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    • Street Fighter II Koryu

      6 years ago


      We've all played Street Fighter II right? I sure hope you have, cause it's a pretty good game. Now there are quite a few versions of Street Fighter II. Champion Edition, Turbo, Super...SUPER TURBO, and most recently, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. But in my person opinion, all of these version are inferior to the subject of this blog article. Street Fighter II Koryu.

      To my knowledge, Street Fighter II Koryu (sometimes spelled Kouryu) is a hacked version from Taiwan (I presume) that likely had cabinents somewhere in the area when SFII was popular. Now there are other SF II hacks you might have seen, or even played (Rainbow anyone? ), But let me tell you, this version is something else. It's the most hilariously broken and amusing of all Street Fighter II hacks and versions. I love it so much I even took screenshots myself this time!

      There is no ground or air in Koryu.

      I'm gonna and try and explain the mechanics of Koryu here. Any move that had a charge time (Guile's moves, Chun Li's spinning bird kick) no longer take any time to charge. Just taps of the directions and WOOSH you're on the other side of the screen.  You can do any special move at any time in the air. Get hit in the air? Just Shoryuken into your recovery! Sound strage? It is. It's AWESOME. It doesn't really matter where you are, special moves can pretty much be done at any time.

      You can throw tons of projectiles. As many as you need really. Fill that screen up till the game can't handle it anymore! Throwing Shoryukens throws out about 10 zillion Hadokens. Depending on the button you press, you might have heat seeking fireballs.  Throws work, but the person being thrown doesn't....get thrown. They take the damage but nothing happens to them as you do the throwing animation.

      Is it an unbelivable mess? Absolutely! Is it fun? MORE ABSOLUTELY. At first it might just be an amusing broken version, and that is all it is. Play it with a friend. It quickly turns into an addictive competition of who can out strange and out break the other. Sagats One-hit KO upppercut (Tiger Flame!), Ken being himself, and Blanka turning into Sonic the Hedgehog. There is a ton of fun be had here. It's actually addicting.

      The bicyclers in Chun Li's stage are...off. They come in red, green, and blue!

      Oh, the game just reset itself once for me and my friend. I dunno why. Yay programming! Zangief and Dhalsim run at 60 miles per hour. Oh, and pressing start changes your character. Just like that. No biggie.

      I can write forever about all the changes and funny things that can happen. But that's way to much work for a lazy fart like myself. So you must be wondering how you can get a hold of this fantastic fighter, eh? Well it wasn't released on anything other than an arcade somewhere in Taiwan. But the uh, ARE OH EM is pretty easy to come across. Most arcade EHMYEWLAYTORS can play it (which is what I've been doing) so have at it that way! I'm gonna leave you with a video here, since maybe these screenshots didn't do it justice.

      I demand that this version be released on PSN, with amazing HD graphics and online play. Then Capcom will have officially won ME back! That's probably not at all possible but...do it anyway!

      Once again, any and all feeback is appreciated, thanks for reading g1's!

    • Mega Man Legends (PS1) Review

      6 years ago


      Mega Man (or Megaman, if you wish) Legends is a special game. In this humble first blog post of mine, I'm going to try and convey to you why this game is special to those who've played it, and maybe write a decent review too.

      There's a neato ad for Breath of Fire 3 on the back of the manual!

      I'll start with the story. In Legends, you play as Mega Man Volnutt, a "Digger". Diggers look around for things called refractors, an awesome energy source for stuff. So on-......

      Actually, watch this hilariously voiced intro instead! Really, it's more enjoyable then what I would write.

      Yeah, that's great stuff. To be brief, one day Mega Man and company (Roll Caskett, her Grandfather and a ROBOT MONKEY named Data) crash land their airship on Kattelox Island. Mega Man and Roll address the various problems the island is having and before long the plot grows bigger and bigger. I won't divulge the rest because I'm lazy ER....going to let you experience it for yourself! Yeah, that's it.

      I think this game has really nice visuals. For the time especially. Everything is pretty blocky, or a sprite. Enviornmental textures look, iffy. Kattelox Island is a nice place to look at, mostly from design and maybe not technically. The characters look quite nice though, their animations aren't perfect (Mega Man's running....), but they express quite well for block people. You gotta love Data's dancing too.

      Roll and Data. I bet Data kills his batteries dancing all day.

      "But how about the gameplay, Mr. WC1610? Aren't you going to vaguely describe that too?" I'm getting on that. So the main chunk of gameplay involves going underground Kattelox and fuffiling whatever mission you have. Mega Man controls tank-style. So up and down move him foward and backwards, while left and right just turn him in place. L1 and R1 move the camera around him. Square fires your Mega Buster, and Triangle fires your alternate weapon (which by default is and should always be KICK). These dungeon portions are great fun, with interesting enemies to shoot and cool areas to explore. A lot of these sections link together in some way or form, a neat touch adding to a sense of place.

      Example of said dungeon crawling. (And look, the helmet's on!)

      That's not to say all of your time is spent in spooky caverns. You're actually free to explore Kattelox as you please, and there's all sorts of stuff to do on the surface. It's where you get your quests, buy upgrades and additions to your Mega Buster, and just random things. Like kicking trashcans open. Truly an innovation in gaming. No seriously, kicking is fun in Mega Man Legends!

      I couldn't find a nice screen or vid to demonstrate this kicking.

      There's a fair number of citizens running standing around Kattelox, and they all have something to say. Whether it's that cute girl who wants to make "cool games like Resident Evil!" or the barking dog, you could spend a lot of time amusing yourself talking to everyone and fudging around the city. Kicking open trash cans for bonus money or jumping around like an idiot.

      The sound in this game is definetly part of what makes it special. The music is pretty good, but you won't be humming the tunes all day ala classic Mega Man (thought you might whistle the Kattelox Island tune here and there). Sound effects serve their job too, but I can't get enough of Mega Man's footsteps. Pwep pwep pwep pwep. But the voice acting...OH MAN. THE VOICE ACTING. This is where it's at fellow g1's.Is it good voice acting? Well...yes. It's just..hmm...well you heard that opening narration up there, right? Cheesy and lovable.

      Yay, another video! Less writing for me!

      It's all cheesy and lovable, gosh darnit. I'm at a loss for words to describe the voices, but take my word when I say you'll enjoy. Because you will.

      So, you interested in playing yet? Well the original PlayStation version can be a little hard to come by, but not impossible (darn eBay prices...). There was an N64 port called Mega Man 64 that I know nothing about, considering I don't have an Nintendo 64. There's also a PC port with some improved textures and all that PC jazz. I also know little about this port because I've just never played it. But if you come across the chance to play it, do  yourself a favor and do so! Don't pay HUGE bucks for it but, seek it out if you're interested.

      Man...writing about this game makes me want to play the sequel. Never got to. I'll just...



      Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post (even just a little) and I appreciate any feedback! Thanks g1's.

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