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    • there may be a new zelda game for the wii u

      6 years ago


      a zelda game by the rumor name of zelda u is said to be being developed by nintendo and retro. this sounds fake to me but if it is true it may come out to be a good game. zelda u was shown off as a tech demo at e3 2011 for the wii u. it looks great to me and if it has the graphics shown it could be the best zelda game to come out.

    • seth killian joins sony and helps work on playstation all stars battle royal

      6 years ago


      Fighting-game guru Seth Killian, known throughout the industry for his former role as a special game adviser at Capcom, has been recruited for Sony Santa Monica's external division to work as a lead game designer, reports CVG.

      Killian will take part in putting together "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale," the fighting game mashup that will bring classic characters from the PlayStation universe into one arena to face off. The game is said to be Sony's answer to Nintendo's widely popular "Super Smash Bros.," which pits iconic figures from the gaming platform's long history of titles against one another.

      Namco Bandai, known in the fighting game world for developing the "Tekken" series, recently announced that it will be partnering with Nintendo for its next "Super Smash Bros." game on the Wii U. This was a bit of a surprise, since the company is renowned for creating a crucial part of the PlayStation staple fighting game, which originated in arcades before become a PlayStation exclusive in the 1990s.

      Namco Bandai has just teased an "All Star Battle" game on its website, as a NeoGaf forum user has noted. It doesn't specify whether this is for the Nintendo brawler, but the teaser simply says "3 Days ALL STAR BATTLE" over five rows and eight columns of tiles.

      For Killian, the opportunity to work on the new PlayStation fighter has allowed him to reflect on the mechanics behind the genre."Fighting games are very close to my heart," he wrote in his first PlayStation Blog post. "As someone that's spent much of my life with traditional fighters, All-Stars has been a great opportunity to take a step back and rethink fighting fundamentals from the ground up."

      A renowned professional "Street Fighter" player, Killian founded the EVO fighting game tournament and has acted as a link between Capcom and the gamer community. But he is not the only prominent member of the fighting game community to be brought on to work on the project.

      "The entire team was put together from scratch to create this game," said Killian in the blog post. "And they are loaded with fighting game superstars (including some impressive tournament credentials-I'm not even the first EVO finalist to join the team!) who love great combat just as much as I do."

      The most important factor that will make or break this game's success is, of course, the characters that will be included. So far, a slew of characters have been revealed who include the following:

      - Nathan Drake from "Uncharted"

      - Big Daddy from "BioShock"

      - Fat Princess

      - PaRappa The Rapper

      - Kratos from "God of War"

      - Sly Cooper

      - Sweet Tooth from "Twisted Metal"

      - Radec from "Killzone"

      Nathan Drake and Big Daddy were both announced as part of Sony's keynote at E3 2012, and now fans will get two more confirmed fighters at this year's Comic Con in San Diego. Developer Superbolt Entertainment will be announcing the characters, bringing the total roster up to 10.

      Many possibilities remain open as to who will be next on the list, and fans and critics alike have voiced their opinion on the matter. There are still classic figures from PlayStation's earlier years that have not been mentioned, such as Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft and Jak and Daxter. Recent additions to the PlayStation family, such as Sack Boy from "Little Big Planet" are also likely to make an appearance.

    • My Kingdom Hearts 2 review

      6 years ago


       Here is my Kingdom Hearts 2 review.


      Part 1 story

      I am going to leave out some parts so I don't spoil the entire thing. The  story in Kingdom Hearts 2 follows the last game. You start off as you see a boy named Roxas awaken from sleeping. At first he seems like a normal boy. But after the first fight you find out he wields his blade like  sora. After that organization 13 or xiii come into the scene as you see Axel, a former friend to Roxas appear trying to help Roxas come back to orginization 13.You fight him twice. Once at a tournament called the struggle tournament. And again in ansems lab. His three best friends are hayner,pence and olette. My theory is there Roxas's relief as whenever he sees himself in a troubeling situation he shouts those names. After he goes through ansems lab he finds sora and a masked man leter to be revieled as ansem. The sad and great part is that Roxas willingly gives himself up to Sora. While you're sora you go through various disney worlds To find and stop the orginization. Adding worlds like Pirates of the carribian, Mulan, and Lion King. While taking out wonderland, Tarzan, and peter pan.That is all for my story segment.


      Part 2 Gameplay

      The gameplay is your standerd action RPG. But also adding FInal Fantasy like style. Some added elements are the summons are new. Yes they had summons in the first game but this one has all new ones (except for the genie). Also a new ellement is drive forms.You have a total of 5 drive forms. Valor form, wisdom form, master form, final form, and anti form. They each help you in a veriety of challenges throughout the game. They also help Sora in his normal  form do things like jump higher, get a double jump, and even glide. Also a new veriety of abilities. Two abilities i do not see the need for is negative combo which takes out an attack from your combo, And Berserk which if you run out of MP you do not end your combo. That is good for everything except bosses where you need a finnishing attack to kill them. Also since cure takes up all of your MP then you will most likley die on a boss. That is it for my gameplay segment.


      Part 3 Diffuculty.

      The game on easy mode is a difficult game. Sure it starts off slow but when you get to parts like sephiroth or trying to complete the Hades 50 round cup it can get very difficult and repetitive. And that all increases in pro mode. It literally took me three days to beat the Hades world cup. But that is what makes a game fun, challenge. That is all for my difficulty segment.


      Part 4 graphics

      Just by the first level you could tell that the game looks beautifull. From the dark and dreary corners of Port Royale to the Bright and water filled places of atlantica (as much as I despise it) it all just is Beautifull. The most beautifull place has to be Hollow Bastion. It deffinently had the most colorfull scenery and backround. The ugliest place in the game, And I know i am going to get hate for this, is Hercules. I am not saying it is bad, just not as good as the rest.That is my graphics segment. 


      Final part Music

      This will be short for this segment because there is not much to say. The music in this game just fits. Every level they had the music fits. They took a lot of the music from the movies they are from. But when they had non disney worlds it was still awsome. Like hollow bastion were the music just feels magical, and space paranoid were it has a nice electronic theme. over all I enjoyed themusic. And that ends my final segmant



      story-18 percent,

      gameplay -15 percent,

      difficulty 20 percent,

      graphics 15 percent ,

      and music 20 percent. 

      Over all it equals 88 percent which is excellent. That is my kingdom hearts 2 review

    • Kingdom Hearts review part 1

      6 years ago


      Part 1 story

      The story of Kingdom Hearts starts off in a dark void like space fter you see sora fall at the end of the opening cutscene. ( i won't get into the opening cutscene since I don't understand it myself). On the ground you're standing on you can see various disney princesses like bell and snow white. Three pedastels pop up. One showing a sword, Another showing a shield, and the last one showing a magic staff. You choose one of them to be greater then the others and one to be weaker. After you choose you incounter your first Heartless. Black creatures with yellow eyes that have no hearts but steals hearts. You fight them with whatever weapon you chose in the beggining. As you fight the Heartless you hear this voice that says things like "don't be afrad" and " You are the one that shall open  door". Well I guess sora hears them because they only get spelled out on screen. At the end of this dark void you encounter a gaint Heartless. He can spawn the smaller shadows which are the first hartless you encounter while he is stronger then them. Once you defeat him then you return to reality. This is were the character developement comes in. First there is sora, He is a shy kid who looks about 12 or 13 years old. He seems to feel inferier to a kid named riku. He is a white haireed kid who seems wiser and works harder then sora. He also looks older. And then their is his little crush named kairi. She is very unpredictable girl. She says things joekingly that sometimes confuses sora.They all are beulding a raft to get off their island.One day, the day they were going to go finnish the raft, there was a terrable storm. When Sora went to the island to investigate he saw the Heartless from his dream. He found out that he couldn't harm them with the sword he carried (which was wooden). After he finds Riku, he appears to enjoy the fact of being consumed by darkness. Sora starts being consumed by darkness untill the Keyblade appears in his hands. The Keyblade is said to be the only weapon the Heartless are scared of. Sora fights his way through the heartless untill he finds kairi. Who appears lifeless and empty. A dark shadow pushes her towrds sora but she passes right through them. After that the game is based around going through disney worlds, saving them, while sora gets braver, wiser, and stronger. Over all the story is complete and in my opinion amazing. i give it a 25 out of 25 percent.

    • Who will win the new death battle

      6 years ago


       link from the legend of zelda is facing cloud from final fantasy 7.  who do you think will win

    • FOUR new characters for Playstation All-stars Battle Royale

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: I changed the links to trailers. Don't forget you can embed any HTML code you want by simply clicking the "Insert Custom HTML" button to the left of the Spell Check.

      During Gamescom today 4 new characters were announced for PS All-Stars. It includes Spike from Ape Escape, Dante from the new DmC, Ratchet and Clank, and Sackboy from Little Big Planet

      Here are the trailers



      Ratchet and Clank


    • possible characters in plastation all stars battle royale

      6 years ago


      In plastation allstars battle royale, four characters not shown in the beta were accidentally reveiled. The site went through an update that was not planned. It showed charachters like raiden and sackboy, but also jin and kazuya from tekken, kat from gravity rush, and ryu hayobusa from ninja gaiden. Here's a more detailed link http://www.unleashthefanboy.com/video-games/playstation-all-stars-battle-royale-new-characters-leaked/23565

    • incognito gamers FB page

      6 years ago


                                                 Incognito Gamers is a new Facebook fanpage where we do poles, top 10's best and worst decided bye YOU, you can ask us questions or just post accomplishments or something that you find interesting, and we will be posting funny memes. There isn't much yet but in time we will have more and more content. So hopefully i will see you guys there. And FEEL FREE TO POST AND PROMOTE YOUR PAGES!


















    • my top 10: characters i think should be in playstation all stars

      6 years ago


      Its here! Its finally here! PlayStation all stars gives us all the unique characters we can ask for. Says some other people. But not me. I think the roster is lacking its nostalgia factor since all we have is sir Dan, spike and parrapa as ps1 characters. So I made this list to show you some real all stars.

                      #10-Nathan hale

                      Yes he is a ps3 character but I don't care. In the resistance series it showed us the capability of the 6 axis controller. Plus his style of fighting would be cool. Transform into chimera whenever he wanted while still using guns. I bet they could make him very different from radec if they tried. (AKA no sniper spamming you trolls).



                     Great ps1 games. Whacky and cooky catch phrases and we have our guy. Plus they could give him some crazy costumes like the anime stage. superbot would have so much to work with regarding personality and traits. so... why not get him in there 



                      The dark cloud series is great. At least I love it. To an would be a worthy contestant with his sword fighting and agility. plenty of references can be made with his supers like they did with sly. including the final boss (hint superbot)



                      Croc was one of my favorite ps1 platformers. It was very creative and fun to play. the charachter would be cool for the game too. It took a cute little dinosaur and put him in a big adventurous world. It appeals to all audiences. That is why he is an all star.



                      Virtua fighter has gone down in history as the first 3d fighter. And the most we'll known is Akira. So the first 3d fighting all star.



                     The epic disney/square enix crossover must have sounded horrible on paper. But wouldn't you know? It works. They took a risk which some companies should do before they make a generic FPS.

                       #4-Leon S. Kennedy

                       This might be just me loving this character but Leon from resident evil is Bad Ass. He's way better then Chris redfield.



                       We need a final fantasy rep. And everyone loves cloud. But then again sephiroth is cool... but not as cool as the behemith known as cloud.


                       #2-crash bandicoot

                       Yes you guys will probably say he should be number 1. But for me there is one other character more nastolgic then him. But since crash pretty much gave naughty dog and PlayStation a fame for vid games. He deserves this spot.


                     #1-spyro the dragon

                     The game that changed my perspective on platformers. Spyro is amazing. And kept getting better until insomniac dropped him. So he deserves this spot most. So that's my first top 10. Tell me how you liked it in the comments and what list I should do next. Tata for now.

    • what some people don't understand about deathbattle

      6 years ago


      If your in the gaming community here at screwattack you probably know deathbattle. Weather you like it or not its worth checking out. I believe these are accurae portrails of how those fights would go down. but some people may not agree with me. Let us take link vs. cloud as an example, people got mad and started saying " cloud should have won" and stuff like that. But cirtain fighters are good against other fighters. lets take street fighter for example, all the characters are pretty much equally balanced and good to play with, but chances are that if your playing as zangief facing dhalsim, dhalsim probably has the advantage. Why? Because zangief is a slow moving fighter with a close range of attacks while dhalsim is a faster fighter with more distance, Plus he has more projectiles. Now I know zangief has a move that blocks projectiles but it wont work all the time, reason being that as the players we control his movements. If it were a real fight then he would have to worry about timing and getting close, which if you have not seen the movies/shows then you would know he isn't that bright. How does this connect to deathbattle you may ask? well going back to link vs. cloud what do we see? Link uses more defensive moves like using his shield and deflecting clouds magic. Link kept cloud at a distance. since magic isn't clouds strong point, keeping him at a distance is a good idea. Also, cloud doesn't use defence a lot, preferring to go head on into battle. What does link do? it's the things we don't notice/acknoledge that gets us. As soon as link is focused on an oppenent he raises his shield, which means he focuses more on defence. Also link is a stretegic person. Constantly throughout the Legend of Zelda, Link thinks his attacks out, waiting for precisely the moment to make his strike. Twilight princess is a good example of this, link has to defeat multiple shadow creatures by drawing them all in close and beating them simultaneously. This would go well against clouds upfront attack. Last thing is just because link can beat cloud and cloud can beat sephiroth does not mean that link can beat sephiroth. A compleatly different fighter with compleatley differnt attributes and style of fighting. Hope that gave you new views on deathbattle and helps you understand the results more.

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