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    • Fan Art: Kahn and Bison

      5 years ago


      Here's some fan art I did for the next DEATH BATTLE!

      And some other stuff


      Let me know what you think!


    • Death Battle Fan art: Plant Wars

      5 years ago


      So how many of you are as excited for the next Death Battle as I am?


       And here's a mouse fighting a rabbit.

      I hope Disney doesn't sue.

      Let me know what you think!

    • Death Battle Fanart: Clash of Ninja!

      5 years ago


      Death Battle is on Friday, so I guess I should get this up before then.


      Since everyone enjoyed Poundered Toast Man vs Really Really Big Man, I was going to do another joke drawing, but being busy with other projects, I was afraid I wouldn't finish it in time. Maybe I'll post it in a seperate blog post this weekend.


      Tell me what you think!

    • Hipster Tetra

      6 years ago


      Hello, fellow g1s. You knew it was coming. So here you go.

      Since there's no image uploader in the new additions to the site, guess I'll just post this here as a blog.

      Knock yourselves out, I guess.

    • Death Battle Fan-Art the Third: In the Chill of the Dark Knight

      6 years ago


       Hellow fellow G1s. I created another piece in honor of the upcoming Spider-Man vs. Batman Death Battle.

      I am so excited for this Death Battle. I've just seen both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises this past week and I have to say, they are both incredible films!

      If you like my work, Subscribe to me and I'll produce more. You can also go to my deviantart page


      but there really isn't much to see there.


    • Play my indie game Aragun! It's FREE

      6 years ago


      Hello friends. I am here to present you with an artifact from my youth. It's called Aragun. It's a game I made years ago when I was... (I'm not telling you how old I am!)

      It's a bullet-hell shooter. It's pretty crappy, considering it's the first time I experimented with Game Maker software, but my buddies found it fun so maybe some of you will too.

      You can download the executable here:

      Can only be played on a windows PC and use of a mouse is prefered.

      Thanks for playing!

    • Death Battle Fan-Art Duo: One-Winged Fairy

      6 years ago


       Why is dish soap made out of real lemons and lemonade has artificial flavoring?

      Because if lemonade was made from real lemons, it'd taste like dish soap.

      Editor's Note: Rimshot! But seriously, this is awesome and I would love to see it somewhere in the episode! 

    • DEATH BATTLE Fan Art: Blanka vs. Pikachu

      6 years ago


      Blanka vs. Pikachu

      Here's some hot Poke on World Warrior action.

      I know Pikachu doesn't have any bite or fang based attacks. The point of the picture was to be comedic, not accurate.

      I wasn't planning on doing fan art for the upcoming Death Battle but I couldn't sleep last night do to stress and I finished all my other obligations so this happened.

      ¡Viva la Death Battle!


    • Thor Vs. Raiden Fan Art

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Wow! This is awesome! It definately hypes me up for the upcoming Thor Vs Raiden Death Battle. Who will be the real God of Thunder? Find out right here on ScrewAttack on May 4!  

      Hello fellow G1's

      This is Tokyo Zombie.

      I've been here at ScrewAttack for a while. You don't know me because I like to keep a low profile. But I'm the same guy who did the No More Heroes fan art a few years ago.

      In honor of the upcoming Death Battle (and because I was bored), I created this piece featuring the combatants of the next episode.

    • TokyoZombie's DEATH BATTLE Fanart: Goku vs. Superman

      6 years ago


      How's it goin', fellow g1s?

      Here is my latest fan art for Death Battle.

      Goku vs Superman by TokyoZombie

      It's not my best work. There is already so much amazing Goku/Superman art on the net already, I had trouble finding inspiration and coming up with something original that stood out. So I went with a pseudo-symmetrical composition to show the characters equality in strength and fan base but contrast in style and personality. This is what I came up with.

      Hope you like it!


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