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    • Some of the Most Forgotten Videogame Protagonists

      5 years ago

      Alex Kidd

      Let’s begin with one of my favorite video game characters, Alex Kidd is the name of the protagonist of the homonymous famous SEGA game series from between the late 80’s and early 90’s. This figure was meant to be the SEGA’s mascot, it had a great success in the Master System era, until SEGA came up with its eternal mascot Sonic the Hedgehog. After that there was no space for Alex Kidd, really sad fate for this character, recently Alex was seen in some recent SEGA titles as SEGA Superstars Tennis and Sonic & Sega All-Stars.

      Many titles of the series were released for the Master System and only one for Genesis / Megadrive. I only played two, Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System) and Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Genesis), it was the first one which I liked most and was in fact the most popular of the series. Both games are similar, platform style moving toward from one point to another of the stage, collecting items and beating up some enemies with his gigantic hands. Its particularities were the fact of beating the bosses doing rock, paper and scissors (jan-ken-pon); also by collection the money through the stages, the players could buy some items, including a motorcycle or some kind helicopter with pedals. I recommend you to give you a try if you didn’t play it yet. It was a sudden disappearance of Alex in video games, he should have had more opportunities to shine in video games.




      Crash Bandicoot

      From one great figure of SEGA to one of the main figures of Sony Playstation in its early days. It is him Crash the bandicoot, this character at the beginning was seen as the Playstation mascot, like Nintendo had Mario and SEGA had Sonic. There was some similarities between these characters, all of them friendly and colorful creatures and placed in the same game style. After the amazing trilogy plus a fantastic racing game for the 32bit Playstation, the series took new developers and later it was released for other platform aside of Playstation. Crash was losing is significance in video games.

      What I visualize the most in my mind are the 32bit titles, great and colorful environments and the bandicoot named Crash running and jumping through the stages, breaking some wooden boxes to collect the items and defeating some creatures that were blocking is way. This it was mainly what he had to do in the main series. I want to give emphasis to Crash Team Racing, a superb racing karts game rivaling with the Mario Karts series. If you haven’t played it, you should!
      Through the times the interest in Crash was diminishing, new colorful heroes came into the scene, as Ratchet & Clank or Sly Cooper, but one thing is for sure Crash remains in video game history as one of the most important characters ever.





      The following character isn’t very well known, created in the 90’s by the developer Crystal Dynamics, he is a gecko and Gex is his name. I don’t know much about this green fellow, but what I remember of, is the third game of the series: Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko.  It isn’t such a great game, but it’s a fun 3D platform game worthy to be played and with a weird story. Gex, a talking tiny green creature has to rescue some live action hot blonde agent (looks like Pamela in VIP or Barb Wire) from the hands of Gex’s main enemy named Rez.

      Gex series mocks with several elements of pop culture, as I said the last title has a 3D platform gameplay as well as it was the second title: Enter the Gecko; but the series began with a 2D gameplay style. Well, I wouldn't say Gex 3 enters in my top 50 favorite games of all time, but I know that many people in the 32bit days played this game and found it enjoyable. Since then I never heard about Gex anymore, maybe it would be fun to see a reboot or something.





      Another funny dude from the 90’s, this one is an odd alien creature from the planet Oddworld. Abe is a Mudokon, a slave race exploited by the mad Glukkons, and his odyssey is to rescue his colleagues Mudokons from slavery and mainly from being transformed into food inside the Rupture Farms. This happened in the first titles of the Oddworld series, which I played on the 32bit Playstation.

      Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus are both great 2D platform games where the protagonist has to resolve a way, like some kind of puzzle, to rescue his fellows with life. For that to happen Abe interacts with objects, Mudokons and even with the bad guys. There’s lot of stuff to do, greeting, giving orders, cry for help, whistling, farting and laugh about it, also using a special power, some kind of psychic trick to control other beings. All fun stuff that everyone should experience. There some other Oddworld titles which I haven’t played yet and in fact it seems that Abe isn’t the protagonist of the last Oddworld adventures, but it’s coming Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty!, a remake of Abe's Oddysee and let’s see if Abe gains back the attention he once had.




      Pitfall Harry

      The last gaming protagonist featuring this list is the oldest one. From the period when Atari ruled the video game industry, Pitfall Harry in Pitfall!, released in 1982 for the Atari 2600, turned out to be a big star in video games and millions of game copies were sold. Perhaps sadly, I didn’t live those days, maybe I would have appreciated.

      The Pitfall game I played most was Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure on Sega Genesis and it follows the same concept as the original. Pitfall Harry is like the Indiana Jones of video games, he wanders through the jungle, in 2D side scrolling style, facing several perils, like snakes, crocodiles, rolling trunks, quicksand and other stuff that tries to knock him down. In fact Pitfall! had a significant impact on the development of the platform genre. Another thing that I didn’t know, the protagonist of The Mayan Adventure is Pitfall Harry son of Pitfall Harry from the original title. Whatever, the 16bit title was fun to play and the original is one of the greatest and most important games of all time. Now, no one cares or even knows who Pitfall Harry is.




      Then, end of the story. These were some of the characters in video games that I found to be a bit forgotten. So my dear fellow g1 is there some character you would like to recall?

    • Some Of The Most Typical Bad Guys From Horror Related Stuff

      6 years ago




      One coward manic behind a mask without the nerve of showing of his real face whether to disguise his ugliness or to not become recognize or due to some other reason, let’s have a look on Michael Myers’ case, in fact the mask gives to him the courage to kill. There is a mysterious power within those masks, somehow they give to his holders the power of super-fast walk, and they always catch their prey while running. So, they use a mask in their hunting, but what do they use to kill the victims? Usually they use a sort of kitchen knife; maybe the first thing that came to their hands, other weapon used is this kind of maniacs is the chainsaw.








      Good thing with these fellows is the possibility of being dead by fright before they have even struck you. If you have survived of having before your eyes such a disgusting creature, then one thing remains to be done, use your own feet to run out of there and do not look at the disgusting thing that makes you poop and puke like a ton, which by their side have their own consequences. In first place, by pooping on your pants maybe it would slow down your movements and what do you want and have to do it is to run fast as you could, in second place, the puke thing, you have to be careful, you will feel nauseating at best and it will be really bad if you will have slipped on your own puke on the floor, so then the creature will have caught you.








      Clowns were made to entertain people and especially to amaze the younger ones. In this case the devil wears a lamb’s skin. People thinking they are going to be amused with the clown and in fact he is going to give them true panic. Plus, if the clown is riding an ice cream van, like it happens in the Twisted Metal series with Sweet Tooth, there is nothing sweet with him, he creeps out the opponents, of course if people already know the sound of Tooth’s van. But, perhaps the most frightening clown is the one in “It”, when the clown says “Do You Want a Balloon??? “since then I hate clowns.








      Imagine the frustration of a person in his complete innocence, wondering what might be the thing behind all those murderers. Since he is the good guy, not even in his worst nightmares he would thought the murderers could be done by himself, all these poor souls were killed by his own hands. Maybe an example would elucidate it better what this is about, see the case of Twilight, there are… oh crap, forget those examples, better look at the case of the Mr. Jekyll, a respectable gentleman who turns out to be a rude guy, Mr. Hyde. It is a curse that leaves no traces.








      Somehow, somewhere, some person face one guy like this, all in him seems perfectly normal, his brain seems to be working really well and he invites you to have a drink with at some place. The probable is wondering “why not?”, and then, the victim is trapped, the good looking attractive guy who apparently has nothing wrong with him will show his real self, a completely psycho. In reality, he desires to see some helpless person beg for his life, he feels pleasure on seeing the preys scream out loud, seeing them in real pain. They are the true meaning of the expression, thrust no one!








      All the people like toys, unless they gain life and they have decided to murder all the people they can. They have no compassion, they will go after you until you have been caught by them. When a toy says to you “I love you”, be sure that it does not gains life, also do not try to stab it because it is not made of flesh and bones, it is all plastic and some other type of common toy’s material. Grab something that could burn them or something that make them simply disappear.



    • Capcom has registered a trademark for “Remember Me”

      6 years ago


      Capcom has trademarked what should be something to do with a new game coming up from the publisher. According to the site eurogamer.net, Capcom filed a “Remember Me” trademark on 22nd May in the US via Trademarkia and on 25th May in Europe via OHIM.

      At this point, nothing much has been reported, but with E3 event approaching it is highly plausible that “Remember Me” will be in their list of announcements. And as for you g1s, does "Remember Me" suggest something to you? What might it be?

    • A Portal to the Past: Mortal Kombat

      6 years ago


      Looking back, through my gaming experience, there was no fighting game series that marked me as much as Mortal Kombat, placed at the top of the list, above such games as Street Fighter II, Killer Instinct, Dead or Alive, Tekken, Virtua Fighter and The King of Fighters series. It was in these glorious 16bit days, the golden age of Mortal Kombat series, when a marvelous set was released: MK, MK2, MK3 and my favorite Ultimate MK3.

      The first title of the series isn’t my favorite. But, what made me revisiting this title instead of the others was the novelty factor of its gore and violence that made MK so famous.

      Mortal Kombat, created by Ed Boon e John Tobias, was originally released for the arcades in 1992 and then ported on the home consoles, Super Nintendo and SEGA Genesis, and later re-released on almost every console system, including handheld consoles. My whole experience of MK is mainly founded on the SEGA Genesis version and here there are some aspects that marked me while playing Mortal Kombat:


      First of all, the Blood Code (SEGA Genesis)


      The first time I played MK was on SEGA Genesis and I didn’t have this code. There was no blood and no bloody fatalities. So, I needed to search for it to be able to play the real thing, in those times I had no internet not even a PC, god bless the gaming magazines. Finally, when I found out the Blood Code (Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down on the main screen), it was bloody awesome. This code isn’t needed on the arcade, by standard, the blood and fatalities are already unlocked, and the SNES version was completely censored, no bloody stuff at all.



      The Ninjas


      In my opinion, Sub-Zero and Scorpion are the greatest combatants in the whole Mortal Kombat series. In the first Mortal Kombat, these two are the only playable ninjas, Reptile is in there as a secret opponent that you cannot play as. Sub-Zero is the blue guy who plays with ice and Scorpion is the yellow one best known for the totally badass line “GET OVER HERE”. Reptitle isn’t the same as the one from the rest of the series, in first MK he is a mix of Sub-Zero and Scorpion with a green ninja outfit. After the first title of the series, so many ninja fighters appeared that puzzled me, other regular ninjas with different colored outfits, the ninja women, the unmasked Sub-Zero and the Cyborg ninjas, if I’m missing someone just let me know.




      It can be really hard but it can be really easy too


      As much tough as the machine can be it will always have its flaws, precisely with that we usually find some cheap ways to beat the machine. It isn’t due to my laziness, in fact,I have the merit, because I found it out for myself.  Among the many ways to beat the machine easily, the ones I can remember well, are: by throwing Sub-Zero’s ice move to freeze the opponent, then using an uppercut and after that repeat the process over and over; with Scorpion is quite the same but by using the “GET OVER HERE” move; and with any of the fighters applying the jump forward and kick the opponent, then jump backwards and after that repeat the procedure. These kind of techniques aren’t 100% accurate, which it doesn’t prevent you to be knocked down by the CPU.



      The Final Boss is piece of cake


      It seems to be the rule in MK series (at least between the first MK and Ultimate MK3, I don’t remember so well how it was with the other titles), the main Boss it’s easier than the sub-Boss, in MK it was Goro, in MK2 was Kintaro and MK3/UMK3 was Motaro. All of these beasts are really tough, but as I’m talking about the first MK, before fighting Shang Tsung, the guy who collects souls, you must face Goro at Goro’s Lair. Well, that was a creepy place to be at, with some skeletons on the wall and some creatures with his eyes glaring in the dark, plus I find the Goro’s Lair music on Genesis scarier than on the other gaming platforms. Moving on, with some luck or with good skills, you pass the sub-Boss and then you will fight against the main Boss. Soon it’s noticed that Shang Tsung is really easy comparing with Goro, that is only special exceptional technique is to be able to morph into any character except Goro and Reptile.





      Sub-Zero’s Fatality


      Again, to perform the true fatality on 16bit SEGA the Blood Code is needed. Without any doubt, this finishing move is the best thing in MK, it is what makes MK so special. All the playable characters have their own fatality, but the most iconic is Sub-Zero’s barehanded technique of reaping the opponent’s head off along with the spine. That scene will always be in my mind. Of course there were other great examples, such as Scorpion’s fatality where he takes his mask off and shows off his skeleton head, and then, he spits out fire on the opponent. At the bottom, the worst is the fatality of Liu Kang, I just don’t understand, it really sucks.




      The Reptile’s secret and the Pit stage


      It is seeable that at the beginning of some fight rounds Reptile appears with some demand for you to do in order to meet him. Perhaps you achieve it and later on the Pit stage, you will notice something strange when you look at the moon. As I remember all you have to do is to beat the opponent with a Double Flawless Victory and perform a fatality and you will fight against Reptile at the bottom of the Pit. Another enigmatic thing about the Pit stage is the extra fatality of throwing the contestant down the pit.






      There is nothing really meaningful about this, aside of, getting more points and some fun, only for a few times, you won't going to lose a continue if you fail. It was important at the arcades, where it was really badass having the top score, but on the home consoles after you turn off the console the top score will be gone. Something similar can be found in Street Fighter II.


      That's it g1s, hope you enjoyed, till next time...

    • The Streets of Rage Movie

      6 years ago


      How badass is making a movie specially dedicated to an amazing game series as Streets of Rage?! Joking aside, I had one of those moments where the need to search something rose inside me. Well my aim to search was related to fan movies about video games, and there I was on YouTube. And there it was  before my eyes, the Streets of Rage Movie.

      I am a fan of this trilogy from SEGA genesis and I consider it as the best beat’em up games ever made (my point, don’t try to argue with me, it’s useless). This production was published by the user TheStreetStupid, it is worth watching. It demonstrates well the Streets of Rage philosophy, kicking and punchingeverything that moves. Go see it NOW!

       PART ONE

      PART TWO 

    • Zelda: The Musical should not be missed...

      6 years ago


      I am not sure if you guys have already seen this video, anyways, I decided to share it with you because I love it so much and I am quite sure you are going to like it – I must refer I am not such a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series. This video was published on April 14 this year by the YouTube’s user Mitchell Moffit , so it is a fresh stuff and it has already over 300k views. You guys must see it!!! 

      Written and composed by: Mitchell Moffit
      Inspired by the music of Koji Kondo

      Animations by:
      Chris McGregor & Mitchell Moffit

      Original sprite design by Oldskoolmario, GoldStud and Kayari-of-Midnight

      Additional Graphic Design by Ethan Wane


      Life is simple, life is sweet
      In my little corner of the forest, Kokiri!
      Got no fairy, but I don't care
      The only thing that's bothersome are my nightmares of
      *Gasp* Grass!

      DEKU TREE-
      Link, thou must take Navi
      To begin, ye tale, ye story
      Thou will meet thy Princess Destiny

      Just hearing her name and I'd say "Hell Ya!"
      I'll save Hyrule and leave my life behind
      I'm only 10 and can't control my sex drive
      Somewhere she is waiting for me
      And I know she'll have my babies

      I will take Hyrule with ease
      To get your Zelda come fight me
      *Uh...how do you feel about energy ball tennis?*

      *Ye...yeah that's fine...*

      *Good, that's kind of my thing*

      I will destroy you, and save all these lands

      Not while the Triforce of Power is on my hand!
      It's over Link, you're just a boy
      Prepare to d...

      Shoot an arrow throw a bomb
      Oh my god, something's wrong
      Out of hearts, out of fairies, I'm going to d...

      I love you, you know what to do
      Travel through time, where I will wait for you
      With bigger boobs, and new shoes
      I'll do what you wanna...

      I love Link too, I will wait for you
      What a dumb blonde, red hair's more fun
      You can ride on Epona

      *Uh...do you wanna finish...later?*

      *Too late!*
      Travel through space and time
      Screw the timeline

      I'll just wait, if you don't mind
      In my tower you can find me

      *I'll come find you*

      Oh, yes this is Hyrule
      And link will stand on guard for thee
      He will defend our assess till the end
      Through Courage, Wisdom and Power
      THE END

    • Lollipop Chainsaw: Valentine’s Edition set to be released on February 14 in Japan

      6 years ago


      Great news, specially, for the fans of Juliet Starling, on next Valentine’s day, February 14th, Lollipop Chainsaw will be re-released by Kadokawa Games in Japan. This Valentine’s Edition will have some special contents, such as:

      “a "perfect unlock code," a Valentine Edition double DVD pack, and a limited edition sleeve. The Happy Valentine Disc has PC items like a desktop clock, wallpapers and a library of trailers. The Premium Movie Disc includes in-game movies and a Valentine’s Day comic.”

      This pack will be available for 4,980 yen ($60) on PS3 and Xbox 360. There’s no clue about its release outside of Japan.

    • Max Payne 3 comic book series is already available... and free!

      6 years ago


      Everyone is so excited about the newest adventure for Max Payne. Lately we have seen some news coming out about the next Rockstar game, and as its release date gets closer, Rockstar wants to delight the fans of the series.

      As part of their marketing push Rockstar has created a comic, Not only Rockstar, but notice that Marvel has a hand in it as well. Called Max Payne 3: After the Fall, you can go check it out right now the Official Rockstar site! Just click over here to go there.

      “Announcing a 3-part original Max Payne 3 Comic Book series created in partnership between Rockstar and Marvel Custom Solutions - to be released as a digital Comic Book and in limited print editions.

      Written by Dan Houser and Remedy's Sam Lake, this original Max Payne 3 Comic Book series will delve into Max's troubled past - exploring the events that occurred in and around both Max Payne and Max Payne 2, leading up to Max Payne 3 while also shedding new light on Max's early years.” 

    • Some Unlikely Allies

      6 years ago




      in Terminator 2: Judgment Day



       Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Superb!!!


      One of the my favourite movies of all time. In the movie you notice the presence of two terminators, wondering why two terminators? But first of all, one of them we know from the first Terminator movie, and he is a bad guy, sending back to time, with one mission, kill Sarah Connor mother of John Connor, future leader of the Human resistance against the machines.


      I'll be back, frikin' Epic...


      And he did it, in the second movie, as probably everyone that had seen for the first time the movie, had thought that his mission it is to kill John, and dang!!! The revelation was made, the terminator was captured and reprogrammed by the resistance. So instead of killing John Connor, his mission it is protect him from the other terminator made of liquid metal, T-1000 one of the best villains of all time.



      The first scenes of the movie are a completely twist in our heads, after the scene of the revelation, now playing as Connor's ally, they got to runaway from the T-1000, completely amazing scenes full of action. The interesting point of their alliance is the interaction between them, John Connor tries to make the terminator more human, and the smile scene LOMFA!!! Stunning combination of action with pure humour!!




      The relationship was so deep, that at the end, the final scene was so intense, one of the best tear-jerker scenes of all. Even tough guys cried, so do not tell that you do not!!!



      Thumbs up friends, the alliance did not stop here, it continued in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, still good, but the real deal was T2.






      in Sonic the hedgehog 3



      Pretty good Sonic's character, one of the coolest guys in gaming. Its history goes like this. With his first appearance in the third title of Sonic, full of good intentions, Knuckles, wants to protect his floating island - pretty amazing by the way - from the guys who supposedly want to take the Master Emerald, Sonic and Tails.


      sonic 3


      Knuckles was betrayed by a cunning scheme designed by the mean Dr. Robotnik, then he tries to stop Sonic of supposedly stealing the Master Emerald, the adventure goes beyond Sonic 3 continuing in Sonic & Knuckles, another awesome Sonic title, so it goes until the fight between these two rivals.



      At the end, the good always win - well almost always - and it is nothing that we do not know, these two fellows are allied to defeat the cunning plans of Dr. Robotnik. Friends for ever!!!






      in Dragon Ball series



      I shudder all over listening this theme!!!


      From one of the greatest tv shows of all time. The reincarnation of pure evil, son of Piccolo Daimao, Piccolo Jr. wants revenge for his father's death by the hands of Son Goku. Soon, years after the battle between Goku and Piccolo Daimao, at the martial arts tournament, his goal is to kill Goku and rule all the world as well as his father wished.




      They fought almost until death, for the good of all humanity Goku takes the title of martial arts world champion. Always with pure goodness, Goku lets Piccolo with life. Still with the ambition of ruling all world, Piccolo Jr. is training for that achievement, meanwhile Goku now has a son Gohan. At the starting point of Dragon Ball Z earth seemed pretty quite, when a completely unknown character reaches the planet to cause terror. It is Raditz, brother of Goku, asking why he did not have completed his mission. In that encounter, Raditz takes Gohan with him, he is too strong for any earth's inhabitant, when the unthinkable happens, Piccolo joins Goku to fight against Raditz.


      stan 2


      They defeat the sayan, in fact Piccolo killed both sayans in one strike, he was thinking he was going to be the king of all world, but no!!! He will have to ally with Goku and friends for more battles against the bad guys.






      in Dragon Ball series



      Oh my!! I can say no words!!! Just Super AWESOME!!


      Well, two dragon ball's characters in one list of five, what can be said? I just love Dragon Ball series, and surely, you have to admit Vegeta it is one frikin' awesome character. As well as Piccolo Jr. he faced Goku in one epic fight, where everything happened, like Vegeta turning into a giant ape, even Gohan did, only just seeing it, preety cool fight the second best in Dragon Ball, after the fight against Freezer of course.



      Goku vs. Vegeta Vegeta arrives earth to take revenge of Raditz death, at the time Goku is in heaven training hard, expecting his return from the death and save earth, everybody already was awaiting the menace coming from space. Piccolo was also there, then we saw for the first time on earth Vegeta and Nappa, one small guy who is the prince of the sayans. Then the battle, that it is showed just above.




      Like in the fight versus Piccolo, Goku lets Vegeta live. The story joins them on Planet Namek, the Piccolo's planet, oh!!! Everything it is linked!! That is why it is so good. The turning point for Vegeta was the scheme made by Freezer, making him believe all the time that his planet was destroyed by an asteroid. Then Vegeta prepared to fight hard Freezer, until the return of Goku and with that, one of the best scenes from one animated tv series, another tear-jerker scene, very touching. Vegeta asks Goku to revenge the sayan race.



      So many enemies to fight with, allied together the Super Sayans, the biggest rivals and the biggest friends in Drangon Ball Z.






      in Rocky movies



      For the last but not least, the The Master of Disaster, The King of Sting, The Dancing Destroyer, The Prince of Punch, The One and Only, and The Count of Monte Fisto, Apollo Creed!!! Hell yeah buddy, who could have guessed that?? The rival of Rocky in the first and second movie turns out to be his ally.


      creed vs rocky


      Rocky THEME!!!


      After the first - a true masterpiece - Rocky, Creed takes the win and continues as the world heavyweight champion, still that, Rocky is a true hero, an unknown guy from the streets of Philadelphia. The second movie, well what we should expect, another fight between them for the rematch. Rocky is the greatest of all, the south paw takes the belt.


      rocky 3


      Alright, Creed was kicked, or better punched really hard. The champ Rocky, now, faces new opponents, between those it was Mr. T as Clubber Lang. Rocky acepts the challenge, but everything was falling down for the champ, his trainer Mick was dying and he was about to be punched hard by Lang.




      Then Rocky without any mood for fighting, that is when appears Apollo Creed to help the training of Rocky, for the rematch against Lang, to expel away all his nightmares, but it was not easy. But Creed was not doing it without taking anything of Rocky.



      It was so awesome seeing them turning into allies, it continued in the fourth Rocky movie, but something too sad just happened.



      So long buddy... Smell you later...


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