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    • How Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga Could co-op Game on the Wii U

      4 years ago


      I’ve noticed something on a few of Nintendo’s eShop games and that is, the gamepad and whatever other controller you are using can both control player one. Let it be noted that there is a chance that Nintendo patched this since I wrote this article, or it may not work on all games or controllers, but I was thinking when I heard that Super Star Saga is coming out soon this would be one of the best games to try it on.

      As you may already know. The Mario and Luigi games are usually portable single player games where you control both Mario and Luigi. Now you could go all Twitch anarchy and just have both players do whatever they want or you can follow these rules I made up.

      1. One Player must pick Mario and the other player picks Luigi.
      2. Luigi is the only one who can use the B Button and Mario can only use A.
      3. Whoever is in front controls the D pad and can do anything they want with the menu screen AKA Suit Case. (The Player can use both A and B Buttons Here. )
      4. The Player in back can switch to the front whenever they want.
      5. The Player In front can change the front actions in the over world or activate their hammer and the player in back can activate the back actions.
      6. When In Battle the player who is having their turn has full control unless they choose a brother’s attack which is an attack in that involves pressing the A and B buttons.

      Hopefully I explained it enough for those who haven’t played the game, but If not you should get what I’m talking about after you play it. Remember that I made the rules up and you can alter anything to make it work better for you. Like I said before it is possible that this glitch is patched now. I'm also guessing it will only work on a classic or pro controller like the SNES games. Even If both remotes aren't usable at the same time I still highly recommend  playing this game.

      If you try this on a livestream or let's play, post the video on ScrewAttack!

    • Top 5 Games of 2014 From the FUTURE!

      4 years ago


      I Have traveled from the future to make a list of the top ten games of 2014. None of these games have even been announced yet. So enjoy this look into the future!!!!

      5. Mega Man: The Dark Void

      This year was either a new beginning for the blue bomber or the final nail in his coffin. Fans have pondered about why Capcom made this $5.00 digital download game featuring an 8 bit Mega Man. Seriously it’s JUST Mega Man. This game has no enemies, no background, and nothing else, but Mega Man. Many have tried to unlock and sort of possible content in this game, but have failed. Some say it’s a work of art a metaphor Mega Man has been treated over the years. I for one agree! I mean it’s not like Capcom has just completely given up and just made the worst game ever to make a quick buck right. RIGHT!?

      4. Pokémon Z

      Right after X and Y came out we all knew this was bound to happen. Pokémon Z featured the thing that was missing the most from X and Y… MEGA PIKACHU! Sure it was great put it on the Wii U with HD graphics and added better mini games for Pokémon Amie. Nope it was finally having a way to get a more powerful Pikachu and keeping it looking cute. Maybe even cuter by giving it big spikey hair!

      3. Kingdome Hearts : Infinite Worlds

      Who thought the portable spin off of a game would be even better than the counsel version? Well when the spin off features both Marvel and Star Wars do I really have to say more?

      2. Captain N: The Game master

      After the year of Luigi Nintendo Needed a new Anniversary to focus on. This year marked the 25th Anniversary of Captain N. To mark this occasion Nintendo has created a new IP specially made for our hero. Not only is this his first game it’s also a first person shooter with all your favorite Nintendo weapons. Throw fire balls at your enemies, slash them with The Master Sword, or even capture some with a poke’ball to use against other threats latter. Captain N was a great refresher on all classic Nintendo games.

      1.The Greatest Game on Earth for X Box One

      It’s a big risk simply calling your game the greatest game ever, but this title actually is worthy of that name. It blends in everything anyone could want in a game perfectly. Oh wait it’s only on X Box one? Well that’s enough to take it off the list!

      New Number 1.Death Battle

      After AVGN Adventures, Screw Attack’s next game was a fighting game based off of death battle. Fan’s were skeptical when this game was first announced how could a Death battle game be made when Screw Attack does not own any of the fighters. The easiest solution was public domain which oddly gave the game more unlimited possibilities. Finally we could see matches like Helen Keller Vs. Medusa, The battle of the beards could finally be witnessed with Black Beard Vs. Abe Lincoln, Big foot tried to out big The Big Bad Wolf and Robin Hood Vs. King Arthur. They even added Wiz, Boom Stick and the AVGN. The endless amounts of modes helped the game as well with Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Troll Mode ( think the street fighter mini games except you try and stop a player or AI from completing it), and Rainbow mode (Similar to street fighter rainbow). Truly this is the greatest fighting game of all time.

    • Capcom gives the Wii U Virtual Console a triple shot of Street Fighter II

      5 years ago


      Capcom has announced all three of SNES entries in the Street Fighter II series (SFII, SFII Turbo, and Super SFII) are now available on the Wii U Virtual Console.  

      For those of you who don't the differences between the three games, I'll do my best to explain. SF 2 is the first game in the series to be ported to the SNES and it only has 8 main fighters plus the 4 non-playable bosses. Turbo has faster gameplay and you can play as the 4 bosses. Super has 4 new fighters and the bosses, which makes for a roster of 16 playable fighters and while that's the main difference, there's also a few minor differences in mechanics, sound, and graphics and there's also an additional Tournament Mode. 

      If you want only one, I'd recommend Super because it has the most characters. But if you want all three, two are half-off when one game is purchased,  so you can buy one for $7.99 or all three for $16.

      If you already own any of these three games on the Wii's Virtual Console, you can transfer them to the Wii U free of charge, but if you'd like to upgrade to the Wii U version, you can do so for a fee of $1.50 per game. 

    • Dog Welder Could be in Injustice! (By a long Shot)

      5 years ago


      After doing some research after Side Scrollers. I discovered that Dog Welder appeared in the Comic HitMan.  I knew of dog welder an the HitMan Comics, but I didn’t know they had a connection. There are thousands of DC Heroes that could appear in any Injustice Sequel or DLC. Dog Welders chances are really low still, but… he operates in Gotham City! Looks like we will see Dog Welder when Nether Relms eventually runs out of Batman Characters. What do you g1s think? Would you like to see Dog Welder? Personally I think there are other DC characters that can help BOOST sales and give Nether Realms lots of GOLD…

    • Injustice: Gods Amoung Us ( Comic Fan and Wii U ) Review

      5 years ago



      As most of you may know “Injustice: Gods Among us” is a Dc Comics Fighting game by the makers of Mortal Kombat. I’m mainly going to focus on the comic book elements and how this plays on the Wii U.


      Comic Geek Rant Stuff

      I’ll start with my biggest issue about this game Superman is the main villain and final boss of this game. As a Superman fan this can be a little annoying. There are some aspects though that make it work and not work.

                      The good news is that this game actually has two different versions of the DC Universe one is the “traditional” DC Universe and the other is the dark world of Injustice. It’s basically has elements of Kingdome Come (Superman loses his wife to the Joker and Batman gathers his own army.), The Dark Knight Returns ( The dark DC Batman looks a lot like this one, plus Batman vs. Superman Fight.), and the Justice League Cartoon “A Better World” (Traditional DC vs. dark DC). 

      The bad news is that even of there is a “Good” Superman. This is Definitely one of the darkest versions. At one point he kills Captain Marvel who is a member of his own team. Superman is basically like Parallax ( Green Lantern when he went crazy and killed everyone) in this story.

      The other awkward moment is Damian Wayne Batman’s Son. In the dark earth he is Night Wing and he Killed the original Robin / Night Wing Dick Grayson. The Batman of this world also said he was “dead” to him. It’s just a little odd for two reasons.  One Damian Wayne is currently dead ( it works well as dark humor I guess) and  two Dick and Damian had a fairly good relationship. (At one time Dick was Batman and Damian was Robin. ) This can be all looked over though since it is an alternate universe were I’m a assuming Batman was a crappy Dad.

      Overall the story is pretty good. Even if I fan boy nitpick on minor details. The music and the voices make it work and feel like an episode of the Justice League cartoon. I can also see why superman was the final boss because he does have so many long range attacks that can make him cheap/hardest to beat. Also If you think this is a” Bat God Story” it isn’t exactly batman is good in both worlds and his the one used most in story mode, but ultimately Superman needs to beat Superman.

      The game also delves into DC rich history by offering many different Easter eggs and cameos. You will definitely want to explore the entire stage.  If there is someone you wanted to see in the game there is a chance they are here.



      Wii-U Stuff

      This game allows you to use three different controllers and two players at a time. It uses the pro control, the classic controller (not mentioned on the box), and of course the game pad. The Wii U game pad mainly offers two things. The first is off screen gameplay and the other is a move list on the pad when playing on the tv. It would have been nice to see more features on it like how  Tekken allowed you to do with moves with a push of a button for those new at the game, but that was also unfair how only one player could do that.  I also enjoy using Mii Verse to share all the easter eggs I find. Unfortunately no DLC available for now (other than a patch I heard about that allows you to play with friends), but if you want a game to play on the Wii U and you don’t mind the lack of DLC this is a good game to play. I hope that people do support the Wii U version of this because honestly if 3rd parties like Injustice sell well it will help bring more to the Wii U.


      If you’re a big DC fan there is plenty to love and plenty to nit pick out of love. If you don’t care about the DLC and enjoy the Wii U game pad( with less gimmicks) and Mii verse I recommend this version.




    • My Top 10 Super Heroes that should be in Injustice: Gods Amoung Us

      6 years ago


      I love DC superheroes, so with a new game coming out and inspiration by fellow g1 AgentKane I give you my top ten superheroes that should be in Injustice: Gods Among Us. I might make a villain list and a list of the most unlikely to appear also. If I forgot to add any information to explain a character I apologize and feel free to ask me or any fellow g1 reading this who’s kind enough to reply. My main rule is assuming this is a justice league game and not a full DC game I limited it to people who could be considered Justice League or Society members. Also I mostly went for heroes that the general public may not know. I just feel that this game is a great way to introduce them.

      10.“ Ted Kord” Blue Beetle 

      There have been 3 Blue Beetles. The latest incarnation will probably be the most likely to actually appear in a fighting game. I can’t argue this as his armor can do all kinds of stuff. Ted Kord should not be ignored though. His acrobatic moves would work great in a fighter, he also has a few gadgets like his BB gun, and he has a giant beetle robot! It would be perfect to use as a finishing move!

      9. Vixen 

      I’m not an expert on vixen, but I do believe that He variety of powers cold be useful in a fighting game. She can basically channel the abilities of animals. I think it would be cool to have animals actually assist her, but I don’t think she did the in the comics. One example would be using an elephant stampede as a finishing move.

      8. Aquaman & Mera 

      If there’s going to be a game with the word Justice in it then 7 characters come to mind as a must. Aquaman is one of them. Also I’d like to note it’s not need to give him water based abilities or the silly hook hand. He has powers outside of the ocean. He has super strength. He can also jump very high, and he has some telepathic powers beyond commanding (not talking to) fish. I think most of his special moves would involve using his trident.

      It can be used to be thrown, flip enemies, and rip off of a piece of the environment (i.e. a wall or concrete on the ground) and either have it slam your opponent or even throw the object. He would also have a wale fall from the sky for his finishing move. As for Water attacks we have Mera. Mera is Aquaman’s wife. Not only can she control water she can also make water weapons which is cooler than it sounds. Aquaman is for me is the best title of the new 52 so I think he deserves the attention. Part of what makes this book great is his relationship with Mera. So, why not have them both?

      7. Mr. Terrific

      This guy was inspired by the golden age hero of the same name. The one thing that would make his guy really interesting in a fighter is his T spheres. Their basically these robotic orbs that float around him. They can perform all sorts of tasks. For the game I can see them being used as a taser to stun your opponent, firing several lasers all at once, and having them explode. If this game is for the Wii U I think the ability to plant exploding T spheres around the environment could be pretty cool. I know it wouldn’t be fair, but it’d be fun to troll with.

      6. Dr. Midnight

      Another golden age based guy. He uses smoke bombs to blind his enemies, because he can see in the dark. This would be another one that would be fun for Wii U trolling. When he throws his bombs the whole screen becomes black, but If you have a GamePad you can still see what’s going on. The only problem is that I don’t know if he’d work on other systems…

      5. Steel

      It’d be nice to have steel in the game. He’s probably my favorite to come out of the Death of superman story line. It’d be fun to fling enemies across the screen with his giant hammer. I can see the developers giving him a finishing move were he hammers the loser into the ground, but I don’t think it’d fit him. Plus I think MK DC did that and it didn't work their either.

      4. Green Lanterns

      Green Lantern is an obvious choice. I don’t want it to be just Hal Jordan and end of story tough. There should be alternate skins for at least every earth Green Lantern. If there are some of the non-human ones like G’nort, even better. Also I think the Wii U should give you numerous constructs to choose from. If you don’t have a GamePad it’s just random.

      3 . Fire & Ice

      Mortal Kombat has several element themed characters, so why not pick DC’s best. I thought I’d give them the same spot because I feel that it works better to have both than one or the other.

      2. Zatanna

      My favorite female hero has got to be in this game. She’s magic so she can pretty much do anything (as long as she says it back words). Like green lantern, I think it’d be fun if she had a variety of spells with the same Wii U advantage. One attack would be dropping a race car that she made out of thin air (palindrome joke). If they bring friendships in this game she could turn the enemy into a rabbit. They should call it a Super Friendship!

      1. Booster Gold

      I don’t know if you can tell by the looks at my list, but to me there’s one thing that this game looks like it seems to have missing thus fare… and that is fun. They need to be a little crazy maybe even a little bit more silly. Booster has the right balance he can be funny when it needs to be funny and serious when needed also. At first I thought maybe Booster wouldn’t fit in a game made by the Mortal Kombat guys…

      After thinking a while with his whole fame seeking theme he’s almost like DCs Johnny Cage. He also needs to have his faithful robot Skeets at his side. Maybe even have some witty dialog between the two as you fight. He could also end battles with all sorts of crazy promotions. For example he can have a super friendship were he tell you to buy a booster doll. I wonder if it’d be possible to have a move where he can reverse time also because he’s a time traveler. Think “Prince of Persia” and no, even though he time travels he doesn’t have short term time traveling and he can only go back in time using Rip Hunter’s Time Machine. Rip hunter is Booster’s Mentor and unknown to Booster his son. Long story…

    • A Ninja Turtles First Person Shooter Is Hinted At

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Run Michael! Run!

      In a recent interview, Michael Bay was asked why he would make the Ninja Turtles aliens. He responded with this comment, “ With them being aliens they have access to more technology and weapons, they won’t even need those silly kitchen tools anymore.”

      Yes this suggests that the turtles will no longer have their famous weapons in the movie. Bay continued, “Guns are much more interesting of a weapon, plus they give further opportunity to make the game( based off the movie ) into something you’d never thought you’d see in a TMNT game.”

      He was then asked about his opinion on the games and responded with, “ The original beat em up games were fine back in the day, but now kids like Halo and Call of Duty.” So, what do you G1’s think has Bay crossed the line again?

    • My first Impression on smart phone games.

      6 years ago


      If your only here to help fix my problem scroll down to HELP!!

      First off I'll start with the most popular "Angry Birds". First off I like the graphics and animation. All the birds seem to have there own ability.  It's fun seeing fat birds crash into pigs, but I fell like it's boring as a game. You pull you finger back and release a bird from a sling shot and that's it.  Games to me should constantly be interactive.  Cut scenes are OK, but I don't like that my finger has nothing to do every few seconds (that's what she said). I t's not bad it's just not mind blowing. There are at least allot of choices of level sand it's nice to have other birds but I really don't notice a valuable difference in game play with each one though.

      Hamster Attack is Angry  birds with a hamster.

      Fruit ninja is another popular one I heard of. Drag your hand across the screen and cut fruit. It seemed a little easy at first until Unnoticed they put bombs in the mix. It's not bad you're at least constantly doing  something. Seams a little redundant, but I haven't played all the modes yet. It's a great concept though and the outcome is fairly solid.

      Speaking of ninjas.." Ninjump" isn't too bad of a game either. You're constantly ruining and your controls are mainly jumping  between two walls. What adds to the mix is it has power ups. My only problem with I think I got all the power ups now so my only real goal is to beat my old score. It reminds me of  "Robot Unicorn Attack". I'm dreading  getting  the smart phone version of the game though because of a problem I have.  Robot Unicorn is a game you have to pay for which brings me to my problem... 

      HELP !!!!!

      I bought the smart phone port of X-men arcade and it doesn't seem t work. Thought I'd ask the G1s for help. It's claims it's a storage issue, but I just bought the phone and I checked the space and i seem to have plenty for the game. I heard something about installing out side of the store using a debug, but I have no clue how to go about that. so if anyone has an idea let me know.

    • Marvel Vs. DC fan game beta?

      6 years ago


      There is more info on this site  http://maximoff.alreadyread.net/Scrisis/

      Or  go to my pages



      or follow or tweet me @fluffypro

    • boom

      6 years ago


      5. Good Akuma

      Akuma isn't really that weird of a charecter, but the one that I always found odd was evil Ryu. There's just somethng funny about the whole evil twim thing.. Good Akuma would be a way to balance that out.. For some reson I just think it'd should be th most ridiculous and over the top thing ever.He would shoot happy suns instead or hudukans and his super special move is farting out a stampede of my little ponnies! I'm only putting this lower cause it may be a tad too silly. Good Akuma is an avatar of the little good that Akuma had left. See it explains why he's evil! Contenuity solved!

      4.  Hauzer

      The only good thing about Capcom Fighting Evolution. Was that it had "Red Earth" Charecters. That aren't really anywere else. It was awsome seeing Ryu fight a dinosaur and I'd love to see it in a better made game than evolution.

      3. Norimaro

      Incase you don't know who this is it's a charecter that was only in Japan's" Marvel vs. Capcom" I don't want this exact charecter, but someone similar would be fun. Just some sort of nerdy fanboy with a veritiy of movescould be fun. They will probably have to change it to  a charecter that would have jokes both East and West would get. Maybe even have Norimaro in Japan and the AVGN in the US!


      2. Allen Snider or...

      2. Chuck Norris!

      Fisrt I was just going to say someone based off of Chuck Norris, but I just recently learned that Allen from the Street fighter EX games is all ready based off of Chuck Norris. Although it's the younger one and not the internet meme one. I want a Character with moves where you can shake the earth by doing push ups or have a fist pop out of his beard! What could possibly be more insane than that...


      1. Ken  (2010 Version)

      At long last Ken of "Street Fighter 2010 will finally have an official role in the street fighter universe. He sould have rapid hadukan power and streching robo arms. In an alternatr future Ryu is killed and ken iscaptured and turned into the ultamate cyborg fighting machine what does he do with this new power? Join a world warior tornamament of course.

      Hope you enjoyed the list and didn't take things to seriously.

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      Also since he reads all the blogs anyways.. Hi Alphaunit what's up? 

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