S4 league

Stylish eSper Shooting Sports

I've been playing this weird little game from Korea called "S4 league",It was created by "Pentavision entertainment" (Now known as "GameOn")And the Europe and North America version brought to you by Alaplaya. I would just like to say wow I have never played anything more addicting.The game play is like no other game and the anime style looks good and can run on just about any computer.

However... This fun comes at a price,You gotta deal with a lot of bull$#!7 from Pentavision,Alaplaya, and the community if you want to play this game.

S4 league is "Free to Play", Sounds great right? Well its also "Pay to Win".

"PEN" is the in game currency in S4 league, "AP" is the real money in the game.

Let's say we put a bunch of PEN players against a bunch of AP players,

PEN stats are as follows: 5% Defense 6%Attack HP+8

AP stats are: 17% Defense  23% Attack  HP+29 

To nerf those AP stats alaplaya makes you gamble to obtain the stats you want,The Chances of getting them easily fall under the 3% mark