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    • Double the Misspell, Double the Fail

      6 years ago


       Bennington, Vermont:   An ex-girlfriend's car becomes vandalized with a bent license plate frame and a scratched hood.  Scratched on the hood of her car was the word "SULT" obviously trying to say "slut".  Brittany Speckman immediately called the police and accused his ex-boyfriend, Adam Halls for the vandalism.

      Reports said that Adam and Brittany broke up one month ago and Adam has been saying awful things about her to her friends.  When called to the police station, they asked Adam to write down "You are a slut."  His writing :

      "You are a sult"

      That was all the evidence they needed to arrest him and charge him with unlawful mischief.

    • He's the Evil Wheatley core!

      6 years ago


      From the same guy who brought you "This is Aperature"

    • On second thought, a reboot would be nice...or...

      6 years ago


      It's obviously aparent that although Sonic Generations did the trick on fans service and making the best Sonic game in awhile (aside from Sonic Colors), it didn't solve everything. Obviously in the year 2012 Sega is still having problems pleasing every stinking, over-obsessed, nitpicky, ANNOYING fan in the fanbase. If anything, Sonic Generations split the fanbase EVEN MORE.

      I've tracked down that the downfall of the fanbase trully began after the reveal trailer of Sonic 4 Episode 1. I am aware of the rants made on Sonic Unleashed Review (PS3/Xbox 360) by IGN but that wasn't any cause for alarm...yet. So after the the pathetically stupid rant from AKnotholeResident on Youtube about Sonic's eye-color and appearance, the random petition for buying Sonic 1 instead of Sonic 4, and another rant from...someone I can't remember about voice acting, things began to escalate in annoyance..well, escalate to an even greater level annoyance.

      From everything I've seen, read, and listened to out of curiosity, all these mixed opinions and mindless comment rants on reviews, pictures, ect have really, really, REALLY boiled my nerves because all I wanted to do was PLAY THE GAMES! I'm not a Psychotic Sonic Fanboy, I've only been a fan for only four years. In fact the review from GT on Sonic Colors getting a 6.4/10 made me not play the game for three months! How pathetic is that?

      I know the internet is supposed to have mixed opinions but with so many biases and trolls, it's hard to believe or trust anyone now! Anything related to Sonic can turn into a comment war if it's a positive or negative response.

      Negative response sample: The Sonic Franchise is the #1 Worst Blockbuster worse than ET by GameTrailers.

      Positive Response sample: ...probably most Sonic rants and opinions posted on Youtube.

      But I know what you're thinking "What's the big deal? This isn't anything new, we already know about this fanbase." Well you would be.......until I learned that the Archie's Comic counterpart is under attack now. Trust me, things are gonna get really crazy here.

      Now I've only dipped my head into a few of these and I didn't see anything bad about them...well, from what I can see, I'm not Linkara, I don't go over-analyzing art or story telling. But according to what I could gather, apparently Ian Flynn is the Michael Bay of comics by making things dark and throwing in bad innuendos. I don't know, this is a big mess. I composed a quick list of what the Archie fans are hating so far. It wasn't that hard, it was only the past few comics that set the rage up.

      Sally Acorn becomes robotosized.

      Naugus becomes King.

      Antoine sacrifices for former rulers' getaway. Followed by his wife, Bunnie (Wife?) leaving him to take care of her own agenda.

      ...um...disrespectful innuendos?

      Best part of that last one is that it was connected to a DeviantArt group called Anti-Archie Sonic, dedicated to hating no one but Ian Flynn. I don't even know who this guy is and they all seem to say he's the worst thing to happen to this comic. I have no idea, I just read this garbage. For all I know it might be trolls just making more of fuss to bitch about anything Sonic related.

      I mean earlier there was a comic arch dedicated to 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hegehog and not only was it fanservice but it had a twist towards the end to show that it did have a purpose with the current story....oh, and there's some other argument about Mary Sue's but I don't get it.

      So WTF's going on here? A comic tie in that focuses heavily on story yet Ian Flynn is criticized for ruining it and the plot's too heavy. But people were glad about simple plots in the more recent Sonic games. But people missed those in the Dreamcast Era and want to play more of the other character! BUT people hate the cast and they should be thrown away! BUT there are fans of them who usually like to defend them! BUT most Sonic paradies usually have them mostly known talking about Sonic's useless friends! BUT people againt go back to defending them as best as they can BUT I think I'm gonna lose it any second! BUT people always tie them to their comic counterpart! BUT people hate comparing them and despise the Sally Acorn character! BUT people usually say she played a great deal in the comics! BUT people say she's a Mary Sue and never had any part in the games! BUT she did make a cameo in Sonic Spinball! BUT people say that game isn't canon! BUT people say that so isn't Sonic X. BUT people hate Sonic X. BUT people use it as a reliable fan source for copy and edit pictures. BUT PEOPLE-- THE CHARACTERS--TIE INS--GAME--COMICS--TV SHOWS--USELESS FRINEDS--NITPICKS--TROLLS---SONI=--------


      *mental breakdown*

    • Death Battle Request: G1 VS G1

      6 years ago


       Before I start, let me say nice Death Battle with Thor and Raiden, guys (and Mr Lange of course).

      Anyway, with all these Death Battles people are always asking for the big ones, like Goku vs Superman, Chuck Norris vs Mr T, Goku Vs Superman, Thanos vs Darkseid, Goku vs Superman, Ryu Vs Liu Kang, and the list goes on. ...did I mention Goku vs Superman yet?

      So with all these ideas I thought "Why hasn't there been a Death Battle with fellow G1's?"  Sure it's not a big idea as some of the others listed above but it would be cool to see a character that you represent go up against another G1 character.

      Do I have a grudge against another user?  ...not really, I just want to see my character get animated in a battle.  Who wouldn't?  Do I have a particular target of my choosing?  Yes, but it's a ballsy move.  Trust me when I say that my chosen opponent would have many on HIS side rather than mine.  Who is it?  I'm not saying anything.

      So what would you guys say?  Would you want your own character featured on a Death Battle?

    • Another great day for controversy: GT's Top 10 Worst BlockBusters

      6 years ago


       I didn't want to make this, I really didn't, but it seems I have no choice but to bring up what's been driving the Sonic fanboys crazy. 

      I could probably feel the hearts of ALOT of Sonic fanboys and fangirls being torn by the choice for #1 here.  Not to mention a lot of anger and confusion.

      Now normally I would accept this list since Sonic 06 and the Olympic series were obviously seen negatively, but I didn't think Unleashed (Wii) was truly horrendous since it was the key game that put Sonic on track.  But the biggest kick in the groin for fans was their inclusion of Sonic Adventure 2 (or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle).

      Oh boy...

      Ranked #5 in best Dreamcast games (an updated to #3 for best Sonic game in replacement to the first Adventure game unofficially) by ScrewAttack, fans across the web didn't take kindly of this inclusion.  As for me...I never was able to play it since the Dreamcast died so quickly.  But I'm pretty sure it didn't need to be mentioned.  And I think that's the simple problem;  the inclusion of Sonic Adventure 2 on the list and everyone still thinks they must bitch and whine about GT being the new IGN.

      I don't know this whole thing is a total mess.  g1s, your thoughts?

    • Jarate Mon is Rhythm Heaven

      6 years ago


       *too busy watching video*

    • I get the weirdest ideas, yet they lead to major successes. Here's an example.

      6 years ago


      The Final Boss of Sonic Generations is infamous for its massively disappointing gameplay and annoyance..but for some odd reason I find it a guilty pleasure.  It's probably the looping two-minute music.  So while I was playing, minding my own business, one of my random brainfarts tells me:  "Hey, you know what this boss could use?"  And the result:  (1:06)

      My brainfarts always seem to come up with big hits on my Youtube channel.  Don't ask, I don't get it either.  I should probably do a "Brainfart Fridays" on ScrewAttack just to prove my point.


      ...and on a related note, is there a good artist out there that I can commission?  I have an idea that's been in my head for the past few months and I need it to be made!  What is it?  Well watch until the end of this video to see a hint.

       *above artwork by NextGenProject

    • ScrewAttack vs Machinima Footage 2/3

      6 years ago


      Clips include the main tournament with NBA Jam, Bomberman 2 and skeeball including the prize purchase.

    • Video Games Live performing at this Year's E3

      6 years ago


       Tommy Tallarico himself confirmed several locations across the globe where they will perform including Mexico, Philedelphia, and a bunch of other places.  Their biggest show according to him will be at E3 in L.A., California  from June 5th to 7th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Sounds like me and my friends have some planning to do.

      One new song to debut at E3 is The Elder Scrolls Skryim.

      INB4 "arrow to the knee" joke.

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