In the last episode of Woodyman's Pokemon Flora Sky Nuzlocke we reached a dead end and had to backtrack all the way to the desert. Check it out here... Ep 8.



Episode 9:  Is it Desert or Dessert?

Before I get to the desert, I wanna share something...



This Pokemon looks a LOT like a Fakemon from my previous Nuzlocke!






Someone remind me of this when I actually reach the route... I'm going to forget.



Okay... now I'm on my way back to the sandy hell.



First lemme send Smoke in to destroy EVERYBODY.



Doesn't Nosepass' evolved form look like an older Amish or Hasidic Jewish man?



Nevertheless... I won. Back to traveling.


Whoooops! Guess I'm not catching anything in the desert. -_-



Note to self...






Okay... this isn't too bad.



YAY! No one lost yet.



Let's keep getting the hell outta this stupid desert.



This part is really boring...



...and it's super dumb.



Because I don't have Flash anymore and I can't see where the hell I am going!!!



But in good news... I CAUGHT A BRONZOR!!!



I never had a Bronzor... looking at it I THINK it's steel/psychic but I hafta double check.



I was right!!! Welcome to the team BLAKMANIAC!



Wow... this thing is a defensive powerhouse. I ALWAYS like having those on my team. I think Bronzor is gonna be pretty OP!



Also in this boring part, I got a Red Shard.



Let's continue!



For a REALLY cool designed temple... it was quite frustrating and boring. That's unfortunate.



Okay, I made it outta the temples and the desert. Time for heal up and continue.



I don't... and your battle was so boring I didn't take any screenshots.



New route... new Pokemon... but there are also A LOT of trainers here that I want to avoid... ummm.... PLEASE DON'T SEE ME UNTIL I CAN GET TO A CENTER!



Okay... managed to avoid those two.



I got stuck in a battle.... oh no, ZIMPHF RETURN!



Good job Smoke, just brace the hit.






NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! SMOOOOKKKEEE!!!!!!!! WWWWWHHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!????????????



Good job Retz... :(



Well I finally made it to the town...



Smoke.... I thought you were going to stay the entire time or carry the team like the last Nuzlocke... unfortunately, you were killed by a dumb egg plant tree thing.






I'm not feeling super confident in this team. Zimphf is practically useless and weak (no offense), ChuckZ is okay but needs leveling, and Blakmaniac doesn't know any moves that do damage. My best Pokemon is Bibarel.... this is sad.



Before I explore the town, I decided to go back to Route P and try and catch a new friend.



I already had a Nidoran so, gonna hafta find something else.



I don't know what this is, but it looks REALLY cool. I WANT IT!



I sent out Zimphf because I know Zimphf couldn't kill it...



An oozy sea slug!? IT'S SOOOOO CUTE!!!



Welcome to the team Clayvman the Shellos!



Not too shabby, gonna need to do some leveling up though.



I'm back in town and this man's name is April... I find that funny.



Rocks, rocks, and more rocks... I guess I can't go this way yet.



I can't get by here until I get Strength. So I'll hafta find another way... in the next episode... FRIDAY!


Also since I'm behind on posting these, I'm gonna do three per week. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) from now on!