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    • Fezzes Are Cool - Another Doctor Who Piece

      5 years ago


      So here is yet another piece I did with Matt Smith as The Doctor on black paper with white charcoal.

    • Minecraft Angel Creeper

      6 years ago


       On the Wings of a Creeper...

      I told my friend Superjak7 that I would draw anything...he told me to draw a creeper from Minecraft with wings. He thought I was kidding... NOPE!

      HAHA! You better have a roof on your dirt house! (Yes, I know it's bad. Enjoy anyway.)

    • Team Chad Hat

      6 years ago


       So I made a hat to show my support for Chad in Mario Party After Dark. Some of you who watch Sidescrollers may (or may not) remember that I had sent in a birthday picture for the Uncle Sam challenge. I just painted over the Uncle Sam hat and made it into a Team Chad hat! I will be wearing  it for MPAD. Enjoy looking at it because it took up most of my Thursday...the little green spot between "Team" and "Yoshi" is from an accident while I was watching Jared and Chad play Teletubbies...I was laughing...alot...

      *Front view*

      *Side view*

    • Mario Kombat: Chadality!

      6 years ago


       So, for Mario Party 5 After Dark, I decided to draw some fan art. This is, of course, for Sir Chad, leader of Team Chad/Yoshi and this is meant to be a pretty epic picture, though some may see it as a fail because...well...I'm not that good. My greatest foe are hands and feet....So here is the fan art! Enjoy!

      So, you're probably thinking , "OMG WASP I WANNA BE LIKE YOU!" ....Ok well you're not thinking that. Your first thought might be, "Why is...Chad riding on Scorpion's back?" Well, that can be answered easily. I've been playing Mortal Kombat recently and I watched Part two of Chad and Jared playing Predator on the NES. Chad and Jared ride scorpions on Predator so I thought, "Eh, why not? Make Chad ride Scorpion's back as a refrence to him playing Predator!" 

      I also just wanted an excuse for Chad to look silly.

      What's that in the background? (What little background there is.) Why...It's Jared's Mario hat! Crushed and burnt!(The burnt part is what little remains of Jared) Thats right. I'm saying that Chad will destroy Jared tonight.

    • Tribute to Beat

      6 years ago


       I was bored and so I took it upon myself to...do something useless and without a point.


      I wanted to pay tribute to a little blue robot bird named Beat. Beat is from the Mega Man games and first appeared in Mega Man 5 as a little side thing you can get. He was spread out into 4 pieces and you could only get him after obtaining the Jet Pack from beating Plant Man, and the Power Suit from beating Flame Man. I kinda like using Beat because he can be useful sometimes. So, Beat needs a little recognition. He has helped Mega Man somewhat...I prefer Rush though...cause I can't do sh*t with a robot bird! ( Lol Brentalfloss.)


      (Artist: devinthecool.deviantart.com/ )

    • Lolwut? Team Bryan fanart?

      6 years ago


      So for those of you who don't know or have been living under a rock (A rolling rock), Bryan won in After Dark for Mario Party 5. He played as Boo the ghost, and this is late but...deal with it. Easy to understand picture: Bryan as ghost, Ghost Bryan wearing fancy suit, surprise: He's Boo...kinda the point. What does all this equal?  A barly worked on piece of "art".

      "Take your damn three coins! I'm loaded!"

    • Wasp's GFX Art

      6 years ago


       I do some GFX art XP like that banner above this text and my profile banner...I did those two things very quickly... here are some of my better things. Enjoy. ( Leo is another name I use for myself if you're wondering why thats on Bubble Man's arm cannon ) I made these few after I got Photoshop.




    • Two Megaman Signatures

      6 years ago


       Hey, you know....I'm not the best of artist, in fact, I think that there are many, MANY people who are ten-times better then me, but you know what, I do this for fun and because I enjoy it. I'm going to learn and become better. Also, I don't have the best equipment to draw with or create signatures with buuuut...I do with what I got. Enjoy these two fine signature that I have made using Photoshop!

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