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    • Screwattack tattoo? Help!

      5 years ago


      For over a month I have thought of a tattoo. It was- IS a X-mas present from my dad. After all the thinking. Massive amounts of Vault Boys, Hylian Crests, Triforce-Pink Floyd crossovers, Imperial and Heroes of Might and Magic dragons I might've come to a solution.


      This site changed my life, the way I think about things. All of you people. All of the shows. All of the crew. G1's! They are a part of me becoming a retro gamer. A big part. About half. What's the other half? Well, that is the funny story.


      The first game I bought when it was older than 10 years. So Screwattack is a no-brainer. That thing is going to be on my arm. Hopefully. Only problem I've come across is that there aren't really any awesome Screwattacks flying around the webs. I'd like one that was modeled after the game. The Circle, the bolt, remove the disgusting colours of the ones I've found online. ^_ ^

      So what do I really need help with? Well, if there is one group of people that knows their screwattacks, it's the G1's and the SA-crew. If you find any cool designs, if you can MAKE any designs, if you can link this to a friend, share it on facebookery or twittery, maybe even give a nudge to squarepainter, or maybe just keep this alive, I would be eternally grateful. And I might get your drawing on my arm. For Forever.

      Thank you G1's, Thank you Screwattack, hopefully I can thank every one of you with an eternal stamp of my love for you guys. It would be an honor.

      Emails wouldn't hurt, eh? 

      Pofthed@ hotmail.com

      Questions below, designs above, that would nice. Love y'all!

    • Originality in gaming still exists, at least to a crazy person

      5 years ago


      Editor's Note: I've added some pictures.

      Dora the Complainer

      Gamers like to complain. A lot. One of the most common complaints gamers have, is about the lack of 'original ideas'. I disagree with this, quite a bit in fact. Not only that, but I also believe that originality is something we will see a lot more in the future. I see the points of the common complainer, however. The boring sea of World-War 2 shooters quickly turned into a boring sea of modern war-shooters and, weirdly enough, they still sell like that inherently creepy Pony-sex-doll in a Brony-convention. "Everything is brown!" they scream. "Everything has forced multiplayer" they scream. This is what many gamers like to do. BioShock 2 had forced multiplayer, so every game has forced multiplayer. Gears of War 3 was brown, so every game is brown. According to these people every game is also a first person shooter with massive amounts of pointless sex.

      The problem with this argument, aside from being completely stupid, is that it's also completely wrong.

      I do, however, see how one could come into such a conclusion. There is no ignoring the numbers. Modern Warfare 3 sold 6.5 million copies in the U.S. and UK alone and grossed $400 million, making it the biggest entertainment launch of all time. Battlefield 3 sold 5 million copies in its first week of release. It's easy to see how a studio would think that this is the way of the future and that their "Grey War-Shooter: Revengfulnessatation" will undoubtedly bless the studio with miraculous riches. The stronger than stone presence of these games have farted out a big grey cloud of uncertainty that has been hanging above us for a good 5 years or so. From the depths of this cloud gamers condemn the supposed lack of originality. This metaphorical cloud is ruining video games for people who say that unoriginality is ruining video games. That makes sense, sort of. While any game that even has the color brown or includes shooting is automatically unoriginal shit, every game that dodges that cloud goes ignored and unnoticed by the complaining masses. That's why people come into such harsh solutions, but you are really here to read why they shouldn't, aren't you?

      Western World Problems

      I have never heard any Asian person complain about this. This proves the fact that the western consumers are often just hypocrites. As much as they whine and complain about the colors or material included in the new Call of Duty-title, they still wind up buying it. It's pretty clear that if every person who is even remotely concerned about the unoriginality of modern games would also ignore all the unoriginal games, Modern Warfare wouldn't sell 6.5 million copies. You know how most video game magazines have the top 10 best selling games of the month-list? Have you noticed how in Europe, Scandinavia and the Americas the list always looks the same: Free-roaming-game, shooting-game, sports-game, repeat. People buy those games while complaining how every game is either a free-roaming-, shooting- or a sports-game. Then, when you look at the Japanese list, whoa! Doesn't that look different? Oddball fighters, arcade-games that defy all genres, RPGs about the weirdest things, COLORS! Katamari Damacy, Tales Of-games, Monster Hunter were all the best selling games of their time in Japan. Would a Western gamer buy a game where you roll stuff into a ball until it becomes a planet?

      Some do. Quite many in fact. But those people are not enough.

      They need the Call of Duty-audience to prove the Western gaming masses that originality is out there. Now, would the normal Call of Duty-gamer ever even touch a Katamari game? I would have to speculate that most of them wouldn't. This is a problem that cannot be fixed. We can only show the complainers these games to prove them wrong, but the numbers are still out there. The shooters still dominate the Western market and unfortunately they will, until Activision and EA decide to do something else with their money. That creates the problem of localization. Westerners don't buy Japanese games, Japan stops bringing them over. That sucks. The only solution I can see for the dominating stance of the shooter-genre in the West, is bringing all of their weird, corky and interesting Eastern titles over here. But that is a risk no company can afford to take. There would be bankruptcy, loss of jobs, death, destruction and apocalypse. It's a shitty gift that just keeps on giving. The less people care about weird and original Japanese titles, the less of them are going to be brought over here. "Vote with your wallet" is the only advice that can be given here. Original games are not dead; they are just hiding, in Japan.

      Indie Jones

      This is an easy one, and the clear answer to everything. If an original game isn't hiding in Japan, it's hiding in the indie-circles. Seriously, if you think there are not enough original games and you are not following the indie-scene, you are not right in the head. The recent rise of indie games has been one of the best things to have ever happened to the industry. Games made with small budgets and in free time assure both a low price and an experimental outlook on gaming. These kinds of games can take risks, because if they fail, it doesn't cost the developers millions of dollars or tons of people their jobs. Of course, the small budgets mean that you have to be careful with them. Be sure you are not investing in a piece of dog shit, cheap or not. But that's true with all consuming.

      These indie guys have provided us with some really interesting, different stuff.

      You just need to keep reading blogs and news to keep up with all the games that are not released on Steam, XBLA, PSN or other digital sources, but are just hidden in the jungles of the internet. This basically means that if you are, after reading this article, still complaining about the lack of originality, you are simply not looking hard enough. Amazing games like Lone Survivor or Dwarf Fortress are just simply not played by the general public, because they don't have the kind of marketing AAA-titles have. You know, those brown, shooting-type AAA-titles. Original games are not dead; they are just hiding, on the internet.

      Oswald the original

      In conclusion, original games may be harder to find than the newest trendy shooter, but they are still there. They are still there by the thousands. And there are going to be thousands more. Few days ago Dice came out and said that the modern-time shooter is getting old. When the second biggest shooter-developer says it's time for a change, it's definitely time for a change. This doesn't mean we start seeing a lot more original titles, it just means that soon enough we will see one that will do the same thing to gaming Modern Warfare did in 2007. There are original games released all the time, you just have to pay attention.

      The fact that more and more people want original games is a good thing though, since that means these kinds of video games get more recognition. Bastion and Minecraft were huge titles and very successful. Braid, Super Meat Boy and Fez had an entire feature length film made about them! They are not that hard to find anymore, and the rise of digital distribution services will make sure that it will be even easier in the future. If Ouya will be as successful as I hope it will, the whole way we look at video games -and the originality of them- could change forever. Original games exist and are often cheaper and better than boring AAA-titles. This will be even more apparent in the close future. So the next time someone complains about the lack of originality in gaming, you can hit him over the head with an iPad.

    • Z World Detroit wants to bring the Zombie experience to everyone

      5 years ago


      To get to spend an entire night in the zombie apocalypse, you need to donate these poor bastards a few bucks. Well, you don't HAVE to, but for the good of zombie-fans everywhere, you should. Not much else to say here, really. This is fucking amazing. Just visit the site and watch the video below and all that good stuff.

    • Wii U might save the console market as we know it

      5 years ago


      If you are a console-gamer, you might end up hating me at the end of this article, but I seriously think this could happen; the console market might die (it kind of deserves to) and Nintendo might have the right idea when it comes to saving its sorry ass.

      Headlines Are My Weakness 64

      It seems that the older I get, the more I need to defend Nintendo. I feel the need to start this article off by saying a few words about the guys. First off, I find it very interesting when people attack Nintendo for being “un-original” and recycling their old ideas. It’s interesting because Nintendo might be the most original first party big-ass company out there right now. They have more exclusive series’ than the other console-developers. A quick Wikipedia look made me count well over 10 whole franchises, only available on Nintendo consoles. I think that’s plenty.

       I especially noticed this backlash after the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2. “Oh dear, 3 similar games released in a 6-year fork? This is unacceptable!” They scream behind their Assassin’s Creeds (5 main games within 5 years) and Call of Duties (6 main games in 5 years). People who complain about stupid crap like that, also complain when Nintendo tries to prove these people wrong and does something new and amazing. The amount of hate for the Wii as of today is staggering.

      Sure, it has its share of gripping problems, like the absence of good ports or a working online-system, but when it comes to local multiplayer- or single player-exclusives, you really can’t beat Nintendo. And say what you want, their hardware does exactly what they try to do. This is NOT an article about the good and the bad of the Wii, though. So forget all that. Now that we have all the Nintendo-haters sending their death-threats to me, we can continue to the problems of the console market of today and why Wii U might just save the poor thing.

      Fix the Console Market

      Oh, what fun! The ages old fight between the PC and the consoles. Let’s see how much more death threats I receive from this one! There was a time, when consoles could compete against computer-gaming. A magical time when the “sitting on a sofa”- and “holding a controller”-arguments were still valid. A time of not all games getting ported to every machine in existence. In that world, PC-gamers and console-gamers were different creatures with different tastes! It’s too bad that doesn’t matter anymore, and companies need to make it matter to keep consoles looking appealing and interesting enough to compete with the PC.

      Let’s look at the aforementioned arguments and a few other ones as they are today. Both “I like to sit on a sofa” and “I like the feel of a controller” are ruined by the same counter-arguments. 90% of the games you would rather play on a controller, you can play with a controller. I use my 360-controllers more on my PC than on my 360. Yes, it might partly be because my Xbox 360 is a pile of crap and won’t work anymore, but the argument still stands.

      Last time I played a game from a other side of the room, was a few days ago when I was playing Driver: San Francisco with a controller, on my PC, while laying on my bed 5 meters away, and you know what? It worked perfectly. The only difference to a console version was that I had a fully operating web browser behind one button-press and all the other bonuses that come with PC gaming, like superior graphics that look splendid on my 40” television that I use for my console-games as well. Oh yes, your computer is one HDMI-connection away from the same TV-gaming experience many console gamers call the reason why they prefer their playboxes.  

      The main reason why people use consoles over PC’s, however, is the simplicity. Why would you want the hassle of PC gaming with its one-use-codes, DRM, patch-downloading and installation? See this is where the console-market is dropping the ball. It’s not the simpler option anymore. Every single one of those horrible, consumer-hating features are now prominent on the consoles.  Funny enough, those things have snuck up on us within the last 6 or so years and some of the rumors floating around about the next Xbox and PS are hinting that they will be continuing that sneak. If the next generation won’t play used games, is there anything consoles have over PC’s? They aren’t even more reliable anymore. Just look at the 360 release!

      Things are looking grim for consoles. All of the great things they do, PC does as well, but PC also offers better flexibility on graphics and controls, mod-community, free online and command console-possibilities. Consoles have all the difficulties that PC’s have without all the positives. I speculate that the consumers will slowly move to PC when they start noticing the differences. Nintendo, however, is an innovator and it might just have what the industry needs to keep the consoles going.

      Forced Wii-U Pun

      Nintendo is an interesting beast. While their innovation was loved and appreciated in the 80’s and 90’s, the love slowly died down due to them doing what they always do, innovate.  I agree that the stick-waggling of the Wii isn’t optimal and it’s not my favorite controller at all, but you can’t disrespect Nintendo for trying. Geniuses are remembered for their mistakes, not their triumphs. The controller of the Wii and the Virtual Boy are all things to be remembered, sure, but I think it only shows Nintendo’s will to innovate. While those were both failed experiments, let me remind you of the following: analog sticks on home-consoles, shoulder-buttons and triggers, arcade sticks for home consoles and the directional pad.

      The innovator is always made fun of and ridiculed, but every now and then, they get something right. What follows, is another step in the evolution of the industry. As it stands right now, the console market is in dire need of an evolution. Despite all the hate for the “gimmick”, sometimes you need something utterly ridiculous, like a controller formed from a giant screen, to move the industry forward. If it doesn’t move, it will be stomped by the PC-side. The consumers will move over to them, because they offer the same things, just better and the consoles will end up dying, aside from the handhelds, which are busy getting slaughtered by smartphones.

      Nintendo are doing their best at trying new things, because the console-market needs those “new things” in order to survive all the bullshit Microsoft and Sony have been piling on top of it since the start of this generation. I love my PS3 and I still play it frequently. I loved my 360 before it died on me months after the purchase, but neither of those things are more convenient, fun or easy than playing the same games, plus a ton more on the PC. Nintendo knows that they need to do something the PC can’t do if they want to keep the customers coming. I applaud that and I am very interested in seeing if it will even succeed!

    • The 2nd Annual NES Marathon FOR CHARITY!

      6 years ago


      To support the fellow, I decided to plug it here. I bet a big part of us are already familiar with the video-artist-retro-game-review-fella called Pat the NES Punk? Well, he reviews stuff. That's the simple way of putting it. Now, tomorrow is the time for his 2nd Annual NES Marathon, where he will be playing 100+ NES games for 24 hours, all while collecting money for charity!

      We all like charity, don't we? Yes, yes we do! So if you are epic, you might want to drop into the stream and maybe donate a few dollars for Child's Play Charity! The more money that gets donated, the more games will be played and they even have special plans for certain milestones!

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ9m4HpsnP0  <-- details over there!

    • The Creation of Jared

      6 years ago


      A small photoshop thing I made to honor the greatness that is Screwattack! I am by no means a professional (like Jared), but I had fun! ^_ ^

    • Anatomy Lesson By Craig Skistimas

      6 years ago


      As seen in The Creation of Jared, Screwattack has been invading classic paintings for some reason. Weird. The best you things you can to do support me is to check out my Let's Plays on: http://www.youtube.com/user/GamersWorldHub         Thanks!

    • Let's Play! Splinter Cell: Conviction!

      6 years ago


      ^Episode numero uno!

      There are ALOT more episodes on the youtube channel, but I decided not to upload all of the on the same blog. People would find that a tad overwhelming. Please do comment and subscribe!

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