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    • ZombiU will not see a sequel

      5 years ago


      Remember ZombiU, the game that most people got when they got their Wii Us? It did poorly in terms of making a profit. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed in a interview with Games Industry that the game wasn't even close to making a profit. Like any game that fails to make a profit, ZombieU will not be seeing a sequel anytime soon..

      It should be noted that UbisoftMontpelier was working on a prototype, but I guess it didn't get the greenlight.  The failure to make a profit was also one of the reasons why Rayman Legends is no longer a Wii U exclusive.
      In a interview, Guillemot said:
       "We must find a way to ensure the creativity of those games could have a big enough audience," he says. "We hope it will take off. At the moment, we've said 'let's do through Christmas and see where we are from there."
      In the end, I think we can all say we hope the Wii U takes off. 
    • Fez 2 Announced

      5 years ago


      E3 is slowly coming to an end but that doesn't mean we can't get some news on some indie stuff. 

      A Fez 2 teaser was shown at the Horizon Conference. Right now there isn't much info on the game but Designer Phil Fish has this to say.  
      "Coming to ???? to ????
      Fez was a very fun game and its good to see it getting a sequel. Do you g1 plan on getting this when it comes on.
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 release revealed

      6 years ago


      Another year means another Call of Duty, and this time that Call of Duty would be Black Ops 2. Long rumored and hinted at by leaks and rumors a release date of November 13, 2012 has been revealed by pre-order card. 

      Not much to go by right now, we will see more of Black Ops 2 on May 1st during the NBA playoffs. Also,  Black Ops was a good game the 2nd best (IMO) but does it really need a second game?  You tell me g1's, do u think Black Ops 2 will be good or do you think it will suck?

    • EA to shut down online severs for certain games

      6 years ago


      If there's anything about this gen it's that most if not all games have something online. When their severs shut down, most become pretty much worthless and this happens a lot with EA games. Here's a list of EA games that are going offline.

      On January 11 you won't be able to play these game online anymore: 

      • FIFA Soccer 11
      • FIFA Soccer 11 Ultimate Team
      • Madden 11 and its Ultimate Team
      • NBA Jam
      • NBA Live 10
      • NCAA 11
      • NHL 11
      • NHL 11 Ultimate Team

      and on January 14:

      • Sims 2
      • Trenches 2 (iOS)

      Sports games really don't last long, do they? This makes me wonder what will happen to all the games this gen when their severs go offline.

    • Sony to spend $50 million marketing Vita

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: I included the new commercial at the bottom of the post. Good luck Vita!

      As most people know the PlayStation Vita isn't selling well in it's home country of Japan. Well it seem Sony doesn't want that to happen in the US as Sony is going to spend $50 million marketing the Vita. Sony has said that the Playstation Vita is the "largest platform launch in terms of marketing investment" the company has ever had.

      Sony said they will use the  “Never Stop Playing,” slogan to market the Vita 

      They are also partnered with Taco Bell to market Vita, offering the chance to win one every fifteen minutes.

      Over all I kind of say nice job. I really hope this pays off for Sony. I want to see the Vita and the 3DS do great, and I don't want handheld gaming to die anytime soon. Only time will tell if the 50 million they are spending will pay off.


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    • PlayStation Vita Hits 1.2m Units

      6 years ago


       The Playstation Vita launched in the US and EU on the 22ed and the sells not half bad. Sony announced that the Vita hit 1.2 million sold. That might not sound so hot but for what everyone was saying about the Vita it's not half bad.

      From what i could get from IGN the Vita sold 579,000 units in Japan as of February19th and around 621,000 units in EU, US, Latin America, Australia, and other Asian countries.But thats from IGN so could be wrong just going off what i read.  On the software side of things it's currently around 2 million.So around 2 game for every Vita. Also good to note that as of writing this that Sony's stock's are up for one reason or another.

      "The market has responded and there is clear demand for a mobile device capable of providing a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context," said Sony Computer Entertainment prez Andrew House. "To sustain momentum, we're working closely with third party developers and publishers to ensure the best games and franchises possible will be available on PS Vita, and our software line up for the remainder of 2012 will have something for everyone across the globe."

      So it looks like this might pay off for Sony and i hope it does but i have to say something i really thought the Vita was going to bomb hard but i guess i was wrong. Any g1's get a Vita? Tell me what you thing of Sony's new handheld in the comment's.

    • Saints Row: Enter The Dominatrix now part of Saints Row 4

      6 years ago


      Saints Row: The Third has a lot of DLC, but the one DLC many people were looking forward to was Enter The Dominatrix. A $29.99 expansion that  is now going to be folded in to the next Saints Row game. Here is a quote from THQ President Jason Rubin:

      "When I looked at the Enter The Dominatrix expansion in production at Volition, I was blown away by the ideas and desire to expand the fiction of the franchise... I asked the team what it could achieve given more time, more resources, and a broader scope for the project. We all agreed we wanted to play that game. When it comes to Saints Row, it’s clear our fans want bigger, better, and even more over the top, and that’s why Enter The Dominatrix will now be incorporated into a vastly expanded, full-fledged sequel, scheduled for calendar 2013.”

      The next Saints Row game is scheduled for sometime in 2013. But there was some bad news that comes with this,with the cancellation of the DLC, the company says its fiscal 2013 outlook has been reduced by $20 million. 

    • Ratchet And Clank: Full Frontal Assault Announced

      6 years ago


       Too think it's been 10 years since Ratchet and Clank hit the PS2 an now in honor of Ratchet and Clank's 10th anniversary  Insomniac Games is releasing  Ratchet And Clank: Full Frontal Assault on PSN this fall.

      Ted  Price the CEO of Insomniac Games  promises that the new title will be  "fun-sized" and return  the series "classic feel" , while still innovating and giving you a whole new way to play. He also hinded at some Co-Op but didn't give much info on that.

      No price was givein but if it's a PSN game im guessing $15 maybe $20. Hopefull we will see more of the game at E3 and maybe the game will drop a hint at the next full sized Ratchet game. But for now all we have is art work.

    • Darksiders II gets a release date

      6 years ago


      THQ has given a release date for Darksiders II. The game will ship August 14, 2012. It was originally scheduled to ship next month, but was pushed out.

      THQ's CEO Brian Farrell said that pre-orders are up five times compared to the first game. He also said that Darksiders II will have double the marketing budget of the first game.

      After looking up how the first game did, I really don't know what to say… THQ is bleeding money almost as bad as Sony at this point. Many people in the industry don't see THQ making a game for the next gen. I guess only time will tell if Darksiders II can help pull THQ out of the red.

    • Witcher franchise hit's it big in 2011

      6 years ago


      Today CD Projekt RED announced The Witcher franchise sold 1.5 million copies in 2011. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings sold more than 1.1 million copies on the PC, digital copies accounted for 24 percent of that total. The Witcher  sold around 400,000 copies in 2011. Not bad for a game released in 2007. Adam Badowski, head of the CD Projekt RED had this to say

      "We were all incredibly surprised by the number of copies sold… The Witcher 2 has garnered over 60 industry awards, and gamers seem to love it. I have to admit, though, that the sales results for The Witcher, 5 years on from the game's premier, are remarkable."

      The down side to all of this is Witcher 2 was pirated an estimated 4.5 million copies. That's a lot for you g1's that didn't know. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition is set for Xbox 360 and PC on April 17.

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