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    • Favorite Winter Areas in Games

      1 year ago


      In video games, majority of people tend not to like ice areas found in games, at least from what I've seen.  Well I am in the minority that love them.  Also, I feel the same way about Water areas, but since we're in the middle of Winter, I'd figure give my 2nd favorite season some love with my Top 10 Favorite Winter areas.  This can be anything from snow to ice.  I will be including both dungeons and regular areas.  I am only giving myself one rule though.

      One area per franchise.

      Also, please remember this is my opinion too and let me know what winter areas you like.

      10. Weddell Sea

      Game- Endless Ocean: Blue World


      Man is this game so underrated.  What I love most about this game is how low key it is (for the most part, there are some tense moments in the story).  And I just love exploring all of the areas.  There are 2 areas where you have to swim in cold ocean water, the Arctic Ocean in North Canada and the Weddell Sea in the Antarctic area.  I picked Weddell Sea because there's more to do there than the Arctic, even though that area has some of my favorite wildlife in the game.  Anyway, in this particular area you can explore among the ice burgs and even find a huge underwater cave that leads to the area of that picture above.  You can even break through the water to see the 'dry area' of this cavern.  And hearing Celtic Women sing Irish Dream when you first enter this section is just so calming.  You will find plenty of wildlife here and on top of the iceburgs you will get the chance to see the Aurora Borealis if you surface at night time when the sky is clear.  Truly a lovely area to explore.

      9. DK's Snowboard Cross
      Game- Mario Kart Wii

      I actually had a hard time picking my favorite Winter track from the Mario Kart franchise.  It was either this one or Mount Wario.  In the end I went with this track because I had fun with it non-Stop, from being shot out of a canon to using the slops to do tricks.  My only complaint was, if this was a DK track, why did they use Mario for the huge ice figure in it?  Lol.  Oh well.  Even though the track was made out of snow, it didn't feel like snow since you are going fast (unless you run into the thicker snow areas or the shy guys).  DK tracks tend to be the most fun, so I can't wait to see what they do next in the future.

      8. Sea of Ice
      Game- Disney's The Little Mermaid

      Well, we're certainly going back in time for this one lol.  This is actually the very first game I defeated hehe.  I am so glad that I finally have another opportunity to talk about this fun game.  Granted it's super easy and short, but I enjoyed this game a lot more than the movie it's based off of.  *Ignores all the boos*  I do blame creators of the game taking liberties with this game since 2 of the 5 areas aren't found in the movie: this level and the next, which is an Underground Volcano.  But I am not here to talk about that level.  I am here to talk about my favorite level in the game.  What I love most about Sea of Ice, is the fact I can actually slide across the ice here and it's so much fun!  The music itself is fun to listen to also.  This happens to be the first ice level I ever encountered too and seeing all of these cool ice effects was a treat.  Having to face a walrus for a boss was fun too.

      7. Winter Isles
      Game- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

      One of my favorite games in recent years is Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.  A cool feature of the locations of this game how some of them are names after the 4 seasons.  Winter isles is one of my favorite areas of the game.  It's composed of 4 major islands you can explore.  On the largest one having the village of Yule (as seen above) and Glittering Grotto, the dungeon of the area.  This winter area is so pretty!  There may not be as much to do here as in other areas you'll visit, but from doing the sidequests in Yule to facing one of my favorite bosses in the game, I had so much fun in this area.  It also gets a bit funny.  In many winter areas, you actually aren't affected by the cold, but here you area when your party arrives.  It's obvious that you get cold here and you find yourself shivering before you get to Yule, where you receive your winter wear.  Now that's attention to detail hehe.

      6. Snowpeak Mountains
      Game- Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

      I've only experienced a few winter areas in the Zelda franchise.  In this case it was pretty easy for me to pick a fav, and that was hands down this one.  When you first enter the region, a snowstorm greets you and you can't see a thing.  After getting that big red fish, the only way through the snow is to use your wolf sense.  It's pretty clever way to move, especially if you try walking through this snow at first, you'll sink right on it.  But once you get to the mountain top and everything clears, I remember just being entranced by it because it was so quiet. Than you have a 180 and have to slide down the mountain, which was something I wasn't expecting and it's so much fun, before arriving at the Snowpeak Ruins, which if ya'll would recall, is one of my favorite Zelda dungeons hehe.

      5. Freezeflame Galaxy
      Game- Super Mario Galaxy

      Ya'll had to have seen this coming if ya'll remember my favorite Mario Locations.  The "freeze" part of this galaxy is just fun and challenging to do.  Having the ability to skate on ice is a ball.  Getting to the top of the mountain area was enjoyable, but it certainly was no cake walk.  And I had to do it twice.  Mastering the high jump was critical here and taking that leap of faith from the top is always a nail biter.  The "Cold" areas in the Hot and Cold moments were not my favorite but it was interesting, but the idea of ice skating on lava was pretty cool, no pun intended.

      4. Boroque
      Game- Eternal Sonata

      If there was a fairy tale winter kingdom, this be it.  This by far my favorite area of the game.  It's just so enchanting and serene here.  You start out in the palace (seen above) and when you see it from the outside the first time, well, it's breathtaking and I literally gaped when I saw it that first time.  It's no wonder why there's a painter outside painting it hehe.  The city itself has a few sidequests that are fun to do.  In this section I also include the nearby forest before you reach the Temple of Aria.  That one small area you walk through is my favorite area to face foes.  The music in this specific area sounds like a music box is playing is just perfect.  After the tough fight aboard that pirate ship, Baroque was like a winter vacation I really needed hehe.

      3. Snowhorn Tribe Areas
      Game- Starfox Adventures

      I know many people don't like this game because it's more of an adventure rpg rather than the type of game Star Fox is known for.  Seeing how I love this type of game, it never bothered me and I am so happy I can finally give this game some love.  The areas that the Snowhorn tribes watch over are 3, 2 that are on the planet of Sauria (or Dinosaur Planet in this game) and 1 that is in space.  When you are first warped to the first area, Ice Mountain, you definitely get that winter feel.  When it comes to mountain areas in general, I always think there's going to be snow.  But I fell in love with this area when you take that speed mobile down the mountain.  Granted, it's not the fastest I've gown down a mountain in a game, but it's still fun, especially with the shortcuts.  You than arrive in the main area, Snowhorn Wastes and you will be returning here the most with it's quests.  Out of all the dungeons though, Darkice Mines is my favorite.  2/3rds of it is only 'winter' so I'lll only talk about those parts.  I do enjoy the puzzles where you had figure out how to find mechanisms to move forward and at one point you find yourself riding on a snowhorn through a blizzard.  I always look forward to this dungeon.  So I really couldn't pick a favorite particular area since I loved all 3 of them.

      2. St. Heim Mountains
      Game- Grandia II

      Much like how Baroque was like a vacation after a hard pirate ship fight, the St. Heim Mountains area such a relief after an emotional rollercoaster the last area before it had.  This area of the game is pretty much the turning point of the game and I love moving through this mountain area from climbing through the snowcaped mountain trails to traveling under the mountains.  And when you reach St. Heim Papal State and see that cathedral in the mountains in the background, it just is an impressive sight.  You do return to the area near the end of the game too when you have the biggest twist in story happen.  it is night when it happens and it's pretty menacing and chilling let me tell you.  It's amazing how much a location can change simply by changing the lighting.  I have to tell you, it was hard picking between this and my #1.

      Before we get to #1 though, here's a few honorable mentions

      Honorable Mention 1. Frost Cavern
      Game- Pokemon X/Y

      Pokemon Y is the first Pokemon game I played and I really enjoyed it.  Frost Cavern in the Mountain area of the Kalos region was a fun area also and I do remember liking the sliding areas.  Only reason why it didn't make the list though was because I initially forgot about it.

      Honorable Mention 2. The Himalayas
      Game- Disney's Ducktales: Remastered

      Man was I excited when I found out one of my childhood favorites was getting remastered.  And man did they go all out.  While this area might have had one of my favorite visuals in the game, it's actually one of my least favorite levels due to a few annoyances like those goats.  It's still fun for the most part, but not enough to make it on the list.

      Honorable Mention 3. Christmas Town
      Game- Kingdom Hearts II

      While I am not a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas, I do love the Halloween Town from both the first and second Kingdom Hearts games.  In II we finally get to go to Christmas Town and it was a really nice place.  But due to how little there is to do in this section of the world, I didn't put it on the list.  Darn shame, it has one of the sweetest scenes in the game as well as one of the most creative boss battles too.

      1. Glacia
      Game- Skies of Arcadia


      Yeah, my favorite winter area comes from my 2nd favorite game of all time, Skies of Arcadia.  One thing that I loved about this game was all the versatile lands.  More than halfway through the game you end up going to the "Pole" of the world where the Purple Moon is and it's home to the Land of Ice.  In each land you find things reminiscent of the ancient civilizations.  The ancient city of Glacia was the one that blew me away the most due to it being the only one not to be destroyed by Rains of Destruction that destroyed the world.  This was due to the fact that the city existed underneath the ice.  However, the people of this land didn't survive and were pretty much wiped out.  Saddest thing is, no one knows the exact answer.  You do get hints of what the culture is like, but it still is tragic, especially when all of the other lands still had survivors.  The somber music that is played as you explore this city is haunting and fits the ghost like vibe of the area.  I love this land and the upside down buildings remind me of icicles.  Also one of the saddest and heartwarming scenes happen in this area.  So because of that and the lore and the aesthetics of this place, this is why it's my #1 pick.

      Well I hoped you enjoyed that list.  I love comments so it be awesome for some feedback.  Thanks!

    • Top 10 Zelda Items

      2 years ago


      I am in a Zelda Frame of mine so the next several countdowns will be based around one of my favorite franchises! This first one is focused on my favorite items in the series. Here's the criteria I set for this list-

      • Usefulness
      • ALL items are are included, this also means the Master Sword
      • Enjoyable

      Also, I'll be mentioning my favorite version in this countdown. Remember this is my opinion and thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!

      10. Mirror Shield


      My favorite version comes from Windwaker. Yeah I loved the in Ocarina of Time, but I enjoyed using the the mirror shield more in Windwaker since it helps deal with those pesky poes and other foes where as in OoT you only use it against Twinrova and other puzzles. Anyway, the fact that this item helps with puzzle solving is awesome. The reason why it's at the bottom of the list though is because other than a few areas, you don't use it as much. Still I like how multi-purpose it is.

      9. Double Hookshot


      I think the hookshot is a fan favorite. Hell it shows up in every game I've played! My favorite version though has to come from Twilight Princess when you get the double hookshot and are able to do things like you're able to do in City in the Sky and afterwards. Twilight Princess did an awesome job in general re-inventing items. Hope they continue this trend in the next Zelda game. I really love how you use the double hookshot against the boss in City and the Sky too. But like the previous entry, you get the double hookstot late in the game. Oh, if I had to pick a 2nd favorite version of the Hookshot, it be from A Link Between Worlds because of how you can use it in conjunction with merging into the walls.

      8. Tornado Rod


      Those of you who remember my favorite Dungeons will remember that House of Gales from A Link Between Worlds made the list. Well that Tornado Rod is a reason why I enjoyed it so much! Omg this this is fun to use! It gives me the feeling of flying, but it also works offensively by knocking foes back! What I really liked about ALBW was how you could get all of your items right off the bat by borrowing them but than you can fully buy them and their upgraded versions are awesome, especially this item. Anyway, the reason why it's not higher though is simply because I found the other items to be more useful.

      7. Master Sword


      Mastersword is pretty much iconic. And I love using it! You always feel some sense of accomplishment when you get it. It was hard for me to pick my favorite version since I love both Twilight Princess's version and A Link Between Worlds. I have to admit that TP's version is the better looking one, especially after you get the Soi powers into it. But the more useful version is definitely the LBW version especially once you start to get it upgraded, the 2nd upgrated version being the best. Why? Because of the projectile effect it creates when you're at full health. This comes in handy big time! Definitely worth going after those ores you find.

      6. Bottle


      There really is no favorite version since all have the same use, storage lol. I really think this item is underrated since I never see it on any item countdowns. This item is pretty much a life saver since it stores things that can save your life! Storing fairies has saved my life many times! Most of the time you have to find these bottles in an optional side quest. Sometimes you do get a bottle in the main quest, but it's only one and I can guarantee that you're going to need more than one in the game.

      5. Iron Boots


      I have to be honest, I didn't like the Iron Boots in Ocarina of Time. In Windwaker they were okay, but still not my favorite item to use. That all changed with Twilight Princess. I mentioned how I loved how TP reinvented certain items? Well the Iron Boots in TP won my "Most improved" items to use in the series thanks to being able to walk upside down! It's what helped me love the Goron Mines so much for me! Only downside is they're still slow and you really only use them in this dungeon. Well the ability to walk on walls and the ceiling at least. They are important in the Lakebed Temple and City in the Sky but I just love them the most in the 2nd dungeon.

      4. Spinner


      This has to be the funnest item to use on this list. I am no fan of the Arbiter Grounds, but its mini-boss and item made this dungeon more enjoyable. I will admit, I had no clue what kind of item this was when I first saw it. But when I saw what it could do, I went nuts over it! It reminds me too much of my favorite type of game, PINBALL! Yeah using the spinner reminds me of pinball because you use it to bounce of walls and hit objects haha. That's actually why it's high on the list even though you only use it a few other times outside the dungeon. My top 3 are not only enjoyable but more useful in the long run.

      3. Boomerang


      Another fan favorite that pretty much appears in every Zelda game lol. Well it's easy to see why since it's very multi-purpose. For one thing it helps get items from a distance and it's a great projectile that attacks foes. My favorite version comes from Wind Waker and it's my most used item in the game because it's useful at sea and on land. It's also the first time you can hit multiple targets, which comes in handy big time! Hell, you keep on using it even in the final dungeon. And it's still fun to use also.

      2. Fire Rod


      Man do I love this item from Link Between Worlds! It's so awesome!!! It not only unfreezes blockades, but it really damages foes from a distance! I use this item A LOT when I get it. It's one of the first items I upgrade when I get the chance. I hope the bring back something like it in future Zelda games. Anything that takes out a foe's defenses is a plus in my book. The only reason why it's not number 1 is simply because of all the work I had to do to get #1.

      Here are honorable mentions. They're great items but just didn't make the cut.

      Honorable Mention 1. Bomb Arrows


      Bow and arrows are almost as iconic as the Master sword itself. I do enjoy using bow and arrows in any kind of game. The invention of bomb arrows was pretty engenius on the creators part. So why didn't I put it on the list? Well, because it really didn't blow my mind and I'd rather use items that I don't have to 'refill'. Bottles are exceptions because they're more of a life saver in my opinion and multi-purposeful. Bomb arrows are still worth a mention though.

      HM2. Farore's Wind


      This magic spell really comes in handy in a several dungeons. It saves time from having to back track on foot, especially if you make a mistake. I really could have used this spell in other games. And because you're only limited to using this spell in dungeons, that's why it's not on actual list.

      HM3. Grappling Hook


      Next to the boomerang, the grappling hook is the item I use the most in Wind Waker. So why don't I have it on the list? Well, honestly because it's not as fun to use. Sure it has multiple uses, but it's fun factor isn't too high. However, since it is so useful (grabbing chests at sea, stealing items, moving from point to point), it is still worth a mention.

      HM4. Ball and Chain


      I had no idea that the weapon the miniboss uses in Snowpeak Ruins would be my item for this dungeon lol. This item is very handy and works as an offensive and defensive weapon. Problem is, it slows you down dramatically and you have to be quick on your feet to use it, which isn't easy. Plus you don't use it that much outside the dungeon.

      HM5. Hawkeye


      I think this is another item that is unappreciated. Sure it's not the most crucial item, but it becomes very useful. I always use it with my bow and arrow in Twilight Princess after I get it. It helps me hit foes more accurately that are at a distance. You can bet your boots I use it alot in City in the Sky and in the areas where I have to hit foes before they can spot me. So I definitely think it's worth a mention.

      1. Biggoron Sword


      Man is this sword awesome! I remember when I first got the Giant's Knife in Goron City and it turned out to be a piece of trash! I was very bummed out for sure! Well, being a fan of side quests, I decided to do the adult trading quest when I heard you do get a sword better than the master sword. Needless to say that quest was SOOOO worth it, even though I am not able to get it before I enter the Water Temple. After getting the sword, beating foes is cake walk! Sure you can't use your shield when holding it, but with it's long reach and strength, you really don't need your shield. It was only in recent years that I learned the creators made it weaker against Ganon to make sure you only use the Master Sword (when you get it back during the final fight). Very clever creators! Still because of how much work I had to do to get this item and how useful it is in defeating foes, that's why it's my favorite item.

      So what did you think of my list? And what are your favorite items in the Zelda franchise?

    • Best and Worst Tracks from Mario Kart 8 part 3 (5-1)

      2 years ago



      Check out the other 2 parts before continuing if you haven't read them-

      Part 1- http://screwattack.com/post/51231670
      Part 2- http://screwattack.com/post/51258468
      Well, here's the final part folks! I hope ya'll have enjoyed this list as much as I have creating it! I have to tell you that both the worst and best Top 5 were HARD! After this I already know which countdown I am doing next and I'll give a hint to it in one of the entries hehe. So keep your eyes peeled! As a reminder, here's my criteria for this list-
      • Memorability
      • Challenge
      • Enjoyable (most important)
      And please remember this is my opinion. Feedback is appreciated! And what kind of tracks would you like to see in the next MK game?

      5. Worst- Mario Circuit (GBA version)


      Oh this version, this version, is SO LAME! I have never played the GBA version but there has to be better tracks than this! I know Mario Circuits can be pretty similar, but this one has nothing interesting about it. Ah okay it has that anti-gravity section but that's just for turn. Even it's 64 predecessor was more memorable because it had trickier turns. *Sighs* Still it has it's few good moments like the boost near the end. But definitely the weakest Mario Circuit I've played.

      5. Best- Cloudtop Cruise


      OMG! I love this track! First let me talk about the music because I really don't talk about the music that much in my countdowns but I have to mention it here because I didn't notice the change in music when I first started playing this game. You're racing on top of these clouds and through a ship with this awesome piece of music that you hear in Gusty Gardens from Mario Galaxy, which is one of my favorite Mario Worlds of all time, but than once you entered those dark clouds, the music amps up and you hear the same song only it's played by an ultra cool guitar! That was very subtle and brilliant if you ask me. Anyway, yes this track does remind me of Mario Galaxy and I loved the concept of it. It's also a fast track, but surprisingly it feels a bit slower when you get into the stormy clouds area. I do enjoy the short cuts, but you do have to be careful. Even though the terrain you move about is different, the track itself though is pretty straight forward. Still it's an awesome course.

      4. Worst- Cheese Land


      Oh lookie here, another GBA track and it's another monochromatic color scheme! Isn't that just great? *Groans and face palms* Seriously not all cheese is orange! They really could have made this track better than it's original version with the design alone. Now I can't comment on the track on the original version as far as gameplay goes, but man is this track slow! It's like I am driving 20 mph under the speed limit! I will save one good thing about this track, at least it has great short cuts, but they almost don't matter in multi-player when it seems like everyone else is going faster than you. But those shortcuts are the only reason why this track is not higher and that's sad.

      4. Best- Big Blue


      When I first saw this track, my jaw literally dropped! I was like "NOW THIS IS A WATER SLIDE"! Lol and it was hahaha! By far this is track uses the anti-gravity mechanism the best because seriously I don't know which direction I am going in! That music that is playing is awesome too. MK8 introduced me to tracks that was made into 3 parts instead going around the track several times and this is my favorite of them. Man I feel like I am going fast most of the time. Unfortunately that last part where you turn in for home though is it's downfall. It's like your accelerators were taken off and you're back to going the speed limit. Now I have never played the F-Zero series but if the tracks from that series are just as cool as this one, I might one day look into it.

      3. Worst- Yoshi Circuit


      I will admit, I did enjoy this track in Double Dash, but for some reason, this version just gets under my skin! Yes the concept of the track is cool, but it doesn't feel like the same track I enjoyed on GCN. I don't feel like I am flying over this track anymore and the short cut that I use to love doesn't feel worth it either, especially when you still see people zooming by you. Why do people always pick this track? It's just not good at all!

      3. Best- Shy Guy Falls


      If Big Blue was the Water slide, this is the Raging River! Hehehe. When I saw I was going to be racing on a water fall, I was like OH BOY! And this is only a Flower Cup Race? It really should be Star Cup race because this one is challenging and awesome! But than again, on MK 64, Toad's Turnpike was a Flower Cup track. Racing towards the mining area and water falls was like a fun ride you didn't want to stop. It also has one of my favorite (useful) short cuts in the game too. And was I the only who thought of the song, "High Ho!" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when I heard and saw those Shy Guys working? lol. I do love those little details.

      2. Worst- Mute City


      I've probably shocked a few people with this entry, seeing how much I love the other F-Zero track. There's a good reason why I don't like this track. In fact, I dread playing it every time and the point of any game is for me to enjoy myself. Well, the reason is this, the overuse of speed boosts. Sheesh, at least in Big Blue they were spread further apart. Here everyone is going at almost a constant speed. Online and off, this is the hardest track for me to win in because of that issue. The only way I can pass up people, for the most part, is using an item. In fact that is the only way, and I don't like that. On a good track you don't always have to rely on those factors. Granted the short cut helps and the visuals are wonderful, but seriously too much of a good thing is bad. Only reason why it's not my worst pick is because at least it's short cut is useful and at times I do tolerate it.

      2. Best- Hyrule Circuit


      When I first heard that there was going to be a track based on one of my other favorite Nintendo franchises, I KNEW I had to get the DLC packet alone for this track. Yeah, my reason for getting the DLC packet (both were bundled together), was just to play this and oh man was it worth it!!! Racing through the castle was so cool, but what made this one of my favorite tracks though was the track itself, especially that last part with the tight turns. I kill in that area! There is a pretty good short cut and hitting the three stones to activate the jump over the Master Sword pedestal was clever. I really kept flip-floping between this track and #1 for my favorite, but much like with my original Top 10 Best MK Tracks, the reason that was #1 was due to a short cut and it was a more challenging course to master. But this is how you do a Circuit course. You know it be awesome if that made a racing game based of the LoZ franchise! Oh the possibilities! I guess for now all I can do is dream and start working on . . . . oh wait, I am getting 'side-track' here hehe.

      Before getting to my worst and best picks, here are the rest of my dishonorable and honorable mentions.

      DM 4. Tick-Tock Clock


      I originally heard about this track before MK8 ever came out when someone did a video of his favorite MK tracks and the original DS version made it. So when I saw this track was in the game, I was looking forward to it. Plus, I expecting a challenge because of the original Tick-Tock Clock from Mario 64. Sad to say this was a let down for me. I really need to go into these tracks with as little expectations as possible. It's not bad, just boring. Music and concept is still interesting, but this was just a slow track and it was a Lightning Cup course! Traversing the track was very jarring at times too.

      HM 4. Dragon Driftway


      I wanted to like this track, I really did! I am a huge fan of Ancient Eastern cultures, especially Chinese. So the idea of basing a track off of a Chinese dragon is just awesome. But that's all that's really cool about it. This track is still fun at times but it's really standard. It was very easy for me to master and I am quite good at this track. But as I said, it's strongest feature is the use of Chinese culture throughout the track.

      DM 5. Grumble Volcano


      Originally, I hated this track on the Wii. But this version is actually a bit better, but not by much. I already said in the past I don't like fire levels. It's sure a good thing that there is lava in this area because the colors here aren't that great. This track does feel a bit faster and I do kick tail on it. That's really the only reason why it didn't make the list.

      HM 5. Super Bell Subway


      I tend to enjoy tracks where I have to 'share the road', but I certainly wasn't expecting this, to be racing in a subway! Originally I loved this track, but my opinion of it lowered a bit. But I still like it and it almost did make the list. This track has good variety. I still can't figure out which way is the fastest route and I think that's one reason why it didn't make the list because I haven't mastered it yet.

      And now here are my #1 picks, starting with the worst.

      1. Worst- Wario's Gold Mine


      You would think that when the game creators worked hard to make this track look great (and it does), they'd remember to make the track great right? NOPE NOT IN THIS CASE! In the original Wii version, at least it felt like I was going fast and the short cut was useful and you had the added challenge of avoiding those mine carts! But nope they took out the challenging parts and made that shortcut useless! It's like the anti-gravity was slowing me down, even when I was going down! I really can't stand this track. Just thinking about it gives me a headache! Okay onto the #1 best so I can end on a high note.

      1. Best- Piranha Plant Slide


      I will admit, when I first started playing this track, I HATED IT. So how did this track jump from worst to best? Well, for one thing, I got good at it and started to enjoy it more and more. But when I started learn how to use my sharp turning ability on this track, that's when I started having a blast! Hell, I could lose majorly on this course and still have fun haha. Plus it has my favorite short cut in the game. I can't tell how many times using that part saved me. Plus its a waterslide on steroids! This for me is the fastest track, even though you are going a bit slower once you enter the underwater part, but it doesn't stay that way for long, especially when you get to that turn with the Big Piranha plant. I am starting to see more people pick this track online. Now the big question is, does this beat out Wii's Maple Treeway as my favorite MK track? Honestly I don't know yet because they are neck and neck. That'll just have to be for another time.

      And that's it folks! Hope you liked this countdown!

    • Best and Worst Tracks from Mario Kart 8 part 2 (10-6)

      2 years ago



      Read Part 1 before continuing- http://screwattack.com/post/51231670

      Looks like with this new format of making things, I am going to have to add my author's notes in the main section. Well I can adapt! Lol. Anyway, here is part two of my MK8 list. Here's my criteria for ranking them-

      • Memorability
      • Challenge
      • Enjoyable (most important)

      Please remember this is my opinion. I hope you enjoy this list and feedback is appreciated!

      10. Worst- Animal Crossing


      When I heard that Animal Crossing was getting it's own track as part of the DLC content, I was pretty curious about it. But other than the setting, there's nothing special about this track. I did like the change in seasons aspect and that brought a few changes, but still this track bores me to death and I don't particularly enjoy doing it. Because it is DLC, I honestly don't know if it's suppose to be challenging or what. However, from experience, the 4th track is suppose to be the most challenging of the 4 set and this was a huge let down. I do like the other Animal Crossing stuff though. I use Female Villager the most and Isabelle is a doll!

      10. Best- Yoshi Valley

      No surprise here lol. Anyone who remembers my last MK list will remember this is one of my favorite tracks. Yeah they did make a few changes to it, but in this case, I enjoyed them, for the most part. Unfortunately there isn't just one short track through this valley anymore. I did try the cannon route, but it is deceptive and I like that! I really wish the Yoshi courses were more enjoyable overall.

      9. Worst- Ice, Ice Outpost


      This is one of those courses that I want to like but don't. In fact for an ice themed track it is a major let down. Now I know people don't like ice tracks in general, but I always enjoyed them. True this track is a fast one and is tricky. However I've yet to master the short cuts and they're honestly not worth it. I understand that accessing shortcuts can be a challenge, but with the rate your kart is going and the quick turns to access them, it's almost impossible for me. It would have been cooler to race on the iceburgs instead or they could have added variety by racing over the boats too.

      9. Best- Thwomp Ruins


      When I first saw this track as it was being previewed before the race started, my jar literally dropped because it looked so cool! Now we've seen tracks with 'ruins' in them but this track is just so cool! And it's one of the first tracks too! This does have greater challenge to it that some of the other ones and it's the enjoyable kind of testing that makes you think on your toes more because there are a few areas you have to watch out for those thwomps and drop areas. I love that shortcut at the front. For me this is the best usage of a ruins I've seen in an MK game.

      8. Worst- Sunshine Airport


      I know this is a fan favorite (based on how much it gets picked by people online) so I am sure I've surprised a few people by putting this track on my worse list. Well, to be honest, I didn't find it to be as immersive as I was hopping to find it. Sure you can go through an airplane and the air port, but there's really nothing else that is special about it. It also felt slow at times and the obstacles for me were not hard to avoid. The sad thing is I want to like this track. I think I came in with high expectations though because in another racing same there was an airport track and it was a hell of a lot more challenging and fun. It would have been more interesting if you had to avoid the moving airplanes here.

      8. Best- Wild Woods


      From here on out it really starts to get hard to rank my best because I love them all! I think the reason why this one didn't get higher was because I couldn't help but compare this one too my favorite track of all time, Maple Treeway (they're both tree tracks). This track is gorgeous to look at and I loved the use of traveling up the tree to going through the branches and going down a waterway. Talk about variety!!! There is a short cut, but there's actually not many challenges to this track though. But I really hope they do another tree course in the next MK game. Oh well, one can only hope!

      7. Worst- Dry, Dry Desert


      Honestly when I saw they brought this track back from Double Dash, I literally groaned because that was one of my least favorites from that game. Talk about dull! People complain about the look of Bone-Dry Dunes, at least that had color variety and the track had variety to it! This is just one swash of yellow and beige! This track is even worse than the original because of how easy it is. True this was always suppose to be a 'beginner' course, but at least with the GC version it had a few extra challenges. The water aspect was okay, but hey if you're going to bring back a track, at least bring back a memorable one.

      7. Best- Toad Harbor


      This track reminds me of San Francisco due to it being by the bay, the trolleys, and the brightly colored buildings, oh and the winding and twisting roads! I really do like the 'quaint city' tracks that have appeared in this series. The track options here are fun to try and you still have to be careful or you'll get knocked around easily or even into the water hehe. I do wish it was a bit more challenging, like in other city tracks with vehicles, but it is still a lot of fun.

      6. Worst- Ribbon Road


      Much like with #11, this track should have been a favorite considering the concept and challenge of it, but sadly, it isn't. At least with Neo-Bowser City, if you failed, you had a chance of catching up, this one, not so much, especially playing online. The short cuts (well a few of them) aren't really worth it and this track feels so slow for me. I will admit it too, that this track gets picked so many times and it drives me up the wall! Now I can do good in this track, but because I've played it so many times online that it's just grating now to play it! And it only gets worse from here folks!

      6. Best- Donut Plains 3


      Okay now THIS is how you take a retro track and make it better folks! Sure it's a simple track, but it's simple in the way I like it! Unlike with the SNES Rainbow Road, this track feels fast and it has tricky turns on it. I do love the detail of the track having a little water on it with the sunshine reflecting on it. That's attention to detail right there and I love how in this game you can jump over gopher mounts hehe. The only reason why it didn't make top 5 though is sadly because it's an easy track, but at least it's fun!

      Again here are a few more mentions!

      DM 3. Royal Raceway


      *Hears the gasps of surprise* Yeah, the N64 track was one of my favorite tracks and I still love that version. Much like with what happened with Baby Park though, the changes they made with this one weren't good. For one thing, they took the challenge factor out of it. In the other one you had to aim your kart correctly when going off that big jump or you'd hit the hills. Here you're gliding downward and all you have to avoid are the balloons. And after you land there use to be a sharp left turn right past the castle and that's gone now. This track is just not as fun as it use to be. So it's not so much a bad track, just compared to the original, it's a huge let down. Oh and you don't have access to the palace in this track either.

      HM 3. Excitebike Arena


      One word to describe this course- fun. I actually played the original game this track was based on and that one was a hit or miss for me back in the day when I first played it. I had a love/hate relationship with that game. This took everything I love about it and put it in it. So why didn't this make the list? Because of the fact that for a track, it's not that memorable nor is it that challenging. I would have liked to have seen it deviate from the simple circular track, but I can understand why they kept it that way.

      Next our my top 5 best and worst! Let me know what ya'll think about this part of the list! Until next time folks!

    • 2 years ago

    • Best and Worst Tracks from Mario Kart 8 part 1 (15-11)

      2 years ago


      15. Worst- Rainbow Road (SNES)

      I actually did play the SNES version back in the day when I was a kid and this track was the hardest. Even though I do enjoy the few new changes with the graphics and the Thwomps causing the track to ripple, there was just one major flaw, it wasn't as challenging as it's original version. It didn't feel as fast and it was very easy to master. I can tell you right now though if I based this list around the 200 cc, this track would rank much higher because it is AWESOME on 200 cc.

      15. Best- Sweet, Sweet Canyon

      When MK8 was first being talked about, this was one of the tracks that you got a glimps at and needless to say, I was looking forward to this track. Of course it being a Mushroom Cup course it couldn't be too hard and that's why it's ranked lower, but I just enjoy driving through this course. The memorability aspect is great and I get hungry looking at it lol. (Huge sweet tooth here). I really like that chocolate donut short cut near the end there. Those who remember my last MK list will remember that short cuts are one of my favorite things from MK franchise.

      14. Worst- Wario Stadium

      I have to say it's a darn shame I am not a huge fan of this course since I am pretty good at it. But majority of the courses I am good at though and that's now how I ranked these. The concept itself is pretty interesting, but for me it got too repetitive. In comparison Wario Coleseum at least have variety in it's track, which is why it's my favorite Wario track. As a Leaf track, I expected it to be much more harder. So yeah this track was easy to master.

      14. Best- Twisted Mansion

      Throughout the MK franchise, I've yet to race as Ghost track that I've disliked. I found this track to be enjoyable, especially through the first part of it. Unfortunately the 2nd part of the track is okay. I do like the change in the track and going through water was cool, but the water section felt out of the place and the the 'twisted mansion' to be not as twisted as I was hoping. The atmosphere was great though and this track did have a few challenges, but not that many.

      13. Worst- Cheep Cheep Beach

      You know for a beach themed track, this one was pretty boring. Yeah the design was cute, but I almost forgot about this track when coming up with this list. I couldn't quite enjoy this track either. They last part through the jungle was fun though. I know this is an easy track, but just because a track is easy, doesn't mean it has to be forgetful. I wish they made more use of the Cheeps too.

      13. Best- Mario Circuit (8)

      I have to say out of all the Mario Circuits, this is by far my favorite! Damn the track design is so cool. I feel this how Twisted Mansion should have been. Some of my favorite tracks make great use of the anti-gravity mechanic ability. I love the little short cuts using a mushroom or any other item that makes me go faster. This is definitely a fast track and I always enjoy playing it! I've probably won on this track the most online because I take full advantage of my 'cutting corners' ability.

      12. Worst- Moo Moo Meadows

      Man was this track a major disappointment compared to it's Wii counterpart. For me this track is too easy. Yeah it does give you a few opstacles, but the road is so wide, they're pretty easy to avoid. But that's just me though. Plus the areas that appear to be faster, they aren't all that faster. The only guaranteed part you can get a shortcut on is where the cows are and you have a mushroom or more. And I will admit, people almost always want to play this track online and it gets tiring playing this track over and over especially when it's not the most memorable or fun track.

      12. Best- Bone-Dry Dunes

      I've heard a number of people don't like this track. I can believe that since I see very little to no people pick this track online. One complaint was the look of the setting. For me I love the setting. I love the warm tones and this track gives off more of an Arabian desert feel than Egyptian one. The track itself is challenging in the sense that it has tricky turns and you don't always see where the track is going. It took me awhile to master this track and when I did, it was so very satisfying. I love that last part through the cave where you can use a mushroom to take a quick short cut. The only reason why it's not higher is simply because I enjoyed the other tracks more on this list.

      11. Worst- Neo Bowser City

      It saddens me to put a Bowser track on my worst list since Bowser tracks are almost always a favorite of mine. And I can't quite put my finger on what it is about this track that I don't like. It is highly memorable in the since that it's a city and it's a challenging track, especially with the slick course and sharp turns. I also can kick a-- on this track. That there though may lie the problem. I either do extremely well on this track or I stink! It is very dishardening when you know you can win a track but than get like 10th place the next time. So yeah, that's why this track is on my worst list.

      11. Best- Bowser's Castle

      Oh man just look at that entrance! I literally dropped my jaw when I saw it. And the first half of this track is tricky as hell, and I love it! To this day, it still challenges me to keep my eyes opened and be extremely aware of things around me. It's only in the 2nd half that the challenge factor drops a bit and that's why it's not higher. I expect Bowser tracks to be challenging througout the course. That giant bower though was pretty cool and I did like how it could make the track move.

      Here are a few mentions to end this first part.

      Dishonorable Mention 1- Rainbow Road (8)

      I will admit I do set high expectations for Rainbow Road tracks since it's suppose to be the hardest course in the game. After the Wii's awesome version, I was looking forward to this track, but sadly, it wasn't the most challenging track for me. Yeah it did have some great parts to it, like towards the end where you had short cuts and I did enjoy the outspace feel. But the colors here weren't impressive and the 'rainbow' wasn't always obvious.

      Honorable Mention 1. Dolphin Shoals

      This was the first track I fell in love with when I first played the game. Sadly as I got better in other courses, this track went from love to like to okay. Sad since I still love the whole design of the course and traveling on an Unagi was an awesome concept. In retrospect though for a Star track, this course is very easy and the underwater areas I felt like I was going pretty slow. I prefer faster tracks to slower ones for the most part. There are exceptions though.

      DM 2. Baby Park

      I know I probably shocked a few people with this pick, seeing how I put the original track on my Favorite MK Tracks list. Well, what I didn't like about this track was that it felt slower to me and I didn't like how it was put onto a ramp. Plus, I didn't like how people kept picking this track online over and over. Playing a simple track like that gets boring pretty quickly. But other than that, I saw no need to put it on the actual list.

      HM 2. Electodome

      This course will always have a special place in my heart since it's the first track I got first place online. That's really the only reason why it gets a mention. Overall this track is 'okay'. The look is cool and different, but it's not the fastest track and it's pretty easy. It doesn't help wither that people pick this track alot either, but I still enjoy it at times.

    • Favorite Dungeons from the Legend of Zelda Franchise

      3 years ago


      10. Ice Ruins

      Game- A Link Between Worlds

      First on the list is the 2nd last dungeon in the game, Ice Ruins.  I'll be the first to say I am a fan of Ice levels of any kind.  This dungeon is just gorgeous to look at!  I love the snowflake details to the different shades of blue to even the juxtaposation of the reds of that lava lake below you.  Also the fact that you get the boss key right off the bat makes it pretty unique.  Plus I guess to use one of my favorite items of the game, the Fire Rod.  I just love using that thing to burn stuff and attack foes with it.  Unfortunately the reason why it's only at #10 is I don't exactly remember alot of the puzzles and I am not a fan of backtracking.  Plus this dungeon is easy to get lost in too and I prefer dungeons that are a bit more straight forward.  And even though the boss was not counted in ranking, the one here was weird in design and I felt it didn't fit with the environment, but it was still fun to fight.


      9. City in the Sky

      Game- Twilight Princess (Gamecube version)

      I have to say that the lead up to this dungeons is one of my favorites in the series.  From restoring Ilya's memory to Fyer fixing your canon *laughs just thinking about it*, it's just so much fun!  Anyway, this dungeon does not disappoint!  You get to see the boss of this dungeon before facing it and it even does some damage before you face it.  I always enjoy using different items in dungeons, especially in the latter ones of a game.  A it gives you a 2nd hookshot!  OMG!!!  MIND BLOWN!!!  I like the puzzles of this dungeon too and even though there's only a few structures, the multiple floors make it more expansive.  What I am not a fan of is the music and the color scheme isn't all that great either (even though the architecture is cool).  Plus the ones further up are more enjoyable.


      8. Snowpeak Ruins

      Game- Twilight Princess

      If there was an award for best atmosphere, this one would win hands down.  Honestly when I was heading into the Snowpeak Mountains, I had no idea what to expect.  I honestly was shocked when I met Yeto for the first time and that slide!  Oh it was so much fun to ride on a frozen leaf down the moutain!  Seeing this fancy, yet run-down, mansion was not what I was expecting for a dungeon.  What makes this dungeon so unique is how Yeta sends you on a wild goose chase to find the key to the main bedroom and it actually took me a few playthroughs to figure out that the soup was your "hearts" for this dungeon.  That's brilliant!  Plus that item you get is wonderful because it works both as a shield and a weapon.  I also like how you're able to use your wolf in certain parts of this dungeon.  What I don't like is the frustration that comes with some of the foes, like the ice soldiers that through spears at you eeeehhhh.  Smashing them just feels so good.  And those ice foes that glide over the ice are a pain at times.  Still I love this dungeon and always look forward to playing it.  Also, that boss appearance scared the crap out of me.


      7. Forest Temple

      Game- Twilight Princess

      Ya'll were probably expecting the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time huh?  Nope!  It's this one!  You know as far as first dungeons go, this one hits it out of the ball park and is by far my favorite of the "First dungeons".  The imagery just screams Forest Temple, but at the same time it has the atmosphere of mystery that I love.  This is also my favorite dungeon where you get the boomerang.  How you get it is so funny and I do like how that Boss monkey helps in the boss for this dungeon.  Monkeys are useful, but the fact that they are there is just weird though because I am use to seeing them in a jungle or rain forest setting.  I am not a huge fan of the puzzles either.  Even though this is the best first dungeon, unfortunately like all first dungeons, it's pretty damn easy.  But other than thank, this was an awesome dungeon.


      6. House of Gales

      Game- A Link Between Worlds

      Boy is this a fun dungeon.  This is one of the shortest dungeons in the game and that's one reason why it didn't make top 5, but because it gives you very cool puzzles and challenge is why it's this high up.  The fact the dungeon takes place inside a Windmill is just so creative too and it uses the Air element perfectly!  I love using the Tornado rode in this dungeon from using it to fly up air drafts to using them to knockout foes.  I do wish the color scheme was more interesting and that's another mark against it, but the pros definitely outway the cons here and almost make them nonexistant.  I will also mention that the boss is fun to face.  There's really nothing left to say about this dungeon except that I know I'll always have fun playing this dungeon.  From here on out, it really gets hard to rank these.


      5. Spirit Temple

      Game- Ocarina of Time

      Any of ya'll who are familiar with my countdowns will remember me stating how much I HATE desert areas.  I have to say, Gerudo Valley area is my least favorite area of the game (both original and HD remake).  So when I finally came upon the Desert Colossus, I was pretty nervous on what challenge would await me here because I knew this was the last dungeon prior to the final dungeon.  Man was I surpised on how fun and challenging this dungeon was!  The fact that you have to use both young and old Link in this dungeon is creative and the dungeon design is simple and very symetrical.  I have a minor in Art History and even as a teen playing this game originally I was in awe of archeture and it actually felt like I was exploring a sacred site.  Plus I love Nabooru here.  The HD revision just adds to the atmosphere of this place.  It has my favorite mini-boss and it's the only dungeon that gives me two items, the silver gaunlets and mirror shield.  Being one of the last dungeons, you are able use a good number of items and I love the puzzles here.  The only reason why it's at #5 is simply because I love the dungeons more after this.  Also, that boss was a joy to face and the scene after defeating it is just funny as hell.


      4. Hyrule Castle

      Game- Twilight Princess

      I honestly would have never thought to see Hyrule Castle become a final dungeon.  There are so many great things about this dungeon.  First, let's start with the first area.  The lack of music here is so haunting.  I also enjoy how you have to "earn you right" to enter the castle.  Now I didn't know about the hidden area of this dungeon until my second playthrough.  Once you get into the actual castle though, the music starts to play and it just sends chill down my spine and your prior visits to the palace were just the tip of the iceburg.  I am actually okay with not exploring the whole palace because unless I wanted a few extra rubees that I didn't need, I just ignored those areas; i.e. the one area with the 2 darknuts I avoid now.  Not to mention it has one of my fav cutscenes in the game when your four friends come to help you.  I just wish there was a 'final item' I can could have gotten prior to the final boss.  The final boss was epic in itself, but as I said bosses don't count in this ranking.  By far my favorite final dungeon of the series though.


      3. Swamp Palace

      Game- A Link Between Worlds

      I've never had issues with the dungeons based around water (except for Tower of the Gods).  They weren't great, but I didn't hate them either.  But I have heard people loving this water dungeon and I couldn't agree more.  This is definitely the 'prettiest' of the dungeons and how you use your hookshot throughout this dungeon is so interesting.  Normally I don't like backtracking but the enjoyability of this dungeon is so high that it doesn't bother me that much when I have forgotton something.  I love the use of water here in the puzzles and this dungeon did give me a good challenge.  Let's hope in the next Zelda game they do a Water dungeon that's just as good as this one.


      2. Earth Temple

      Game- Wind Waker

      From what I've heard, people either love or hate this dungeon.  I am definitely in the party that loves it.  This also how you do an 'escort mission' right!  Medli became one of my favorite Zelda characters because of how useful she was in this dungeon.  Unlike others who weren't fans of the Command song, I didn't mind using it.  Hell, I am use to switching out items repetitively anyway, so I found this no different.  Anyway, like others on this list, the atmosphere is just awesome as it combines 'earthly' elements from stones to even plant elements.  It had an ecletic collection of foes here.  Yeah it gets a bit nervewracking with the floor masters and poes, but overall it was just a blast to get rid of them and added to the challenge of this dungeon.  Plus, this dungeon by has my favorite puzzle in any Zelda game, the Mirror room.  The only reason why it's not #1 is because that one was the first dungeon I thought of and it just gets like 5 stars in all major requirements for me.


      Here are some honorable mentions for now.

      Honorable Mention 1. Shadow Temple

      Game- Ocarina of Time

      This one barely missed the list due to the fact that I found a few of the areas just too frustrating to deal with (like guillotines in the big area of the dungeon).  Still this is the creepiest dungeon in the series in my opinion and I love the use of the Hover boots and Lens of Truth.  Also have to mention the boss, he was fun to beat.


      Honorable Mention 2. Dragon Roost Cavern

      Game- Wind Waker

      Another good example of a first dungeon, but because it was still very easy and didn't have alot of puzzles is why it didn't make the list.  But I love the visuals and it provides one of my favorite items in the game, the grappling hook.


      Honorable Mention 3. Temple of Time

      Game- Twilight Princess

      I would never guess in a million years that this location would become a dungeon.  When I first played this game and began wondering where the Master Sword would be, I was guessing it either be this location or the Sacred Grove.  You can imagine my shock though when I learned that both locations existed in the same spot.  Genius thinking on the game creators' part.  But this dungeon was a bit of a disappointment for me in the sense that as one of the last dungeons it was pretty damn easy and it too straightforward.  The only challenging part was the mini-boss and I did like the item and it has my favorite version of Gohma in it too.  Still I was expecting more.


      Honorable Mention 4. Dark Palace

      Game- A Link Between Worlds

      I really dislike the area before this dungeon.  Never a fan of stealth areas *groans*.  But this dungeon was like a breath of fresh air.  However, I am not a fan of areas that darken a room and that's one reason why this didn't make the list.  And I don't remember alot of this dungeon either.  However, I do remember a few of the puzzles that were fun and challenging and if bosses were counted for in this dungeon, this might have made the list because I LOVE the boss of this dungeon.  Also, the colors of this place are lovely.  I am a huge fan of purple btw hehe.


      1. Goron Mines

      Game- Twilight Princess

      I bet you didn't see this one coming.  Often when I watch other countdowns most people seem to forget about this one.  Well this is my list and I say it's the best one of the series!  Why?  Well, I am about to tell you why.  For one, let me just say that I am NOT a fan of areas based around the element of fire.  So when I first entered this place, I was pretty nervous.  My opinion of this dungeon changed took a total 180 when I learned how to use the iron boots in this area.  I was never a fan of the Iron Boots in the games I played prior to this (OoT and WW), but this dungeon reinvented them and blew my mind when they used magnetism to help you move about this dungeon.  I LOVE THAT!!  I also loved how you go about getting the final boss key and the mini-boss was fun too.  Plus how you use the bow and arrow in this dungeon is flat out fun, especially the few times when you're upside down and shooting at stuff.  So the reason why this dungeon is #1 for me is the creativity used when using your items here.  And yeah I do love the environment and it made me forget how much I dislike fire areas lol.  I do have to mention the boss here, he is an awesome boss to face.  Overall, there isn't a thing that I dislike about this dungeon.  It's places like this why Twilight Princess is one of my favorite games.

    • Top 10 Sky Based Battles from Skies of Arcadia

      3 years ago



      10. Yeligar, the Yellow Gigas




      Let me set the scene here. You're near the end of your journey of searching for these Moon Crystals to save the world. You're looking for the last one and have to search for it underneath these caves with your ship. Suddenly, you come across this huge creature that holds the final crystal and it's asleep. Well, what do you think happens? It wakes up and it's mad. So mad, that it obliterates the concrete seal that you encountered earlier in the game when in the same area, just like it was nothing. This creature is the yellow Gigas, Yeligar and it's speciality is lightning. You'd think it being one of the final sky battles it be a tough battle right? Actually, this boss is pretty easy compared to the earlier Gigas and other bosses prior to this point. Not much strategy is involved here as long as you save up your sp and keep an eye on your health. The other sky battles on this list put up more of a fight.


      9. Grendel, the Green Gigas


      This boss fight takes place immediately after a ship battle. Honestly I couldn't decided which of these was harder. Probably this one because it gives out more damage consistently. Grendel maybe the 2nd Gigas you come across, but he's the first one you actually defeat. And how you defeat it is pretty amusing. You basically cause it to trip and fall into a valley hehe. Just like the previous entry, this guy doesn't require as much strategy to defeat it. But because it causes more damage than Yeligar, it ranks higher. Plus the satisfaction of beating this thing after 2 battles is relieving.


      8. Lynx, Belleza's Ship




      Besides the Gigas, majority of your sky battles will be against the admirals of Valua and Belleza is the first one you fight against, skip to ship that is. You actually fight her after you decide to retreat from facing the Red Gigas, Recummen, since she's the one controlling it with the Red Moon Crystal. This battle does require strategy! You make the wrong choice and that can leave you vulnerable for major attacks. Use the right strategy though, and Belleza will be the vulnerable one. Belleza also has a magic cannon that she can use to her advantage. Be patient and keep an eye on your health. Much like with the ground based battles, I always use the girls more for defensive moves, unless an opportunity presents itself when you can go all out. Once you defeat Belleza, you gain her magic cannon, which comes in handy believe me!



      7. Roc


      This is the only optional sky battle on this list.  I always do go after these types of battles because it helps me get more experience, money, and sometimes other stuff.  This one is the hardest of them though.  Based on a mythical beast, the Roc actually puts up a good fight.  You come across this beast late in the game after you gain the ability to go into higher and lower sky.  ((I actually go after this guy before going after the Yellow Crystal)).  While not the fastest foe you come accross, this guy is still pretty fast and can dodge your hits.  It takes several rounds of your strongest weapon to take this bird down.  But still it's alot of fun to deal with this bird.


      6. Auriga, Gregorio's Ship

      ?This 'tank' of a ship is commanded by the most defensive of the Valuan admirals, Gregorio.  Out of all the admirals, this one is my favorite to face because it gives me a decent challenge and also because next to Belleza, Gregorio is one of my favorite characters in this series due to his noble nature.  You fight this elderly admiral just before you enter the Black Rift after you get your new base, ship, and even several crew mates.  While this not the first battle you have with your new ship, the Delphius, that one was pretty much a piece of cake and didn't need any strategy.  So this ship battle is a good way to test your new ship and gives you a chance to use your crew for the first time.  As with some ship battles, you'll have to fight a few waves before fighting the made ship, the Auriga, itself.  At this time you should have an item that increases your speed.  Quika works just as good too.  Because what you see is that if your speed is up, when the Auriga literally tries to ram you, you actually dodge over it and receive no damage!  This leaves your oppenent wide open and you can dish out some major damage.  Still his other attacks can deal some good damage, so watch out.


      5. Chameleon, De Loco's Ship (3rd time)




      ?Note about the image, I couldn't find a good one for the 3rd battle because it takes place in a very dark area. Out of all the admirals, De Loco is the one you face the most in your ship. He lives up to his name too. This guy is crazy!!!! He's the Armada's top guy for developing weapons and loves destroying things. However he's very smart and clever too and some of his fits are the funniest scenes in the game. The first two times you face De Loco, it is in the Little Jack in the Green Moon area, and these 2 battles aren't cakewalks. The first one is actually for me the most intimidating because it's your first time facing him and his fire canon. The 2nd time, he uses he new moonstone cannon on you, but because it's experimental, he leaves himself wide open after using it on you, giving you the chance to heal up and kick his tail. Irony is that De Loco's moonstone canon is eventually perfected and is installed into the Delphius by the time Enrique gives the ship to you. The 3rd time is way late in the game after you fetch Fina's ship in deep sky. It's pitch black down there during the battle so there's no point in using a lot of attacks on him. I do use Vyse at times since he's dishes out the strongest attacks and is the most accurate. The Chameleon though has a hard time hitting you too. De Loco solves this though by using his own version of the harpoon canon on you, keeping you in close quarters. Even though he can hit you, but this time your using your own ship on him and deal greater damage. So while De Loco isn't the strongest admiral you come across, he's still a pain to deal with and defeating him gives off so much satisfaction!! That's why he's this high.


      4. Zelos, the Silver Gigas

      ?This ship battle is actually the 2nd part of a 3 part battle of the final boss.  First part is mentioned in my ground based boss battle lists, Ramierez.  After defeating Ramierez, he ends up merging with the silver gigas Zelos.  This thing is very intimidating and the battle is divided into 2 phases.  First phase Zelos has a very hard shell and in this phase, it deals out the most damage.  Just be patient and keep your defenses up.   When you do enough damage, Zelos morphs into what the image above portrays.  It's during this phase though that this boss's moves doesn't do as much damage, hence the challenge factor goes down a bit.  Still, don't let your guard down.  The more damage you do, the more those 'claws' come off.  I have to tell you, when I defeating this part the first time, I thought I beat it, but I celebrated a bit too early lol.  FYI, the music that is played during this battle is EPIC!!!


      3. Draco, Vigoro's Ship




      Gees just look at this thing!!!  This intimidating ship with the big canon is commandered by Vigoro.  This is the 2nd time you face him, but the only time you battle your ship against his.  Much like your 3rd battle with Vigoro, this battle is a doosy!  He has the best Offense of the admirals and that canon does pack a punch!  In fact, this battle pits your Moonstone cannon against the Draco Canon (No literally, every round you have a chance to use it).  Oh and did I forget to mention this is the 2nd part of a 3 part battle over Yufotoma?  Yeah, the first part is mentioned in my other list when you take back your ship.  The strategy here is to take out Vigoro as quickly as possible, but still keep your defenses up.  Lucky for you, this is the first sky battle where you have Urala in your crew, who maxs out your SP.  Taking out the Draco is so satisfying and the challenge of facing him definitely earns a spot in the Top 3.


      2. Hydra, Galcian's Sky Fortress


      Wow, just look at this ship!  It's gargantuan!  This is the longest ship battle.  Not only do you have to take on 2 waves of Galcian's fleet, but you than have to face this mammoth and it has alot of defensives and offensive skills.  Strategry is critical here.  And here's the ironic part of this ship.  The plans for this ship were actually stopped by Empress Theodora due to it's size.  So even Valua didn't want this thing completed!  However, Galcian was planning to betray Valua anyway, so he had the ship done in secret.  Anyway, around midpoint of this battle, the Hydra cannon is revealed and it can do massive damage.  This may sound nuts, but it's actually smarter to attack the lower hull where the canon is because you have more opportunity to do more damage and end this battle more quickly.  Darn shame that Galcian himself was not as challenging as this battle, which is your 3rd to last ship battle.  There's only one more left, and for me it's the most annoying and challenging.



      However, before we get to Number 1, let's give a few honorable mentions.



      HM1. Blackbeard, Baltor's Ship




      Honestly, even though this fight is super easy, I had to put this ship on the list because it's your first ship battle.  First time I face this dude, I was very nervous because I didn't have my Harpoon Canon yet and I only had 3 chars at the time.  Still, the fear was unwanted because this battle is basically a tutorial for all the other ship battles.  You actually face Baltor a 2nd time late in the game with his Blackbeard II, but you don't even need to use your Moonstone Canon to defeat him.  After defeating De Loco that 3rd time, this is a cakewalk.  Just a few rounds and he's done for lol.  Irony is that Baltor becomes your ally briefly only because, "I hate Galcian more than I hate you!"  I guess the saying is true, the enemy of my enemy is my friend hehe.


      HM2. Anguila




      You face this eel-like creature in the Dark Rift.  This pesky beast is pretty annoying, even though doesn't put up much of a challenge.  The tricky part is that it's head goes in and our of vortex, so you have plan out your hits so you can hit it when it's head comes out.  However, I save and build up my SP so when it actually comes out of the vortex, I can start beating the heck out of it!  Most of the time though, I am not able to defeat it the first time it comes out, so that's why it deserves an honorable mention.


      And the most challenging Sky battle for me is . . . .



      1. Blueheim, the Blue Gigas




      ?Look at this thing!!  JUST LOOK AT THIS THING!!!  Blueheim comes in right after you defeat the Draco!  Originally, you see this Gigas cased in stone when you arrive at Mount Kazai to get the Blue Moon Crystal.  When I saw it, I actually thought I wouldn't have to face it.  Boy was I wrong!  This thing is the fastest of the Gigas and its blue winds can not only do major damage, but blow you off course and it can take you up to several rounds to get back into position to shoot it again.  It's other two attacks really don't do too much damage, but like any good challenge, bird-like gigas is smart and bids it's time before attacking.  It was only until the last time I played it that I figured out how to hit it before it could dish out it's Blue Winds on me and knock it off course.  You'll know it's about to use those winds when you see the red area of your attack meter.  Use your moonstone canon on the 2nd of the 2 red areas to knock it off balance (while raising your defence on the first).  You can't imagine the relief I felt when I was able to finally outwit that move!  But because of all the years of annoyance and challenge of fighting this foe, that's why it's #1 in my book!

      ?So what do you think?  Please tell me your opinions below.  Thanks!

    • Top 12 Most Challenging Ground-Based Bosses from Skies of Arcadia

      4 years ago


      12. Tortigar


      This boss appears midway through the game.  You fight Tortigar in order to get the Blue Moon Crystal.  Out of all the boss battles (ship or ground), this is the funnest one for me.  Why?  Because it's the first time I can use my favorite special move, Prophecy.  It's also the only time I use it.  The boss has a special move that prevents any attack from hitting it, making it have the best defense of the game.  The best strategy is to make sure you always use Delta Shield and have the rest of your chars Focus to raise your SP.  Of course you always heal yourself if need be because Tortigar has a few special attacks of its own.  Once your SP is maxed out though you can use Prophecy (or even Blue Rogues, but that doesn't do as much damage) and you will always hit first.  You just need to make sure all 4 chars are alive (and they should since this guy's attacks aren't as bad as others).  This barely made the list though because it is a lengthy battle, but it isn't very challenging.  In fact as a rule, all the Crystal Guardians aren't very hard.  I just like facing this boss.


      11. Galcian


      The first time I saw this guy, I knew I was going to face him at one point.  When he chases you on that train in the beginning of the game, I was actually scared of him catching up with me (thank God he was walking and not running lol).  You finally face him near the end of the game, first his ship, than Galcian himself.  And as one of the last bosses, he was actually disappointing and easier than I thought.  Well for one thing, but this time, my guys have extremely high levels and his special attacks are always focused on one person.  He does have that instant death magic attack, but Aika's Delta Shield negates that completely (which is why it's my fav defensive move).  The best course of action is to always have Fina on guard, use regular attacks from Gilder, and focus with Vyse (since he ranks up the most sp).  When you're ready, use Vyse's Pirates Fury on him.  I always have Aika and Fina on Yellow moonstones just in case Galcian attacks them.  Defeating this guy is satisfactory, but not as much.  Because he is a bit more challenging than #12, that's why he's at this spot.


      10. Gordo & 3 Mad Chefs


      Man is this big bag of lard memorable.  About 1/2 or 1/3 through the game you come across this Black Pirate.  He boards your ship in order to steal all your food!!  Hehe, yeah, this guy is really funny, but he is no pushover in this battle.  Not only do you have to fight him, but 3 of his lackies.  I actually go after Gordo first since he attacks not only hit all party members, but they pack a punch.  Use the purple moonstone when attacking.  I use Fina alot here since she has the most MP.  Once Gordo is taken care of, Mad Chefs aren't too hard to take care of.  The reason this battle is still low, it is because the ones after this are harder in my opinion.  Interesting how this guy helps you out when you see him again.


      9. Vigoro (2nd time)


      Man does this guy have an inflated ego of himself, and I love that about him!!!  He's the 3rd Admiral of the Imperial Armada and considers himself a lady's man.  He's one of the few that you face more than once.  First time, he's very easy to beat and you also have a ship battle with him.  For this list though, I picked the 2nd ground-based battle you have with him, which takes place a little over 3/4ths of the game, making him one of the last bosses.  This guy's main special attack packs a punch!!  And because you're on a small platform, he has another attack that hits multiple characters.  Lucky for you though, he doesn't use any magical attacks, so you can use Aika for other purposes (only use her for focus and supporting moves, like using healing stuff).  Fina I only use her when needed because she is the weakest, I mostly have her on guard.  The satisfaction of defeating this guy is what ranks him higher than the others because it is the 3rd time you face him.  But because he is more of a physical attacker (and low on defense), it's why he's at this spot.


      8. Muraji

      Oh gosh this is probably the most annoying character in the game!!  Let me set the scene for you.  Upon gaining help from the Takou (Eastern pirates basically), you find out that YOUR SHIP is being used against you and this little pipsqueek is maning it.  This coward is one of the people who betrayed his people and it is sweet satisfaction to beat him (although it's short lived because after facing this dude you have 2 more ship battles that are no cake walk).  This guy is the easiest of the 3 battles but unlike most boss fights, you have to battle your way to Muraji and can't save!  So you're in for a long haul in this 3 part battle.  But let's focus on this one.  Muraji himself never attacks you directly.  He either uses magic to power up this soldiers or to attack you, making Aika important in this battle.  Take this dude out first!  Once he's gone, it's easy sailing taking out the rest because this guy is a wimp through and through!  


      7. Veltarn



      Out of all the Crystal Guardians, this one is the hardest, because he's the most unpredictable.  I love Glacia, but this boss is a pain in the neck due to his Death Ray move!  GAAAA!!!  You better pray he doesn't use this sucker on you because there's a chance he'll kill you.  There's nothing in your move section (SP or MP) that can deflect it.  The reason why it's not higher though is because without that death ray, he's not that hard to defeat.  I tried to defeat this guy as quickly as possible!!  Only once did I play him and he never used that move!  Yeah very apprehensive battle for sure.


      6. Jao and Mao



      *Shudders* Trouble doesn't begin to describe these two. When you first arrive in Yufatoma, you're immediately attacked, first by air (which was pretty easy), than on your ship! These twin brothers want to steel your sword and they do mean business too. Both are equally hard. Now I would focus all attack on one brother first. And much like Vigoro, they don't have magic moves, so Aika can concentrate on other things. Also, they only attack one person at a time but their attacks can do serious damage. Once you defeat these guys though you won't have to fight them again and in fact they become your allies.


      5. Bleigock


      From here on out, the bosses get really frustrating and harder (in my opinion) because they've killed one of my characters at least once.  Bleigock is a boss you face in the catacombs near the beginning of the game and he's the first rough boss you come across!  One of my biggest pet peeves in any foe, are ones that ditch out poison!  This guy not only has a poisonous attack, but it hits everyone!!!  You don't have Fina yet, so you have to rely on Aika for your healing and magical needs.  Always have Drachma use his charge move to really raise up your SP quickly!  Than use his tackle to do major damage.  Being flexible in your strategy here is critical!  The satisfaction of defeating this boss is very high.



      4. Ramirez (1st time)


      I'll admit, when I first saw this character, I had no idea he was going to be the final boss.  You do have 2 opportunities to face him before the final fight, but I highly recommend you don't and surrender both times because it is (from what I've heard) a guaranteed death.  It was only when Ramirez has a mental breakdown after Galcian's death did I realize he was the last boss.  You fight this guy 3 times back-to-back!  First and 3rd time are ground base, and of the 2, the first time I found harder because of his signature Silver Eclipse move!  Man does he use this move alot and it packs a punch, plus it hits all your characters.  I pretty much use the same strategy for Vigoro and Galcian here.  This guy has killed one of my characters, so that's why he is higher.  It's also a reason why you better have high levels, because you're going to need it!


      3. Sinistra and Destra

      (Destra on the left, Sinistra on the right)



      Oh gosh while the dungeon here is one of the funnest ones, these two are very hard! This is a long battle too. I've come close to loosing these two once! Not only do these two have moves that attack all party members, but together they do a move that does massive damage!  So it's vital to take out one first!  Only good thing is they don't use magic.  Most of the time I have Aika on guard.  By this time I am not sure if you have Vyse's Pirates Wrath, so Guilder's Gunslinger does the most damage.   The payoff for defeating these two results in a big rip off, but ironically the item you get does help with finances.


      2. Dralkor Tank


      I got to tell you when I first face this thing, I was like, I HAVE TO FACE THIS THING!? Yeah this boss is as intimidating as it looks and has the firepower to back it up! You don't know who he's going to hit either. This guy can only hit up to 3 though and I always pray it's never Fina. I always have both girls on guard since this thing doesn't use magic. That's the reason why this boss isn't number 1. The one at #1 has everything that makes a ground boss battle hard in this game.

      Before we get to #1, here are a few honorable mentions.

      Honorable Mention 1. Antonio?




      There are 2 versions of this boss in this game technically so I could have put both of them in here. However Antonio II was way easier since by that time I had four characters and got through it with ease. Antonio is your first boss in the game and does a good job setting the scene. He only has one major attack, but it can pack a punch, especially for Aika. Use her for either healing or power up or guard. This boss though is a challenge but doesn't take long to defeat, hence why he's not on the list.


      Honorable Mention 2. Zivilyn Bane?




      This boss comes in unexpectedly in curtain dungeons (always in the ones for the Crystal (except for the Yellow Crystal), but sometimes in others too like the Grand Fortress or the final dungeon). I actually the other day found out the name Zivilyn Bane is not of one particular person, but is a group name. So every time you face this foe, it's technically a different person lol. You do face this boss the most and the prize is always a valuable treasure. These treasures I always sale (which comes in handy when you need money to build your base). These boss fights are pretty easy but the boss does have a move that can do massive damage, which is why I always have Fina on guard. Also Bane has no magical moves. Definitely worth a mention but again pretty easy.


      Now for number 1. Here we go!

      1. Executioner and 2 Spell Wardens?



      Look at this guy. LOOK AT THIS GUY! He's title alone is intimidating and added to this look . . . I dread this guy every time I see him!!! Omg, this boss is HARD! This is the only boss to have defeated me in battle. So when I do defeat this guy, it's a HUGE relief! You only have 3 guys when facing him. Not only does this guy posses both magic and special attacks, but he has two Spell Wardens that either heal him, power him up, or attack you. Keeping Aika alive is vital! This is hard though because of the Executioner targets all three of your guys. I have no set strategy for facing this dude because it changes almost every time I face him. You had better be prepared for him for he makes Blelgock look like a walk in the park. Yeah he's one of your first bosses. Regardless, I always shock with joy when defeating this pain in the neck, so he's definitely worthy of the number 1 spot!

    • Top 10 Anime Music Videos or AMVs

      5 years ago


      10. Prism Ark- Ordinary Day

      Anime- Prism Ark (the show)

      Creator- Corinne Aelya

      Song- Ordinary Day by Vaness Carlton


      This anime was actually a game first.  In Japan, they sometimes create games where you are a male char and can date one of several girls.  This was that kind of game.  In the anime though, the main char, Hyaweh's love interest is Priecia here and this amv is based on their relationship.  I do feel this video is sweet (and I am a sucker for romance).  To me what makes a good amv is that the music flows with the action itself and it works very well here.  You certainly have a narrative and get an idea of what kind of anime this show is.  The reason why it's #10 though is because I don't like the ending on how it ends abruptly, like I wanted to see what happens next.  Also I don't connect with the video as I do with others higher on the list.  Still all the amvs I list here are great and I wish I could do the same.


      9. Nadja's Love Story

      Anime- Ashita no Nadja (the show)

      Creator- Airi Yifan

      Song- Love Story by Taylor Swift


      Hehe, I love a good narative in an amv and this certainly has it.  The song does fit the anime too.  Nadja is a very happy, go-lucky girl.  When I found out about the anime though, what she goes through is pretty sad.  Just like #10, there is a sweetness to this amv.  It's a bit higher because I like the ending better.  However, the ending of this amv is deceptive in a sense because that is not how the anime ends.  I won't spoil anything, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself hehe.


      8. Chibi-Usa's Mother

      Anime- Sailor Moon (manga/anime)

      Creator- Jemmandthe Productions

      Song- My Mother from The Great Chipmunks Adventure


      I love SM amvs so it was hard for me to pick one. I decided on this one because it gets to me the most and tugs at the heartstrings!  You add that song by the Chipettes and you have a dousy!  The reason why it's not higher though is simply because I LOVE the rest of the entries and while this does get me emotional, with other ones I do cry.


      7. Galaxy Angel

      Anime- Galaxy Angel (the game series)

      Creator- An0206

      Song- Genzai no Requiem by Kotoko


      This amv covers a whole game series.  If you have seen the anime, it's nothing like the games.  I don't think the games are stateside though but I've seen enough to know the storyline and overall environment is superior to the show.  Even the manga relates more to the games.  Just like with #10, the game is another dating one so if you're wondering why Takuto (the black hair guy with the cape) is with alot of girls, that's why lol.  As much as I love this amv, one of the problems I feel is that you don't know entirely what is going on.  I feel in any amv, there needs to be a narative.  In this one though, it's not too clear.  However the music and action make up for it and that's why it's higher than the rest so far.


      6. What Hurts the Most

      Anime- Nantsuiro Drops (the show)

      Creator- Cherry

      Song- What Hurts the Most by Cascada


      Here's another tearjerking amv.  Oh the song may sound upbeat, but the overall message still gets to me, especially towards the end.  This is a pretty new anime show with your typical magical girl theme.  And what is it about guys with glasses that just make them hot? lol.  This did make me cry and that's why it's in this position.  However from here on out, the amvs coming up I connect with and the creators just did an awesome job editing them.


      5. With You

      Anime- Multiple

      Creator- AMV Samurai Production

      Song- With Me by Sum41


      Oh man, this is the first amv on this list that gets my pulse thumping!!  When you add rock to an amv, you get something grand!  You can guess right now I move amvs based around love.  And this amv has multiple anime couples in it from old school (3x3 Eyes) to more recent (Toradora).  So great variety!  I love the rhythm too and the pacing.  Editing here is great.  However, the ending falls a bit flat and the ones left are epic from start to finish (and have better effects).


      4. A Hand to Hold

      Anime- Multiple

      Creator- Sapphire Star Productions

      Song- Hold by SuperChick


      This basically takes #5 and amps it up big time with an orchestra and effects.  This type of AMV is what you call an MEP, or Multiple Editor Project, where you have more than one editor for an amv.  Sapphire Star is one of my fav amv productions and this one is my fav by them.  You should check out their other stuff, they're awesome!


      3. When Winter Descends

      Anime- Full Moon Wo Sagashite (the show)

      Creator- Chickaboom from Reversed Studios

      Song- Miracle by Vertical Horizon



      Oh man, bring on the tissues, this amv gets to me everytime!!!  Waaaa!  The manga and anime in general are deep and sad to begin with and only get more tragic as they go along.  Still, miracles do happen.  The creator behind the manga, Arina Tanemura, knows how to create chars we all can relate to and pulls us in.  This one in my opinion is the most heartbreaking, but it still has a happy ending at least.  Chickaboom really captures the theme of this anime handsdown.  The only reason why it's not higher is because the Top two are not only grand, but they just blew me off my seat by the sheer epicness of them!


      2. Make Us High

      Anime- Multiple

      Creators- Edelwei3 and Noir

      Song- Make Us High by E-type


      I don't even know where to start with this one.  The only way I can explain it is that it's like being on an adrenaline rush for 4 minutes.  Yeah, this amv gives me a high everytime I see it.  For one thing, the lip-sync is amazing and how the whole video seems to play in tune with the song.  I don't even know how the creators edited this video!  It's obvious multiple animes were used.  I never seen a video like this before where images are layered together like that!  #1 though I feel has better pacing.  I think because you're on an adrenaline rush for so long that I want some breathing room.  There is also another thing that makes #1 well, the best, but I'll tell you that when we get to.


      For now here are a few Honorable Mentions-


      HM #1- Can You See Me Now

      Anime- Munto TV

      Creator- Sapphire Star Productions

      Song- CLOWNS (Can You See me Now) by T.a.t.u

      Warning: The video contains flashes, so anyone suffering from seizsures shouldn't see this video.


      There are a few reasons why this one didn't make the list.  The first is obvious, one video per creator.  The 2nd is I wanted everyone to look at the list, but obviously not everyone can check this one out.  Still it's a great video.  Yumeni has one of the best char developments I've ever seen.  The edit here is gorgeous.


      HM #2- Make It Rock

      Anime- Katekyo Hitman Reborn

      Creator- Chickaboom from Reversed Studios

      Song- Tik Tok Rock by Verse City


      Obviously this one didn't make the list because of the one video per creator rule.  And the other video just grabbed at me more.  Still this one is worth mentioning because it's a great video.  I do enjoy the ending when the main char gets pumbed up mad and really nails dark angel freak there lol.  Kudos again Chickaboom.


      HM #3- Sailor Moon Stars "Angels"

      Anime- Sailor Moon

      Creator- Crystal Moon Kiss

      Song- Angels by Within Temptation


      Even though I only allowed myself one anime entry for the list, I still wanted to mention this one because I just love this song.  And I also picked the other one because the song relates to the video more.  With this song, it doesn't relate to the theme of the video much except that the song title is Angels.  This amv covers all of season 5 of SM, known as Sailor Moon Stars.  The song itself is one of my fav songs and that's why this is an honorable mention.


      Finally, #1 is . . . . . .


      1. Art of Genesis

      Anime- Multiple

      Creator- Aggressor

      Song- Song of Storm and Fire by Yuki Kajiura

      (Note: The film has a some violence, but nothing too graphic)


      Omg, what can I say about this video?  Well for one thing, you know there are more than one anime used here, but how they are connected is so seamless that you don't realize just how many shows are used.  I thought there was maybe 7, boy was I wrong!  It's more than double that number.  The ingenuity of this piece is just increduble!  The pacing is fantastic.  It starts up slow, then the tempo picks up and that ending is just off the charts!  More importantly though, this video sends a message.  Karma is a bitch and how do we know that with all the f--- ups people have done are we just condemning ourselves that those higher up make some day just destroy the planet and start over again?  I am a strong believer in connections and you reap what you sow and your descendants may be the ones to pay for it.  Still tops to Aggressor and this is why this video is my #1.

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