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    • Black Ops 2 DLC Revolution Review

      5 years ago



      Source - [url]http://oneofswords.com/2013/01/hands-on-with-black-ops-ii-revolution/[/url]
      Here is a lot of accurate information.
      Tuesday, January 29 will mark the Xbox 360 release of [URL="http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/dlc/dlc1-revolution"]Revolution, the first DLC collection[/URL] for [URL="http://callofduty.com/blackops2"]Call of Duty: Black Ops[/URL]  — and it’s one of those packs that offers something for everybody. Four  multiplayer maps, a new zombies environment, a new zombies mode, and a  bonus weapon makes for a lot of new stuff. “Most of the guys went  straight through from shipping the game to working on the map pack,”  says Treyarch’s online game director, Dan Bunting.
      I’m happy to say I got a chance to check it all out earlier this  week; here’s what you will get to play for yourself this Tuesday. 
      Face the other way on Hydro, and you’ll see a loooong way down
      [/B]This map is on the edge of a dam in Pakistan, and features clearly  defined sections painted red and blue. Those buildings are joined by a  large spillway; you’ll be safe to run through the water most of the  time, but if the dam is actively venting H2O, you will meet a soggy and  instant death. It’s like the train on Express: It happens when it  happens, and you can neither activate nor stop it. Your job is simply to  get the hell out of the way of it.
      Game design director David Vonderhaar is a strong supporter of the  competitive gaming community, and says Hydro is “a very competitive map.  It’s almost symmetrical; it’s going to play super, super, super fast.  You can hear when the water is about to flood — it’s very brief flood,  but it’s absolutely deadly. You can use it to split the map and split up  the enemy team. A team that is working together can dominate on Hydro.”
      There are multiple levels — short ladders take you to various control  rooms and flow stations – as well as lots of small rooms and limiting  spaces designed for tight engagements. And of course, you can always  fall off the edge of the dam, which I did intentionally during a TDM  match just to see what would happen. Surprise — I died!
      The Mirage pool is currently closed. No lifeguard on duty is the least of the problems.
      [/B]Imagine a luxury resort in the middle of China’s Gobi Desert. Now  imagine what it would look like if the Gobi decided it wanted that land  back. The result would be a post-sandstorm Asian oasis with half-buried  vans, a nearly destroyed bus, and second-floor access to some buildings  via freshly formed dune ramps. A giant statue in the lobby makes it  clear this was a ritzy place, before the sandstorm half-buried it. And  of course, the irony of a swimming pool full of sand is not lost. I also  found the diving platform over the pool to be a good perch for flag  defense (the pool is the B point in Domination), even if it was rather  exposed. When I worked with a teammate, it was less of a problem. A  Guardian also proved very effective when positioned in the pool itself.
      And speaking of Domination, most Black Ops II Domination maps are  very linear, with both teams converging on B from opposite sides in  short order. Not so with Mirage: the three points are arranged in a  triangle around the central hotel building, and I found myself running  laps with great success. When you see Mirage in a Dom lobby, know that  you will need to adjust your tactics accordingly.
      Grind is…well, a pretty radical approach to denying players easy cover.
      After Dan Bunting admitted that he didn’t quite get the concept of a  multiplayer map in the middle of a Venice Beach skatepark, the lead  level designer said, “trust me, it’s going to be awesome” — and it wound  up being Bunting’s personal favorite map. Picture the greatest skate  and BMX park you can imagine — half pipes, a full pipe that snakes  through several turns, bleachers for fans to watch the Vert Games, a pro  shop, and plenty of ramps inside and out. Now throw in soldiers with  guns. Radical!
      Expect your approach to cover to McTwist a bit, too. “The thing  that’s cool about Grind is that you have a lot of curved walls,” says  Bunting. “That forces you to stand out in the open and stay on the move.  It gives it a fast paced vibe. Use the center as your cross through and  use it to cut in from one path to the other — that’s probably the best  way to stay alive.”
       Here’s a video that shows some of the terrain in Grind, and some gameplay footage that’s exclusive to One of Swords:
      Sure enough, our games on Grind were very active, though my team had a  great time digging in to defend the Demolition bomb points at the  bleachers. You can often run up the slope of a quarter pipe and mantle  to the top of a ramp, but I found a few ramps that were too tall or too  steep to climb. I was happy to see that the level is filled with  distinctive areas and landmarks — skate shop, full pipe, bleachers,  bathroom, news van, things like that. These easy-to-call-out elements  will make team communication natural in objective games.
      Downhill looks peaceful — but that ski lift wants to kill you. And it can!
      If you’ve ever wanted to take cover behind a snowman, here’s your  chance. Your winter playground – the first snow level of Black Ops II –  exists in the mountains of the French Alps, centered around a ski lift.  (Vahn notes that the player models have received upgrades with  appropriate cold-weather clothing to match the environment.) As with the  active spillway in Hydro, running into a gondola means you will die —  so no camping in the central station. You’ll also find many natural  paths among the rock formations, plus man-made areas like shops and  small offices in which to take cover, heavy machinery for grooming the  snow, and a ski chalet festooned with Christmas lights, which is guarded  by the aforementioned snowman. The chalet is also one of the zones  you’ll need to capture and defend in Hardpoint. I enjoyed CTF on this  map and stuck to the high, snowy footpaths opposite the main gondola  station with great success.
      Bright white — on purpose.
      The Peacekeeper SMG
      Vahn says the first downloadable weapon in Call of Duty history  represents “the single hardest 60 days of our lives.” A hybrid of two  classes, the Peacekeeper (white by default, “a very strong looking  weapon so that it stands apart,” says Vahn) offers the movement speed of  an SMG with the range of an assault rifle. The range is rated at 10  bars when you look at the weapon in the create-a-class mode (two higher  than the MSMC, same as the MTAR, not as many as the FAL), which you can  extend to 13 with the Long Barrel attachment. Combine this with a  generous 30-round magazine (40 with Extended Mags), low recoil, and a  snappy reload, and…well, Treyarch knows what the Internet is thinking.  “A lot of people think it’s going to be overpowered,” admits Bunting,  “but if you buff some aspect, you have to nerf something else.” He  referenced giving the weapon design team a “budget” based on “sliders” –  a finite allocation of points, strengths and weaknesses that define the  weapon, which sounded a bit like the Pick-10 create-a-class system (in  theory). You can strike a nice balance, but no one class — and  presumably no one weapon — can be created to do everything for all  players or all circumstances. “All the weapons are balanced to be  competitive against each other in different situations,” confirms  Bunting.
      The bright white finish makes the Peacekeeper easy to recognize
      In practice, I did not find the weapon to be overpowered — but I did  find it to be very comfortable and pretty freakin’ awesome. The boosted  range does not translate to obscenely long distances; I got a Long Shot  medal from about 35 yards away, and often saw targets that I could not  hit. Plus, those 30 bullets do go fast, so you have to make them count.  But the Peacekeeper ultimately struck me as a reliable all-rounder, and  the gun I’d use if I were trying out a new map or mode. I loved it as  the flag runner in CTF, where I would normally use an SMG or pistol to  stay light on my toes.
       And yes, even if you do not own the DLC pack, you can pick it up off  the ground and give it a try. If you do choose to unlock the extra  content for yourself, you can customize the Peacekeeper to your heart’s  content and add it to your diamond-studded SMG collection once you  complete all of its challenges.
      Die Rise
      I also got a chance to play through some of the new Zombies level,  Die Rise. You start in what appears to be a hotel lobby, with a large  desk, some stairs, an elevator…and a whole lot of sky where the wall  should be. This is a skyscraper, and something apocalyptic happened  here, because there are chunks of the building missing and destruction  outside. “The environment is so different that it creates new gameplay,”  explains producer Reza Elghazi. “It’s not just escaping zombies — you  have to worry about your environment, and just dying by falling.”  Zombies design director Jimmy Zielinski echoed that sentiment. “This  brings a lot of verticality and risk to your movements,” he said. “If  you run and turn the corner, that corner might not be there. Take it  slow, find out where you are, and make a plan — and don’t die.”
      Despite that warning, I died. Earning a little money let my crew  unlock a few doors, clear away rubble, and see just how bad the  surroundings were. The path we explored revealed more and more of the  rubble — a destroyed store, an abandoned inactive escalator, an open  elevator shaft, holes in walls that led to unknown areas…or just outside  into thin air. At one point I stepped forward, only to slide into the  remains of another building which has inverted. I found myself in a room  where the clock and light fixtures were mounted upside-down, for  instance. I won’t ruin any surprises (no screens, even!); you’ll explore  it soon enough yourself, and when you do, tell me what you can build  with the parts I found scattered around the ruins. But I will say that  we found that if everybody gets in the elevator at the start of the  level, something happens…
      Turned offers one human, three zombies, and no waiting — and no time to react
      “From the beginning, we thought, ‘What would it be like to be a  zombie?’” reveals Zielinski. “But we never went there. Now, we’ve  finally done it.” The result is Turned, a frantic  three-zombies-on-one-human showdown in and around the North Highway  Diner. (Naturally, the restaurant’s neon sign is partially burnt out, so  it currently reads “NOW DIE.”) It’s ridiculously fast paced, and so  unlike any normal Zombies mode that it may be as polarizing as it is  entertaining.
      Turned is basically “kill the guy with the ball” where the ball is a  working circulatory system. Armed with either a shotgun or an array of  weapons in a Reverse Gun Game configuration (first weapon: Executioner),  the lone human has to fend off three zombies that constantly race  around the level trying to kill them, screaming all the while. The  winner is whoever can survive as a human the longest in a five-minute  span. Power-ups drop to help out either side from time to time, but the  turnover is extremely high; most of the time I stayed alive for mere  seconds. “Just keep moving,” advises Zielinski. “It’s an instinctual  game. This is going to let you get in and get a quick adrenaline hit —  it’s a shorter game mode.” It’s also a hilarious one that offers  something new to Call of Duty as a franchise.


    • KrewCast Episode 23 with special guest viperx420

      5 years ago


      Hey guys, ViperX420 here with a little announcement.


      Tomorrow @9pm Est I'll be guest starring on the PodCast TheKrewCast.


      Quote from twitter KrewCast : "Join us tomorrow night @ 9pm EST for  episode #23 with special guest . Get your zombie on!"


      I'll be speaking about Zombie survival in through-out the Call of Duty Series and how its advanced and changed over the past 5 years since it first released in 2008 with World At War.


      If your really into zombie genre content then tomorrow is the night come check out their show and support these guys. Other topics will be brought up as well during the podcast, with alot of comedic value within the stream as well.


      I personally can't wait for us to go live this is gonna be really fun for me at least what do you guys think? find out tomorrow!



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