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    • The Fastest Way to Get From 1 to 60 in Diablo 3

      6 years ago


      Hey guys, Clive from EasyDiablo3 here. I am sure you all know the importance of powerlevelling in games like Diablo 3, but you may be thinking:

      "Why do you need a leveling guide when getting to 60 usually happens on its own in late Hell?"

      Sure it does, but wait until you start an alt. Every minute not spent at level 60 will feel like a waste of time from start to finish, and that's exactly why you need a leveling guide.

      There used to be a lot of ways to level before, but then Blizzard enabled something called "Game Limits" that severely limited most of these leveling methods. If you are wondering what some of them looked like, here is a sample:

      OK, so what is the best way to level post game limits? The best way I have found, along with others on the official forums, is to follow this procedure:

      • Get your high level friend (preferably 60) to unlock all the waypoints for you up to Act 3 Hell.
      • Play in Act 3 Normal until you get to level 30.
      • Play in Act 3 Nightmare until level 45.
      • Buy level 60 gear with -15 reduced level requirement.
      • Play Act 3 Hell until 60.

      You can level to 60 in about 30 hours using this method, and it gets less each time because of practice.

      Some tips I can give you is that since you will be fighting higher level monsters most of the time, the gear they drop will be useless for you. Thus it will be benefit if you use the Auction House to upgrade your gear every 3-5 levels. To level up even faster, try building a gear set with +experience on it. Remember that if you level up a lot of characters you can keep using these sets for each one.

      Hope you guys found this post useful. I wrote a more detailed guide about the same method on my site at Diablo 3 Leveling Guide, as well as reviewed a professional leveling guide at Diablo 3 Speed review.

      Thanks for reading!

    • EasyDiablo3's Coverage of Alkaizer Hitting 100 Paragon!

      6 years ago


      Hey guys, not sure if anyone here was watching Alkaizer's Diablo 3 stream but just in case you missed it, we were there and filmed it for you guys. I had to split the video up into two parts because of a rendering issue, hope that isn't a problem.

      (The final level up is in part 2 by the way, somewhere around 7:20)

      I know the quality is bad, but that is how it was streamed. What do you guys think? Some people on the TwitchTv chat were saying that Alkaizer was not in fact the first person to get to 100. I could find no proof of this, but it certainly could be true. Some also say he was botting and exploiting from 1-96, then streamed his last 4 levels live, but haters will hate I guess.

      As you can see from his videos, this person obviously doesn't need to exploit as his tactics are amazing. I do think he account shared though (not sure if this is against Blizzard's TOS). Does anyone know how I can contact him? I would love to do an interview with him.

    • EasyDiablo3's Item Giveaway #3

      6 years ago


      Hey guys, Clive here from EasyDiablo3. If you follow my Diablo 3 posts on here, you have probably seen our previous contests. This one is very similar as in it has the same prize (20 iLvl 60-63 items), but it is not exclusive to EU players anymore.


      Thanks to a player called Rassarian who donated items on the US server, we are now glad to announce that any US player may also join the contest.

      Diablo 3 Rares

      Feeling lucky? Head over to this Facebook post and follow the instructions there.


      Contest ends on the 26th so hurry!

    • Diablo 3 Item Giveaway features 20 Rare pieces!

      6 years ago


      Hey guys, EasyDiablo3 posting again, this time with a contest! To celebrate the release of Diablo 3's patch 1.0.4 (read our thoughts about it here), we are holding an item giveaway contest consisting of 20 unidentified Rare items.

      To enter, all you need is a Facebook account. Feeling lucky? Click here for more information!

      Note: The contest ends this Sunday, 26th.

      If we get a lot of participation in this contest, we might hold one regularly, like every week or so. What do you guys think?

    • How do you feel about the Shrines in Diablo 3?

      6 years ago


      When I think about Diablo 3's shrine system, I shiver in pain. Where did all the fun shrines from Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 go?

      I am sure most of the old-time gamers here have played D1 and D2, but for the new guys here is some basic info:

      1. Diablo 1 had 25 shrines
      2. Diablo 2 had 16 shrines
      3. Diablo 3 has 4!

      Not only is the number difference great, but the quality has also gone down. In Diablo 1 you had shrines that did some pretty neat things. They didn't only give buffs like in Diablo 3 but could also give items or did things like repair your weapons.

      You also had the following concepts:

      • Concealed Shrines - In the later levels of Diablo 1 all shrines had the same name, so you never knew what you were going to get until you actually clicked it.
      • Negative Potential - Diablo 1 also had shrines that had a negative side, adding a new twist to the system.
      • Multiplayer-only Shrines - Self explanatory.

      When I said that Diablo 3 has 4 shrines, I actually meant 2. You see, the Fortune and Experience Shrines slowly fade away as you get to level 60. The Experience Shrine doesn't appear in Inferno as you all know, and the Fortune Shrine has limited use now that they capped Magic Find. If a character has 300 base Magic Find, he will find that the Fortune Shrine will give him no benefit at all.

      Of course they could easily fix this problem by:

      • Making the Experience Shrines show up in Inferno (they may do this)
      • Make the Fortune Shrine work past the MF cap. This is what they did to make Nephalem Valor keep its value, so why not do it on the shrine too?

      Fixing the existing shrines is just the tip of the iceberg. What Blizzard really needs to do is add more shrines!

      Here are a few ideas I came up with:

      • Champion Shrine - Turns the nearest monster into a Champion.
      • Treasure Seeker Shrine - Found in dungeons with chests only. Teleports the player to the nearest chest.
      • Goblin Shrine - Spawns a random Treasure Goblin.

      And on and on...

      Do you guys agree with me that Diablo 3 needs more shrines? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

      This has been another post by Clive Bokley from EasyDiablo3. If you have an interest in making money (both real and virtual) from this game, make sure you check out our Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review.

    • What I Think of Diablo 3's patch 1.0.4

      6 years ago


      Patch 1.0.4 has been out for around 2 days now and I finally had a chance to try it out (if you haven't read about the changes they made, check out this post).

      Right off the bat, the changes they did to the Witch Doctor pet system made me want to jump back to my WD. I had not played him since before patch 1.0.3, so the effect was double for me due to the fact that after patch 1.0.3 multiplayer monsters no longer deal bonus damage. The pets feel like they are actually worth something now, and can genuinely take some hits for you.

      The second thing I noticed is that the game is a lot more smooth now. Normal monsters don't die so fast, and elites are no longer a "brick wall". Besides this, the changes made to the normal monster's drop rates means you get a ton more Rare and Magic items now. I am not kidding here, I was dropping so much items I had to go back to town every 10 minutes, and this was just with 100% Magic Find!

      In terms of that end-game content feel, the Paragon levels really hit the nail on the head. Pre patch 1.0.4 you would log in, play for an hour, and maybe hope to drop a good item. This is what made you feel satisfied, but now you feel like you are making progress even if you do not drop a good item. Each Paragon level increases your stats and gives permanent MF and GF, which is never a bad thing. It took me 2 hours of straight grinding to get the first Paragon level, and so was really surprised to see that some people have already reached level 26 (Surely by legit means!) .

      I haven't actually dropped any Legendary items yet but I can't wait to get my hands on one. I quickly scanned the Auction House and some of the ones I saw really caught my eye. I really REALLY want this one:

      Diablo 3 Homunculus

      Speaking of Legendaries, one thing that affected many people was that the old Set and Legendary items are now severely devalued to the point where they are useless. Magic Find sets have also been effected, but in a different way. Currently, the value of Magic Find sets has gone up (due to the new Legendaries and normal monster drops), but will eventually be useless once people reach the higher Paragon Levels (the 100th Paragon level gives 300 MF and GF, equal to the new cap on these values).

      As a closing off point, they also changed the gold amount you can buy from the RMAH from 100,000 to 1,000,000. This made the price of gold drop drastically and as such the prices on the gold AH skyrocketed. People that sold MF sets before the patch found that they lost a lot of money due to this change.

      All in all, I really love this patch and I think Diablo 3 is headed in the right direction.

      This has been Clive Bokley from EasyDiablo3 with another quality Diablo 3 post. Remember that if you are planning on buying a guide for this game, game out our commercial guide reviews first like our Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review.

      What do you guys think of this patch?

      Oh, I almost forgot. Make sure your name is listed in our item giveaway contest!

    • The Infamous David Brevik Interview

      6 years ago


      A recent interview with David Brevik had him talk about Diablo 3. For those of you who are not aware of who he is, David is the original founder of Blizzard North and the creator of Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. In other words, he created the Diablo franchise. Throughout the interview David talks openly about his opinion on Diablo 3, and said some things that really got under the skin of the current D3 devs. Here is the interview:

      Member of the D3 dev team Chris Haga commented on his Facebook about this interview, which was further filled with comments from many other prominent members including Jay Wilson (who had some pretty nasty words to say).

      Jay Wilson Swearing

      The Facebook comment can still be found here, but some of the comments have been deleted. While I took it against Jay initially for saying those words against the person who's work he is feasting on, I kinda understand where he is coming from. When you build a game it takes a lot of commitment, so one must feel very bad to see it not up to par with the previous generations. The words David said where probably the spark that Jay was waiting for to explode.

      In more recent news (aka. the Jay Wilson Apology), Jay released an apology letter to the public that also contains an analysis (from his point of view) on what is currently wrong with the game and how they plan on fixing it. The analysis was quite honest and he even mentions how the Auction House is a problem.

      The (really long) apology letter can be found here, but for those who don't have time to read it here is what Jay said is in store for Diablo 3:

      • A feature to allow players to set how hard or how easy they want Inferno to be.
      • Alterations to the AH to make it less of an interference to the natural item dropping mechanics.
      • Making items more fun and rewarding to players.
      • Additional end-game content alongside PvP that is to come in patch 1.1.

      While I have absolutely no idea what this "new content" might be, I sure hope it keeps building on the good things patch 1.0.4 brought.

      This is Clive Bokley from EasyDiablo3 over and out. Make sure you leave us your thoughts on this subject in the comments below.

    • My tips for beating Inferno difficulty in Diablo 3

      6 years ago


      Inferno mode is available for level 60 players and is also the highest possible difficulty in Diablo 3. Anyone who has tried it will tell you just how hard it can be, especially if you don't know what you're doing. Inferno mode was actually harder before Patch 1.0.3, but it is still hard even now after the nerf.

      Here are my tips to having a successful Inferno run:

      Avoid Impossible Elites!

      I can't stress this enough. Some elites are just waaaayy too hard for the reward they give. Imagine coming face to face with an Invulnerable Minions - Horde - Illusionist - Jailer elite. Do you really think the reward you get from killing him will make up for the inevitably high repair bill? Trust me and avoid these beasts.


      Most people assume that Inferno comes right after Hell, but in 90% of the cases it doesn't. You actually need to re run Act 3 and Act 4 hell until you have good enough gear for Inferno. Specifying which gear each class needs would make this post ultra long (not to mention that you can find this information everywhere), but at a minimum try to aim for a 500+ dps weapon and some Resist All gear.

      Stay at The Earlier Acts

      Each act of Inferno gets progressively harder, with monsters starting out at level 61 in Act 1, level 62 in Act2, and level 63 in Act 3 and Act 4. From my experience, Act 1 is a lot easier than Act 2 for the simple reason that Act 2 is full of ultra-fast monsters that pretty much insta pwn you. Because of this I recommend all players to farm Act 1 for a while until they feel geared enough for Act 2.

      Enrage Timers

      This is something all players should watch out for. Failing to kill Elites, Champions, and most Bosses in a certain time will cause them to enrage, making them impossible to kill in most cases.

      Elites and Champions get an "Out of Time" buff when they enraged dealing massive damage over time to all nearby players. The timer for enrage seems to be 4 to 5 minutes.

      Here is what the Bosses do when they enrage:

      • The Butcher - Sets flame to all the floors.
      • Ghom - Spawns gas clouds more frequently after 4 minutes.
      • Zoltun Kulle - After 3 minutes will increase the frequency of his teleports and also dealing damage upon landing.
      • Belial - If you keep Belial in his final phase for more than 3 minutes he will start dropping more green pools across the platform.
      • Cydaea - Spawns spiderlings more frequently after 4 minutes.
      • Rakanoth - Becomes much more aggressive after 3 minutes.

      Bring a Tank

      This one is for multiplayer only. Trust me, I have been in hundreds of parties and all of them fail without some sort of tank. When looking for games, make sure there is at least one Barbarian or Monk in the party. My best combination so far has been one tank + one ranged but I am sure other setups work too. 

      Here is a video featuring Jay Wilson as he talks about Inferno shortly before the game's release:

      If you want more information on Diablo 3 you might want to check out this Diablo 3 Inferno Codex review.


    • Tips for Faster Paragon Leveling in Diablo 3

      6 years ago


      The new Paragon levels added to Diablo 3 have caused many players to go all out when it comes to grinding. And who can blame them when at level 100 Paragon you get the following:

      • 300% Magic Find
      • 300% Gold Find
      • 300 Main Stat
      • 200 Vitality

      In case you forgot, 300% is the new cap when it comes to MF and GF. At level 100 Paragon, you will be free to fight in your combat gear all the time and not worry about switching to your Magic Find gear before each Elite.

      The amount of experience needed to get to 100 is HUGE, so much so in fact that it is about 400 times the amount you need to get from 1 - 60. If you are having trouble visualizing this, take a look at this chart for a graphical representation.

      So now that we got that out of the way, what tips and tricks can good old Clive give you for Paragon leveling?

      Let's get started!

      Experience Gear

      Patch 1.0.4 brought a new type of affix to the game, percentage based experience boost. This differs from the previous static experience boost in that it scales, ie. the higher the amount of experience you get, the higher the bonus will be. As far as I know there are 2 ways to get this bonus, from Leoric's Signet or from Cain's Fate.

      The only possible way to get this affix pre 1.0.4 was through a Ruby gem socketed in a helm, which you should still do btw.

      Nephalem Valor

      Nephalem Valor has always been useful, but even more so now that it gives a 75% bonus experience from full stack. This makes it a wonderful (and free) boost for Paragon leveling so make sure you get this as early as possible in the run.


      Elites do not only give wonderful drops but also a lot more experience than their normal counterparts, making them valuable for both farming and grinding.

      Experience Bonuses

      You may have ran into these while leveling from 1-60. Every time you kill a mass of monsters at the same time, or score a big crit, you get this splash on your screen like so:

      Diablo 3 Experience Bonus

      While the experience you get is not a lot, it does add up when done in bulk.

      AOE Builds

      As per the previous point, the best way to rack up kills in Diablo 3 and thus get the most experience bonuses is by pulling a bunch of monsters and mowing them down together. No build does a better job at this than an AOE build, so make sure you get the appropriate one for your class.

      Level 63 Monsters

      Each level 63 monster you kill will award you with 25% bonus experience. While level 63 monsters are found in both Act 3 and Act 4 Inferno, I recommend Act 3 for a variety of reasons. IUt is easier, doesn't have off-screen rushing mobs, and is much more packed when it comes to monster density. Quests you should consider for Act 3 are the Ghom quest, the Machines of War quest, and the Siegebreaker quest.

      If Act 3 is not possible for you (due to gear reasons or whatever), Act 2's Desolate Sands as well as the Zultun Kulle quest provide a nice place to grind experience. If you are going for the Zultun Kulle route, make sure you start out at the part where you need to get his blood, and stop right before the boss fight. Unless you really need the drops, skip the bosses as they severely limit your experience/hour.


      Let me finish off this guide by giving you some interesting tidbits:

      • All Inferno monsters have had their experience increased by 60%.
      • The current leading player for Paragon leveling is Alkalizer (who is currently at the 86th level!)

      I wrote a more detailed guide on the subject over at Diabo 3 Paragon Leveling guide if you guys are interested, as well as reviewed a commercial leveling guide over at Diablo 3 Speed review.

       As always, leave any questions you may have in the comments below and I will answer you as quickly as possible.

    • Top Tips for Surviving the Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode

      6 years ago


      If you haven't tried Hardcore mode, now could be the right time. I mean, how can you claim to be a Diablo 3 bad-ass when you haven't even tried the "hard" mode yet!?

      Of course, there is a reason most people steer clear of this mode, and that reason is it's very hard! No, it doesn't have any special modifiers, but it has one special rule that makes death permanent! One bad move and your character is gone forever. The only good side to Hardcore mode is that you don't have to pay repair bills on death :P.

      So how can you increase your odds of surviving Hardcore mode? Read on:

      Templar Follower

      When playing solo, the Templar should be your only choice for a companion. With healing, charging, and stunning spells, he can save you from more than one sticky situation. Kit him out in some fancy equipment and let him loose on your enemies.

      Big No to Matchmacker!

      Never ever ever use the matchmaker in Hardcore mode. Do you really believe you can beat a mode that requires a lot of concentration and team work with random people you never spoke with before?

      And if that doesn't change your mind, you should be aware that at one point (pre Patch 1.0.3) some very creative trolls were luring elites to the New Tristram waypoint, hiding in the inn, and then opening the game to the public. You can sum up what happened next.

      Form a pre-planned party either with your friends or from forums you frequent. If in doubt, try the official forums. It's easier then ever now with the profiles and everything.


      This applies to softcore too, but it is much more important here. Make strong emphasis on the defense aspect of your character, and not the offensive one. Stack Vitality, Resist All, Armor, and Block (were applicable). Thank me later.


      A very frustrating and messy way to loose your character is due to interruptions. While some things you have no control over (like crashes, power outages, alien abductions, etc), some things you do (like wives, cats, babies, 9gag, etc), so make sure these are out of the way before starting up the mother ship. I was only joking on the wive and baby thing, but you know what I mean.

      This has been another quality post brought to you by EasyDiablo3. Want more ways you can survive Hardcore mode? Check out our Diablo 3 Speed review.

      What are you guys waiting for? Feel the rush, get a bigger e-penor, and finish Hardcore mode! OK, maybe not finish, but you know what I mean :P.

      If you had already started it, tell us how far have you gotten in Hardcore mode in the comments below!

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