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      6 years ago



        This is me  experimenting  with animation. The main idea of Guy Vs Video Game was to do it out of my ass. I do lots of freelance work and usually they are painfully full of restrictions and censorship. My idea is to never be constrained to anything. That goes for character design, story, subject matter... This was my way to show "hey I don't give a fuck and it can still be awesome".  I don't want guy to look the same on every frame. Guy is a "custom expression" vehicle. He is pure emotion. That's why he doesn't talk  much, it is all acting.

      Part 1

      As I said, I do this out of my ass. There was never a plan of any kind  to make it a series. Even the character wasn't planed at all. All I wanted to do is to blow up an eye ball. I don't remember why. My Atari controller happened to be around and one thing led to another.  I had to explain why he blow up his own eye with a controller. It had to be by frustration, ET was the best choice.

      I will be posting more of these.


      Part 2 on the way...


    • Guy Vs Video Game - ET part1

      6 years ago


        Months ago posted this  first part  on the the last version... now I decided to make into a series. Part 2 is almost done and I will be posting it very soon. 

        Animation is a painfully slow process. I try to make it as fast as possible. This is a one man show I do this all by myself on my spare time. I think Screwattack could use an animated series. I will be also sharing a bit of my knowledge and technique on my blog for those interested.



    • Guy Vs Video Game blog 2 - Nick

      6 years ago


        At this very moment I ran out of sharpie, so I want to take this time to share a bit of my ideas and what I want the Guy Vs Video Game Series to be.

      I have an outline of the next two episodes and I want to incorporate some Screwattack characters to it. Nick is my first choice. He is the most cartoonish of them all. He is full of facial expressions, and his nervousness is  a great plot device. It should be a  surprise but, I really want to hype this up . I need a good reason to make more of this cartoons. It takes lots of time and work.


      Lets see what you have  to say...

    • Guy Vs Video Game

      6 years ago


      Part 1 for those who missed.

      Here it is part 2 of my cartoon. It takes a lot work to make hand drawn cartoons like this. Hopefully you guys like it enough so I can make more. I would love to have it as a official original series here on ScrewAttack. Please comment and share as much as possible.

      Thank You


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