted little kids that were kinda geeky usually that really we didnt interact with eachother much besides locally. So we were young, we were not respected though, from my knowledge, we didnt ask for it, nor were we antagonized much either. And this stayed around till what I call the early-modern era.

      The early modern-era was around the later times of the N64 and more twoards when the X-Box and PS2 joined in. When we have our current Big 3. Here is when shit started to hit the fan. We, the gaming community, got a lot larger, we expanded, we picked up a new generation of kids, and we developed a new fad; the FPS genre. This is about when we started getting atagonized and we started getting more defensive, and well, some-what justified to be. 

      See what caused this new creation of antagonization was the fact we were now doing  a lot of killing with blood and such within our video-games because of the FPS genre starting. Now, I aint saying I hate the FPS genre, I'm jsut saying thats where this started. And we were not used to this, so how do things who are just dropped into that situation react, incredibly defensively and with shock. 

      Now as this progressed we stayed this way, infact we got worse, our community became a bunch of XBLA screaming douche-bags and this gave our attackers more ammunition thusly we became even MORE defensive, and we have stayed this way since, even though banning video-games is next to impossible in the USA, where most of this is taking place as far as I know. 

      Now what do I call a grown-up medium? I call it a medium that has engaged philosophical and realms of deeper thought, and can stand on its own, and can debate their arguements well and can  take a few hits here and there, and not retaliate at just about anything. Most mediums and cultures have eventually evolved to this form, given that most of them have been around for MANY years, some are relatively new but have met most of my requirements. 

      Now lets jsut get straight to the point, we have NOT grown-up: We retaliate at anything, we are incredibly defensive, we almost NEVER engage any deeper thought, save a few tiny indie games (which dont really count because most people, unfortunately, dont ever get those games, thusly they are not reproduced much at all). We don't know our allies from our enemies and we are much too dismissive. 

      Now have we gotten any stronger than we used to, grown-up in the slightest? Well thats a bit more subjective. We have less grown-up more gone through a metamorphosis into an entirely DIFFERENT child. We used to be a geeky introversion who just met in small groups of friends to screaming douche-bags who hate eachother, or neckbeards with no life what-so-ever. Whether you qualify that as growing up is your decision (I personally don't at all).

      So can we grow up, can the gaming medium become respectable medium that encourages deeper-thought? Short answer is yes, long answer is yest but its gonna take a long time and is INCREDIBLY unlikely at the rate we are going.  See gamers are not becoming better in the eyes of the medium mostly because producers wont create video-games htat encourage deep thought, which is because WE, the gamers, don't buy them, and industry needs to make money in order to live unfortunately.

      So let's fix this, let's stop retaliating, lets show interest for the thought-invoking games, let's grow-up!

      Now, I am getting a horrid head-ache and I have left quite a bit unsaid, but I need to sleep, so talk to you G1's later thank you for your time, good-bye.

      ~ G1 Starlorb

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