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    • CatFish: The Indie Game About Cats and Fishing

      3 years ago


      Hey G1's!

      It's been a really long time since I've written a blog here on the site. For those who know me, I'm happy to be back. For those who don't, I hope we can become friends!

      CatFish - Sail, explore, Collect, Fish

      Today I'm writing to talk about a game I'm working on with the fine folks of Hamhock Games called CatFish. What is CatFish? CatFish is an open world adventure game where you sail across the seas in search of fish, collectibles and clothing to wear. Also you're a Cat.

      The gameplay is focused on fishing mechanics that we're building from the ground up, taking what most people already know about fishing and going in our own unique way with it, where players will use original gear like canned tornadoes and tesla jellyfish to weaken their prey, while the fish themselves work together to save one another from being captured. Coupled with an emphasis environmental awareness and at least 75 different species ranging in appearances and behaviors, CatFish's fishing is not like anything you've played before.

      The second focus in this game is Sailing. Sailing across the sea is the best way to travel in this world, and we're serving up a handful of unique regions each with their own fish and features, like the Pirate Bay and the Fantasea. We've also been implementing different boats that handle in very different ways, adjusting things like top speeds versus handling as well as their overall aesthetics.

      The last thing I want to address is character customization. Our game features both different fur patterns and different costumes and outfits for your Cat to wear as they conquer the seas. This is admittedly one of my favorite parts of the game. You can choose to wear all sorts of outfits, but we have a strict policy that you can't wear pants, because who needs em?

      We work around the clock on it pushing it further and further along. Some have called the game a Wind Waker and Animal Crossing lovechild, and that just ends up exciting me even more. We're making the game we all want to play, and I sincerely hope you all will check it out when we launch our Kickstarter and get our Greenlight page up and running.

      Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask any questions!


    • CatFish has been successfully funded on Kickstarter

      3 years ago


      Hey G1's! TheManlyStanley here!

      Some of you may know of my previous projects here on Screwattack like Sidescrollers Illustrated and AwesomeAttack. Others have played Mafia with me over in the forums. More recently, some of you partied with me at SGC 2013 and 2014.

      My latest adventure is in the world of game development, creating the very thing that brought me to Screwattack all those years ago.

      Me and my team at Hamhock Games are developing a game called CatFish, an open world fishing and sailing adventure where players control a cat who aims to reclaim the seas. 

      As of today, that game has been fully backed on Kickstarter.

      CatFish has been in development for around 3 and a half months and we've already come very far. We've presented the game at a handful of events in the Central Florida area and have received press coverage from sites like Niche Gamer and Tech Raptor, to name a few.

      The core gameplay of CatFish consists of sailing on the seas to discover new areas and fish, casting out to catch a fish, engaging in our unique battle-mechanics that utilize items and other fish to turn the tide of battle, and then returning to the Harbor to customize your gear, character and boat to go sailing once more.

      The game features two really cool mechanics that you don't expect to see in a game such as this one. The first is the Audience. When fishing, other fish will gather around your fight to watch the struggle. As the fight goes on, some will attempt to intervene in different ways, sometimes helping the fish and other times, helping the player. Mastering these interactions is the sure path to mastering the seas.

      The other mechanic I want to tell you about is the Ecosystem. As you catch fish, you reshape the population. Not only do you remove a single fish from the water, but you also remove the interactions it would have had with other fish. For example, if you catch a fish that usually eats others, expect the fish species it used to eat to flourish.

      There's a ton of cool stuff to do in CatFish, so if you like it, please check out the Kickstarter and take a look at the game! There are tons of ways you can leave your mark on the game!

      We are also on Steam Greenlight, so if you like it, please give it a YES!

      If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!

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