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    • Calling all G1s

      5 years ago


         Hello my fellow G1s, it is I Thejackel79. I am going to get right to the point. I want to start up a commentary/podcast like show with around 3 or 4 other G1s. Think something like Hellfirecoms or Brainscratch.

        Its not a rip-off its... being inspired by... ya that's it inspired.


      Things you would need:

           1. Skype and a microphone

           2. The ability to record footage (emulators are fine)

           3. Not to be an asshole, its kind of important to get a long with the people you work with.

          4. Make sure you want to do this, if you aren't having fun then why bother.


      I am going to say this now, I have no idea what I would name this group so if you have  suggestions please leave them here, that would be much appreciated.



          Thank you for taking the time to read this, leave an answer in the comments below.

      Thanks for Reading. (I don't really know how to end this)


    • Screwattack, we stay here for a reason.

      7 years ago


       Hello my fellow G1s this is Thejackel79 again with another blog pertaining to the Screwattack website.  For those of you who don't know, about a week ago I posted a blog about what problems I had with the new Screwattack.  Surprisinly it was in the popular blogs for a good amount of the week and this actualy bothered me.  A lot of us were bitching and bitching and yet we are still here.  So this time I will give reasons why I am personaly still here even though I dislike some of the changes and the spambots.


      On most website you get a hell of a lot of douchbags where not a lot of people really get a long  and the trolls roam free.   Here on Screwattack, while we still have some of those, it also has the nicest and most "comunity like" comunity I have ever been on.  It is rare for me to see someone who is just out to troll everyone here and I am happy for that.  Also even though my blog wasnt the greatest last week, people still commented well and no one just posted "YOU SUCK GO DIE". There are also some really intellegent people here, which on the internet is a rarity. People like Kenshiro and AsaiNeroTran make this website a lot of fun to be on and I enjoy what people like them have to say.    Its you guys that help make this the awesome website that it is.


      While I do love the G1 community, it is the crew that runs the show and help make the community as good as it can be.  Its rare for a higher up t o listen to the community and help make any changes that might be needed.  Hell Craig posted on last weeks blog which is something I didnt really expect considering other fan communities.  Plus I find it rare for a website to make changes and listen if they suck or not (Im looking at you facebook and youtube).  To me the crew seem like just any old member, just with admin privilages.


      (Before I start, yes i might seem hyprocritical considering my "shitty blogs" comment last week but hear me out.)  For every shitty blog on this site there are about 10 really awesome blogs out there.  Most of the blogs here either bring up really good points for discussion, are really funny, or are just plain enjoyable to read.  It is also because of these blogs that intellegent dissussion can happen here (again really rare on the rinternet).  I really have a hard time picking a favorite since there are so many god damn good ones. (Note I do not find my own blogs very good as I am a horrible writer).


      I dont just come here to read blogs,   I come to see what the head guys have cooked up for us.  While not actualy on the website right away, I love things like the VGV and the 10 tens.  One of the other things I still love to come here for is Hard News.  Even after Daily "Ive sold my soul to IGN" Destin left it still contuned to be awesome.  Jared does an awesome job and I hope he continues to do Hard News. Death Battle, while slow to start, has actualy become one of my favorite shows here mostly because its every nerds dream come true.  Finally they are probably the only website whom reviews a game with an honest opinion.Botom line Screwattack does put out some awesome content.

      Well I hope this blog makes me seem less angry because I really do like the site despite my complaining.  Remember Im up for your opinions so leave a comment below and give me an invisible 11.  Also if you really want to you can still follow me on twitter @!/Thejackel79.  Thanks for reading.

    • Screwattack, what the hell happened here?

      7 years ago


       First off I am going to go on record and say I love screwattack and I do for the most part like the website.  With that I am starting to see a few things that are really bugging me and  some of the other fans of the community.

      1. Shitty blogs
      While a bad blog  on the website is alright we are starting to have blogs that consist of only 1 or 2 sentences which have no place as being an actual blog.  Also the spam bots have made quite a few blogs themselves which shouldnt be.  While I cant really see this being easily fixed, having  a report button would make life a hell of a lot easier.

      2. Text displayes on Google Chrome suck.
      This mainly pisses me off because this problem was around durring the beta and something should have been done about it.  Hell me typing this blog is a pain in the ass because of how smushed together all of the text is.  Again not easily fixed by you guys, you could at least go to they guys who made the website and see if they can fix it. (Oh and please dont say swich to FireFox and IE because i have reasons i dont use those and i would prefer to stay with what i like)

      3. Spam bots in my screwattack.  No this cant be.
      This has been a problem for far too long.  The god dam spam bots have always been a problem, BUT you promised they wouldnt be here.  So WHY ARE THEY STILL HERE?  As i mentioned earlier they have been making  blogs which shouldnt be the case.  It als o doesnt look good whe n the majority of the comments section on any given thing  is just plain spam.  Please do what ever you can to fix this problem if you can. (If it is impossible then i will stop my bitching on this part.

      While those are my biggest problems feel free to comment with more and I will add more and give credit to who commented about it first.
      While  I have not used it much yet follow me on twitter!/Thejackel79

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