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    • Screwattack Survey

      5 years ago


      Whats up g1s, Supermatt64 here, long story short I'm making a survey for the g1s to fill out and I need your help by filling it out. 


      g1s, lend me your I mean opinions


      Now you may be asking yourself "But Supermatt, why are you making this survey? Isnt Screwattack a shining beacon of perfection that all other websites should follow? Isnt the g1 community already flawless in every way, shape, and form?" First of all,Screwattack is overall an awesome community but we are far from perfect (i.e Equestria daily TF2 debacle). Second, Screwattack, as a website and as an online community has grown rapidly since the version 5 switch. Just look at how many new g1s we've gained from Youtube and partnership with other shows like The Black Nerd, Game Theory and The Completionist. Heck, the Goku vs Superman death battle alone got the site so much attention it probably spawned a few g1s.  As the g1 community contunes to grow, our overall thoughts and opinions on the site and the community are bound to change. With a survey we can answer these important questions as well as find out  what kind of community we are, what kind of people make up our community, what we like and dislike about the community and how Screwattack can improve for the better.

      On I have made a 10 question survey that any g1 can fill out( the link is at the bottom). My next post will be a summary and a response from all of the surveys data, similar to what g1 Atsinganoi did with his survey a year ago. 

      Before I end this i just want to reiterate something. You dont need a g1 account to be a g1. In my opinion anyone who is a fan of Screwattack is a g1. Also make sure you spread the word to all Screwattack fans about the survey. The more people who fill out the survey the better. 

      Hopefully this survey will make Screwattack and its community even more awesome than before. 


      The link to the survey 




    • Screwattack Survey

      5 years ago


      Whats up g1s, Supermatt64 here, long story short I'm making a g1 survey in order to find out a few things about the g1 community as well as figure out everyones thoughts on the site. 


      g1s, lend me your I mean opinions


      Now you may be asking yourself "But Supermatt, why are you making this survey? Isnt Screwattack a shining beacon of perfection that all other websites should follow? Isnt the g1 community already flawless in every way, shape, and form?" First of all,Screwattack is overall an awesome community but we are far from perfect (i.e Equestria daily TF2 debacle). Second, Screwattack, as a website and as an online community has grown rapidly since the version 5 switch. Just look at how many new g1s we've gained from Youtube and partnership with other shows like The Black Nerd, Game Theory and The Completionist. Heck, the Goku vs Superman death battle alone got the site so much attention it probably spawned a few g1s.

      As the g1 community contunes to grow, our  demographics as well as our overall thoughts on the site and the community are bound to change. With a survey we can answer these important questions as well as find out  what kind of community we are, what kind of people make up our community, what we like and dislike about the community and how Screwattack can improve for the better.

      On I have made a 10 question survey that any g1 can fill out( the link is at the bottom). My next post will be a summary and a response from all of the surveys data, similar to what g1 Atsinganoi did with his survey a year ago. 

      Before I end this I just want to reiterate something. You dont need a g1 account to be a g1. In my opinion anyone who is a fan of Screwattack is a g1. Also make sure you spread the word to all Screwattack fans about the survey. The more people who fill out the survey the better. 

      Hopefully this survey will make Screwattack and its community even more awesome than before. 


      The link to the survey




    • The Importance of Sega

      5 years ago


      When you think about Sega, what comes to mind? It is some of their memorable franchises like Sonic or Streets of Rage?. Is it their old school arcade titles like Golden Axe or Crazy Taxi. Perhaps some of your favorite gaming memories start to pop in your head, like those lazy summer evenings hanging out with your cousin, ripping his heart out in Mortal Kombat, watching in awe as pixilated blood gushes out of your opponents chest.

      Sega's been called many things this past decade; From miserable excuse of a game developer that can't even give their mascot a proper game, to a relic from the past that is completely lost in the DLC based, motion controlled, video game world of today.

      What if I were to tell you that Sega is one of the most important video game companies ever to exist; whose innovative and creative business practices were vital in shaping almost every aspect of the gaming world as we know it. What if I told you that what Sega has done, from the 80s to the turn of the century, has had a drastic impact on nearly every aspect of video games, from what video games and consoles are now today, to how the gaming industry is shaped the way it is.

      Even though their place in the gaming world now is nothing short of absent, Sega's impact on video games has been monumental. Without further adieu here are 3 reasons why Sega was so important for the development and growth of videogames





      1. Ushering in the 16-bit era




      Sega can be held responsible for practically starting the 16 bit era of video games. The big blue achieve this, not by making the first 16 bit console (that title belongs to Hudson and NEC), but by helping the game industry make the transition to 16 bit video games. During the midlate 80s, Sega was making kick ass 16 bit games in the arcade with hits such as Shinobi, Super Hang-On, Altered Beast, and Golden Axe. With these classic titles and more, Sega was number 1 in every bowling alley and pizza parlor.



      Back in the day, Sega was a household name in the arcades



       However at home console market, their was only one name synonymous with video games; Nintendo. Nintendo and its NES was so popular that it was practically smacking all other 8 bit consoles silly. Sega decided that if they wanted to compete with Nintendo they needed to make a new console. A console more powerful than any other, one that could bring all of the high tech action of the arcades home. In October of 1988, Sega did this by releasing their new 16 bit console the Mega Drive, or more appropriately named in North America, the Genesis. The Genesis was the first commercially successful 16 bit console. Its superior audio and graphical capabilities as well as its awesome game library stood out in comparison to anything else. Consumers everywhere soon realized that 16 bit consoles were the future.  Nintendo responded to the Genesis  with the Super Nintendo in 1990 and with that, the 16 bit era began.




      2. Innovating Video game hardware




      Sega can also be held responsible for some of the gaming industry most important innovations. One of which is popularizing the use of CDs for making video games. It should be noted that CD based consoles and attachments have been used since the NES days, however the guys at Sega were the first ones to get it right..........sort of. Sega released a CD based attachment to the Genesis, named the Sega CD. Despite the add on allowing  the Genesis to play disc based games that had a higher sound quality, a more diverse color palette, and a high storage capacity, the Sega CD couldn't really upgrade the genesis' graphics or overall hardware.



      Genesis                                                                        Sega CD


      As a result, the Sega CD boasted mediocre sales and didn't really get a foothold in the eyes of consumers. However what the Sega CD did do it get the attention of the rest of the industry. Game companies saw that CD based hardware was destined to replace cartridges.  CDs were overall more advanced and cheaper to manufacture than cartridges, so it was practically a no brainer. With CDs, game developers could create better worlds that were more detailed and expansive than ever before.  The technological prowess of CDs paved the way for how the next console generation would run its games and help launch 3D video games.




      Sega also showed the video game world that  consoles could do more than just play video games. The last console Sega ever made , the Dreamcast, forever changed what video games consoles are and what they are expected to do. For starters, Segas 128 bit behemoth was the first console that could connect to the Internet. This meant that not only could you use the Dreamcast to browse the web, but it could also connect to other Dreamcasts for online play. This brought a whole new dimension to how gamers played their games. No longer did you have to play alone as you could play with anyone around the world at anytime.



      The Dreamcast, letting you noob the pwns all over the world.


      Besides connecting the internet, the Dreamcast could do alot more. It could play audio CDs, keep track of the date and time, and even manage all of the stored data on a VMU (the Dreamcasts memory card). This little bonus features may not be much but, I like to believe that it was these small details that inspired other console makers to make their systems do more than just play video games. After the Dreamcast practically every console could do more than play games. The PS2 could play DVDS, the Xbox had a hard drive that could store music and add it to other games, and the Gamecube could connect to Game Boy Advances and certain handheld games. This trend would continue to grow as new consoles were made, making video game consoles more than just video game consoles. So next time you're on you Wii wondering why the weather channel is on your main page, even though you will never use it, you can thank the Dreamcast.


       Yes, Sega made all of these great contributions to gaming but their final one proves to be the most vital.




      3. Challenging Nintendo




      No matter how you look at it, no one can deny that gaming wouldn't be close to anything it is now without Sega stepping up to Nintendo. For those of you who don't know, back in the late 80s, Nintendo had a complete monopoly on the video game industry. Their dominance over the console market was nothing like the gaming world had seen before and has never been seen since. It has been said that during this era Nintendo was capturing over 80% of the sales of the ENTIRE video game market. When Sega stepped up their game and released the Genesis, it ended Nintendo dominance. Sega did this with full force, creating cutting edge high quality 16 bit games and porting arcade classics that Nintendo's NES couldnt handle. I feel however it was Segas massive advertising campaign  that got gamers hooked, not only were they great at showing off Segas stuff but they also openly mock Nintendo in them.







      With Nintendo having someone to compete with for the home console market, the playing grounds for the 16 bit console war as well as a balance of power in the console industry was established. Why is a balanced video game market important you may ask? Simple, it creates competition which in return leads to better products or in this case awesome video games. Just think about the mind blowing graphics of Donkey Kong Country and Yoshi's island. The processing speed of Sonic 2 and Contra Hard Corps. The stories of action and adventure told in games like Chrono Trigger and Phantasy Star 2. The fun times had playing classics like Super Mario World or Street Fighter 2. The great features of these games might not have been as great, or even exist, if it weren't for Nintendos and Segas epic struggle for being the best in the business. Without competition what's the motivating factor to go above and beyond? I believe that it was this is the reason as to why The Genesis and SNES days are to be considered to do be the best days of gaming. Both gaming superpowers had a driving force to create stunning graphics, great stories, and and addicting gameplay. On top of that, the technology available, at that time, was vastly superior to the previous generation, allowing game developers to create bigger and better looking worlds and processing power to immerse gamers into their games.



      The jump to 16 bits was a massive one graphics wise





      With all of these important events happening due to or partly because of Segas contributions to the game industry, it leaves one thinking. What if Sega didn't exist or didn't do what they did? What if CDS weren't introduced much later in gamings lifetime? How would the 16 bit era and the eras that followed look different without Sega? How would this effect consoles? What would happen if Nintendo was never challenged and their rein over gaming continued well into the 90s? How would things be different?

      I will attempt to answer these questions and more as my follow up for this blog will be a portrayal of an alternate video game timeline were Sega didn't exist. Yup that's right I'm ending on a cliffhanger, deal with it. I hope you guys will stick around for the next installment. 





    • My top 11 Death Battle Suggestions

      5 years ago



      Hello g1s welcome to my top 11 death battles suggestions. These are suggestions that not only I would like to see but also the ones that I think would be really interesting and entertaining to watch. These arent in any particluar order of preference just my overall top 11. So without further delay here we go.





      Number 11

       TJ Combo vs Jax



      Lets face it guys, at some point in our lives, we all wanted robot arms. Memories of lifting heavy objects and shooting missles and bullets out of our arms are intertwined with our childhoods. least for me they are. Anyway Jax and T.J Combo are some of the most memorable characters from their franchies just because of their arms. While jax may be stronger and can create shock waves and missles with his arms. T.J is much faster and can create some "killer" combos. (ba dum tsssss). Just to give you guys an idea on what these guys can do look at the videos below.






      Number 10

      Streets of Rage vs Final Fight


      if you can remember way back in the day during those 16 bit machine playground scuffles in elementary school, this topic would come up. "FINAL FIGHT HAS BETTER GRAPHICS, "BUT STREETS OF RAGE HAS BETTER MUSIC". "IN FINAL FIGHT YOU CAN PLAY AS A SUPER JACKED WRESLING MAYOR", "WELL IN STREETS OF RAGE YOU CAN PLAY AS A KICKBOXING 10 YEAR OLD ON ROLLERBLADES". And the battle continues. These franchises were practically battling each other before we even knew it. The first Streets of Rage game was  made to compete with Final Fight during late 1991 for Genesis and SNES sales and  Nintnedo asked Capcom to make Final Fight 2 because of Streets of Rage 2. I think this death battle should include not just the main playable characters but EVERYONE, including bad guys and bosses, so we can finally put this age old arguement to rest.





       Number 9

      Robo vs E-102 Gamma


      In all of the the awesome robots that have come out of video games these two really stand out. Robo and E-102 Gamma are both known for their character that develops in their respective games as well as how awesome they are. Robo is (obviously) a robot, that the Chrono Trigger gang pick up in the future to help them on their quest to save time and stop Lavos. On their quest robo learns about and humans and feelings and all of the other stuff you expect in a JRPG. Robo also the most versitile member of Chrono teams having a high attack and resistence to physical damage, as well as the ability to heal himself. E-102 was created to Dr. Eggman to do his bidding but then Sonic and friends blah blah blah, feelings, blah blah blah blah friendship, he becomes good. At first glance this Death Battle seems one sided with Robo being the clear favorite but any one whos played Chrono trigger can tell you about Robos speed, its pathetic as well as his defense against magic. Anyone whos played Sonic adventure can tell you how mobile and agile E-102 is in his helecopter and vehicle mode not to mention his missle launcher and his lazer cannon which would be effective against Robo. Bundle that up with a lazer pointer for accuracy and you've got one hell of a death battle.






      Number 8

      The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs The Voltron Force

      Giant fighting robots that combine to create even more giant fighting robots, do I really need to say more? I've seen this suggestion on a lot of death battle wish lists and for very good reasons. Both of these these characters and their shows have captured the imagination of children, old and new, by teaching important life lessons such as to never give up, believe in your friends and their is no problem that a giant robot fight can't solve. I specifically listed the original power rangers because any other redition would make it a 6 v 5 mismatch. Plus we all know the original power rangers had the best intro and theme song.






      Number 7

      Young Link vs Ness

      Korkri forests hero of time vs the psycho kid from Onett. The highest rated game of all time vs the ultimate cult classic. Both Young Link and Ness have a massive adventure thrusted upon them and both obtain new skills, items and abilities along their journey. Both of these characters have unique fighting techniques and styles that would make a great death battle. Young Link with his stragetic "find the enemies weakspot and attack it" approach and his sword and shield along with his other weapons and Ness with his his psychic abilities that include teleportation, levitation, pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, electrokinesis and practically any other kinesis. In this death battle I would kinda like Young link to be limited to Ocarina of Time and not any other zelda games. Otherwise he could just put on the Fierce Deitys mask and call it a day.





      Number 6

      A Pokebattle

      I dont care if its Red vs Gold, Red vs Blue, Red vs Ash or Red vs.............ORANGE. Their needs to be a 6 vs 6 pokemon battle to the death. Just imagine how epic would that be. A realisitc pokemon fight were the pokemon wouldnt just "faint" from a hyper beam to the face. I would really like this death battle to be at one of those pokemon stadium battle fields were the environment of the field would change as time progresses so new strageties could be implemented as some pokemon could use the new terrain to there advantage. Also Items should be in play to create even more strageties and held items for certain pokemon to do stuffandberriesandspecialabilitiesaswellandshinysand (random poke nonsense)........................

      Oops heh my bad I got a little carried away their anyway moving on






      Number 5

      Tifa vs Ayla

      As far as RPGs go, no one else puts the A and T in beatdown like Tifa and Ayla. In most RPGs your characters usually have a sword or some kind of magical staff to fight enemies, but these two heh they will just smack you sillly with their fists until you dissappear and drop money and a useful item. In this Death Battle Ayla has the overall better stats with her ridiculouly high attack and speed. In her final levels her critical hit can do 9999 damage every time. Tifa while not as strong, can use magic through materia to do some really powerful attacks. Not to mention since Ayla is from 65 million B.C, Tifa is probably a lot smarter which could be used to trick Ayla. Although I highly doubt that since tricking people isnt really in Tifas nature. besides who doesnt like a good ole cat fight. Answer no one.





      Number 4

      Dante vs Ryu Hayabusa

       In terms sword skills and beating bad guys that are way out of their league no one is better than these two. What makes this Death battle a good one isnt how they are both equal in sword skill (because they arent) but how diffrently they fight. Dante is all about getting in your face and whacking and hacking until your a pile of dust. He has a lot of weapons to use including swords and guns...oh an he's half demon so he has bad ass demon powers too. Ryu doesnt quite have the raw power and arsenal that Dante has but he make it up with his strategic mind and ninja skills. Dante cant get in his face if he's hiding in the shadows. Not to mention Ryu is a master of finding and exploiting weakness, which would be Dante's massive ego and willingness to hold back for a more entertaining fight. This death battle would have to be so epic at least half a city would be blown up.





      Number 3

      Snarf vs Alpha

      Now I I know what you're thinking but hold on for a second and just listen......or read. Usually in a Death Battle people want to see the best at this or the best that fight to the death. Well I say why not see the opposite fight, why not see the most weak, worthless, lamest, losers in all of pop culture duke it out. In a Snarf vs Alpha fight we have that Death Battle. In case you dont recognize these two let me inform you. Snarf is some sort of talking cat thing that accompanies the Thundercats in the Thundercats tv show. Besides cooking the Thundercats food, his main purpose is to bitch and moan about practically everything that has ever happened ever. The worst part is that he does in the in the most non-threating, annonying voice possible. I couldnt find a really good video to show what I mean but remember that really lame cousin that you have that does absolutly nothing and is a living embodiment of a pussy? Thats basically snarf, only in cat form. Alpha the robot from the Power Rangers isnt really much better. Despite being some advanced cyborg, all he really does is press a bunch of random buttons in the power rangers hideout that serve no purpose whatsoever. On top of that he has a robot voice so horrible, so irratating it would make Claptraps voice from Borderlands sound like an anges voice. Heres an example.



      Both of these "combatants" have no affinity for fighting whatsoever and prefer to cower in fear above all else. Thats why if put into a Death Battle scenario, it would actually make an entertaining fight.






      Number 2

      Captain Commando vs Captain Falcon


       The clash of the captains, Capatain Commano vs Captain Falcon. If I were to submit one Death Battle this would be it. Outside of being a race car driver not much is known about Captain Falcon. Its been rumored that he is also a bounty hunter and was once apart of a police force. As a smash brother he is a force to be reckoned with, utilizing his superior speed and agility to pummle his opponents. Falcon can also create fire and electricity into his attacks, some of which he names after himself. These include the falcon kick, falcon grab and the devestating falcon punch. Captain Commando is also apart of a defense team called the Commando Team. He is the leader of this group and is in charge of protecting the Metro City of the future and while filling Mike Haggars shoes seems to be an impossible task, Captain Commando does it quite nicely. He fights with all kind of awesome kick ass future gear like the Captain goggles, Captain boots, Captain protector and energy gloves called (you guessed it)  the Captain gauntlets. With these gloves Commnando can also utilize fire and electricity in his attacks that he also named after himself. These include the Captain kick, Captain collider and Captain cannon. Lets review the're both from the future, both are captains, both fight on a regular basis, both where flashy blue clothes and both have similar attacks named after themselves. Yeah I'd say these two were born to fight each other.




      Number 1

      Craig vs Chad


      HELL FUCKING YEAH, WE NEED A SCREWATTACK DEATH BATTLE. Now obviously Craig and chad dont have any cool powers or abilities and their isnt really much to base anything off of them. So I did my best  snd made up my own stuff. 




      Craig plays an assortment of games, primaraly action games that require alot of movement such as FPS's, platformers, and sports games. Because of this Craig is extremely athletic and can accomplish physical feats far beyond human capabilities. Also while being a former champion of Slamball, Craigs greatest physical feat is his jumping ability. Craig can easily jump 35 feet in the air with out breaking a sweat. Craig has limited fighting experience and relies on his athleticism to overpower his opponents however he wields two deadly weapons in his arsenal. One is his signature nut punch, a swift jab to the testicles that is so powerful it completly nullifies whatever his opponent is doing and paralyzes him for a short duration of time. However his greatest weapon he brings to the fight his is Hat of Awesomeness. The source of all Internet power, the Hat of Awesomeness grants Craig with limitless power that includes teleportation, mind reading, telekinesis, astral projection, invisibility, electrokinesis and much more. The Hats sole fuel source is the support and dedication of the g1s, without this, the hat is powerless. Their is however one serious drawback to wearing the hat. Ever since the last Screwattack 24 hour birthday marathon, Craig has been wearing the hat less and less. Becasue of this his control over the hats power is limited and using it too much can put a strain on Craigs mind and body. Someone else taking the hat off however is complelty futile as a new hat will immediatly spawn on craigs hat with all of its powers transfered to it.






      Chad is known to play alot of fighting games at the Screwattack HQ and because of this he is is a fighting king. He has mastered nearly every type of fighting game move imaginable. Every ultra combo, every fatality, every super art every final smash Chad has completly mastered. Chad also knows every single fighting style and technique that has ever been in a video game, though he primarily uses Oro's style from Street fighter 3. While Chad fightng moves and techniques make him more stationary than Craig, he also is a master at skateboarding and can ride it for quick bursts of speed. Their is one more weapon that Chad uses that not that many people know. On the Sidescrollers episode "PB&J&D" (the link for it  is here) Chad recieved a pair of some badass single shade sunglasses from g1 technoforce. While wearing these Chad is given all kinds of awesome powers such as heat vision, x-ray vision, thermal vision and the ability to see into ones mind.

      These shades also increases Chads swag levels by 47.6 percent.

      Well thats it for my list I hoped you guys like it. As always if you have a question, comment, concern or a suggestion feel free to leave them in the comments below. A sub would also be cool too.

      I was referring to a sandwich, not a subscripion. Blogging makes me hungry

    • Jet Set Radio Review

      5 years ago




      Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio depending on where you're from) is a well known game published by Sega and a cult classic in the hearts of all dreamcast gamers. It is known for its unique game play and musical score as well as spearheading cell shaded graphics into video games. But how good is this rollerblading, spraypainting adventure. Is it still the groundbreaking title we all remember it as or has age killed it like how the PS2 killed the Dreamcast. Well thats probably why you came so Im gonna tell you, but first a little history.





      Jet Set Radio first started out on this beast of a console

      Jet Set Radio was developed by a 1st party developer for Sega that was known back then as Smilebit. The game was first released to the public on June 29 2000 in Japan and October 30 and November 24 for North America and Europe. As you can tell from the description above the game was originally made for the Sega Dreamcast. The games virbrant colors, quirky charachters, and overall high energy atmosphere was based off of Japanese pop culture during the late 90s/early 2000s. Jet Set Radio also had some western influences in it as well. Its massive city enviroments were based off of American cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Fransico, and Chicago. When the game was finally released it was immediately praised for how creative and stunning the game was, despite receiving low sales. Jet Set Radio after its release was soon considered a Dreamcast classic and has since then obtained a huge following.


      You know a game is popular when a drink shaker is made after it.





      In Jet Set Radio you first take control of Beat, a Japanese teenager from the fictional city of Tokyo-to, who runs away in order to join one of the cities many spraypaint gangs. Why are their so many spraypaint gangs you may ask? Thats because their is floating spraypaint all over the city and besides who doesnt want to be apart of a spraypaing gang, thats fucking awesome. Oh and  these gangs are promoted by a pirate radio station caled Jet Set Radio. Anyway Beat, unable to join a gang, forms his own, called the GGs. Over time the gang grows as they spread their artwork all over Tokyo-to and eventually own all of its main sections. After that the story focuses on the GGs struggle against another gang called the Golden Rhinos that is owned by a evil corporation known as Rokakku. After dealing eith the Golden Rhinos the Rokakku corp attempts to take over the world with a hypnotic record. You stop them and thats pretty much it. I guess a little vandalism here and their cant be cleared by SAVING THE FREE WORLD.

      Jet Set Radio isnt a game that focuses on its narrative. Its story is mainly a reason to explore new places and to give challenges. While it isnt something to marvel at, the story does serve this purpose very well.

      The game also has a (literally) colorful cast of characters. Most of them dont really talk but their colorful designs speak for themselves and fit very well with the game . My personal favorite is the Jet Set Radio DJ, the eccentric DJ professor K









      The actual game itself is a little bit complicated to explain. At first glance, Jet Set radio looks like a rollerblading version of a Tony Hawk and to some degree it kinda is. In the game you do score points by doing tricks and grinding however you also spray tag things with graffiti to earn points as well. Here is an example of the games basic level




      Outside of vandalizing, you can also race against and tag other skaters. One thing that stands out about the game is the environment. Some sections of the city are so big I ignored the timer completly and  went exploring. Their are however are a few flaws in Jet Grind Radios gameplay. One is its camera. The camera gives the player a 3rd person perspective throughout the game and the camera can instanly look at wherever the character is facing by pressing the left trigger. It can times how ever flip out if you close to a wall or trying to turn with a wall blocking the cameras way. This fault is definately noticable and can disrupts the flow of the game but this only happens every so often. And besides what are bad camera controls gonna do anyway?




      The other flaw in the game is the controls. Tights turns are a pain in the ass to do and jumping from rail to rail feels like jumping on the moon which takes time getting used to. However once mastered this game is a blast. Overall the gameplay is really great becasue of how unique it is. Its the perfect mixture of something familiar and something completely original.





      Jet Grind Radio is a relatively easy game. Once you know the maps and get the controls under your belt, your pretty much prepared for everything. The difficulty curve in this game moves very well with your progression in the game. While playing I never felt the game was to easy or to difficult, with the exception of the races( those can be hard).


      You won't do this while playing JSR





      You know those games that have graphics that actually make the game what it is? Jet Set Radio is one of those games. Being a cell shaded game, Jet Set Radio is brimming with color. Alot of the character models and environments have bright vibrant colors that make the game unbelievaby immersive.




      Jet Set Radios 3-D models arent to bad either for late 90s, early 2000s graphics. Because of its cell shading, Jet Set Radios graphics have stood the test of time and are still visually appealing. Jet Set Radios graphics are so colorful and amazing, by the time I was done with the game I was excreting color and no Im not kidding.









      Jet Set Radio is one of those games that has a lot of emphasis on its music and for a good reason. Its overall upbeat sound and its wide range of genres fit perfectly with the game. Practically anyone can like the music in this game; The soundtrack consists of everything from   J-pop, hip hop, and funk to heavy metal, jazz, and electronic dance music. Its so good that when I first listened to it, it was stuck in my head for weeks. Here are a few of my favorites.








      Once you beat the game the entire story restarts so you can relive your favorite moments in the game all over again. On top of that you now have access to each part of the city that can be played in a variety of ways. Jet Set Radio has a lot of replayability because of its easy to pick up arcadish (is that a is now) gameplay. By the time you finish the game your JSR skills make strolling through the city a breeze and alot of fun. Aftter beating the game I spent another hour exploring the city, finding hidden passageways and collecting graffiti art to spraypaint.

      And pissing off the cop, thats fun too



      Overall Jet Set Radio is a fun, unique and fantastic game. It may have the crappy controls and  a camera of an early 2000s game, buts it immersive atmosphere and addicting gameplay more than make of for it. Personally I loved the game and had a blast the entire way through playing it, despite its shortcomings. Out side of the Dreamcast, Sega rebooted the game with a HD rerelease for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and all mobile devices. I recommend this game not only to old school gamers who didnt have a Dreamcast back in the day or sport game lovers but to anyone who wants something different. Someone who wants a unique experience that most videogames these days dont really provide. That is who I recommend Jet Set Radio for. With that in mind I give Jet Set Radio a 8.5/10





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    • Supermatt64s swinging report show

      5 years ago


      Hello g1s, I'm supermatt64 and welcome to the latest installmet of my new report/review show



      Today we dive into the con that has every g1 and video game enthusiest flips out over



      But before we go into it let me explain something. I was originally going to record my experience on video camera however my camera decided to not work that weekend and I dont like the crappy video quality of the 3ds, so for now, blog form.


      The Convention


      Incase you have been living under a rock with no internet your whole life Magfest can best be described as a annual festival that celebrates video games and videogame music. What makes MAGfest stand out from anyother convention is how its run. Its one of those "run by the fan for the fans' kinda of deals which means their is no coporate advertisement bullshit, no room overcrowding and no panels that require a special 200 doller ticket.The website itself could not have said it better when it says MAGfest has "a party-like atmosphere...that no other expo or convention can recreate". 




      MAGfest has been held in many places in Virginia in the past, but it as seemed to have found a permanent home at The Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center in the National Harbour right outside of D.C. Honestly the location could not have been better. Its a short drive from the Regan National Airport so anyone who lives outside of the area shouldnt find too much trouble getting there. Its in the National Harbour which holds some of the areas best resteraunts not to mention its location is isolated from all of the D.C traffic, Driving their myself (I live in northern Virginia) it took me almost less than 30 minutes to get there. The hotel itsself is massive, their was just enough space to host all of the panels and concerts with out any problems not to mention more than enough room for all of the video games and arcade machines (will get to that part later). The only down sides to the Gaylord are its expensive hotel rooms and lack of parking spaces. In conclusion MAGfest couldnt be held at any better place in the mid east coast




      At Magfest their is never a dull moment EVER. Basically if their is even a single shred of love for videogames in you soul, MAGfest is you heaven. Right of the bat their is a massive game room filled with every console from an Atari 2600 to a PS3 where you can practiacally play...ANYTHING. Wanna play an epic 20 stock round of Smash Bros with 3 other random strangers, you got it!  Wanna play that obscure retro side scroller, in a corner, all by your self even though you've beaten it a dozen times...uh ok yeah you can do that too. Wanna play that game you havent played in forever because that one kid from down the street stole it before you moved while you were a child. At MAGfest you can do that as well.



      On top of that their is a massive arcade room filled with a ton of cabninets. Magfest has everything from you beat em ups, fighters and shooters, to your dancing games, puzzelers, and super retro games like Dig-Dug and Tron. The best part is that all of these games are set to free to play so your can forget taking out a loan to beat the 6 man X- men arcade machine. My favorite part of the arcade room is that its constantly filled with people to play with so your never without a buddy to spams hadokens at or recover the statue of liberty from the Shredder with.



      Like most conventions their is a massive merchandise section that sells pretty much anything and MAGfest is no exception. This year there were at leat 4 big gaming vendors like Mad-gear and Gamepad selling everything from retro games and consoles to rare brand new Japanese exclusive games. The marketplace was also home all kinds of video game apparell and artwork. While I was there I got an Ash Catchum hat, a Screwattack t-shirt and a stuffed Navi doll, all  resonably priced. The only down side to the market place is that some of the merch there is WAY overpriced, especially the games, and they will try to rip you off. I saw all 3 FF7 discs being sold for 70 bucks, but when I tried to sell my dics in their case, with the manual, they would only offer 25.




      However all of this is eclipsed by the sheer greatness the non stop videogame concerts. In a nutshell, every single video game based musician goes to MAGfest and this year and one hell of a lineup. Coverbands such as the Protomen, Armcannon, The Megas, The Oneups, Rare Candy; chiptune artists like DJ Cutman, Danimal Cannon, and even Brentalfloss and the Cartridge Family all preformed. Not to forget, this year MAGfest had a special musical preformance from a guy you may already know, it was just Yuzo Koshiro the guy who oh I dunno made the soundtracks for ACTRAISER, SHENMUE, SHINOBI AND MUTHERFUCKING STREETS OF RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!. Each concert was about a hour long and the hall the concerts were held in was huge so their their was never an overcrowding problem. Basically MAGfest + Music= Win!


      This guy is fucking awesome



       Outside of all of those things MAGfest also as a shit ton of panels, a big place in the marketplace just for LANs, a place for table top and card games and the challenge corner where you can take unbelievabley difficult gaming challenges and win prizes. MAGfests challenges range to all kinds of difficulties from betting Mario 3 with the frog suit on to beating a Gunstar Heros boss with no gun. Overall if you attend MAGfest their is a negative 27.8 percent chance of you getting bored.



      A convention is no fun without cool and interesting people attending to it and MAGfest is lucky to get all kinds of Internet videogame celebrities. Excluding all of the musicians MAGfest 11 had The Angry Video Game Nerd, James Portnow and Daniel Floyd from Extras Credits, Jontron, Egoraptor, The Happy Video Game Nerd, and Eddie Lebron, the director for Blue Core Studios, and of course Screwtattack to name a few. Everyone at MAGfest was really friendly which added to its great atmosphere. and with 10,000 people attending their is always someone to play games with. My fondest MAGfest moments this year was playing mortal kombat 3 and the X men arcade game with a bunch of random strangers, talking about memories about the games like we all already knew eachother for years. While I was their I also got to meet up with a few g1s including these radical dudes.


      From left to right Ferret75, A g1 whos name I forgot (if your reading this im sorry) Tom the Iron Man and myself  



      This years MAGfest was simply amazing, I loved every second being there. What really makes it stand out from other conventions is its atmosphere. From the moment i walked into the hotel hearing Colossus roars and seeing the arcade and game room  , I felt what can only be described as gaming bliss. If I could recommend only one expo or con to anybody, it would be MAGfest. With that in mind I give MAGfest 11 a 9.5/10. It truely is something that all gamers should experience.


      if you have any questions or comments about the show or would like to share some of your MAGfest or any other con/expo moments feel free to share them in the comment section.


       See you next time :p

    • My reintroduction blog

      5 years ago



      Hey g1s, Supermatt64 here. The past few months I feel like I've been out of the limelight and out of the interest of the g1 community. Sometimes I think when a person mentions me its like "Oh supermatt64 I know him I think. Didn’t he make that meme post like 5 months ago, yeah he's alright I guess" (throws something at the wall for dramatic effect) I AM TIRED OF THAT. I really want to become a prominent g1 some day (hopefully soon) but haven’t had the time nor the skills to make awesome stuff and to get my name out their, but all of that’s changed. After a year of honing my writing skills I'm ready to take my blogS to new heights.  


      I'm making this blog in order to reintroduce myself to everyone on the site (and because I never made an introduction blog in the first yeah).  First here is everything you need to know about me. 






      All you need to know about me....dummy



      To starts things off, my name is Matt. I'm a teenager and currently reside on the mid east coast of the US. I blog mainly to share my thoughts and opinions on stuff as well as to improve my writing skills. Do I want to become a writer some day, meh, not really but I like to try new things and see how well I can do them. Also I think the ability to write well is an important skill to have. You never know when you'll need to use a pen at its fullest. 






      In terms of interests and hobbies, I'm just like every other ordinary g1. I love sports and regularly watch all of my favorite teams play. Believe it or not, I even like sports more than video games...(MAXIMUM FLAME SHIELDS ACTIVATE). I am also somewhat of an otaku, as I watch anime and read manga on a daily basis( though not at the moment). Some other hobbies that I partake in are studying psychology, philosophy and the various cultures of the world, lifting weights, listening to music, wrestling Australian bull sharks while eating them at the same time, being Christian Bale, and using my god given powers to help mankind in the most daunting of tasks, like delivering Christmas presents.



      Your welcome



      As a person, I find it hard to describe myself so I'm just going to go with this. Do you remember that really energetic kid from elementary school who couldn’t sit still and constantly spilled apple juice on whatever you were working on, yeah that was me. Upbeat and always seeking a challenge, I can be a little arrogant at times but in general, I'm just a nice guy with an awkward sense of humor. I'm also really helpful, if anyone needs help on something, whether you need some advice on some stuff or need an extra guy to help you with a collab project, I'm your man.




      I've got your back guys, figuratively and literally




      I discovered ScrewAttack a few years ago during the V4 days through the awesomeness that is brentalfloss. At first, I only watched Hard News and Digital Forecast, just so I was up to date on all the late video game news. It wasn’t until I watched Side Scrollers for the first time did I truly become a g1. After that I immediately began to watch every video ScrewAttack ever posted and  my journey to become a retro gamer began. I started my account about a year later and I've been here ever since.



      My mind after discovering ScrewAttack




      As a g1, I consider myself to be a pretty active one..........well sometimes. I post all kinds of stuff when I can from Top 10s and reviews to cool YouTube videos and blogs of my own creation. I also check other g1 content daily and frequently comment. If you ever made something and put it here, I've probably comment on it. Do I comment too often, probably, but I like to share my opinion on everyone’s stuff and give credit where credit is due. I think we take it for granted some of the great content we g1s produce on a weekly basis. Seriously it’s awesome stuff and deserves to be recognized. 




      (Throws comments into the audience)




      For the future, I plan on posting a lot more frequently than usual. I already have all kinds of ideas for future blogs, vlogs, contests etc.  I'm doing all of this in the hopes that someday I can become a powerful force in the g1 community. Why do I have this desire to become a great g1 you may ask? It's because I believe that the Screwattack is the best website ever and deserves the best. That and I want to become famous on the internet someday, and I think this is the best place to start. I'm already working on some new stuff as I type this so stick around. Who knows maybe my content will even get featured on the front page occasionally.  





      When my stuff lands on the front page





       Just in case you guys are still curious about me, here are some basic questions already answered for you. 


      What games are you currently playing?

      ·        Grandia II

      ·        Jet Force Gemini

      ·        Soulcalibur II

      ·        LoZ Majoras Mask

      ·        Star Wars Ep.1 Podracer

      ·        Sonic 2 & Knuckles


      Whats your favorite game and console?

      Super Smash Bros and the Nintendo 64


      What TV shows are you currently watching?

      ·         Archer

      ·         Top Gear

      ·         Avatar The Last Airbender

      ·         Young Justice


      What movies have you seen recently?

      *sigh* I haven’t been to the movie theaters in like 3 months


      Are you a brony?

      A little bit


      Whats a non popular game that you like?

      Sonic the Hedgehog. Whether this game is actually still popular or not remains to be seen. However it is clear that this Genesis classic was largly overshadowed by its superior sequals. Despite its lack of the spin dash, Sonic 1 is still a really fun game and is a perfect example of a classic 90's side scroller in my mind. 


      Whats a popular game that you dont like?

      All of the recent Soulcalibur titles. Namco really didnt put any effort into making them. Their all just worse versions of the previous ones with better graphics. 


      Whats the worst thing you've ever done?

      I once sabotaged a surfboarding contest by accident. 


      Where do you see yourself in 50 years?

      Well, if watching Cowboy Bebop has taught me anything, its that we will have colonized other planets by then. I'll probably be chilling on Mars or saving the galaxy or something. 


      What is your favorite food and drink?

      Rainbow sherbert ice cream and tea. 


      Whats your favorite part of ScrewAttack?

      The community, honestly its the creativity and togetherness this community has that keeps me coming back. Without you guys I would probably be spending WAAAAAAAAY too much time on Memebase. 





      Thanks for reading this guys, it mean a lot. If any of you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave them in the comment section below. I will become an awesome g1 some day, I promise


      Their, we shook hands on it. Now I can’t get out of it





    • Screwattack survey results

      5 years ago


      Well guys, after a few weeks and a whooping 50 responses, I feel like now is the time to post the results of my survey. One thing I would like to mention is that with only 50 responses out of hundreds on g1s, this is not the most accurate survey ever. Without further delay here are the results.




      I already had a pretty good guess as to what the results would be for this question. Sidescrollers takes the top spot as the most favorite show Screwattack has. It has always been one of the most popular video series’ Screwattack puts out every week so it isn’t really surprising for it to take #1. In a close race for second is DEATH BATTLE followed by Top 10s. A few other shows such as Screwin Around, Hard News, and Real Trailers boasted a few results which actually baffled me. I was expecting a complete blow out from Sidescrollers and DEATH BATTLE, but I guess different g1s like different things. Moving on




      Again, no surprises here. I find that  most people discover websites through other sites anyway. Mainly through links on popular websites like Game Trailers or Youtube. Personally, I discovered Screwattack through brentalfloss on Youtube. Only 7 people actually discovered Screwattack through another friend or word of mouth. What does this means, you may ask. It means that were not spreading the word about the awesomeness of Screwattack! C’mon guys, we need more g1s if were ever gonna invade the White Hou…er I mean create the greatest video game website and establish a passionate and welcoming community…..yeah…that’s it.




      I was fairly interested as to how people would respond to this one, as I’m sure all of you have your reasons for getting an account. As you can see, the two main reasons you guys signed up were to post blogs and/or to comment on stuff. Both valid reasons to join the g1 army in my eyes. 8 people put other for their responses and responded with a variety of answers. But it mainly consisted of to be apart of the Screwattack community, which is a good thing.





      As I randomly search for g1s that I’ve never seen before, which I do from time to time, I noticed that a majority of you guys don’t do jack shit. This doesn’t disappoint me in any way at all and before you go ranting in the comments, no I don’t think how often you contribute to the site equals how much of a g1 you are. Maintaining a profile in itself is a major time consumer and not every one can constantly update their profiles with amazing blogs and intelligent witty remarks about Spongebob. Anyway a majority of you guys give back to Screwattack primarily through posting blogs and videos, commenting, or communicating with the Screwcrew through social media. Once again, all great reasons to give back to the site. To the people who don’t do anything. OMGWHYAREYOUHEREYOU’RENOTAREALg1CRAIGHATESTOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH. (cough) (cough)….ahem…. uh ….sorry about that my inner douchebag came out again. Honestly if you don’t actually give back to the community, I don’t fault you. Again, doing things like posting blogs or finding stuff to comment on is very taxing on ones time and energy.



      If you remember way back when version 5 launched over a year ago, the g1s community had mixed feelings about the switch. Some people welcomed it, others despised it with a passion, and some other completely, flat out, left. I was very curious as to what the g1 community thought about version 5 know, especially after the updates its been given. Out of the 49 people who answered the question, 30 said that the site has improved to some degree while only 8 said it’s about the same and 11 said it had gotten worse. I guess what this means is that the site is heading in a good direction and that the g1s are, at least satisfied, with the current state of the website.



      This question I put on here out of pure curiosity as I was wondering how often the site is actually looked at on a daily basis. Fortunately, like me, all of you check Screwattack practically every single time you get a chance to check your computer, or at least several times a day. (relieving sigh) I guess that means being obsessed isn’t that bad if everyone’s doing it.



      I created this question because I thought that it correlated back to question 5 with the “what are the g1s overall response to v5”thing. A majority of you responded by saying that your time spent on the site has increased while the rest of you said it didn’t. Whether this is because of the new content or the actual site itself (v5) I’m not entirely sure. What I am sure of is that we are checking the site more often and that’s a good thing.



      Just a simple question asking about your ages. Honestly I was expecting more responses in the mid-late 20s range but the results turned out to be more well rounded than I thought. I guess this proves that there is a somewhat larger crowd of young gaming enthusiasts than I expected. Or that most adults are actually working to earn a living and were stuck in high school/college with nothing better to do.




      Plain and simple people, we need more chicks.




      This was another question I was very curious about. I wanted to see where a majority of the g1 population was from but I thought that listing countries might break the privacy barrier (that and listing 200+ countries would take forever). As I expected most of us are from North America (presumably the United States and Canada) while the most of the rest of us are from Europe. What does this mean, well it means that are large population of Antarctic g1s didn’t get the memo(probably because of poor internet connection) and that forces are spread thin and world domination might take longer than I had anticipa….er…I mean we need to spread the word better…yeah their ya go.


      Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and thanks to everyone who participated. 


      5 years ago


      I'll be brief guys. A while ago I made a survey on for the g1s to fill out. I made to survey to find about a little more about the g1 community and its opinions on Screwattack. I was going to make a blog response that showed the results however their is one problem, almost no one has filled it out. If you havent already please fill it out, its only 10 questions. 

      Also please help spread the word by telling other g1s about it through Facebook, Twitter etc etc.

      Here is the link to the survey  


      Thanks for reading

    • I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

      5 years ago


      Long story short, I am attending Katsucon this year and internd on recording my expereince and sharing it with the g1s as part of my convention review show Supermatts 64s Swinging Report Show. In case you dont already know Katsucon is a Japanese culture anime/(sorta gaming) convention.

      I was wondering if you guys had any kinda preference or ideas as to what you would like to see. I already plan on interviewing a  bunch of voice actors and cosplayers and record a few panels on top of reviewing the convention and my own personal shenanigains that will ensue. If you guys could provide some kind of feedback that would be really helpful.


      In case you need info on katsucon here is the link to its website


      Also in case you wanted to see my first review here it is.





      Help me help you by helping me.




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