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    • Mario Party Getting Drunk - Highlights

      6 years ago


       So me and my seven closest friends have been studying in the same class for the last 3 years and some of them I have met every day of my life even before starting high school. This June though, we graduated and it's time for me and one of these friends to head out for college/university. We're moving away in a couple of days so what better way than to say farewell than to act like assholes and spout horrible things at each other?

      That's right, I came up with the idea that we should play the most hardcore game of Mario Party yet. We've always loved Mario Party and we take it just as serious as the ScrewAttack crew. The trash talking, the alliances and all that good stuff is something that occurs just as often when we play. However, this was the first time we were going to drink alcohol while playing and we've never played 50 rounds which is insane.

      So I decided to hype the entire thing up. I created a Facebook event, made posters and catch phrases to all the different teams and I even made an epic trailer (hugely inspired by the Iron Man of Gaming). In that trailer, I said I was saving a big surprise that was going to be revealed during the night. That surprise was that we were going to live stream everything so we later could relive those amazing moments.

      The entire game took 3 hour and 20 minutes and it was divided into 5 different parts on Twitch TV since the stream died a couple of times. Unfortunately, it was only archived a couple of days then they disappeared. Luckily however, I recorded all the parts with Camtasia 2 and edited them all together into one big movie. Then, I edited out the highlights and uploaded it on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

      There are some things you need to know before watching though. First of all, we speak swedish so you won't understand everything if you're not from here but trust me, you don't need to understand what we're saying to find this funny ;)
      Second, I'm the brown haired guy with the beard in Team Wario (I'm standing up in the beginning while everyone else is sitting down). We're 2 guys in every team so we changed controller after every round. Lastly, the only drinking game we had was that if any team rolled a 10, the other teams had to drink and if a team rolled a 1, only that team had to drink. It didn't matter that much though since we drank all the time.

      I don't expect you to watch the entire video, you could just skip to any part in the video to find something funny so it's all up to you. Anyway, I'm done stalling. Press play on the following video and be prepared for hilarity!

    • My farewell to Jared

      6 years ago



      Here I am again, sitting in my front of my laptop, getting ready to say farewell to yet another important person in my life from the wonderful website that is ScrewAttack. Even though I would love to do another tribute video like how I did with Destin, I simply don't have the time at the moment so I'll do the same thing I did when Jose left and express my feelings through a written blog.



      Jared Knabenbauer, Professional Jared, Pro Jared or just Jared, whatever you may refer to him by, is not only an exceptional member of ScrewAttack, he's an exceptional human being. It's not often you come across a person that you can honestly admit you would be worse without. Jared is one of these few people. Rarely have I seen a person so devoted to his work like Jared, able to deliver top notch comedy along with professional, down to earth performance. His honest nature made him one of, if not the most relatable person in ScrewAttack's history. No matter if he was upset or happy, he showed it and it's this honesty which led many people to gravitate towards him.



      I will never forget the first time I ”met” Jared. I had been watching AVGN and the other ScrewAttack content over on Gametrailers for a long while and thought it was time to check out their website more regularly. Along with the launch of version 3, there was a new show on the site and I can still remember when I read ”Nametags” in the thumbnail. The first thing that happens is that a random guy wakes up from bed and a voice over comes on. Already at that moment, I recognized it as an homage to ”Scrubs”, one of my favorite shows of all time so I got interested. Who would've known I would watch the same episodes over and over again until the next one would come out?



      This was a huge reason I came to ScrewAttack every day. Without Jared, I can't imagine how long it would've taken for me to visit ScrewAttack regularly. Then to my dismay, the last episode of ”Nametags” was released and needless to say, I got really sad. My memories of this Wisconsin boy faded away slowly with time even though I would remember such great memories like seeing him arm wrestle with Ben at the Iron Man of Gaming 2008. Then, something wonderful happened. ScrewAttack got its own game store and who better to become game manager than the person who had both been it in real life and in ”Nametags”. The man had arrived in Texas and to many people's joy, he would appear in many ScrewAttack videos to come. Cameos in Clip of the Week, Random Awesomeness and Control Issues.



      After working at GameAttack for a long time though, they decided not to renew the lease which got me concerned since I thought Jared was going to move back home. To my pleasantly surprise, he went on to create more original content for ScrewAttack by becoming a true member of the HQ. At the same time though, sadly, Destin left the company but this led to many great things for Jared. He became the new host of Hard News, co-host of Sidescrollers, Reviews Editor and the creator of the oh so missed, Newsroom. We were all skeptical of how Jared would fill in for Destin on Hard News but he really succeeded in making the show unique in his own way without copying Destin's style.



      Jared soon became one of the most beloved and most productive people on the site. At the same time though, I personally found him the most controversial. I could sometimes feel he was being too serious and boring when he constantly were contradicting other people but that made me realize something important. It's the amount of respect I have for this person that makes me able to feel such a big variety of emotions when I agree and/or disagree with him. Me and Jared might be very different people but what he says truly gets to me and inspire me.



      And so we come to this, his departure. To be honest, I wasn't too shocked. I had a feeling for a long time that he would one day leave the company and focus on his own work. While I would've loved him to ease us all into the announcement, I still found his farewell on Hard News so touching. I would be lying if I said tears didn't run down my cheeks.



      So Jared, if you're reading this, I want you to know the following. You're on of the most devoted, professional and relatable persons I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The amount of respect I have for you is almost impossible to describe. Without you, I would not be the g1 I am today and ScrewAttack would've never been the same. Why, my life wouldn't have been the same without you. I'm going to miss you so much on the site it's unbearable and while I'm devastated to see you leave, I'm also really happy for you now that you will start following your dreams. I've seen your Pro Reviews Jared, and I know you'll one day get the recognition you deserve. Never forget that all of us will always be behind you, supporting you however we can no matter if it's on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere. We're a family and you'll always be a part of it. Hopefully we can all see each other at SGC 2013.



      I love you like a brother Jared and I hope the best for you in the future. Good luck with everything.


      Thank you.



      g1 TheSwedishGamer

    • Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 - Written Review

      6 years ago


       Before I start with this review I would like to inform you that while this review is strictly professional and unbiased, I’ve given myself freedom to express some personal opinions and preferences about the Sonic 4 Saga and the franchise itself to make it easier to see where I’m coming from. The point of this review is mostly to show that not all Sonic fans are whiny children who know nothing else than to complain without valid opinions.

      I was born in 1993 and the first video game I ever played was the original Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive. I’ve been a big fan ever since and I’ve experienced the most well-received games during this career of this beloved character. When Project Needlemouse was announced, promising a new 2D old school Sonic game, I got really excited. While I first was sceptical after seeing the first teaser for Sonic 4: Episode 1, because of the new 2.5D feel, I kept an open mind. And you know what, I loved it. Despise of all the changes made to the game from the 16-bit counterparts the general audience were complaining about, I still felt that the game was really enjoyable and it did really feel like playing an old school Sonic game again. It’s one of the most over criticised games of recently if you ask me. So now you know where I’m coming from, not let’s check out the second episode.

      First off, the game looks outstanding. The lighting and all the different locations give the game an extremely unique look. One level you’re running from an avalanche with an amusement park in the background and the next, you could be soaring through the skies on top of an airplane. I also give the game huge props for including something a lot of developers are ignoring today, colour. The game is so colourful and bright which makes it a pleasure to look at. Surprisingly, I found the music to be pretty good as well. Not only do they fit very well with their respective level but some of them have really memorable melodies that I found myself humming through my daily life. I must admit, some tracks tend to loop over way too fast and become repetitive but some of them are already instant classics.

      Now on to the most important part, the gameplay. One of the biggest requests in the making of Sonic 4: Episode 2 was to redo the physics from the first episode and making them more resemble to the ones found on the Mega Drive titles. While I personally had no problems with the physics found in Sonic 4: Episode 1, I must admit these changes are more than welcome. You now no longer lose momentum when using the spin dash off a ledge which is a nice addition. Honestly, other than that, I didn’t notice that much different in the physics. I just don’t really care about that so let’s move on.

      The biggest change to the gameplay is obviously the addition of Sonic’s sidekick, Tails. Instead of making him useless like in Sonic The Hedgehog 2, they actually figured out how to integrate him effectively. Throughout the acts, you’ll encounter obstacles where Tail’s assistance is required to progress. His assist consists of two methods. One is that Sonic and Tails combines their power to create a devastating spin dash which increase their speed immensely. The second is the ability to control Tails in the air while holding onto Sonic, making it possible to fly over various obstacles. I’ve heard from a lot of people whom consider these obstacles forced and ultimately slow down the experience. I personally disagree. I think they give the gameplay way more variety and their all smartly located in the different acts, making it even more fun for people who want to speedrun and finding out the best paths when and where to use them. You can even latch onto Tails while underwater and he works as a submarine and it makes the somewhat tedious water levels way more enjoyable. These obstacles make even more sense in multiplayer where you have to cooperate to finish the level and trust me; I’ve already been through great memories of playing with other people online. So overall, I love the inclusion of Tails and his abilities.

      Other than that, it’s your basic Sonic 2D platformer. You jump, you run, you spin dash and it’s just a blast. I think my favourite thing about the game is its level design. I totally adore the choices they made with the locations of the different levels and making many of them tributes to old levels from Sonic The Hedgehog 2. They all just seem to flow so well and they feel so massive in size. Using the homing attack and the mid-air dash once again feels so natural and really come in handy both during the fast paced parts and the platform parts. The bosses are fun as well, having way more variety compared to Sonic 4: Episode 1.

      Except for the Single player, there’s also a multiplayer, both locally and online. One player plays as Sonic and the other as Tails. If one player gets left behind, he immediately gets transported to the other player and by pressing A-button or whatever it’s called on your preferred console, you’re back in the game. It can be annoying at times but I don’t see any other way around it. I was surprised to see how in-dept the online multiplayer really is. You can customise your own lobby and find other players after your own preferences. Such as switching characters every act, what act you want to play and if you want to play Score Attack or Time Attack. It’s actually quite addicting and both helping each other through the stage and racing to the end are equally fun. There’s also the usual things like online leader boards and achievements (duh) included in the game but other than that, there’s not that much replay value in this title to be honest. Sure, hardcore Sonic fans like myself will keep playing this for a long time but there isn’t much to do after completing the game if you’re just a casual player. You could find the hidden Red Star Rings hidden within the levels but it isn’t that much of a challenge. The Single player could be beaten under an hour and to complete the game 100% won’t be much of a stretch for long time fans. There’s also Episode Metal which is a nice bonus if you own both episodes but shouldn’t be deciding factor if you’re going to pick up Episode 2 or not.

      So in conclusion, I really enjoyed Sonic 4: Episode 2. While I personally enjoyed the first episode as well, this game truly exceeded my expectations. With such great level designs, music, addicting multiplayer and new amazing gameplay twists makes this game worthy of the name, Sonic 4. Sure, they replay value may not be the richest but it’s a downloadable game so you can’t expect too much. If you’re a fan of Sonic, great platform games or just something quick and easy to pick up and play, I highly recommend Sonic 4: Episode 2. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

      And my closing words concerning the franchise are the following. The quality of a Sonic game should not be decided by his eye colour, the lengths of his legs or that the game is not fast enough. Sonic games have never been just about speed, they’re all great imaginative platformers and should be treated as such. Then there are the people who complain about the games not being the same thing as the original trilogy on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis). Well, here’s the hard truth, it never will be. Those games were a part of our childhoods, a part of our lives when everything was so much easier. If you think another Sonic game will give you that feeling again then you are wrong, no matter how good it is. If you have such high expectations, of course you’re going to be disappointed. I get it, it has the number four in the title and we want to associate it with the first games in the series. But to truly enjoy the Sonic 4 Saga and any other modern Sonic game that comes out nowadays, you have to appreciate it for what it is, not for what it used to be. If you can’t accept that, then I don’t see why you even care about this franchise anymore.

      But I do, and I loved the Sonic 4 Saga and the recent Sonic games. Both Sega and Sonic Team has been on a winning streak lately and I’m looking forward to their future games in this amazing series. Hopefully we’ll one day see Episode 3 but whatever they decide to do with the blue hedgehog, you can count on that I will be right beside him, as he keeps running towards a successful future.

    • [Community Showcase] Top 10 Most Inappropriate Statements by Stuttering Craig on SideScrollers of 2011

      7 years ago


       I love ScrewAttack and my favorite feature is SideScrollers. Why? Well, one big reason is to sit back and enjoy Craig's brain pooping. The man is infamous for making  inappropriate statements and while some people get offended, most of us laugh at his ignorance and honest mind. Craig's the guy who states what everyone else is thinking but too afraid to say. He reminds me of myself when I'm around my friends, saying controversial things to get some laughter while knowing  some might not find it funny. And even though Jared and Chad keep questioning him, he keeps on going and never seems to disappoint us. Coming  straight from my heart,  NEVER get "Politically Correct", Craig. You'd truly become the most boring person on the planet, trust me, I know. We love you dude for who you are, and we wouldn't want it any other way. 


      So in honor of Craig's wandering mind and since 2012 is just around the corner, I thought to myself, "Why not count down the Top 10 Most Inappropriate Things Craig has said during the past year?", and so I did. Keep in mind, these are only statements from Video SideScrollers, I haven't included anything from the early 2011 Audio Podcasts. Also, keep in mind that I didn't rewatch every episode of SideScrollers to make this list. I just included the 10 that I remember strongly and I'm sure I've forgot a few. 

      The only rule to get on this list? The statement had to been from a regular episode, NOT anything from Extended Cut. In other words, the following statements had to have been available for everyone to enjoy.


      I'm looking forward to 2012 for more of Craig's inappropriateness so I might be able to do another list. And with that, I wish everyone a Happy New year!


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