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    • Need 1 ticket for RTX London!! Anyone?!!

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      Hey everyone!

      If anyone has 1 spare ticket for RTX London, I would love to go! At the time of ticket sales I had some serious health issues taking up my attention for the longest time and didn't even realize they were being sold until it was way too late!

      Please let me know, I would be so grateful! I will even treat you to a meal in return on the day!! 


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    • yuna66's post-E3 g1 sale!! UK/US welcome!

      5 years ago


      Hello all!!

      Hope you have been enjoying E3!! I watched most of the conferences and am strongly considering buying a Playstation 4!!

      To celebrate E3, I am selling some of my rare games and a 3DS with some goodies.

      Please note some are UK only, but some are international!! 

      They are:

      • An NTSC region Metallic Red 3DS WITH Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS), AND Pokemon White Version (DS) AND a nice 3DS wallet! Worldwide        
      • Oracle of Ages for Gameboy Colour     United Kingdom only
      • Oracle of Seasons for Gameboy Colour   United Kingdom only
      • Star Ocean: The Second Story (Rare)          Worldwide
      • Final Fantasy VII: Platinum Version                   United Kingdom only


      If you want one of the above, please go to http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/bluetra40 and look at the items for sale!

      g1s get a discount and pay no additional postage fees!

      Have a nice day! :)


      (And if no g1s look at this, that's fine! Other gamers are always available!)

    • Sony under "less pressure" to announce PS4

      6 years ago


      It took me from Digital Spy, to CVG, to OPM, but I found the full story for you g1s.

      Yesterday morning, 'Le Point' (a weekly news magazine in France) conducted an interview with the new CEO of Playstation France; Mr. Philippe Cardon. Whilst some information was expected, a few statements caught my eye.

      Cardon begins by saying that 2011 - despite the tragic natural disasters and hacking dilemma - was a good year for the Playstation. He says, "The global market for the console is down, but it is primarily related to the Wii." Following on from the Wii, towards the end of the interview, Cardon comments (and it's quite interesting what he says) on the Wii U and its release being on the horizon:

      "The Wii is pressed for time because it is in decline."

      Following on from the Wii, towards the end of the interview, Cardon comments (and it's quite interesting what he says) on the Wii U and its release being on the horizon:

      "We [The Playstation Move] have not the true "killer application" as can be with the Wii Mario Kart. "

      Regarding the poor sales of the Vita in Japan, Cardon believes it is due to "the games not corresponding to the Japanese public," citing Monster Hunter as a key example.

      Finally, the interview ends with Cardon saying, "We were the last to leave [announce] the PS3, it [we] will probably be the last to announce something."

      So, g1s, do you still think they'll reveal some information on the Playstation 4 at this year's E3?

      What do you think about his thoughts and feelings? Check the source for the full interview - it has been translated but the original link is included.

    • Wii U game prices - yuna66's Investigation

      6 years ago


      NOTE: I would just like to add that the Wii U is currently listed as £310.00 (which currently converts to $486) but felt it was unneccessary to add as a) The prices between US/UK never really convert like that b) it will probably change and c)Amazon prices can really vary depending on the seller.

      I hear g1s, friends, family and in general, the internet, talk about the cost of the upcoming Wii U console's launch games. So I, g1 yuna66, started the investigation into THE WII U GAME PRICES!

      At the moment Nintendo are keeping information on that pretty quiet (as well as let's be honest, most of the Wii U's features and related news) . So I decided to do a bit of investigating and find out in my gaming market, the United Kingdom, if any retailer has information on the prices on launch - as well as clearing up Amazon.com's scary placeholder prices of $99.99.

      I  visited the following sites of GAME, its partner chain Gamestation and The Hut.com, as well as directly asking the first two in-store for more information on its accuracy. My results are as follows:

      GAME £49.99 RRP Gamestation £49.99 RRP Thehut.com £39.95 (20% off RRP)

      Now for most of you in the USA, this usually translates that your games will be $59.99 (or £39.99 converted at the current rate) as we have tax and other things added to it. Also, additionally some titles such as Zombi U, are listed on your Amazon site for $59.99. Of course, as stated previously, Amazon prices can be fickle.

      However, upon speaking to the branch managers of both two GAME stores and two Gamestation stores this is what they had to say:

      ME:" Hi, I just noticed Wii U game prices are listed at £49.99 on your website. Are they confirmed?"

      GAME (Branch 1): "Yes, the console price is still being determined, but we were given the confirmation this is the official price."

      GAME (Branch 2): *after confirming with other peers* "As far as I know, yes, this is the official price. We were given this price recently."

      Gamestation (Branch 1): "I can guarantee you, 100%, this is definitely the price of the games at launch. Some retailers may vary but this is our RRP on the Wii U's launch."

      Gamestation (Branch 2): "If that's what our site says, they have to be." *After confirming with other staff*" No, that is definitely right; other branches were told this as well."

      Well, it couldn't be more clearer than that, I thought. All the pieces are fallen into place...

      So, there you have it. My investigation is at an end - UK prices are £49.99, European €59.99, USA $59.99. But what about the console prices? Well, time will tell...

      Until next time g1s, and whether you buy it or not, feel free to see below my results for  all the games coming out on the Wii U! (if I missed any; apologies!):

      • Aliens: Colonial Marines
      • Assassins Creed III
      • Avengers: Battle for Earth
      • Batman: Arkham City - Armoured Edition
      • Call of Duty: Black Ops II
      • DiRT
      • Darksiders II
      • Dragon Quest X
      • F1
      • Family Party - 30 Great Games (hmm...)
      • FIFA 13
      • Game & Wario (working title)
      • Injustice: Gods Among Us
      • Just Dance 4
      • LEGO City: Undercover
      • Mass Effect 3
      • NBA 2K13
      • New Super Mario Bros. U
      • Ninja Gaiden III: Razor's Edge (seriously, that's the subtitle)
      • No More Heroes 3 (teased by Suda 51)
      • Nintendo Land
      • Pikmin 3
      • Project CARS
      • Project P-100
      • Rabbids Land
      • Rayman Legends
      • Rise of the Guardians: The Videogame
      • Scribblenauts Unlimited
      • Sing
      • Skylanders Giants Starter Kit
      • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
      • Sports Connection
      • Tank! Tank! Tank!
      • Tekken Tag Tournament 2
      • Tom Clany's Ghost Recon Online
      • Transformers: Prime - The Game
      • Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013
      • Zombi U
      Like the prices? Like the games? Comment below!
    • Final Fantasy XIII-2: New Adventures Trailer

      7 years ago


      Major spoilers for those who have yet to play/finish XIII.

      Want to see the new trailer? Go here: www.youtube.com/watch

      Final Fantasy XIII-2 Synopsis:

       Final Fantasy XIII-2  starts straight after the end of XIII, with Lightning overlooking Cocoon. Suddenly, darkness falls around her and literally forces her out of her world into another. With this, she is effectively erased from her time. Everyone assumes (apart from Serah) she is tragically in the pillar to hold up Cocoon, along with Vanille and Fang. 

      Several days later, there is an attack on Bodhum and a mysterious young man called Noel appears, claiming that he knows where Lightning is and wants to help Serah reunite with her. Despite everyone else saying that she's "gone", Serah agrees to follow Noel, desperate to know what happened to her sister. Noel guides her to a mysterious relic that also appeared with him, which he reveals is actually a 'time-gate' of sorts. And so, by using the time-gate, Noel and Serah transport themselves to another world entirely, hoping to find Lightning along the road...

      Trailer - Courtesy of IGN on Youtube.

    • Have Ubisoft lost their mind?!

      7 years ago


       Assassin's Creed. It's a popular series and I always look forward to the next installment. 

      I noticed an email today at 5.26pm from Ubisoft, thinking it may be advertising new products in the shop, or maybe Revelations. To my surprise, I found this:

      People in the USA are welcome to try; as it's a fantastic deal, and I am unsure whether it can apply to people outside of Europe. Don't believe me, then check the link below to see if the deal's still avaliable. It says it's due to a "promotion", so undoubtedly it is because of Assassin's Creed: Revelations on the horizon.



      7 years ago


       I previously posted a blog on this notifying several members, but now I can officially say Project G.I.F.T. is live.

      Hell yes. 

      If you wish to contribute, please visit the IndieGoGo site where you can provide by either PayPal or card. However, I don't want to force you to contribute. Even I'm on a budget right now.  I am determined to see this through, and no matter what money I make, on target or not, I will use all of it to give each member something memorable.

      The gift will be presented at the next Screwattack Games Convention.

      This is only the test phase, so feel free to contribute in the months to come. I have also created a Facebook page so people can be updated and feel free to follow me on twitter as well.

      I would post a lot more but I have been awake for the past 24 hours and I can see the sunrise. So, whatever you choose, I bid you adieu!

    • Would you donate for a gift to the ScrewAttack Staff???

      7 years ago


      EDIT: Already have the support of several people! Many thanks. Also been dubbed as Operation GIFT by Mr_Mysterious. Loving the name. (3.03PM) 

      Also just to calm people, I have family in the USA so any material gifts that might be planned are A-Okay! (7.33PM)

      LIVE: http://www.indiegogo.com/Operation-GIFT-Trial-Phase?a=331983


       Me being the person who likes to give, and plus I'm in that mood since it's nearly Christmas, I have thought for months and months that Screwattack work very hard nearly every day. They really deserve something ; a big thank you from all of us g1s. I know this isn't very subtle, but I already have some plans and I'll make sure if this does go ahead none of the staff can find out - mwahahaha! - what their gift is.

      Now, maybe only one or two of you will even read this, but I really hope I'll be able to go ahead with this idea. I'm hoping that whenever SGC 2012 is, we can all surprise them and say "now it's our turn to make this day even more unforgettable."

      I've never been to SGC before, but now I am going no matter what.

      "I'm not asking you to donate now, as you'll probably be using your money for new game releases and presents for family and friends. I am simply asking if next year, you would be happy to?" :) 

      It could be a dollar, a few dollars, or even more. I will put this on IndieGoGo and see how well I can do. I don't mind how much I raise, as long as it's enough to give them something. I already have the support of a g1 and 3 of my friends.

      Thank you for reading...and as a side note, sorry for the lack of presentation. Did this in a rush due to work.

      Due to some people willing to donate now; I will be setting up an IndieGoGo donation which will be public next week (preferably around the time SideScrollers is up).

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